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It seemed as if a long time had passed, but in fact it was just a short while. Shu Ning was so nervous that even his palms were sweating and he observed both Shu Cheng and Shu Heng, this big brother of his really does have quite the guts, but does he think that with guts alone he can get away with everything?

Shu Ning whose heart was beating like a drum finally reached the end of his sentence!

A kiss, planted on his forehead ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Ning who had just had his sigh of relief sucked in a breath of air, but as soon as he raised his eyes, his heart was shattered. When did Shu Cheng wake up? Looking at me with gentle eyes without even blinking? Instantly sweat covered Shu Ning’s forehead, oh no oh no, I’m done for, I’m finished this time.

Shu Cheng leaned close, and also planted a kiss on the forehead of Shu Ning who was scared out of his wits. He chuckled:”Didn’t you dislike being kissed on the face in the past?”

Shu Heng came heroically to the rescue:”He’s big now so he won’t allow kisses anymore. It’s a bit hot, how about we turn on the air conditioner?”

Shu Cheng nodded, but Shu Ning had already fallen in battle……Sleeping with the great god and whatnot, if you don’t have the courage for it then just forget it, you’ll be shocked to death sooner or later. And he didn’t know if Shu Heng noticed after that Shu Cheng was wake, or whether he actually knew about it from the start. Shu Ning was too lazy to find out the truth since his eyes had already turned into spirals, and his soul had flown away.

After lunch the next day, the two left after offering Shu Gao some incense, and they just so happened to bump into Gu Ya’s car. Shu Ning didn’t notice but a wave rippled through Shu Heng’s eyes, and he took out his phone to send a message. Shu Ning leaned over and his head rested very naturally on Shu Heng’s wide shoulders:”There’s good weather in June, I want to go on a vacation after the exams.”

“I’ll come with you.”

“Sure, that’ll be nice.”Shu Ning giggled and the topic turned:”There’ll be tons of pretty girls who’s gonna be envious of me!”

Shu Heng’s heart jumped and it really skipped a beat, could his little brother have discovered anything? Recently, the partners introduced to him have suddenly increased but Shu Heng had rejected them all. But Shu Cheng didn’t, he’s been busying about with the old Mou family since Shu Heng’s mother wasn’t around anymore, his relatives from his mother’s side were all very concerned about his life and future family.

He couldn’t let the little one know in case it worries him. Shu Heng had plans, he would handle everything properly. Setting his phone down, he had the “big man” who was already quite tall propped up on his leg in an embrace, and his hand wasn’t very modest at all as it pulled his clothes open directly, stretching in for a feel:”I don’t need any beautiful women, you’re the only one I need, can I prove my innocence to you with a kiss?”

“Sure~”With a beaming smile, Shu Ning’s eyes were transformed into curved slits and his smile was exceptionally sweet as he held onto Shu Heng’s neck, and closed his eyes.

And the lips of the two were locked just like that since the partition was pulled down anyway since Shu Heng’s personal bodyguard knew the relationship they shared. At first he was quite bashful and didn’t dare to try anything, but now he was already used to it, Shu Ning’s improvement was great. If he were to tell him that all these bodyguards were people sent over by the Mou family, he wondered if Shu Ning would still be able to laugh.

Thankfully, Shu Heng was no mediocre man, he had done what others hadn’t been able to do. After all, under normal circumstances, how could he have such confidence doing things in front of people sent over to monitor him? Being on your guard is key! And it wasn’t a single person either. Shu Heng has great foresight, especially to the pile of nails planted all around him, it was as easy as simply turning them all into his own claws.

It wasn’t easy to convince someone to turn to their side, you had to have the personality, charm, wealth, and wisdom, just like how Shu Ning was snuggled in Shu Heng’s arms like a little kitten, while Shu Heng has never loved anyone other than him. The two were serious, they were mutually the first love of each other. The bodyguards didn’t have a problem with it either, they didn’t say anything or object to it, instead they’ve even included Shu Ning into their circle of protection. This was the aura of the king, and it was unparalleled.

