RWSB Chapter 115

What was humiliation?

Wang Cong felt like a clown, wearing those big white ears, wrapped in a tight-fitting little black outfit with a pair of stockings below, and a small pair of heels on his feet. Not only that, if you looked carefully at his legs, there wasn’t even a strand of hair, all clean, he had clearly gone through a “makeover”.

But he had to smile because this was Shu Ning, the only one who could get him out of here!

A touch of anxiety flickered past Wang Cong’s eyes because he saw Hong Rui heading over, so he hurriedly pleaded:”Shu Ning, I’ve been trapped here, please help me, save me from this place.”

“What are you guys chatting about?”Hong Rui had already reached them, it was a little loud so Wang Cong spoke in a little laugh as he pointed towards the alcohol, that would normally be enough to cease any other thoughts from people but Hong Rui was clear about what going on so naturally he knew what Wang Cong wanted to do, he liked clever boys but if they caused trouble, Hong Rui would not enjoy that:”Hey, you know him?”

In these underground areas, not everyone can come out openly to meet with people, many of them were wearing masks. For example, Shu Ning, on his face that was still considered to be quite delicate, there was a snowy white mask that made his temperament seem outstanding, and his young identity couldn’t be clearly seen either, it was pretty good. For Wang Cong to be able to recognize him immediately meant that he paid great attention to Shu Ning, he knew it as if it were the back of his hand what style of clothes he wore, what watch, his body shape, and whatnot.

Wang Cong raised an eyebrow and turned to leave in an angry manner, it was so cheeky that it felt mysterious to Hong Rui instead.

His actions were so clever that it was seamless, other than Shu Ning, nobody knew what he said. But unfortunately, Wang Cong had laid the wrong bet, Shu Ning was a petty guy, and a very revengeful one at that:”I know him, his name is Wang Cong, he came to me for help earlier, was he forced to do this? If that’s so, I wouldn’t dare to come here anymore.”

“Working here is high-risk but the wages are a dozen times higher than with ordinary jobs.”

“So it’s like that,”There was a roulette next to Shu Ning so he went to take a look, and played a little to amuse himself.

Hong Rui cocked his head to the side while several of the guards within the casino were following Shu Ning. When the others saw this, they instantly knew that a bigshot had come. Although they were quite curious, they didn’t go up to him because they still had to follow the rules of this place.

As for Hong Rui, he asked someone to bring Wang Cong to the office, as for what happened, Shu Ning didn’t know. He walked around and took a few stops, winning a considerable amount of money, Shu Ning knew that this was because Hong Rui was going easy on him deliberately so he wouldn’t go too crazy. Tian Jia Hui noticed a familiar figure and secretly gritted his teeth, he was smart so he immediately slipped away.

Why was Shu Ning here? Shit, where’s Wang Cong? Tian Jia Hui walked around in the crowd with a smile on his face, Wang Cong was gone, so it seems that the one making all the moves behind the scenes really was Shu Ning, it had to be him, no doubt about it, but why? Tian Jia Hui couldn’t understand. Then he screamed, a customer had grabbed his butt.

“Hey, little bunny, where’s my cocktail?”

“I’m sorry, sir, I’ll get it for you immediately~ Ah……”Tian Jia Hui had been pulled by the tall old man into his arms and kissed viciously:”Why don’t you come with me tonight? This little grandpa likes treating his little grandkids.”

Tian Jia Hui could push him away but he didn’t dare to, he had to wait for the bodyguards in the casino to come or he would be beaten:”I can’t, I want to but we have our rules here in the casino, I can’t help it!”

Hearing this, the old man lost interest, this was Hong Rui’s territory so he didn’t dare to go against the rules. He gave a good squeeze on his perky butt before letting go of Tian Jia Hui. A lot of the guests liked sexy bunny girls, and the ones who liked the bunny boys weren’t many, Tian Jia Hui would already have collapsed if that wasn’t so.

