RWSB Chapter 110

Shu Heng’s big hand was pressed against Shu Ning’s waist and that caused his whole body to go soft, unable to struggle.

Shu Ning was on his knees on the bed, turning over to look uncertainly behind him. He noticed that the gaze in his brother’s eyes were very fiery, could it be……He wanted to……It couldn’t be, right? ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Only then did he notice that they had just done it a short while ago and he tightened his chrysanthemum subconsciously, there was no discomfort at all. With flushed cheeks Shu Ning thought about what happened these days.

For three times a day, he would rub something on his that part, to put it in a nicer way, it was “maintenance”

Shu Ning had also started to become engulfed in passion. He positioned himself slowly and relaxed, then a ripple glowed in his eyes, it was clear that he agreed to it.

Shu Heng sighed a breath of relief, he could already eat him up again yesterday but he tried hard to wait another day. To still be able to endure after knowing the pleasures, even Shu Heng himself thought he could fly up into the sky. He quickly took off all the little one’s clothes, as well as his own, and pounced over, his big hands roamed around with some slight pressure, leaving ambiguous marks on that pale and supple skin.

“Ah……Mm……”The way he called out was so embarrassing, and his throat even went sore last time. Shu Ning bit down on his lower lip and took a deep breath, pressing down the tremors in his heart. His big brother was in such thrill, his movements were heavy and quick, the friction was enough to make Shu Ning intoxicated. It felt so good, Shu Ning with ogling eyes did not endure it as he moaned quietly, he had become even more alluring.

“Ning~ I love you so much.”

“Ah……”As soon as Shu Ning who wanted to give him a reply opened his mouth, all that would come out were moans and screams, he was so embarrassed that he blushed to his ears:”Me……Me ah too……Love you……So much, Heng……”

They didn’t prepare last time but the fluids dripped down to that area was warm. Shu Heng opened him up with his fingers, and when he tried to relax the whole, he tried to pull Shu Ning’s attention away, then quickly stretched him with his fingers, he was extremely careful and thorough. Shu Ning wasn’t a doll so naturally he could feel it, he kept turning around to look, and Shu Heng found the right opportunity to lean in close to kiss Shu Ning who had just turned his head over.

With a hot feeling on his lips, Shu Ning was dumbfounded and quickly opened his mouth after coming back to his senses, so that his brother’s soft thingy could come in for a dance. Kissing was the most intimate action they could share with each other, it was simply impossible for him to do that with him if he didn’t love him, because it would feel disgusting. Shu Ning closed his eyes and focused on the kiss, and with that he had even forgotten the fingers that were creeping around behind him.

It was just about there, Shu Heng was also at his limit so he put a pillow down under Shu Ning.

Shu Ning sucked in a deep breath and looked in front, his hands hurried to grab the bed sheets. He swallowed his saliva, it’s going to start!

As he felt his back sink down, Shu Ning called out quietly, that thing was moving around in his chrysanthemum very affectionately. Shu Ning couldn’t help thinking about all sorts of nonsense, and in the blink of an eye, it suddenly invaded.

Oh my god, Shu Ning’s brows were knitted into a deep frown, it hurts it hurts it hurts……Not as painful as last time but these kind of things really do need to be done more to get used to it, Shu Ning definitely wouldn’t say that he was talented or anything of that sort →_→

Shu Heng knew the limits so he tried to go slowly, and after he had invaded to the deepest depths, he even waited a while so Shu Ning could get used to it before moving.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa……

The sounds came and go, Shu Ning really wished he could cover his ears because the sounds were too embarrassing, he knew how big his brother was down there so no matter how many times he thrusted in, he still did not act recklessly, and allowed Shu Heng to take the lead instead. Slowly the pain started to subside, and the pleasure flowed numbly through his body. Shu Ning’s shaking body was like the leaves waving in the wind, he was so weak and helpless, especially his thighs, shivering so much, how pitiful.

Shu Heng changed his posture for the first time, Shu Ning had fainted too fast last time so they was only kneeling down on the bed, but right now they were facing each other. Shu Ning hurriedly close his eyes because the look on his brother’s face was too sexy, he was covered in sweat and he could smell the fragrant smell of his male hormones!


Don’t drag your words! Shu Ning got excited, and as could be expected he shot his fluids all over Shu Heng’s abdomen.

