RWSB Chapter 117

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His plans always failed to keep up with the changes.

Who knew that Wang Cong’s type would be so popular, arriving only at ten. He was already sitting steadily on third place in only three days of his arrival even though the previous two had still been struggling, and in time he would climb to the number 1 spot.

Shu Ning was just surprised for a bit. He did know Wang Cong’s ability, no matter where he was, he always wanted to be in the lead. In the pile of male prostitutes, even if he couldn’t be the white swan, he would still want to be the black swan wouldn’t he? For Shu Ning to only be able to determine Wang Cong’s character now, you could say he’s really wasted a lifetime.

“Hey boss, look there, the third one standing by the bar is Wang Cong,”Qin Ming actually had a very hard time trying to endure it, he really wanted to laugh but he couldn’t because Shu Ning wasn’t laughing, but why? Because the way those prostitutes dressed were too embarrassing. There wasn’t much cloth covering their bodies, whereas the ones who weren’t famous were either wearing suits or casual clothing, a pleasant sight to see. Qin Ming was a man too, he had never experienced these parts of the world so his heart felt a little itchy:”Hey boss, how about we order two? We’re going to stick out if we don’t look like we’re here to play around.”

“Do what you deem necessary,”Shu Ning took a sip of red wine. The wine brands at this moment weren’t as bad as when they just started. Shu Ning’s gaze was leisurely, as looked towards the crowd, some people were also watching him, a veteran could tell with one look whether you were the same as them. Shu Ning was a bottom so some of the power tops were itching to make a move, but the only problem was the bodyguards standing behind that elegant bottom that had been watching them the whole time. They could an unbearable tug at their hearts, their eyes filled with thirst and desire.

Although Qin Ming was daring, his boss was still sixteen after all, so it was better to find a normal looking one to come over for a seat far away from him.

The manager brought three people over for them to choose as they pleased. Their tones were all very respectful and proper.

Shu Ning leaned on the sofa, observing these boys. The first one was big and tall with a square jaw, he looked to be quite the sunny type at an age of about twenty. His smile was serious like a civil servant, not bad. The second one was also quite tall, he was thin, fair, and had a stylish haircut, dressed in a white shirt and a pair of suit pants, he looked like a white-collar worker, not bad as well. The third one was quite short with big eyes, he looked like a student, wearing a sailor suit, dislike.

With his skills in reading the mood, Qin Ming sent the third one away. He invited the two to sit opposite of Shu Ning while he himself sat next to Shu Ning. Shu Ning shot a glance at Qin Ming and he understood in an instant, he hurried over to sit at the opposite side, and with a raise of his arms, he put his arms around the skinny and tall one’s shoulders:”Are the ones standing next to the bar the princes?

“Call me Ah Yan, the two to the left are our signature boys, while the third one……He’s new here, quite new to the whole thing, he’s not the same as the rest of us.”

“Oh?”Qin Ming’s interest perked. He slid his finger over on his face and asked:”What’s different?”

“We only drink with the customers, and whether we decide to get out of here or not is up to us.”

“So that’s how it is, no wonder they’re so scantily clad, it’s quite disgusting.”Qin Ming had only spoke a few casual words and he had already gotten his hand on the piece of information he wanted. Tightening his grip, Qin Ming’s smile was quite wicked:”If it’s up to you whether you’re up for going somewhere else, I wonder if I can put you in a good enough mood for it?”

The young man laughed ambiguously, he neither agreed nor disagreed with him, hanging him by a thread. Raising his hands, he hurried to pour a glass of booze for Qin Ming before falling into his arms. The two were getting hot while the other was just idle, what was he sitting here for? He looked towards Shu Ning while Shu Ning’s eyes had been on the bar this whole time.

Someone was getting close to Wang Cong. Wang Cong’s appearance was outstanding, and he was dressed like that……He definitely won’t be lonely tonight. And as expected, a big, strong man came in close to him, flirting with Wang Cong, and even laughed wickedly, raising Wang Cong’s face and observing him carefully, then as if he was very satisfied, oh my, he’s biting his ear.

Under the public eye, what should Wang Cong do? Shu Ning was looking forward to it and his mood was explosively great.

