RWSB Chapter 109

This was a pretty difficult chapter for some reason…


Shu Ning felt a bit embarassed, what was he acting all cute for after the deed as a thirty year old man? Just be open in case you give Shu Heng a scare, but he actually did make him worry, and Shu Ning understood that. He pushed away the blanket and sat up by himself without his brother’s help, because Shu Ning was also a man, so he had his own responsibilities.

“Brother, I’m fine, just a bit……”

“I understand, first drink some water, your throat seems parched,”Shu Heng put a pillow behind Shu Ning and took care of him very carefully, sending the cup over.

Shu Ning drank the warm water and felt his heart radiating with warmth, he was too caring:”Brother, I’m hungry, how about you eat some porridge with me? Oh that’s right, when’s dad going to come home? We should probably hide out?”

“You’ve thought about it?”Shu Heng’s expression was hard to make out, precautions had to be taken before it was too late, he had already found a way out. Since the little one wanted to go out, then that is what they will do:”How about we go to the beach?”

“Sure,”Shu Ning continued drinking water with a bright glow in his eyes, with that, he could have fun with his brother for a few more days, with just the two of us. While by Shu Heng’s side, Shu Ning was brainless, but right now for the sake of their future he was willing to use his brain:”If we stay at home, I can only pretend I’m sick, and I don’t want to lie to dad. His body hasn’t been too well lately, brother, so let’s leave some people we can trust here to take care of him.”

Shu Ning’s eyes were clear and brought with it a hint of apology, the model of a good son. Shu Heng had confidence in his decision, there really was nobody who could really move Shu Cheng within C City, and the defense of the bodyguards were impenetrable. Be it the company, the way home, or even at home itself, it was like a fortress with surveillance everywhere, three teams of bodyguards take turns and are always on high alert, if you want to try to stick a nail in, better wait till your next lifetime.

But since Shu Ning mentioned it, Shu Heng did not explain to him that his dad did not need anyone else so that he could practice his filial piety, and directly nodded:”Okay.”

After their meal, Shu Heng picked up Shu Ning who was pretending to sleep and got on the car, heading towards the mountains. Shu Ning opened his eyes and their eyes met, but Shu Ning just didn’t expect Shu Heng to be so……So urgent. A big hand slipped into the blanket and pulled his clothes up, searching him up and down. Shu Ning’s face was flushed red as he closed his melancholic eyes, enjoying their alone time.

The car suddenly stopped after driving for twenty or so minutes, this caused Shu Ning to raise an eyebrow, secretly thinking to himself that his body felt uncomfortable, so he could only let his brother touch him to ease his greed, thinking about who the ignorant one was, pulling the Shu family down as well. Normally the bodyguards could handle it by themselves but as for what happened today, it was a special case so they had to seek the second young master’s advice.

Shu Heng was very unhappy as he helped button Shu Ning up unhurriedly, fixed his collar, his hair, and putting the blanket to another side before fixing up Shu Ning’s clothes, and with that there were no flaws in sight. After settling down Shu Ning, Shu Heng fixed his own cuffs, he actually made it so that not even a single hair was out of place?

Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, as expected of a male god……

Opening the car door, Shu Ning wanted to see what Qin Yu Lan was going to do. He could leave her alone and leave but there was nobody on the mountain path, and where were nobody around to take pictures either, but Shu Ning was in a leisurely mood and wanted to see that goner as described by the bodyguards. She truly was in quite the stump, she had no way out in the past because of all the rumours but right now she had no way out because Qin Yu Zhuo was gone, or was it because she had been in bed with someone? She was able-bodied but wouldn’t go out to earn money, there was no need to feel bad for her.

There will be no debts without a creditor, you fell for it because of your own greed, who can you blame for that? Shu Ning did not anything to her, it’s no fun dealing with the recoil of your own actions is no fun.

“Ning Ning, you can’t leave me alone Ning Ning, I’m your second aunt!”

“I know.”

Qin Yu Lan was visibly relieved and she complained with grief to him:”Your mother isn’t contacting me anymore and the owner for the beauty salon changed, I have nowhere else to live, I came to help you and take care of you, Ning Ning, what do I do now?”

“You’re asking me that?”

“Well, yeah.”Who else do I ask if not you? Qin Yu Lan had a look as if it was just proper of him to deal with it.

Shu Ning nodded:”Guess how old I am this year? You’re over fourty, and you’re going to depend on someone who’s underage? Doesn’t this hurt your three views?”

