RWSB Chapter 113

In the classroom the next day, Shu Ning sat down properly in class. All the students were very curious, was this carefree child finally studying hard for his exams? How rare, did someone nag him about it? Some were secretly pleased, some emotional, and some were delighted, his teachers for example, were starting to pay attention to Shu Ning again.

Shu Ning wanted to cry with no tears, why you ask?

After that shaky car ride yesterday, he had been XXOO-ed again in bed. It felt so good at that time, with his big brother taking care of him so tenderly after, it felt so nice, but……His body was made of flesh after all! Now he was in a fit of misfortune, his waist was sore, his butt hurt, and his legs were still numb, it was simply a sad experience that was hard to describe.

At noon, Shu Ning who did not have the company of Tian Jia Hui and the others was by himself so Zhao Dong sent someone specially over to invite Shu Ning out to eat. Shu Ning could only refuse ╮(╯▽╰)╭ It was better to just sit around, nobody could see how bitter this little baby felt, at the very least his appearance was still refreshed, sitting with his back straight like a perfect little guy.

Because he didn’t know whether Shu Heng would come to pick him up at night, Pang Qian as well could only contact Shu Ning through the phone, so he asked about news of Uncle Pang while they were talking. Pang Qian admired Shu Ning a lot, so he told him the truth. Uncle Pang’s life was ordinary but he drank a lot, when he got drunk he would start yelling about how Qin Yu Fu was too blind to see who was really a good person, then when he was sober he would be quiet again. After a period of depression, he had gone out to find work.

Shu Ning raised his eyebrows and felt strange somewhere within him. After the call, Shu Ning then gave Qin Yu Fu a call.

Qin Yu Fu’s life was very fulfilling, he had a family, a wife, and inside of her wife’s stomach was a little baby. The whole family was in great harmony, it was wonderful and very warm. Hearing the happy voice of his uncle, naturally Shu Ning felt relieved. He wanted to mention Uncle Pang but he didn’t know what his uncle would think about it, and right when Shu Ning was hesitating, his uncle brought it up.

“Ning Ning, did……Did Uncle Pang look for you?”

“Nope, I actually wanted to go see him but I forgot because I was too busy,”Shu Ning was honest, the time it took to go from C City to F City was only several hours, it was quite convenient, he could even visit his granny’s grave on the way. But because he had just established his relationship with Shu Heng, and was done in until he could barely get off the bed, he didn’t feel like going.

“You shouldn’t worry about adult’s troubles, don’t see him even if he comes to look for you, it’s impossible for me to accompany him as a bachelor for the rest of my life. Ning Ning, your uncle isn’t trying to be ungrateful, and I really am very thankful to him for helping me out with so much, but since we can’t click as friends, I will repay all that he’s done for me through Pang Qian. So, Ning Ning, you mustn’t get yourself involved, the thing with me and Pang……that’s a long story.”

“Mm, I know.”

“The weather is good now so several people were recruited in the construction site, I’m going to go get busy for now, I’m really happy that your business is booming more and more by the day.”

Shu Ning sat on a bench under the tree, and the two caught up with each other, including his college entrance examinations, to take care of his health and whatnot before they ended the call. Shu Ning did not think too much about it since it was his uncle’s problems, it’s fine as long as he’s got it under control. But he didn’t know that Qin Yu Fu was standing by the window for a long time, so long that tears started to fall to his cheeks.

The night before the foreman left, he grabbed Qin Yu Fu and like a madman, he told him about a lot of things. Qin Yu Fu was quite afraid, he didn’t understand why he was being so hysterical, he even pushed him down to the floor and kissed him. This shocked Qin Yu Fu so much that he was shocked still on the spot, not understanding at all what was going on. Why? He says he can’t leave me? He cried, and howled, was it not okay to continue just like this? Why did you have to find a woman? What was so good about her? That child in her definitely didn’t belong to you, he grumbled and yelled.

Qin Yu Fu was really afraid and a little confused, but actually, how could the foreman himself understand as well?

The relationship between the two had already started to deteriorate a long time ago, Qin Yu Fu thought that Foreman Pang was a very selfish person, why did I have to be single just because you were? While the foreman was also confused himself, why couldn’t I accept Xiao Fu’s marriage? Why did I want to kiss him? Why was it so painful……Why? Why was it? If any of them were to tell Shu Ning, he would definitely understand it immediately.