Shu Heng was helpless, his little brother came too quickly and that was not good. He lowered his head to take a look and continued to work hard.

The difference of doing it from behind and missionary was worlds apart.

It felt better doing it from behind because he could feel the full weight of his brother on top of him, it wasn’t too deep but their bodies were stuck as intimately as possible, it gave him a feeling of being protected and cherished, and gave him some peace of mind.

It was exceptionally embarrassing to do it face to face, and the thumping of both their hearts could be heard as they were held in a tight embrace, they panted heavily as they watched the emotions appearing on each other’s face, it was very exciting.

Shu Ning had improved! But he has fallen after holding up for thirty minutes. Shu Heng could no longer hear the mms and the ahhs of his brother as he endured it, he really was quite weak and his stamina could barely catch up, but slowly he will be fine, we’ll just do it once today. And so he flipped Shu Ning over, and took him. After a moments of pa pa pa pa pa, he came out.

It was the same last time as well, Shu Ning just didn’t know. Shu Heng loved him so much so how could he not want to release it inside?

After preparing the water, he carried Shu Ning into the baths. RIght now they were already lovers, Shu Heng prodded his flushed little cheeks and landed countless kisses on them, cherishing him very much. Shu Ning woke up in the middle of the night and he rubbed his waist, where was hs big brother? Shu Heng was sitting on the sofa, was he working? Shu Ning blinked his eyes:”Brother~”

Shu Heng stood up immediately and sat down by the bed, stretching a hand over to touch Shu Ning’s forehead. Thankfully he did not have a fever:”What’s wrong?”Was he thirsty, hungry, or did he need to use the restroom?

Shu Ning looked quietly at Shu Heng:”Did I……get a fever last time?”

Shu Heng did not nod nor did he answer his question:”Do you want some water?”

He understood, he definitely caught a fever last time, if not his brother wouldn’t just ignore what he said like that. Shu Ning slowly sat up by himself and sighed:”I want to use the bathroom.”

Shu Ning was already used to the princess carry thing since a long time ago, but for something like peeing, he had to wait outside ╮(╯▽╰)╭

After relieving himself, Shu Ning looked at his own reflection in the mirror, did he get bitten through his entire body? There were red marks all over, he didn’t notice it last time but they probably disappeared over time. Shu Ning touched the strawberry marks on his neck and his mouth was curled into a light smile, for him, he must definitely be amazingly charming, right? If not, how could he have been so fierce? Shu Ning who was slightly blushing supported himself on the wall and opened the door to come out. Shu Heng wanted to carry him but Shu Ning wouldn’t left him, it wasn’t like he was a porcelain pot or anything.

After slowly walking back to the bed and sitting down, Shu Ning’s smile was gentle:”I’m fine, don’t worry, I won’t catch a fever, let’s go to sleep if you don’t have any urgent business to attend to?”


Shu Ning layed down but Shu Heng……Pressed himself on his body??? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“Brother?”What is this? Shu Ning’s heart was beating like a drum. Shu Heng suddenly smiled and it looked so handsome, so so very handsome, so handsome that nobody could compare to him. Shu Ning had been charmed and his eyes were filled with little hearts, he swallowed is saliva:”Brother, sit properly if you want to say anything~”

“I see that you’ve recuperated quite well, you can even walk on your own now.”

“Mm, and then?”

“Let’s do it one more time!”

“……”( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Huh? No no, no can do, my waist is about to break off so maybe next time, this is just our second time, brother, if you’re so fierce you’re gonna kill me. Shu Ning was scared now, but it was too late to hide, he had been suppressed efficiently by Shu Heng, and the sounds of pa pa pa rang out again not long after. Shu Ning swayed back and forth and cried out so hard his throat had gone hoarse. Shu Heng kissed him immediately to wet Shu Ning’s mouth, not allowing him to feel bad.

The grunts coming from Shu Ning were exceptionally alluring but he did not know himself, but it always captivated Shu Heng and caused this man to go mad, he only had a few points of intelligence left so he still knew when to stop. Shu Ning saw lights in his eyes and he arched his back in pleasure, and inadvertently his little beans were sent to his brother’s eyes.

Shu Heng’s gaze were dark and he couldn’t help himself, lowering his head down immediately.