They think that everything Shu Heng did was right, that everything had its own reasons. Although they couldn’t understand it now, they believed that they could in the future.

After the plane reached the capital, the two got on their Rolls-Royce. Upon reaching home they unpacked their clothes and didn’t feel like going out at night, huddled up in their room they fed each other their dinners, and then immediately after their bath at around nine o’clock, they immediately tussled in bed. Shu Ning’s breathing was chaotic and his chest heaved up and down, there was a hint of fear but also excitement in his eyes. He was fearful because of the pain, but after that comes the pleasure, he couldn’t just hop over that step, Shu Ning was clear about it.

Shu Heng controlled his excitement and even after opening him up, he didn’t eat him up immediately, he comforted him, caressed him, and kissed him non-stop, allowing Shu Ning to relax spreading his legs by his own volition, and allowed him whatever he pleased! Then the two joined, and began to move. Shu Ning’s face turned white as a sheet for a moment, but slowly reddened.

“You’re so beautiful~”

“I, ahh…..handsome……not pretty……”countered Shu Ning as he grabbed onto Shu Heng’s waist.

A faint smile turned up on Shu Heng’s lips and it was so handsome that Shu Ning was dumbfounded. The speedy ride of pa pa pa pa pa pa begun, the sounds rising up in unison with the sounds of moaning. The two were very happy, especially Shu Ning who had made rapid progress, he could almost last till the end. And so when Shu Heng happily filled him up, he didn’t ask whether Shu Ning was willing or not since it was already all in Shu Ning’s tummy.

A big hand rubbed on his stomach as Shu Heng dropped down lazily on top of Shu Ning, kissing him without stopping while touching all over with his hand. Shu Ning had been nurtured and raised by him, not a single part of his body wasn’t beautiful, his pale skin was tender, elastic, and silky to the touch, it really made it hard for him to stop. Shu Heng observed Shu Ning’s soft features, and the more he looked at them the more pleased he was with them, it was hard to keep himself from continuing to kiss him.

Shu Ning made an urging grunt and it made Shu Heng jumped in fright, his big hand hurrying to pat him, coaxing him to sleep before he could relax then immediately getting up to prepare the bath water. Carefully he washed Shu Ning like a precious jewel, then carried him to the bed with clean sheets put in, then they slept in an embrace.

Early next morning, it was time for school. Shu Ning was just like a slug, his whole body was soft as if there were no bones in them. It wasn’t as if he was really soft, but he just didn’t want to go, he just wanted to stick around with Shu Heng all day. Shu Heng was really wise, he had already figured it out. He wanted to help Shu Ning request for more vacation days but Shu Ning took his hand and shook his head, he still insisted on going to school in the end.

A glimmer flashed through Shu Heng’s dark eyes because he did not forget about Zhao Dong, it was slightly different when Shu Ning spoke about him, so he was quite bothered by it.

After Shu Ning left for school, Shu Heng wasn’t idle either, he went to A University to report in, and he could receive his diploma not long after.

During lunch, Tian Jia Hui appeared before Zhao Dong had even arrived:”Shu Ning, you haven’t heard, have you? Something big happened with Zhang Qi.”

Tian Jia Hui’s brows were knitted into a frown and his entire face was filled with worry. Shu Ning knew what happened, he had hinted a little at the beginning to his good friend Guo Zhi, and he really did a pretty good job, but too bad he let Tian Jia Hui escape. Shu Ning’s expression was normal as he looked at Tian Jia Hui with his brows slightly raised, waiting for him to continue. This in turn made it hard for Tian Jia Hui to ascertain Shu Ning’s participation of the matter, so he could only tell him the whole thing in a gloomy manner.

Shu Ning shook his head in his heart, looking at Tian Jia Hui with disgust. If you weren’t willing to go then don’t, nobody invited you.

It wasn’t until Tian Jia Hui finished talking and was drinking a sip of water was Shu Ning willing to speak:”What did Guo Zhi say?”

Tian Jia Hui’s face was covered in black lines:”……”

“You didn’t ask him?”

