RWSB Chapter 114

I think I should probably make a character list, but damn I’m lazy. I just tl everything as it goes, don’t shoot the messenger


Any cultured person would set their phones to vibration during an event, because it would disturb other people if it were to ring.

Although Shu Heng was lofty, cold, and profound, he had no problems in terms of manners, but right now his phone was ringing softly, and it was even an upbeat melody, it was quite surprising. Everyone felt quite doubtful in their hearts but they didn’t think too much about it, at most it would be a relative like a father or someone else because Shu Heng did not have a partner.

But right now, his father or whatever other relative was instead being a disturbance. For example, both the old man and his eldest son was present, and the old man was being possessive of Shu Heng, not even allowing his son to get near him for fear of him being snatched away. With that, if would be quite the tricky situation if it really was his father calling! Everyone knew, and they were all silently waiting for it, the show was about to begin, who was going to win, they wondered?

It wasn’t going to be his big brother anyway, that was for sure, he had made the wrong decisions in the past and made the old man angry, so he had his son abandon him, it was a great sight to behold.

Shu Heng did not show any semblance of an expression as he stood up quite normally, then walked to some distance to pick up the call. This made everyone quite disappointed, the ones who liked to gossip were whispering to each other.

The old man immediately glared at them, and stopped them in their tracks. However, the old man would never let go of troublemakers so easily:”You, there’s no need for you to come to the table next time.”

The woman’s face paled, and forced herself to put on a smile, nodding and accepting her fate. The expression on her husband’s face was as usual but in his heart, he secretly felt regretful, he was the one who was caught by his obsessions and gave his wife a little nudge under the table, that was the reason why his wife had come out with that, he felt that instead of forging a plan to threaten him, it was better to stir up the winds but it instead ended with their loss.

In the quiet room, it was no use no matter how quiet you tried to be, although everyone else couldn’t make out what he was trying to say, Shu Heng’s soft stone was still a shock to them. Who is that? Who was the person with such charm? He was even better than the commander. There were only three commanders in our country, one for the navy, one for land, and one as the head, it was an understatement that they could control the world with the palm of their hand.

Shu Heng wanted to leave after his call, and unconsciously the old man tried to get him to stay but things were just as usual, Shu Heng leaves whenever he pleases.

The eldest son saw his son out. He wanted to speak but stopped again, he wanted to come closer but he was afraid of having his hand slapped away again. He sighed, not knowing what was the best thing to do. He wanted to appear strong his whole life, and now that he wanted to put it all down to make up to someone sincerely, why was it so hard?:”If there’s anything you need you can come to me, I’m your dad, I’ll help you.”

After that, he regretted what he said, he was too used to commanding others to do things so he didn’t even know how to talk nicely to his own son anymore. His attitude, his tone, and even his words were stiff, as if Shu Heng couldn’t do without him. Shu Heng was such a strong person, there would definitely be an effect on him, he had to treat him nicely like the old man, Szeto Dong knew, but he would still slip up when it came to i!

Ah, he had offended the younger one again, Shu Heng left to his car without even turning back for a glance……

Szeto Ming Cheng stood with his hands crossed behind his back, and the smile on his face was quite smug:”You did it yourself so you have no one to blame but yourself, it’s not so easy to move him, he’s got quite the proud and eccentric character.”

Szeto Dong had seen and analyzed countless people so naturally he could understand, Shu Heng……was unlike him but instead similar to his father, he was adamant and stubborn.

The expression of his son under the dim lights weren’t clear, but Szeto Ming Cheng knew that he was sad. After all, how could his own son not notice what was in his mind? The old commander still felt quite bad for his son, so he spoke to him a little on the way back:”Shu Heng is a very filial boy, and treats his adoptive father with much respect, he loves his siblings very much too.”

Szeto Dong’s eyes brightened up and the sight was shocking for the two soldiers holding rifles at the side and they tried hard to keep their focus, if they could they would grab their ears to keep themselves in place. Someone was going to become a very unlucky man every time the leader’s eyes had that look to them.

Shu Heng reached home immediately because the little one felt doubtful, he even seemed to be quite distressed, how could he be missing me so much at this time? That was what Shu Heng thought. When he returned home speedily, he wondered, where was he? Shu Heng looked towards the bodyguards and they turned their heads towards the bathroom. Shu Heng walked forth with a large stride while waving his hand, telling him to go out for a break.