The bodyguards all around them were all professional people, but their shoulders still more or less trembled and their jaw moved, none of them laughed.

“Ning NIng, I came just for you, if not at home I……”

“I’m not obligated to take care of you.”Shu Ning was high up above and his eyes were cold:”I actually came down the car to laugh at you, this may never happen again.”

Qin Yu Lan wanted to make a mess, but she still had to see if the bodyguards would allow it. The entire team was on the road and Qin Yu Lan was howling again and again, nobody cared about her at all.

Shu Heng took Shu Ning into his embrace:”Why pay any attention to her?”

“Makes me happy.”

“Alright, anything makes you happy makes me happy too.”

Shu Ning’s mouth was curled into a smile as he simply held Shu Heng around his neck and took the initiative to kiss him. If I can see her sad, then I can rest easy.

Qin Yu Lan felt as if the sky was going to collapse, it wasn’t worth it for her to just go home now, she couldn’t find her sister or Shu Ning, and didn’t even get to touch the corner of Shu Cheng’s clothes, Shu Cheng! That’s right, I can go make noise at his company, I’ll definitely be able to get some compensation, rich people have their prides, I came to take care of Shu Ning, so it won’t do if something happened to me and nothing happened to you lot.

Why would Shu Ning walk off just like that? Because he knew that it was impossible for Qin Yu Lan to look for the media, as for the company? He was even less afraid. When Shu Cheng gets vicious, it was useless to deal with him even with ten tigers.

At the main entrance of the company, the bodyguards were concentrated on a single woman. They drove her away off to the side so that she wouldn’t hinder the employees as they get off work.

Qin Yu Zhuo lied that her niece worked here and didn’t know what her position was, and just simply gave her a name so the security just thought she was crazy and didn’t care about her, and that lady left on her own after a while. But in truth, the Qin Yu Lan left following two men, he was the finance manager and his secretary out to meet an old customer. The cafe opposite of the company was very high-ended and elegant, but they were stopped halfway by Qin Yu Lan with open arms, and the manager’s face turned green on the spot.

“Xiao He, I have something to deal with so bring the date over first and help me apologize, tell them I’m going to be a little late,”The manager was calm.

The secretary understood, he would not bother too much with his boss’s affairs, being prudent was the strength of his secretary:”Alright, I understand.”

The manager walked in front with Qin Yu Lan following behind, and they went into a little alley. The manager took out a cigarette:”Speak, what is your purpose and who sent you to frame me?”

“Me? Frame you?”

“Mm, I was drugged that night, the blood tests can prove it, you were the only one with me in the washroom, if you’re not the one trying to frame me, who else could it be? There’s no use pretending, either the fish dies or the net gets broken.”

Qin Yu Lan would never thought that he would say that, she wanted money so she just took it and left, never going back anymore:”I don’t know what you’re talking about, if you touched me then you’ve got to pay for it.”

To be able to say such words, Qin Yu Zhuo was very humiliated and her face paled:”I did not frame you, I’m also a victim, just look at me now, there’s no use for you to threaten me, do you think I wouldn’t have the fluid tests if you have the blood tests? I can destroy it, I have my own family too and I don’t want anyone to know, and I can stay away from you for the rest of my life or I can also fight it out with you, your choice.”The manager observed with a sharp gaze that woman with a complicated look in her eyes, she wants me to pay her to make her leave? That won’t do, if the other party didn’t have evidence, then this would become the evidence! This man was the finance manager, to be able to sit on this position was all due to his own abilities. He frowned:”Give me some time.”


“Tonight at…….”

Qin Yu Lan listened carefully, and knowing that the deal was done she wasn’t too greedy either, pointing up five fingers. The other party was a finance manager, he could probably take out five hundred thousand, but as for five million……Qin Yu Lan didn’t even dare to think about it but she looked forward to it, with five hundred thousand she could first buy a big house, and Yang Yang wasn’t young anymore either, she should buy him a new house in wait for marriage.

Right now, a house in F City would cost over ten thousand, and fifteen thousand would be enough for a bigger one. Qin Yu Lan’s thoughts of the future were wonderful and she was in tears, this was worth it, it was worth it if she could get five hundred thousand. She had never thought about getting fifty thousand because of Qin Yu Zhuo’s identity, the other party probably wouldn’t make things difficult for her.

But he really made things hard for her. At night, several men rushed into the private room and took quite a lot of good photos. Qin Yu Lan covered her chest and cried silently on the ground. The man in the lead had a horrifying scarred face with sharp eyes, as if it were a blade coated in poison, very dangerous.