He had seen Wang Cong in private and knew that Wang Cong was Hong Rui’s darling, and he was sent here to be a waiter because he had disobeyed him. Why did he go and do that? You should just accept it if such a rich man is interested in you, how long could he like you for? You’ll be on separate ways after he finds another fresh interest. How great would it be if you went and opened your own company after you graduate with the money you got? It was quite depressing that he was so stubborn.

Anyone who had managed to catch Hong Rui’s attention had become famous, who would ridicule you with his status? If anyone really dared to slander you it would’ve been out of envy! Tian Jia Hui advised Wang Cong to get Hong Rui’s favour but even after saying it so many times his lips were chapped, it was still useless, wasn’t Wang Cong just making himself suffer with his pride? To tell the truth, if Hong Rui liked Tian Jia Hui, Tian Jia Hui would definitely have stripped down and pleasured him, not for anything else, he just wanted to make it out the top of this world.

With a sigh, Tian Jia Hui escaped from the demon’s den and walked to the front. He just so happened to bump into Shu Ning, he had nowhere to run, he was too unlucky, what could he do?

Shu Ning acted as if he didn’t recognize Tian Jia Hui, playing two rounds of everything, he wasn’t greedy and absorbed into the gambling, he was very relaxed as if he were just out for a stroll.

Damn it, Tian Jia Hui tried to make himself as small as possible until Shu Ning went far away before he noticed the sweat on his forehead.

Feeling a pressure on his waist, he had been carried off by a customer again. Tian Jia Hui was a man so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with being touched, and he didn’t understand why Wang Cong was so against it either, every so often he would even see him vomit because of it.

“Hey pretty boy, why don’t you play a little with me~”

Shu Ning had actually seen Tian Jia Hui, half his face was hidden under a mask and he was wearing a long wig, there was a different atmosphere surrounding him. Shu Ning smiled when he saw him flirting with a middle-aged man, forcing a smile but not able to do anything, even his butt was being squeezed into a different shape, but he wondered how big the shadow was in Tian Jia Hui’s mind.

That man seemed to be quite a powerful person, the bodyguards would normally come over when the bunnies were being teased because there were hidden rules all around the area, but even after seeing it from afar, the bodyguards didn’t go over. Tian Jia Hui was becoming anxious now, the middle-aged man had ripped his stockings around his crotch area and stuck his hand directly inside.

Another straight man was going to turn bent, Tian Jia Hui was very familiar with this. Shu Ning knew as well before this, but he didn’t think that it had reached this degree, he still chose to give in. Shu Ning shook his head lightly, if that were Zhang Qi instead, he would never be able to take it sitting down. It was better to die in glory than to live in dishonor.

From the start to the end, Shu Ning had already been sick of playing, so he just said his farewells to Hong Rui and left in his own car. The bodyguards had always been with him so nothing happened to him.

As for what happened to Wang Cong and Tian Jia Hui, Shu Ning didn’t really care right now, Hong Rui will be treating them well.

Shu Ning who was in a very good mood narrowed his eyes, he had already requested for a leave so he might as well go to the construction site to invite his uncle out for lunch. Uncle Pang said he had something to do so he didn’t come, while Pang Qian also had to go out. The chances of being able to eat alone with his uncle weren’t many so Shu Ning cherished this. Although his uncle didn’t mention anything about his aunt, Shu Ning had only chatted with him about some family stuff, then he took out the passbook and the agreements for the cyber cafe after their meal.

Fortunately, he didn’t throw the passbook away, it would’ve been troublesome if he did.

Qin Yu Fu was stunned, sweeping his eyes across the passbook, then throwing it back to Shu Ning:”What are yo doing? Keep it quickly, I don’t want it.”

“Oh uncle, I’m not really in need so you should take it.”

“I don’t have the need for it either, I have a car, a house, and I’m earning a high salary, Ning Ning, your uncle isn’t a greedy man, I don’t want to nip anything off you.”

“I know, but hear me out……”Shu Ning talked to him about a bunch of things, since his aunt had already made it clear that she wanted it, they would probably get into a fight if he didn’t give it to him, and why did that have to happen? It’s good when the family is in harmony, even a kid knew.