The moment when he was bitten was too wonderful as if a current was passing through him, it felt so good that Shu Ning came, when he released his mind was covered in ocean waves, it felt so good……

Shu Ning did not wake up until the evening and felt as if his entire body was falling apart, it hurt every time he moved, he might as well have been crippled at this point. Shu Ning yawned and swept his eyes across the room, where was big brother? Leaving right after the deed? Pulling the ruthless card →_→ Please, Shu Heng! Shu Ning was just thinking that because he definitely expected that Shu Heng couldn’t bear to just leave.

And as expected, Shu Heng pushed the door open lightly and came in with his phone in hand, he must have gone to make a call.


“You’re awake?”Shu Heng walked to the side and sat down, helping Shu Ning up and holding him in his arms, then rubbed his little face and squeezing his hand:”Dad is missing us so I told him I’ll play with you for two more days before we go home.”

Shu Ning looked at Shu Heng with his head cocked to the side, and e had a mischievous grin on his face and even brought his hand up to pinch Shu Heng’s handsome face:”You plucked off someone else’s son, so you don’t dare to go home now, do you?”

Oh? How daring, saying things like that! Shu Heng raised a brow at him:”Yeah, that’s right, I gave Ning Ning so much loving that he can’t get off the bed anymore, how could I dare to go home?”


“Continue then, let’s see who’s got a thicker face.”

Shu Ning was dumbfounded, this was a fake big brother, it has to be, my Shu Heng is a super aloof guy!

Shu Heng licked the tip of Shu Ning’s ears and stared straight with profound eyes at the face of the little one that was getting redder by the second:”You understood what I did to you, don’t you? In the future, this will be happening on a daily basis just like a normal married couple, loving each other, taking care of each other, until our hair grows white.”

“I’m not young anymore,”Shu Ning did not lower his head and the naughtiness in his gaze dispersed with more seriousness now mixed in:”I know, and not only that, I would even bind you to me in the future, I can be the only one in my life, and I too……would like only you, so let’s live as a couple forever, okay?”

“Okay,”Shu Heng was slightly moved and his lips trembled.

Shu Ning extended his hands and the ten fingers of the two were interlocked, and their foreheads leaning against each other. It was a very emotional scene where all they could see was each other, talking about their feelings, and their inner thoughts, they were in much bliss at this moment, the atmosphere was wonderful, it would be great if time could just stop. Shu Ning giggled, why did it have to stop? I still have many wonderful days ahead with him, up until we grow old……

“What are you laughing about?”Shu Heng rubbed Shu Ning’s little face and gave it a kiss, then bit his earlobe, rubbing his nose against his ear, there was no need to describe how intimate the scene was.

“I’m laughing about how silly you are, there are so many handsome guys in this world but you just had to choose this ugly little duckling!”Shu Ning wasn’t trying to crack a joke, and he wasn’t putting himself down either, because he wished that he could’ve done so much with Shu Heng in the past and now they were in mutual love, how could he not lament? Although it was self-depreciating, it also meant that he could let the past go:”Everyone says that big brother’s eyes always looked towards the skies, but isn’t it a bit too high up? And now I get to take advantage of you and rise to the top?”

While rubbing Shu Ning’s waist, Shu Heng told him about what he felt in his heart:”Rising to the top? That does sound quite apt.”

( ⊙ o ⊙ )……Really? Shu Ning may have been clever but he fell victim to it instead, and right now he was left speechless and crying without tears.

“Really, if it were someone else maybe I could fall in love with them too.”

The colour left Shu Ning’s face in an instant and his entire person was stunned and dejected, as if his soul had flown away.

Shu Heng smiled and lifted the little one’s chin, then stared deeply into his eyes:”Silly, the only one I love is you, the water may run a thousand miles but you only take a scoop, your so-called rising up to the top was a blessing for me, and I would still feel better to bring the moon with me, don’t you think so, you silly little thing?”

Rising to the top – 近水楼台(先得月)Jin Shui Lou Tai(Xian De Yue) Something like getting to this tower near the water where there’s better access to the moon or something, means using someone to get closer to/obtain a goal or other stuff.
Can they stop like… fainting after sex because that does not sound like what sex is supposed to do
yall dont know how SICK i am of this shit lmao PLEASE

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  1. It helps when i paint Ning Ning’s with make up and a wig in my mind. I don’t know why but i feel more interested with strong guy vs strong guy.


