RWSB Chapter 111

“You’re lying!”

He actually dared to put it against me! Shu Ning was puffed up in anger with tears welling up in his eyes, but he didn’t blame Shu Heng at all, who told him to go looking for trouble? That’s on yourself!

“Did I?”A light as quick as a current flickered through Shu Heng’s profound eyes:”Then I should just go take care of Shu Yao instead, with your theory I’d definitely fall in love with him since he was also stepfather’s son, it should be the same.”

“I’ll see if you dare!”Shu Ning was angry now, he pounced over to Shu Heng and pressed him down beneath him, then fiercely he said:”If you dare to be nice to him, I’ll……I’ll……”

“That won’t happen, the one I love is you and it won’t ever be anyone else,”Seeing that things were about to turn sour, Shu Heng quickly held him and coaxed him. When their true feelings were revealed now, it was the easiest to comfort him, he would open his heart up to show him and he could crack jokes with Shu Ning, but he couldn’t use Shu Yao as a joke. Shu Heng knew that before this, but he made a mistake this time, he wouldn’t mention it again in the future.

Both of them knew they were wrong, so they quickly made up and returned to normal. Shu Ning was enjoying this pampering while thinking that since he had come out to play with Shu Heng for a few days, it should be time to go home. No, instead it should be said that he had to release him back to M Country instead. It wasn’t as if Shu Ning was really sixteen, he took Shu Heng’s hand and looked at him with a soft gaze:”Brother, when are you leaving?”

“Where to?”

“Where else?”You knew and you still had to ask, Shu Ning rolled his eyes.

“I don’t have to go back to M Country anymore, I’ll go wherever you go,”Shu Heng saw the grieving gaze on Shu Ning’s eyes turn to become star-studded and his mouth curled into a smile:”Dad’s body is fine now, and he promised me that he would get off work everyday at five, I’ll take over the rest remotely then slowly take over all the work in the company……”

“That’s great, you’ll take care of everything outside and I’ll take care of everything at home, then we can complement each other!”

Shu Ning really didn’t care about the Shu clan, and Shu Heng didn’t care why that was, he only wanted him to be happy:”We’ll go back after having fun for two more days, I……”

Shu Heng couldn’t continue speaking anymore, because Shu Ning’s phone was ringing, and this was a special ringtone. Immediately, his eyes were narrowed, but Shu Ning who was focused on looking for his phone just didn’t notice. It was Zhao Dong calling, Shu Ning had taken too many days of vacation so he wanted to ask. The tone Shu Ning used while talking to his friends was very good, it wasn’t as plain as it usually was when talking to others.

The call ended only after about five minutes or so, then when Shu Ning opened up his mailbox he only looked at the news of disappearance of Wang Cong and ignored the rest.

Shu Heng’s tone was nonchalant:”A good friend?”Didn’t seem like it, seemed more like a good brother of his →_→

“Mm, He was just worried about my college entrance examination, he’s acting just like a big brother of mine,”Shu Ning was sincere, leaning into Shu Heng’s embrace:”Aren’t you worried about my college entrance examinations?”

“You are my heart, I’ll be happy if you’re happy, you can do whatever you like. With me here, nobody will dare to give you an unpleasant time.”

So overbearing. For some reason Shu Ning’s heart was beating fast, he was so happy. He circled his arms around Shu Heng’s neck and presented his little lips. In the end, he had accidentally stoked the fire and was almost eaten up.

But this couldn’t be blamed on Shu Heng’s lack of control, because who wouldn’t eat if a piece of meat was served to your mouth? And besides, the little one had been naked all this whole and he had to rub ointment inside of that area, on this situation where the sausage couldn’t be used, it was still great to take advantage of him using his fingers. After all, if you stimulate a certain bump inside a little more, it could add onto the fun.

Shu Ning held Shu Heng’s waist tight and was faintly gasping. His fingers were very long but not as thick as the sausage, it felt quite strange when they moved around inside, but then he slowly got used to it after that. The fingers seemed as if they were looking around for something, but he didn’t know where it touched but Shu Ning suddenly called out, it felt as if a current was flowing randomly across his body, it felt quite numb but……Nice.