Qin Yu Fu’s mouth moved, and in the end he sighed and shook his head:”Ning Ning, if one thing comes a second would as well, it’ll be this today and she’ll be asking for your company next, do you think you could give me that?”

SO it turns out his uncle knew, then that’s great, Shu Ning still continued shoving it to him:”Whether she really was that type of person, neither of us knew, only time can tell, you should hold onto this, uncle.”

“Alright, I’ll do as you say, but just this once.”

Qin Yu Fu brought Shu Ning to the construction site to take a look. This project was his collaboration with Hong Rui so it was a big project that would take at least three years, the prospects were quite good. Shu Ning knows of all the future trends in this area and knew that there was a phase two and phase three, it wouldn’t be a problem for this project to go on for more than ten years.

However, Shu Ning had his own ideas too. He had his eye on some villages that would be bordering the phase three of the future, so he wanted to buy them earlier.

He was tired from walking so he went to the office for a sit down and a drink. Qin Yu Fu grabbed a towel to help Shu Ning wipe his face but Shu Ning promptly refused:”Uncle, I’m not a kid anymore.”

“In my eyes you’ll always be a kid, come, let’s give you a wipe down, your forehead’s covered in sweat.”

Shu Ning didn’t move, stretching his neck up so that his uncle could wipe him. Right at this time, a middle-aged woman came in. She wasn’t wearing a hard hat and she was very well-dressed, but the haughty look in her eyes couldn’t be concealed. If she didn’t like the messiness of the construction site then why did she come? Could this be the aunt or her mother?

You guessed right, and you won nothing →_→

Why is there a young man here? Dressed so well, bright and clean, you could tell with one glance that this kid came from a wealthy family.

Qin Yu Fu introduced them immediately and the middle-aged woman gave him an amiable smile at once, then say by Shu Ning’s side. She wanted to take Shu Ning’s hand but thankfully Qin Yu Fu’s hands were a step faster and he took out the agreements and the passbook:”Look, mom, what do you think this is?”

The woman had been distracted, and Qin Yu Fu immediately winked towards Shu Ning. Shu Ning smiled silently and didn’t leave, he wanted to know what on earth this person wanted.

Seeing the amount in the passbook, the old woman frowned:”20,0000 was taken away and remitted……That looks suspicious, Yu Fu, you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul here are you.”

It sounded really bad, but she was interrogating him, you could tell just by that look in her eyes.

Shu Ning was immediately unhappy. Although he had been smiling the whole time, his eyes were filled with anger:”Now that’s not very pleasant to hear, both the house and the car is bought by my uncle, so was all the wedding furniture, did your daughter bring a dowry? My uncle is such an upright man, he definitely gives you a hefty sum every month doesn’t he? Humans need to learn to be content, things would become quite unreasonable if they don’t, don’t you think so?”

“You……How could you say that?”

“How could I what? I’m the boss here, I keep whoever I like to keep around here, and I can fire anyone that displeases me.”

“……Oh my, look at you, we’re all family, if your family’s doing business of course you’re gonna want the help of your own family members, I heard Xiao Fu had some shares in the company too, how much?”

“Mom, I don’t have any shared in the company at all, it just looks good on paper and for bragging rights, you should go home first, take the agreement and the passbook with you to Rao Rao for her to take a look, this is what she wanted.”

The atmosphere was awkward now and the middle-aged woman wasn’t a fool either, since Qin Yu Fu had already mentioned it, then naturally she could only pack up and go. But actually, she was quite afraid of Shu Ning. If Xiao Fu were to be fired, the pitiful one would still be her daughter, right?

Shu Ning raised an eyebrow:”Do you live together?”

“The pregnancy’s been too tough on Rao Rao so she wanted her mother to help take care of her. Father-in-law is living alone and I’m a bit worried about it so I asked him to come over as well,”Qin Yu Fu said it quite casually, but there was a tinge of worry between his brows.

Shu Ning noticed it:”You don’t like that, uncle?”

“Mm, they’re a bit too strict,”Qin Yu Fu was no longer the Qin Yu Fu from before:”We’ll send them back after the baby is a month old.”


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