    1. Totally agree with you, but this is pretty satisfying already. If you want a more manly couple I recommend you to see “bara yaoi” Wich is manga for gay men so it’s mostly muscular men on muscular men 😉



    Also yeah lol he keeps fainting like why. And Shu Heng be like “for him I’ll wait” and the next second he succumbs to thirst lmao he’s a sham ahahaha.

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  3. Thank you so much for translating! I also really appreciate the fact that you continuing translating even though you don’t like this. For some reason I don’t get any email when you post and I follow you, is there anything I can do about that?


  4. the last part kind of reminded me of the start of this novel, when shu heng was the only one that visited shu ning in prison (past life) and actually treated shu ning with sincerity even when shu ning was working against him …. so glad that the story now is very different from the past that shu ning faced ❤

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  5. This could be called sweet only if Shu Ning doesn’t keep fainting on the first round.. XD
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    Thanks for the chapter.. I really hope Shu Ning gets used to having his ass pounded quickly!!!

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  6. Also, could SH uses lube or he uses it but didn’t describe it, poor SN, i aways thought they’re going at it raw, ya know.. Since SN still feeling hurt till he faint, also make more preparations pls dear SH, isn’t you said before you’re gonna play with SN’s Chrysanthemum to make him get used to it.. Ha. Ha. Still SH’s insatiable urge is to be expected..

    Thanks for the chap 💞 💞 💞

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  7. Most BL story or manga that I read… after several round…then the bottom would pass out.. but I think here due to SN weak body that he has end up fainting and lack of preparation hahahahahaha

    Hopefully things get better ..

    Thank you

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    Thank you for the chapter!

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    Yeaaaah… the story so far was nice but the sex scenes are a bit off putting… but I guess sex scenes are not the author's field of expertise
    … persevere tl-sama, we'll get back to the plot eventually.

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  10. [hugs tightly]

    The faster this novel is finished, the faster you can focus your attention elsewhere without a burden clinging to your legs. <–My motto everyday, except replace the novel with anything related to school or life.

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  11. It’s common after orgasm to feel relaxed and sleepy. Post-coital sleep is definitely a thing. But, fainting midway shouldn’t be unless the boy is seriously exhausted. Mb it’s not showing much of Ning’s perspective in the act bc Heng is actually going PA PA PA without any actual technique haha…


  12. Yeah, I’m finding it off-putting too..

    I mean when Shu Heng thought about how he was going to go about it, slowly stretching him many times before doing it, then it sounded very great and caring. But he didn’t even do it, I mean we got to see one time and then many months apart went by and then they rushed it. He only used two fingers when prepping and they clearly could have used more lube (+they could also have used lube when doing it between the thighs, it wouldn’t have hurt Ning that way).

    One isn’t supposed to faint while doing it and I also don’t like that he continues after he is unconscious, it’s rape, he can’t consent any longer and everyone has the right to stop in the middle.

    I’m seriously disappointed by this, with the level of love they have, Shu Heng should be more concerned and maybe not do it a second time without taking Shu Ning’s feelings in account. Doing it every day also seem a bit too much, it takes a tool on the uke’s body and there are other things they can do (like the thigh thing).

    (The following is more a general complaint)

    Then there is the blood thing, I mean why would any seme even want their uke to bleed and be in pain while they themselves enjoy it, it’s horrible. I get that it comes from the “virgin girl myth”, and I’m calling it a myth because not every girl bleed. Anyway this should not be applied to guys, if you make your lover bleed then it’s your fault, not because it’s “natural” and a sign of virginity!
    Also this “the first time should hurt” is bull shit! I mean, of course anal hurt, but I don’t see how the first time should hurt more than the others. Maybe if one do it often (still stretched out) but after waiting a month or two the anus will go back and having sex will be just as painful as the first time. Well the uke might have “gotten used to the pain” but I feel that it shouldn’t be the uke’s responsibility to get used to it but the seme’s to reduce it as much as possible.

    (Sorry for the long rant Helli, I’m just so sick of it after seeing it in many BL novels.)


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  14. There is people who faint after an orgasm. It´s not common but it does happen. I think it happened to the author or someone close to him and he thought it was sexy so he hasn´t stop writting about it


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