Shu Ning was in the bath thinking about what happened earlier, Shu Ning had went over specially to invite them, he had wanted to have a little drink with his uncle and the foreman. Although he didn’t mention the reason, everyone understood that it was a celebration of the foreman’s return. The foreman stopped drinking and this gave Shu Ning quite the scare, is he serious? What did he fight with uncle about, to make him so determined?


It was good for his uncle as well, because he had also abstained from drinking alongside the foreman. Shu Ning could only drink his juice with them.

Around eight o’clock, his uncle’s phone rang. The ringtone it played was one of love, a bunch of sweet things, getting old together and whatnot, a very joyous song, even Shu Ning couldn’t help himself from smiling. The uncle immediately put on a big smile and took the call. Honey, oh honey~ He called wonderfully, his eyes were almost curved into crescents.

The foreman was smiling too, but his face was just slightly pale. Shu Ning was not suspicious about anything since he had also lost quite some weight recently.

When Shu Ning went to the washroom, the foreman went with him. While washing their hands, the foreman stood next to Shu Ning and sighed:”Hey, little Ning, I heard……that xiao Fu’s passbook from F City is still with you?”

“What’s up?”Suddenly bringing this up made Shu Ning feel quite concerned.

“Does he still have the shares from the cyber cafes there?”

“Mm, I told uncle about the internet cafe I opened with the money, he kept insisting on not taking it.”

“I know, and he does too, that the money in there isn’t enough to open an internet cafe, right? You’re doing this so that he can have a better life, right?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning nodded, he couldn’t understand what the foreman was trying to get at so he waited for him to continue:”Uncle, is there something you’d like to say? We don’t have to keep anything between us.”

“Xiao fu~ Your uncle is too honest so he can’t keep anything in him, he’s good to everyone so he never hides anything, you know that too, don’t you?”

“What happened?”

“This afternoon, Xiao Fu’s mother-in-law came to the construction site, I heard a bit of it and it was related to Xiao Fu’s assets that were in your hands.”

“I understand.”

“You’re a good kid, and you’re very sincere to Xiao Fu, but he’s already a married man, he’s not alone anymore. In the future, that woman and his future child would become his world, but don’t be sad, everyone had their own lives to live, Xiao Fu’s doing well now but that’s the only bad part of it. You should hand it over to him, don’t let his wife use this opportunity to start something. You’re living in a wealthy family now so maybe you’ll never understand how a little bit of money can cause someone to argue about it every day.”

“They fought?”

“No, they didn’t,”Although the foreman didn’t like that woman, he wouldn’t complain about her behind his back:”She’s alright now, nothing bad happened, but that mother of hers is quite the troublesome one, every time she finds out that the old lady has been saying things to Xiao Fu, she would call her up and tell her to mind her own business. When it came to protecting Xiao Fu, I never thought that such a frail woman would have so much power, no wonder Xiao Fu is so in love with her.”

“I’m the one in the wrong, I’ll return everything to uncle later so he can take care of it himself.”


The door to the washroom suddenly opened and it gave Shu Ning a big shock, his drifting thoughts were all crammed back into his skull:”Brother~ Why didn’t you knock?”

“Why do I have to knock to see my own lover?”

Shu Heng took off his clothes and with a big step, he got into the bathtub. Shu Ning swallowed his saliva, those long legs are too high quality, it’s simply a national treasure!

“What happened?”Shu Heng pulled him into his arms and caressed him, then giving him a few kisses before helping Shu Ning with his washing up.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and mumbled comfortable:”Nothing big, just some little things bugging me.”

“Let’s hear it.”

Babble babble babble, Shu Ning spoke to him about everything that happened during dinner, his uncle had a new bride, and a family, things weren’t as convenient for him as they were int he past. Shu Heng offered him a few words of comfort and Shu Ning finally thought things through, he just felt a little sad because the money in the passbook had been given to his uncle for his house a long time ago, and it was the wedding house that Qin Yu Fu had now.

He didn’t have to say it before this, so Shu Ning didn’t mention anything, but his aunt took it to heart after his uncle mentioned it casually.

As for the cyber cafe, it was indeed forced onto Qin Yu Fu by Shu Ning, the foreman said a lot of good things about his aunt but who was Shu Ning? Immediately, he was able to read between his words, if his aunt wanted it, then why would her mother personally visit the construction site to bug his uncle? Then with some fake tears she nagged her mother and pretended to be a good person, fooling his uncle completely. It wasn’t a bad trick, a lot of people knew how to do it and it was quite effective.