“Is it here?”

“What?”Shu Ning looked up in confusion.

Shu Heng lowered his head without any explanation and kissed Shu Ning’s red little face:”Somewhere that’s going to bring you to heaven.”

“Huh?”Shu Ning was yet able to react to what he said when he had been bullied by that finger so much that he had no strength to resist anymore, in addition to causing his breath to hasten, his entire body was also trembling. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he bit down towards Shu Heng and randomly left a pile of marks. As a man’s efforts demands reciprocity, Shu Ning also enjoyed leaving marks on Shu Heng’s body, this was the proof of their love.

Then it came out.

He had been stimulated until he came from his fingers. It was so embarrassing, Shu Ning buried his face into Shu Heng’s chest, he didn’t want to see anyone anymore.

Shu Heng did not speak as he held Shu Ning quietly, patting his back. By the time the little one started to tremble, his body had already begun to relax, only then did he lower his head to kiss him. First on the top of his forehead, moving down to his eyebrows, eyes, nose, then to his little lips, pressing down slowly on them, sucking, parting them, and entered to mingle. Shu Ning was feeling good now as he actively cooperated with his movements.

When Shu Ning woke up early the next morning, Shu Heng wasn’t present. He took out the phone and looked at the news he hid from him the other day, and as expected, there were updates, great.

Shu Ning had always had his subordinates keep an eye on several people. After Wang Cong had been taken away, they’ve lost contact with him completely, but besides, he was most likely at that large garden villa of Hong Rui’s, that place is like a paradise, and the worth of it would fly up to hundreds of millions in a few years.

That was great news for Wang Cong, that Hongxing price was a phoenix among men, the favoured child of God himself, hopefully he could enjoy himself well!

Ha ha ha, a model top had become the bottom, great, there was nothing more that disperse Shu Ning’s anger as well as this.

Zhang Qi who had always been trying to curry favour with Guo Zhi had also gotten himself in trouble. On the night before, Guo Zhi was out looking for some buddies to have fun with and Zhang Qi was clambering for the chance to join. And so, Guo Zhi had been too annoyed by him and just decided to agree. He would never have thought that the police would suddenly come searching, capturing the group, and on the scene they found some illegal drugs.

Zhang Qi’s face was green with fear, he noticed that Guo Zhi wasn’t one of the ones in the group that had been captured, and even though he was extremely bitter about it, he didn’t dare to speak out. After they were taken to the bureau, both his parents came to bail him at the capital and on the spot he had been given a few hard slaps. We sent you here to study not to mess around, hanging with all these bad people, learning bad things, you really are on the road to being a waste!

Adding onto the ignorant things he had done previously, Zhang Qi’s dad had sent him to a special school out of anger to be locked up and disciplined for three years. Nobody could visit him within those three years and their son couldn’t come out either, it was very difficult. They hoped that he could change for the better after three years, this was all for his own good.

For a playful person with an overly high evaluation of himself, to lose his freedom and fun was way more difficult to bear than anything else in his life.

Tian Jia Hui didn’t go on that night, he felt that something was off but he couldn’t say what, so he found a reason to avoid it, and thankfully he did, if not he would be one of the ones captured. We didn’t even do anything to him, that Guo Zhi is way too much, digging a pit deliberately so everybody can hop into it, not only was he playing with people, he even wanted to round up the whole lot, was this related to Shu Ning?

When Shu Ning wasn’t here, something happened to everyone after he went on vacation!

On the night of the evening party with Zhao Dong and the boys, Wang Cong had been taken away under everyone’s watch and disappeared into thin air, his phone wouldn’t go through and they couldn’t find the man himself either. A light flickered past TIan Jia Hui’s eyes, he couldn’t let this go just like that, whether it was Shu Ning or not he didn’t know but it is sadly likely that he had a part in this. He had to retaliate against Guo Zhi, but his position was so high up……What should he do?