How would I dare? Tian Jia Hui’s expression turned sour as he looked towards Shu Ning after some hesitation:”We’re friends, aren’t we? How about……Can you ask Guo Zhi?”

“That……It’s not very convenient for me to ask, I can’t just go up and ask why he came out fine, right? He had only barely escaped, after all everyone else was caught,”Shu Ning turned the topic around and raised his eyebrows, sweeping his sharp gaze towards Tian Jia Hui:”I wasn’t here that day so I don’t know what happened, it won’t be very good if I step in after everything happened, but how come you weren’t there? And why didn’t you ask Guo Zhi after it happened?”

“I refused the offer since I had something to do.”

“An honest man doesn’t deal underhand, you’re asking me to ask but you get to escape from it, what are you trying to suggest?”

“Shu Ning, how can you say that?”

“DId you notice something when you didn’t go that day? Or did you realize anything and was scared of stirring up trouble so you escaped it, while watching Zhang Qi go with your eyes wide, and now that something happened to him you’re here asking me questions instead, what are you trying to say?”

“You’re thinking too much, I wasn’t trying anything, Shu Ning. We’ve known for quite a while now, you should know what sort of person I am, right?”

“I’m not, I just know that something happened to everyone and you didn’t go, now you’re even getting suspicious of Guo Zhi.”

“I’m not,”Tian Jia Hui stood up in agitation, and the chair fell down to the floor in a clunk. Everyone looked towards them.

Zhao Dong came over with a group of other guys. He raised and eyebrow and looked at him with a slightly unpleasant look in his eyes:”What’s going on?”

Tian Jia Hui was scared now and his face had turned ashen, he had come to look for Shu Ning specially to have a quiet chat, he wasn’t trying to let anyone around them know. But right now the one standing right behind Zhao Dong was Guo Zhi, and that gaze of his deep with a hint of a smile was already on him. Shu Ning invited his friends to sit down with a smile, and Tian Jia Hui didn’t know whether he should sit or stand because he had pushed his chair down, nobody dared to help him.

The dust settled with Wang Cong who had been in quite a mess recently, Wang Cong was fine, he’s doing good, it was Wang Cong’s mother who didn’t have money for her sickness and didn’t want to sell her house, so she started a buzz with her filial and studious son, hoping to get donations from all the kind people, getting over this hurdle with ease. She was very pitiful, but it wasn’t worth it to feel bad for her, it was an unforgivable evil to deceive people.

Since he saw Shu Ning, Guo Zhi told him about everything that was going on. Shu Ning had already known but he just pretended this was his first time hearing about it, it turns out Guo Zhi thought that Tian Jia Hui had come pleading for help, so he quickly said some things to plug him up. After all, nobody was a fool here, for someone to be able to calm the winds so easily and quickly, it can’t be anyone but Hong Rui. This wasn’t a guy anyone should be offending, if Shu Ning ends up putting in a good word for Wang Cong because he knew him, it would make Hong Rui unhappy, how would he be able to stay around in the capital if that were to happen?

Tian Jia Hui felt very bitter in his heart, Guo Zhi was so powerful that he was actually able to sway Shu Ning’s heart, laying down the stakes and telling him directly not to help him! During that time, Hong Rui had taken him away under the eyes of everybody, and now he was gone without even a corpse to be found, what could this mean? Especially Zhang Qi, he had never even offended Guo Zhi, unless……

Looking at the casual and uncaring look of Shu Ning, could he be the source of all this?

But! We didn’t offend Shu Ning either? Zhang Qi was someone from C CIty, they were all from the same town, why did Shu Ning do it?

Tian Jia Hui’s face was getting more and more unpleasant, turning around, he left quickly. Shu Ning took a glance at him after he noticed, and turned back just in time to meet Zhao Dong’s doubtful eyes.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Ning shrugged and giggled calmly like usual:”Don’t look at me like that, I’m not close with him.”

Zhao Dong was relieved:”You know, I always see them buttering up to others, they don’t seem to be very good people so look at them with your eyes peeled in the future, don’t get mixed in with them.”