But no matter what, as long as she loved his uncle and he was always in her heart, this wasn’t anything.

They didn’t do it tonight, Shu Heng felt much pity towards Shu Ning. Going to school the next day, Shu Ning had just arrived in school when he saw a familiar face. Within the extended Lincoln sat Hong Rui, coming down personally to invite Shu Ning to sit with him.

The two went to a certain place that was quite undeveloped, but after twenty years this place would be thriving, high-rise buildings would be built everywhere, Shu Ning knew. Shu Ning wasn’t afraid of Hong Rui, he could kind of guess what he came for, and his own bodyguards were following right behind. Facing someone such as Hong Rui, you couldn’t be weak, neither could your tone, and you had to keep your back straight! Shu Ning was as calm as Mount Tai, this instead gave Hong Rui a deeper appreciation of him, as expected of Shu Heng’s little brother, amazing.

The ordinary looking warehouse looked like a sorry sight after being abandoned for years, but there was a special place built underneath!

As soon as the car drove down, a light flashed in Shu Ning’s eyes, an exciting view met his eyes, interesting, very interesting!

There was a casino inside! You couldn’t come in here without an invitation, it was quite bewildering why Hong Rui would bring him here and he was quite surprised, could it be……

When Shu Ning saw Tian Jia Hui and Wang Cong dressed in bunny costumes walking around in the crowd, upselling alcohol with a smile on their faces, he curled his mouth up into a smile in joy.

While he wasn’t looking, Hong Rui took a few steps back and sent out a text message, mission success, the little guy is overjoyed O(∩_∩)O

Shu Heng returned the message: Bugger off

Hong Rui frowned: Is it wise for you to be so cold to me? Your cute little brother is still in my hands.

Shu Heng returned the message: You’re serious?

Hong Rui’s mouth twitched, kids nowadays are so uncute, they’re too venomous! He quickly sent a message before he really rushed over, that wouldn’t be too good: I’m kidding, just pretend I’m scum _(:зゝ∠)_

Shu Heng was aloof, Hong Rui didn’t receive any further news from him even after a good half day had passed so he just shrugged and hummed a tune, going back in front with his hands behind his back, because little Shu was already standing in front of Wang Cong.

Hong Rui’s eyes glimmered as he touched his chin, these two shouldn’t be enemies, were they?

Otherwise, Shu Ning’s subordinate wouldn’t have sent Wang Cong specially to my bed, it seems he still treated Wang Cong too well, if he were to offend the little Shu, then that would mean he had also offended the big demon Shu Heng……

Wang Cong’s smile was rather stiff because his butt had been touched by a customer, he really wanted to smash his tray on that guy’s face. Right at that time, his eyes darkened, who?

His pupils shrunk, it was Shu Ning!


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    1. So I wonder what Shu Heng’s biological dad is going to do? I’m really curious about that. Forget about Wang Cong and the uncle for the moment. Go back to Heng’s drama! Thanks for the chapter!

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  1. For the sin of hurting Shu Ning’s feelings and laughing at him for his own naive failings in his last life, these teenage boys have to endure being beaten, raped, and forced into sexual servitude and humiliating labor, their mothers publicly shamed, and so on?

    While I don’t have any warm feelings toward Wang Kong for bullying Shu Ning in the past, I absolutely cannot support how far he’s gone in revenge. It’s stomach-churning.

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    1. Exactly! Kinda Ning Ning’s fault for being naive in the past. I understand that the more you love the more you hate when you get betrayed but WC was just the typical shameless social climbing gold digger. Should’ve take it as a lesson learned and pay him back with some humiliation. Having a 18 year old (not even?) kidnapped, raped, beaten, and held as a sex worker is just too much.

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  2. I feel conflicting feelings to these guys since their supposedly future selves made our Ning Ning suffer in his past life. Though their characters won’t change so SN removing future trouble is a good thing.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  3. Now how did TJH get taken by Hong Rui?

    Eh I still feel pretty bad for WC to be held captive. I thought humiliating him by making sure all the rich kids looked down on him and didn’t help him out and having him sell himself that one time to Hong Rui was already good revenge. I don’t like this slavery thing.


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