Got it.

Didn’t that Wang Cong have a sickly mother? Her body’s about ready to go so wouldn’t it be a threat to her life if someone dared to do something to her son?

A smile curled up on Tian Jia Hui’s lips. Although Zhang Qi wasn’t anyone special, the friendship he shared with him was real. Brother, study well there, I’ll definitely find out who tried to put you in trouble! Guo Zhi was just the shank, and if the wielder wasn’t Shu Ning, then it had to be Zhao Dong!

And so the capital circle was round up into a mess, Wang Cong’s mother who had just been discharged from the hospital couldn’t find her son and riled up all the way to the school. Privately, someone told her about what happened at the bar so she went to the bar to make a mess, and was hauled out to sit and cry on the ground for a good half day. Then she went looking for the media. At first, she never told them about the school or the bar so the reporters thought that this news would definitely go rival, so the report went on the newspaper and the TV after several interviews. After all, Wang Cong was a dutiful son and a top student, selling off property to treat his mother’s illness and whatnot, it would definitely arouse the public’s concern!

Only during the live TV broadcast did she mention in tears the venue where it all happened, and the host’s face went green on the spot, cutting immediately to the advertisements. Unfortunately, it was too late, what’s broadcasted had been broadcasted. After Hong Rui found out, he raised a brow. No doubt that bar was his, everyone knew that, but the legal person of the bar was someone else, nothing would happen to him even if something happened.

A lot of noise was riled up, and to put it plainly, it wasn’t a pretty sight. Hong Rui walked step by step into the room with his cocktail in hand. Wang Cong was hung naked above the bed, breathing feebly. He did not have much strength because he did not eat much but that look in his eyes still remained sharp, glaring hatefully at Hong Rui:”You beast! Kill me if you’ve got the fucking balls.”

Shrugging, Hong Rui raised a hand and the bodyguards entered to turn on the TV. At first, Wang Cong did not want to look at it at all since it was definitely some humiliating film, but he didn’t think that his mother would appear, hysterically howling that her son was gone. Wang COng’s eyes narrowed at that time and he felt as if the world had just fallen down on him, how could he go back cleanly anymore after all this?

“Oh my, my filial child~ Say, if I told the whole world that for the sake of getting her medical help, you’ve willingly turned yourself into a prostitute……”

“Shut up shut up shut up~”Wang Cong howled madly.

The more in a fluster and discomfort that he was in, the happier Hong Rui would be. Humans are lowly creatures, it was no use treating him well, he had to treat him roughly, only after he had felt the pain would he know to spread his legs. Actually, Hong Rui did like him quite a lot at first and was very attentive and careful with him, even laying to sleep next to him to express his sincerity……But that one time had given Hong Rui a taste of death, so now he didn’t dare to keep his feelings for him anymore.

“Wang Cong, give your mom a call and apologize to her, tell her you did all that so that you could get donations from the people’s sympathy.”

“Screw that! You’re going to jail!”

Laughing loudly, Hong Rui nearly shed nears, wondering how he would ever have felt anything for him:”I deposit a hundred bucks in your account every time I touch you, and  never once have I done a charge back, what’s a bitch like you acting all high and mighty for? I’m only giving you one chance, you either ruin your own reputation or your mother’s my dear filial little child, choose yourself.”

Hong Rui left. The bodyguards undid the bonds on Wang Cong’s hand and left with a scoff.

Wang Cong sat on the large luxurious bed but his face was as ashen as a corpse, for a long time he was speechless……

Both Shu Ning and Shu Heng had returned to the ancestral home and stuck themselves to Shu Cheng for two days. Shu Ning was slightly puzzled, I’m a senior in high school! Big brother’s not worried, dad isn’t either, what’s going on? Whatever, If they’re willing to let me go free then isn’t that great for me? No use bringing the bad upon yourself. With a chuckle, Shu Ning cooked three bowls of noodles and brought them personally upstairs!