The foreman had fallen in love with Qin Yu Fu. WHen he took him away from the countryside back then, he took care of him, gave him work. When he himself had fallen out of love, Qin Yu Fu was there with him. And when he was feeling down, Qin Yu Fu’s shadow was also present near him. They had always been two, instead of getting hurt loving someone else, it would’ve been better staying with this honest man, and slowly, his heart sank into that idea. As everything continued on, his love was set deep within his bones.

During the quiet night, the foreman who had already made a decision was smoking by himself. There was a profound look in his eyes as he thought about all the tiny things about Qin Yu Fu, that was a good, simple, and easy to please man. He was innocent and kind, even if he were taken advantage of or was harmed by anyone, he still wouldn’t complain about it, he would continue living his happy days with no worries.

That will be that then, as long as he was happy, I’ll be happy too.

The resolute foreman dropped the cigarette and extinguished it with his boot, then after packing up his luggage, he got on the train heading for the capital. Qin Yu Fu was a good man, as long as I apologize, he’ll forgive me! Watching over him silently was also a way of loving him, since this is how my life is going to go on anyway, I’ll be happy as long as I can see him happy. Besides, he had his brother and his family too, the foreman buried these deep feelings into the depths of his heart.

The next morning, when he saw the foreman who appeared in quite a slump, he was shocked. He had gotten quite a lot skinnier, the complexion of the man who used to be so big and strong that his face was now a little pale, and it was quite upsetting to see how gaunt his cheeks were. Qin Yu Fu’s legs felt heavy and he couldn’t move, his mind spinning round and round in circles. The foreman walked over calmly, and scratched the top of his head awkwardly.

“I’m back.”


“About that~ Xiao Fu, I’m sorry, I was a bit drunk at that time so I thought about all those women who’ve done me wrong, and I was afraid that you’d……I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again, I’ve already quit drinking, you’re free to check me if you’d like!”

Looking at this calm smile, Qin Yu Fu sighed in relief, but his eyes were red:”It’s great that you’re back, great, I’ve still kept your spot for you.”

“Thanks, bro!”

And the two made up just like that. After getting off work in the afternoon, Qin Yu Fu drove the foreman out to get him a hair cut, a bath, and a massage. After a round of tidying up, the foreman was once again a handsome man.

Pang Qian was very pleased, he even specially gave Shu Ning a call to tell him. At that time, Shu Ning was nearly at home so he told his driver to turn around to his uncle’s place, then he sent a text message to his brother telling him he’ll be a little late in coming home. Shu Ning knew that Shu Heng was currently working, if not he would’ve came to pick him up. Seeing the message, Shu Heng went to his biological father’s home to eat dinner.

Towards the arrival of his grandson, Commander Mou smiled so brightly that the creases of his wrinkles could be seen. He quickly received Shu Heng over to sit by his side, and he even took his hand, patting it lightly, serving him food, filled his soup bowl, and took care of him well. It was as if his eyes were glued to Shu Heng, if he could he would’ve made his grandson stay forever.

This man was too outstanding, this is my true descendant. He was noble and sharp as a blade, nobody would dare to be impudent even with just his silent presence, even the drop of a single pin could be heard. Those eyes of his, that temperament, he was only twenty-one and he already displayed such a powerful aura, he wasn’t like those pampered princes you would see raised in a greenhouse! He even felt little next to him, Heng this little guy was even more powerful than he was in his prime. The old commander was satisfied, he was so pleased that he could almost cry, and this was shocking for all the people at the table.

Shu Heng did not do anything at all but that aloofness was out of this world. Surprisingly, he seemed to still be the apple of the old man’s eye.

In the end, the one who was most like the old man was Shu Heng, and not only that, they were even similar in appearance. Especially the eyebrows, they almost looked to have come from the same mold, you say they aren’t related? Do you think that’s possible? You could tell with one look that he was a descendant of the old commander.

Because of Shu Heng’s sudden arrival, many people weren’t very pleased. A few days ago, someone had appeared to challenge them, they wanted to fight.

It was normal for the grandchildren in the family to learn from each other, the guys who came out today had a face full of smiles as they happily invited him to spar, but in truth they were trying to display their superiority towards Shu Heng. You think you’re good, kid? No matter what you are in C City, an illegitimate child is an illegitimate child, if you wanna act out in front of our eldest young master, then you’re not welcome here.