Shu Ning blushed in embarrassment and the few of them started to chat, no longer bringing up the matters with Zhang Qi and Wang Cong. And why was he embarrassed? Because he didn’t have his eyes peeled in his past life, and with just a few flattering words he was drifting in the air like a fool, putting his heart out for them, helping them with everything he could. They would always go out for a meal, and when it came time to foot the bill, both Zhang Qi and Tian Jia Hui wouldn’t be soft about it, as time went by they just became best buddies.

But why didn’t Shu Ning notice how what they really were? Because he had nothing he could ask for, when something really ended up happening to Shu Ning, they were all gone without a trace. He helped them so much with nothing to show for it, and was instead wronged, and in the end he was sent to jail while those dogs Zhang Qi and Wang Cong laughed at him. Only then did Shu Ning finally realize what eyes they were looking at him with ╮(╯▽╰)╭

I’ll just treat you like dogs in this life, don’t mind me.

Class was starting soon. When Shu Ning was walking back, Guo Zhi caught up to him and put a hand on Shu Ning’s shoulder:”Baby, have I gone too overboard? Did I trouble you at all?”

Shu Ning shot him a smile and looked at him with a wicked gaze:”How could that be! If I really had to say anything about it, I should say you’ve really gone soft on them this time.”

Guo Zhi spat out a sound of laughter and gave Shu Ning’s little nose a nudge:”It’s alright as long as you’re happy, but anyway, do you still need me to deal with that Tian Jia Hui guy?”

“Naturally, if he makes me unhappy then he won’t see the light of day anymore.”

“Of course,”Guo Zhi’s lips turned up into a smile, and a flicker of poisonous intent flashed by his eyes:”Anyone who makes us unhappy will never receive a good ending.”

Shu Ning halted his steps and felt slightly worried, patting Guo Zhi’s back he spoke:”It’s all in the past, your enemy is already dead, right now nobody can cause you any trouble.”

“That’s right, I don’t have any enemies anymore,”A flash of confusion went by Guo Zhi’s eyes, and they became even more profound, looking towards Shu Ning’s clean little face with his head down:”Just tell me if anyone dares to do anything to you in the future, I have been pretty bored so I’ll become your little claws, how does that sound?”

Shu Ning gave him a proud smile and nodded:”That sounds great, I was born with a look that makes me seem easy to mess with, so if anyone dares to take me for a soft one, we’ll see what you can do!”

Seeing the two whispering to each other, Zhao Dong who followed behind them felt relieved. WHen they were having their lunch earlier, Guo Zhi kept looking towards Shu Ning, trying to speak but always stopping again, he thought that something had happened between the two. Zhao Dong was the head of them after all, so there were a lot of things that worried him. When Shu Ning returned to his class to review his studies, his heart drifted towards thoughts of the pitiful Guo Zhi.

He may seem to be having the time of his life on the surface, but he wasn’t doing so well underneath all that.

After all, the fate that tied them together was from the memories of his past, he knew what happens to Guo Zhi, but he didn’t know when it would happen. And so Shu Ning could only trust in his luck and saving him, arranging everything and hide him up well. Guo Zhi who was at his very last breath held onto Shu Ning’s hand tight because he didn’t want to die, for the sake of comforting him through the night, he had his bodyguards head out to secretly buy medicine and whatnot. Guo Zhi had a fever for three days and three nights, his marathon with death himself had nearly reached its end.

Right now, there were still seven scars on Guo Zhi’s body, he could get rid of them but Guo Zhi chose not to, he wanted to leave them on his body to remind himself not to be soft, even if it were towards a close relative!

After school at night, Shu Ning didn’t partake in the extra evening classes. The teacher had looked for him to talk about things but Shu Ning told her about how he felt, with his current condition, it was no problem getting into the landscaping course. The teacher gave Shu Cheng a call, and Shu Ning didn’t know what Shu Cheng told her either, anyway the teacher didn’t care about Shu Ning anymore after that conversation, that was great news for him.

As soon as he reached the school gates, Shu Ning saw Tian Jia Hui enter a black van while shivering, and several men left sneakily away.