My son is a big boy now, he knows how to cook! Shu Cheng was so moved that even a ripple could be seen in his eyes. Shu Heng had already tried Shu Ning’s cooking so naturally he was looking forward to it. After the two finished their meals, a tragedy happened at night because Shu Cheng squeezed between the middle of them to sleep, and so not only could the sweet little couple not do the XXOO, the also couldn’t sleep in each other’s arms. Helplessly they looked at each other over Shu Cheng, their eyes filled with longing.

Shu Heng was still the most daring one of the two. Taking advantage of the long reach of his arm, he supported himself up with one arm and leaned over, scaring Shu Ning so much his heart nearly stopped. All his brain cells burst at once and he didn’t dare to make a single move, what was big brother trying to do? Is he trying to kiss me? That’s impossible, right? Dad’s right here. Shu Ning was dumbfounded, holding his breath as he watched that handsome face come closer and closer……Σ( ° △°|||)︴


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  1. Shu Heng is too shameless. In front of his father! *blushes* I wonder if the past Shu Heng (before rebirth) would’ve been like this ;p Thanks for the chapter ^_^

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    1. I like to think SH would have been just like this before, due to simply loving SN no matter how he acted, only he couldn’t love him openly because the little boy was poisoned against him. If he was only caring for SN due to SC, he never would have had a reason to personally come and show a grieving face in front of SN’s dying body in his previous life.

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  2. I loved this chapter. Although I have mixed feelings, sometimes it hurts a bit the situation of others after all they still have not done wrong to Shu Ning but it happens to me to remember that they are very bad of heart.
    A thousand thanks for the chapter. I wait for more.

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  3. I understand why people feel bad about all these characters that are suffering from SN revenge, I also feel bad about them, at times I feel that SN is the bad guy on this story.
    But when I remember that this is a “back in time” story? And that all of these people are bad people by nature I don’t feel anything for them, at all. I know that if SN showed just a little opening, they would act the same way towards him.
    I’m still pretty disgusted at the ex bf, SN was so nice to him and even if he didn’t love him, for respect to all the things he did for him, for how SN helped him and most important for how he pretended/pretends to be the bigger person, he shouldn’t have gone to the prison just to mock him.

    Another thing that bothers me is the father, I have never felt that he loves SN as he claims, and based on SN memories in his past life it was more obvious how little care he had for SN, he didn’t put the effort..


    1. Not all details are shown in a novel, to look at SC’s behaviour in the past first look to his first child, SH. SN was a gloomy brat when he entered the Shu estate, guess why? QYZ has been brainwashing him and thr father knows what SN has done but not why. I’d be pretty disappointed myself if i suddenly had an angry scheming child who looked constipated half the time

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      1. Not all the details are shown but just like at the beginning in this second chance, he left SN in care of his mother. I know he didn’t know that his wife was an awful person, but shouldn’t he at least tried more? Have to try and have a direct contact with him.
        SN was an stranger to both parents and while he was indeed brainwashed if on the first months of his arrival to the house his dad and grandpa showed him just a little of the love the show to Shu Yao then and now, don’t you think he would realize that something was off with his mother?


      2. He was already obsessed with the mother before the dad was there, SC spends most of his time working he doesn’t have time for this, he didn’t plan to have SN obviously, and that’s how busy fathers are, they are the breadwinners and they let the wives they trust raise the child, SN is already 13, the coddling period has passed.

        If you worked everyday without much rest, if at all, returning home at night just to spend dinner with your family before leaving to sleep, fully exhausted and ready for work the next day while also keeping up with exercises and his health, it would be hard for you, too, to remember giving any type of attention to a child especially one at an age where he does not need as much attending to. SC does actually give more attention to SN than someone at his position could find time to do, but also note by the time SN walks through those doors his mind is already muddled by obsession with his mother, his trust for everyone but her has already been put in place and this is also part of QYZ’s plan.
        SN is close with SC now because he also knows the reason he was so estranged with his father stems with his unhealthy relationship with his mother

