RWSB Chapter 116

Oh my god my entire TL life just crawled into the coffin, my chrome updated and I couldn’t launch it because I had too many tabs… After a lot of crashing and several days of trying to fix everything as well as restore everything I need, I’m still scared to turn my pc off…


Shu Ning didn’t say too much since it was his uncle’s life, so it was his own choice.

As soon as May arrived, the other senior high school students were busy with packed schedules, whilst Shu Ning was flirting, and teasing around with his big brother in his arms.

Shu Heng allowed him to torment him, and when the sparks kindled into a flame, they would pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa to enjoy the flavour. If he could, Shu Heng would bring Shu Ning with him wherever he went, not only did he lower his head to kiss him several times, he even put his tongue in. Shu Ning was already used to it, though they could only do it twice every night, putting his unsatisfied brother in a grievance ╮(╯▽╰)╭

His phone started to vibrate. Shu Heng picked it up to see, and brought it to Shu Ning’s hand:”It’s yours.”

“Me”( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“Didn’t you give my card to a director?”

That did indeed happen, the God of Wealth is at the end of the road and has come to ask me for help. Shu Ning immediately took the call happily, and spoke in a flat tone:”Hello.”

“Do you still remember me? We’ve met once before……”After all, Shang Zhou was a well-informed director, he told him about the process of their meeting in just a few words.

“Right, I remember now, sorry. I’ve been busy with my college entrance examinations so I haven’t had time to see your film, how was the box office sales?”Shu Ning knew but he still asked, he wasn’t trying to be an asshole but he had no reason to talk about it. Just as how if the director did not experience the highs and lows of life, he would never be reborn into glory. Everything is multifaceted, you can’t force things to fall into order.

Shang Zhou was very embarrassed and he coughed a few times to cover it up, then he spoke with a tone as soft as he could muster:”Hey little buddy, you had an interest in investing in movies, right? I’ve polished up a very good script this time, are you interested?”

“I do!”

“Then, your brother……”

“He pampers me a lot so he’ll invest in anything I’ve got my eyes on,”Shu Ning stared at Shu Heng with a leisurely gaze, mixed in with a hint of threat:”Brother, I’d like to go take a look, do you want to go?”

“I won’t be going, if you’re interested you can just invest in it, just take it as an experience,”This little guy dares to glare at me, how cute.

“Thank you brother.”

Hearing this, Shang Zhou did not have much confidence, but since he had already reached his worst, then he’ll just take what he can get. After setting a date for the meet up, he would bring his script and his sincerity on that day and just give it a try, perhaps he could pass through this road, right? If it really wouldn’t work, then he could just look for the underworld, he believed that those big bosses would probably have quite a lot of money to launder……If so, for the sake of his dream, Shang Zhou’s life would be as good as ruined.

“What gave you the interest to invest in a movie?”asked Shu Heng after the call ended, holding onto Shu Ning’s hands and looking carefully at them before taking out a pair of nail clippers to groom them. He was very careful as he watched with profound eyes. His little brother’s hands were so beautiful, slender, and fair, his joints were very distinct, truly pleasant to the eyes.

Shu Ning was also watching Shu Heng as he busied himself, he also felt that his brother’s fingers were beautiful:”Oh, it’s nothing, just thought it was fun, so you’re really not going? There’s going to be a lot of celebrities there~”

“You want to chase after the celebrities?”

“Well, no,”The Shu Heng by his side was brighter than any star in this world, who would throw away a watermelon to pick up sesame seeds? ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“Words alone mean nothing……”

Is he implying that he wanted proof? His big brother had his times of messing around too. Shu Ning’s eyes were narrowed into slits and he curled up the corners of his mouth with an evil grin, pouncing over and biting at Shu Heng’s throat. He hadn’t had the chance to take a second bite when he was turned around, and from the previous position where he had quite some freedom, he had now gone soft. He wasn’t willing to take this sitting down, Shu Ning’s eyes were bright as he thought of ways to toss around and struggle, but he still failed to shake Shu Heng by even an inch.

“This isn’t fair! Let me at least use one hand!”