“Qin Yu Lan, someone asked me to tell you to never show up in C City anymore, if not……The pictures we’ve taken tonight will be burned into CDs, and you’re going to become a porn star, and everyone’s going to see it, you get what I mean?”

Qin Yu Lan did not speak anymore, nodding desperately. Her entire body was shaking and blood flowed from her mouth, very pitiful, but the men around were not the type to show pity to a poor pitiful women, or they wouldn’t have taken her together just now.

“Let’s go.”

Qin Yu Lan only dared to cry after that vile man left, desperately she wanted to rub those marks away with her hand. I’m so dirty, what do I do? Qin Yu Lan was about to break apart, and right at this time, the door opened and it shocked her so much she was shivering. THe one who entered was a short girl with an average appearance, she had a set of clothes in her hands and a face full of sympathy.

“Miss, put some clothes on and go!”

“Sister, oh my good sister, you have to help me, this can’t end like this, can you be my witness, please? YOu’re such a nice girl, you won’t throw me aside would you?”

The girl’s mouth twitched and she pushed Qin Yu Lan away:”Are you crazy? Those men are from the black society, go quickly, if not you’ll be in even more trouble if they come back.”

“No, you have to help me, there’s nothing more I can do, please, come back……”

The girl was very regretful, regretful for her moment of soft-heartedness that caused her to help her, and even brought her a change of her own clothes, what was she going to do if her actions came back to haunt her? That lady inside didn’t seem to be a good person, and it was her own stupidity anyway, she thought that since she was a woman, she was a victim just because she was raped. Ah, you have to learn from your mistakes, that one inside is clearly someone who was trying to start trouble.

Desperately, Qin Yu Lan wanted to find that girl afterwards, and it made it so that she had to resign to protect herself. Qin Yu Lan returned to F City without her soul, and after two months, her mother-in-law witnessed her vomiting with her own eyes and together with her father-in-law, they took the struggling over to the gynaecologist, and in the end Teacher Tien was once again joyful about being a father. They had already divorced and they would never remarry, and there was no need for it either in the future, Qin Yu Lan was on the streets, homeless, and she went to her big sister when she had nowhere else to go.

At first Qin Yu Zhi welcomed her with a smile, but to put it plainly she wanted money. She heard that Qin Yu Lan had gone looking for Qin Yu Zhuo, that means she must be rich now so help me quickly, our family is still poor. In the end Qin Yu Lan wouldn’t give her money, and after Qin Yu Zhi found out her sister was penniless, she drove her out ruthlessly, how unlucky.


Anyway Shu Ning had followed Shu Heng over to the seaside villa, and staying in the main bedroom that had been cleaned up just a while ago. It was cold during March and Shu Ning wasn’t feeling well so the two were stuck like glue and the atmosphere was warm. It wasn’t until the second night when Shu Heng pressed Shu Ning down on the bed, with his eyes slightly red.

In China, you call a lady younger than you little sister, and an older lady big sister, that’s just how it is, it’s like miss but idk what the equivalent is, sweetie? dear?

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  1. Gyeaaah I was checking for updates every 30 minutes since ch 108 and this is how it is 😭 Damn author it’s so lacking I was expecting loveydovey after math not this stiff morning and a hateful shu Ning then a whole waste of time on the aunt which by the way unreasonable might understand if it was the older aunt but rape after rape distorting her life in that awful way sure she was had her sins but not ones worthy of all this πŸ˜•

    Ok main point is Helii I LOVE you sending them chapters daily 😭β™₯️ Thank you you’re the best

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    1. It is but part of it is due to herself. If she didnt keep trying to extort money she wouldn’t have been put in these situations
      and QYZ wouldn’t have used her as a tool. The aunt doesn’t learn. I do feel that most people wouldn’t be quite so foolish and lacking in self preservation. Both aunts feel a bit flat in their awfulness. The only real dimension came from the divorce scene when her son defended her and pointed out how unfair her x-husband and in-laws expectations from her were.


  2. Sigh* What a shitty bunch of sisters. They could have lived a happier life if they just got along and weren’t so greedy. But I guess if QYZ wasn’t such a scheming biatch then Ning Ning wouldn’t be born.

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  3. honestly not fond of the sexual violence in c-novels

    all these danmei (or even other chinese series) throwing around having people raped as revenge like confetti… smh πŸ˜₯

    but thanks for the chapter!

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  4. Wahhh … SN’s payback became million fold in this life time as he has SH to complete the job …. two down, one more aunt to go ….!?


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