Touching his chin, it’s important to know your own limits, if this guy didn’t stir up any waves, then he shouldn’t have to blame anyone for taking care of him. Shu Ning knew what type of person Wang Cong’s mother was, she was very simple-minded and guileless, definitely not the type with deep thoughts, for her to pin the mess so perfectly on the bar, someone definitely made a move in the background!

And that person had to be Tian Jia Hui!

Tian Jia Hui was very smart, and even ten Zhang Qi’s wouldn’t give you a Tian Jia Hui, but he was too smug, he thought that everything was going according to plan but he had actually been found out from the start. Shu Ning was talking loudly with Tian Jia Hui in the cafeteria, and he was taken away by someone right after school ended in the afternoon, what did that meant? It should be Hong Rui’s doing.

Shu Ning got on his own car and an arm as tough as iron bars was stretched over, pulling him into them, and a deep kiss was planted on his lips.

Shu Ning was so shocked that he yelled out, but he threw himself to him after seeing who it was behind him. He missed his big brother as well, he missed his warmth a lot. The hearts of the two connected for a moment and they were holding each other tight without a single crack. They kissed each other with loud smacking sounds, tangling up in a passionate kiss that was hard to bear. Shu Heng’s hand had started to become very open as they moved around passionately full of love, leaving countless marks like strawberries in its wake. The bodyguard quickly got down the car after they reached the front porch of the house, while Shu Ning’s clothes were so messy that he was almost naked.


“What’s wrong?”Shu Heng bit his neck and stretched his big hand downwards, tearing down that annoying little pair of underwear directly.

( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shu Ning was dumbfounded, his mouth flapped about for a moment before he could find his voice, and spoke with a tremble:”No……You can’t be…….thinking of……of……”

“I can’t stand it anymore!”

“No no no we can’t mm……No……”His finger! Oh shit, Shu Ning was shocked silly, this was their car! Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, his big brother definitely brought lube! Who would bring something like that everywhere they went →_→ Shu Ning forced himself to be calm and sighed:”Brother, it’s going to hurt……ah……”Too late, it’s already in.

“Silly, how could I bear to see you in pain?”Shu Heng had already put the little one in a good position, they could go at any moment.

“Don’t be so rash, this won’t go successfully without that, I’m going to die!”Σ( ° △°|||)︴


“Yeah, that!”

“Which one is that?”


“You have to tell me, if you don’t, how am I going to know?”

His big brother was being particularly evil at this moment, was he doing this on purpose? Shu Ning stared straight at him and didn’t see anything wrong either, so he simply said it out through gritted teeth:”There’s no lube! I won’t do it if there’s no lube!!”

“I say, you’re quite the silly one aren’t you? How could I do you if I didn’t bring any condoms?”Shu Heng laughed. Seeing Shu Ning’s flushed face, he immediately lowered his head and exhaled gently, deliberately blowing towards his sensitive earlobe:”You don’t believe me? Listen!”

When his fingers were moving around, there were some wet noises. Shu Ning’s attention had all been sucked in towards Shu Heng at the very beginning, so he didn’t notice anything that was going on behind. Right now, in the face of such a shameful reality, he held his face in embarrassment. As rare as it was, Shu Heng chuckled, and then he went in.

“Ah……”Shu Ning quickly pushed Shu Heng’s chest away, crying without tears:”Brother, please……Can we do it in the room? This……We’re at the car……”

“What’s wrong with the car?”It was as if a wild flame was running rampant in Shu Heng’s eyes:”Don’t worry, the lips of the bodyguards are sealed, they won’t run their mouths off.”

“That’s not it, I ahh……”He started to move! The car was rocking to his brother’s movements, and it struck Shu Ning like a bolt of thunder. He didn’t accept this in his heart, it was too wild, but his body disagreed, it felt good, exciting, and stimulating. No wonder people liked to do it in all sorts of ways, it was pretty good! Waves of pleasure crashed at his head, Shu Ning could no longer think clearly anymore, he could only hold onto his big brother helplessly, attending to him pitifully.

Shu Heng’s stamina was too great and he was great at this, he could send Shu Ning up into the heavens with every thrust, and on the second round, Shu Ning’s head curved to the side and he fainted.