        But wait there’s more, SC’s first child he ever took care of was SH so he literally has no idea what being a parent is like cause you could throw SH into a lion pit and he’d be fine, he’s never had the chance to do too many fatherly things so to say that you suddenly have a kid now is weird, and this is also the same with how SC might have been at childhood because of how SG reacted to SN. They felt so emotional to be able to give SN a hug because first of all, they felt guilty about not finding him sooner. And secondly, SH didnt LIKE to be all sticky with people so they weren’t even sure if SN would like it in the first place

        Did he try? Yes. Was he a good father? He performs adequately in a fast paced society like China and you could even say he’s performed very well as a father if you zoom out into the big picture and saw the achievements of SH that he raised from birth and what he had to work with when SN was brought in. SN worked to please his dad all for money and power in the past and another reason SC couldnt see anything wrong was because he was taught not to show his negative side to SC, his view of SC is warped. If he can see that, then it should mean something. This story has very had storytelling but a normal chinese family structure is still present, that’s the gist that you can get out of the story but I doubt the author thought about this much as she wrote the story


  4. On one side I pity Wang Cong a little but on the other hand he would try to manipilate and betray Ning Ning.
    The father is still the most funny one. 😀
    Thank you!

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  5. Kinda feel bad for Wang Cong. I don’t think he willingly agreed to “service” Hong Rui again right? He literally got kidnapped and held captive as a sex slave. I mean he agreed to selling himself once to get medical fees so that was a fair transaction but now Hong Rui is just basically doing whatever he wants because he has money to cover up his crimes. Typical rich bullying the poor.


  6. Then he kisses his forehead.
    Shu father: Oh Heng Heng cares about Ning Ning a lot more than I thought~~ such a good kid~
    Ning Ning: *faints* Dad is here big bro D: what do you think you’re doing???!!! >///<
    Shu Heng: Good-night kiss.

    Ahahah mini theater XD Thanks for the update!

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  7. pliss up baby girl… its been 3 days since your last chapter.. ʕ•ٹ•ʔʕ•ٹ•ʔʕ•ٹ•ʔʕ•ٹ•ʔʕ•ٹ•ʔʕ•ٹ•ʔ


      1. I am sorry. I didnt mean to hurt n force you. I got spoiled by your update everyday everytime I online.
        I love your project of ning ning n heng heng. please dont drop it. 😖


    1. Neng kalo liat namanya sih kamu orang indo ya kayanya, jadi harusnya bisa ngerti nih aku ngomong apa. Tolonglah tau diri sedikit, ga usah ngeburu-buru dia. Si Helli ini translate gratis ga dibayar (kecuali kalo ada yang donasi, yang mana ga tetap juga). Masih bagus dia bisa dan mau translate cepet. Translator lain banyak yang update cuma seminggu sekali, atau malahan sebulan sekali. Baru ditinggal berapa hari aja dah ribut. Dia juga punya hidup dan kesibukan sendiri jeng, emang kamu pikir kerjaan dia cuman mantengin laptop doang ga ada kegiatan lain.

      Siapa tau komprehensi bahasa inggrisnya kurang: dia bilang dia bakalan berenti translate novel ini kalo ada yang ngeluh kaya gini lagi.

      Jadi kalo mau komen, ga usah nyuruh-nyuruh update, hellinya juga bakalan update kalo dia ada waktu. Mendingan bilang makasih kek, atau komen soal adegan di chapter itu, buat nunjukin kamu ngehargain usahanya dan suka terjemahan dia.

      Btw, Helli nih udah 20++, dia ga suka dipanggil baby girl.


      1. makasih buat nasihatnya.
        maaf krn aku lupa komen itu hal tabu untuk para translator n author.
        maaf klo helli g suka dipanggil baby girl.. aku g akan panggil itu lgi.


  8. Thank you very much for updating. Would a break be helpful to you or better to just finish so it’s over and you don’t have to think about it anymore? I hate that the story I like so much brings you distress and I am in awe of your commitment to see it through despite how it makes you feel. *offers hugs*

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