As he spoke, he pressed his entire person down on him. Shu Ning sucked in a breath, was he trying to squish me to death? A plan immediately sprang up in his heart, and he played the pitiful part to plead with him:”Get up quick, I smell like sweat!”

He was turned around again, and by the time Shu Ning had a clear look at what was going on, he was already lifted up by Shu Heng.

Shu Heng was hard down there, he wanted to pa pa pa pa pa. As he readied the bath water, he took off his clothes. Shu Ning was smart, seeing that things weren’t right, he immediately started eyeing for the right opportunity to escape. With a stretch of his long arms, he dragged him back into the water together. A lot of the warm water could be seen splashing out, just like the state of Shu Ning’s current heartbeats, it was a mess, even his breathing was out the window:”Brother, if we’re taking a bath then let’s just do that, let’s not do anything weird here, okay?”

“You noticed?”

Is it really alright to say it out so openly /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ How sentimental it was to enjoy these ambiguous intimacies~

Shu Heng was quite thick-faced:”Isn’t it great to wash up with the two of us together in the bath? Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”

“No no no, don’t……”With the water as lubricant, the feeling of his fingers were very pleasant, then came the second, and the third. Shu Ning had been kissed till his eyes were misty, and when his legs were parted, he had already lost all his strength to resist him:”Brother……Can’t you……be more normal……It’s so embarassing……Aahhh……”

It’s in, his long urge went straight in, and it felt so good that a sexy groan slipped out from Shu Heng’s throat. Shu Ning’s face turned red instantly, it aroused him, his big brother was making sounds, and they were making his heart melt _(:зゝ∠)_

The sweet and honeyed pa pa pa pa pa began. Swaying side by side, the flowing water felt wonderful, and very comfortable. Following the gentle sobs of Shu Ning, the atmosphere was warm and wonderful, love was filling up the air.

After school the next afternoon, when Shu Ning reached the tea house, Shang Zhou had already been waiting for a long time. He pulled a chair personally for Shu Ning and invited him to sit, showing his sincerity as if he were facing the God of Wealth himself! After the pleasantries and the tea was poured, he sat down. There really was nowhere else for Shang Zhou to go. He showed him a weathered smile, the cheeks that had originally been quite full was now caved in, causing his wrinkles to look very obvious, making him appear older than he was, it seems his life hadn’t been going on too well.

Shu Ning’s ability to observe the mood wasn’t the best, and he was even worse at noticing the gazes of people. He made a fortune with the memories of his past life, but there were no problems with Shang Zhou’s character, otherwise Shu Ning wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble and even given him his business card, even telling him that he enjoyed watching movies, having a mutual interest was also one way of getting closer to someone.

Shang Zhou introduced his script, budget, and whatnot. While listening, Shu Ning skimmed through the script, this was that super popular movie, and who was that protagonist……The male lead was the king of the silver screen, and the female lead was the goddess of white lotus dramas. Shu Ning didn’t know much about these things so he wanted to just leave that to the others while he calls himself the boss, but he couldn’t say that, he had to put on an unpredictable mask.

“Pretty good, I think it’s quite interesting, but I just don’t know whether it’s going to be a hit or not.”

“It will, definitely, everything will be fine as long as the funds and the actors are in place.”

Shang Zhou made it sound simple but Shu Ning wasn’t a fool either. With a clap of his hands, Qin Ming entered and immediately introduced himself cheerfully, then shook hands with Shang Zhou. Shu Ning raised his hand and allowed his own public relations manager to sit down. With Shang Zhou’s face now straightened up, he looked more dignified. He gave Qin Ming the script to look through, and Qin Ming was quite slippery in terms of their negotiations.

The two started to discuss while Shu Ning drank his tea. He narrowed his eyes, and would occasionally say a few words to join the conversation, it was worth admiring.

I want to invest but I can’t rush into it, there won’t be any worth to that, that would just mark him as a fool wouldn’t it?

So he got someone who was sneakier than a thief to deal with this on purpose, with no fear of anything, he put Shang Zhou on the same page as him. Shang Zhou was even more respectful of Shu Ning now, the two sides hit it off and fifteen million was invested. Movies at these times would take at most several million to film as it hasn’t started to cost an arm and a leg to hire a star yet, the ones who had plastic surgery were also very little.