Shu Heng continued to busy about for quite some time before he came out, sighing in satisfaction. He looked at Shu Ning with a deep and loving gaze, rubbing off the tears at the corners of his eyes with a thumb. He was really quite the crybaby, how pitiful.

When Shu Ning woke up, it was already eight at night. His whole body was naked under the blanket, and Shu Heng wasn’t by his side. This made Shu Ning feel a little awkward, and he was a bit calmer now.

The car shook! That was too crazy, Shu Ning touched his face unconsciously and sat up, enduring the pain at his waist. His thighs were feeling a bit sore too, thinking to the position he was in when they were in the car, Shu Ning could feel his cheeks burning up like a fever. Oh my, you’re already a man over thirty and it’s actually still this hard for you to let it go. Shu Heng was young and energetic, he was definitely craving for that flavour, he had to satisfy him. Shu Ning understood at heart, and was willing to mix well with him too.

Shu Heng came in with porridge in hand, and just then Shu Ning wanted to hide himself. SHu Heng was Shu Heng after all, he never travels the road commonly walked /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“Are you hungry? I asked the aunty to make you your favourite porridge, there’s even some salted vegetables but there’s not much salt, we’ll substitute those with fruit.”

Hearing that, Shu Ning was energetic, seasoning food with fruits, aunty sure was amazing. Pulling up the small little table, Shu Heng helped Shu Ning with his food before taking two bites of his own. Shu Ning felt a little embarrassed:”Brother, have you eaten?”

“Mmhm, I’ve had some cakes.”

“Let’s eat together,”Shu Ning fed Shu Heng a bite of porridge and Shu Heng didn’t refuse him. After finishing this bowl, Shu Heng went down to grab a second. Shu Ning’s mouth twitched, he knew that his brother’s appetite was big! Feeding each other, Shu Ning suddenly thought of something:”Did you give dad a call yet?”

“I did.”

Huh? Shu Heng’s said he did without even a change on his complexion, does he not feel guilty at all?

Shu Heng was wise, so immediately he understood:”We’ll have to face this sooner or later, trust me, nothing bad will happen.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning may gave given his approval but he still thought about Shu Cheng’s short life in his heart, who could stop you when he’s gone? The light of hope shone in the tunnel of misfortune, if Shu Cheng doesn’t die, Shu Ning was still willing to keep this relationship for the rest of his life. He hoped that God could open his eyes, man could change his own destiny with effort. Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng’s calm and handsome face, if this could last forever, I’d be happy even if I only had ten years to live.

“What are you thinking about?”

Uh, he found out without even looking at me!!!

“Don’t think too much,”After taking the last bite of porridge, Shu Heng lifted up Shu Ning’s chin with a finger and looked at him with serious eyes:”I’m here, nothing bad will happen. I love you, I know that you don’t want to rely on me, and you want your own freedom, I can look at everything else that happens with one eye closed so you can ride the winds however you like, but for our happiness, you can’t kick me aside, alright?”

His pupils shrunk, did he find out about anything? No matter what, Shu Ning couldn’t figure Shu Heng out:”Alright, I promise you.”

The atmosphere was wonderful, he couldn’t be thinking of having another go, would he? His mind was afloat and his little hands were clutching onto the bedsheets, his breathing was slightly chaotic, his countenance passionate, but Shu Heng didn’t plan to gobble him up. Diligently, he put the bowls and everything else aside, leaving Shu Ning alone to think about his life.

Shu Heng returned very quickly, how could he bear to leave Shu Ning alone in the room?

The two shared similar thoughts, after brushing their teeth, they watched some movies for a bit and were tussled into a pile again. If there was one then there could be two, you could almost see the flowers blooming twice, who would be willing to settle with just bland soup?

Passionately, Shu Ning put on an alluring smile:”Brother~ Heng~”

As a culinary student…. Aunty what on earth?????? you put fruit in salted vegetables? what? what is the goal? here have some salted vegetables with no salt but fruit instead…. what???? AUNTY???


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