When the old commander went to use the washroom, all the other seniors just watched and neither of them spoke.

You want respect? You can’t get that without power, that was what everyone was thinking. Everyone was waiting for Shu Heng to make a fool for himself because the young man who came up today was part of the Mou special forces. Shu Heng knew that but he wasn’t surprised either, he didn’t even say whether he agreed to it, he just went directly over. This was outside of everyone’s expectations, and when the young man assumed his stance, Shu Heng was still expressionless as usual. Was he waiting for me to go first? Then I shall fulfill your wish.

With his first move, he made his opponent lose balance, and with the second, he landed a heavy kick, his movements flowed as smooth as water and he did not go easy on him at all, in just a second he had defeated him. That guy was laying on the floor while holding his stomach, moaning in pain with his face pale as a sheet.

The old commander came out pretty quickly so he saw a part of it, he stopped anyone from helping him up, and told him to go to the hospital himself.

It’s your own responsibility if you’re stirring up trouble, and it wasn’t allowed to stir up trouble especially at home. His malicious provocation made the old commander very angry, his actions now was a warning to everyone.

Wasn’t it important that he was an illegitimate child? And now whoever dared to make a move on him was going against the old commander!

His cold and towering gaze made everyone shiver, and none of them dared to lower their head impudently. When he was young, the old commander had once brought his team to a special zone for the sake of his country, and killed countless of their enemies, bad people, lawless scoundrels, and international criminals who all had guns and weapons, each one was more vicious than the other, they were putting their lives on the line for this.

The killing intent in the old commander’s eyes were very heavy, and the pressure was even heavier, it really sunk into everyone’s spirits and it was easy to make a little soldier cry.

But why did Shu Heng had eyes that wouldn’t lose to his? Did the old commander send him somewhere for training before he came? Some soldiers were very special, he was one of the elite among the country’s elite, could it be……Did the commander open the back door for Shu Heng? If this were in the past, that would definitely be impossible, the old man was an upright person.

But……He was old now! And he had experienced the loss of losing his grandchildren, if you were to be unreasonable to Shu Heng now, he would pamper him and indulge him, loving him. If you didn’t like it then you can fight him, if not you can leave, his attitude was clear to all, even his son had to abide by him, he would always look for opportunities to meet up with his grandson. The small flowers on the balcony were blooming, so he brought his old comrades to see them. He had Shu Heng sit by the side to pour tea for them, and he did it sitting not standing, and his other grandchildren weren’t allowed to be present either, even his own son.

The decision made by his son in the past made the old man very angry, and he was still angry about it.

Shu Heng was a businessman, and not interested in joining the military. The old man was very disappointed, but after a day of disappointment he accepted it. Everyone had a higher understanding now of Shu Heng’s status, seeing the old man’s mood, everyone could feel cold sweat gather at their back, and even more so they did not dare to mess with Shu Heng.

After dinner, the old man was still holding Shu Heng’s hand:”You came over today without giving us a heads up so we didn’t prepare too much food today, I’m not sure if it suits your appetite.”

The likes of both the grandfather and the grandchild were similar, they both liked to eat meat so Shu Heng didn’t say anything, he just nodded in response to the old man’s care.

He was too aloof, the other grandchildren were actually quite envious as well, they would definitely be beaten if they acted like that. Right at that time, Shu Heng’s phone rang. Wasn’t his phone always set to vibration? Could it be his dad? Now there’s a show worth watching.


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  1. Someone should have warned QFY that this is a BL, and he had to stay with the foreman and not with an ambitious woman (๓´罒`๓)Yeah (it is not discrimination in the world bl is rare the woman who deserves respected)
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    1. SC is even further away from him right now than his biological dad, SC is in C City, both SH and SN live in the capital, the Mou family (also where dad lives) is also in the capital. If you don’t believe me you can mtl the raws yourself

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      1. Mou family is the mom side, i don’t know what the dad is called, but he has been calling Shu Heng recently trying to get him back, I think it will explain further in the next chapter and I don’t really wanna spoil anything
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  3. Uncle foreman QAQ
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  5. This story can be a wee bit ridiculous some times 😅

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