Shang Zhou was excited out of his mind. Sweeping his gaze down to the floor below, the sight of the extended Rolls-Royce that was incomparably glamorous relieved him. But this was too much, it had gone way out of his expectations. They’re showing their sincerity, so he can’t be inconscient either:”Um, Young Master Ning, fifteen million is too much, how about ten million?”

“No, I want you to make a classic! If you get the trophy, I’ll continue to invest in you for your next movie as well.”

THe excited Shang Zhou stood up suddenly, he knew that he had been too rash so he quickly took up the tea pot to pour him tea. Shu Ning smiled without saying anything, pretending he didn’t notice. It’s good that he’s happy, I’ve given you the meat, whether or not you can eat it is up to you. On the way back, Shu Ning rewarded Qin Ming. When he talked to the director earlier, he used a lot of technical terms like an insider, he must’ve spent all night researching it.

“Boss, we have to send some people over to join the shooting if not, do you think I can do it?”

“Alright, you’ll be in charge then.”You have to trust the person in position, this guy was very hardworking and doesn’t forget his roots, he’s worth using again.

Qin Ming was overjoyed, he had followed the right boss, he’s on the fast track to success! But with a turn of the topic, Qin Ming reported another incident to him:”Wang Cong went to a special club and now his life is very miserable, Hong Rui abandoned him.”


Qin MIng licked his lower lip and chose his words carefully:”He switched to a……place that works with money boys, he’s already been there for three days. I had someone watching over him the whole time and he didn’t receive anything special, he has to fight for his meal with everyone else, his life is not much different from that of a pet dog.”

“What about Tian Jia Hui?”

“He’s better, he was taken away by a boss. But don’t worry boss, I’ve already sent someone to look for his whereabouts, none of them can run.”

“Mm, you’ve done well.”

As expected of Tian Jia Hui, he’s actually gone for the big money. Right now Wang Cong had become a public toilet, he can’t be sure whether he can escape or not.

“Let’s go see where the party’s at,”Shu Ning’s mood was pretty good. Qin Ming sent out a text message immediately to arrange it.

The Rolls-Royce stopped outside a park. THe sky was already dark so Shu Ning sent his driver back first. He went in and took a detour with Qin Ming, then got on a black BMW at the back gates of the park, then they left. The club was very luxurious, this wasn’t one of Hong Rui’s territories. Qin Ming arranged for some bodyguards to enter with them. The receptionist at the door welcomed Shu Ning and invited him in, she didn’t dare to ask too much.

The place was called a club but it wasn’t for VIPs, they didn’t need a member card. Qin Ming had already reserved a good spot for them, right at the innermost corner of the second floor, they had a good view of two-thirds of the first floor, not bad. After sitting down, Qin Ming quickly busied himself. Several of the bodyguards were standing behind the sofa looking fierce.

The manager of the club came to say hello and wanted to know who Shu Ning was, he could be new around town but he could also be the boss of a small area.

After sending the manager away, Shu Ning swept a glance toward the first floor, there was no sign of Wang Cong. He turned his eyes to Qin Ming.

“Oh, the prostitutes will be here at nine, the more famous they are the later they come. What would you like to eat, boss? There’s nothing to eat here so I’ll buy some from outside.”

“Don’t bother, you should rest.”

His phone vibrated. Shu Ning took his phone out to check, he had sent a text message earlier so why did Shu Heng specially sent a message to ask about him? Could he have been followed? Not possible, he respects my privacy a lot. And so Shu Ning sent another message to ease his worries, telling him that he would be home by ten.

Money boy is the Chinese name for male prostitutes, original word used for prostitute(when I tl-ed it) was duck, which is also male prostitute, chicken is the female variety.

My chrome thing is purely a chrome issue btw, it tried to actively load all 700-900 tabs at once which never happens and should not have happened. I’m now at 255 tabs which my computer can load, I could go up to around 4-500 without running out of ram which I found out while trying to recover my tabs, downloading an outdated app to recover the lazy tabs feature made me lose all my tabs but all the crashing and loading that happened made it so that I can get my tabs back from the history, but my history page refreshed itself for fun even though it didn’t after 20 mins of not looking at it I just switched tabs and back 😑

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