The man who was like a civil servant was very clear on how the jig went, so he got up to sit on the other side of where Shu Ning sat, then lightly leaning over without sticking over to him, quietly introducing to him the net worth and hobbies of that large man. Since this guest liked enjoying the scandals, then I’ll just gossip with him to make him happy, then my tips definitely won’t be low, rich men were the most generous with their tips. He could tell with one look that this young master was quite curious about things done between two men, and was just here to try new things.

Shu Ning was enjoying the sight of it, and when he heard the words pervert, whips, and whatnot, Shu Ning smiled very happily, and so the man’s eyes brightened up as he continued to gossip with him. Things suddenly started to get heated up below, several men in black suits wearing earphones were holding their phones, separating them immediately after entering the fray boldly. Two of them came up to the second floor to look, and went directly over to Shu Ning’s side. Qin Ming raised his hands and just as their own bodyguards were about to go over, they were stopped by Shu Ning.

It was big brother’s men, what’s wrong, what happened? Shu Ning subconsciously looked at his watch, oh no, it’s eleven!

He said he’d be back by ten, but he was late by an hour, but Shu Heng, really……He can just send a text message, what was he trying to do getting someone to pick me up? Shu Ning’s expression was quite bad as he asked Qin Ming to do whatever he wanted, then he went downstairs with the bodyguards. Everyone watching the entourage gave up immediately, it’s no good provoking a bottom with an owner.

Getting into the Lincoln, Shu Ning had yet to complain when Shu Heng had already approached him suddenly and pressed him down on his seat, what is this? Shu ning didn’t understand so he wanted to get up and talk about it, but he couldn’t push away this heavy person. Shu Heng’s nose was sniffing around Shu Ning’s chest, what on earth does this mean?

“I smell men’s perfume, you’ve got the smell of someone else on you.”


“Why did you allow him to get close to you?”


“Am I not enough for you?”

“Brother! Are you getting jealous?”Shu Ning had yet to even be happy for a second when his smile was suppressed by his cold and gloomy expression:”That can’t be, right? I didn’t even take a good look at what he looked like, if you’re getting crazy over that then I’ll have been wronged.”

“You abandoned me at home and you were laughing with another man out there, and you still say you’ve been wronged?”

“Where have I done that?”

“What time is it right now?”

“……”o(╯□╰)o Well he’s right, I was having fun till eleven and not even wanting to go home yet while Shu Heng was waiting at home, I have to explain it to him. Shu Ning didn’t wish for his male god to get angry, though he did feel sweet and gooey in his heart:”Brother, I didn’t go out to look for another guy, I just wanted to look at Wang Cong.”

“You like Wang Cong.”

“No, can we still have a proper conversation?”Shu Ning was also starting to lose his temper, why can’t he just listen to me explain calmly?

“You went especially to see him, and even brought him with you during your vacation, you kept sending people to look for him, to monitor him, are you going to tell me I’m wrong?”

Shu Ning’s anger went down and he looked dumbfoundedly at his brother. His big brother had never done this before, he was so wise and aloof, there was never a time where he would waste his attention on someone who wasn’t worth it. Was I the one who made him sad? This is a misunderstanding. Shu Ning licked his lips and wanted to circle his arms around Shu Heng’s neck, but Shu Heng pushed him away.

“Brother~ My good big brother, listen, I can explain.”

In this rare occasion, Shu Heng was looking outside the window, ignoring Shu Ning. The car was driving very smoothly, and the partition had been pulled down a long time ago.

Since he didn’t want to listen, then I’ll just do it. Shu Ning took out his phone and dialed a number, Qin Ming should still be inside the club. Qin Ming was a cautious person so his phone was always carried on his body, whether it was outside or inside of his house, his mind was never addled with greed, and was always calm. Right then, he picked up his phone as soon as it started to vibrate:”Boss?”

“For a month straight, send someone different to Wang Cong, take him outside.”

Qin Ming was sensible so he shouldn’t ask any questions on things he shouldn’t know too much about:”Alright boss, I’ll get it done, don’t worry, sleep well and sweet dreams.”

After the call ended, Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng’s stiff back and sighed:”Is that enough proof? I sent someone to watch over him not because I like him, but because I have a bone to pick with him, I didn’t think there was a need to tell you about such a menial matter, and if I did, it’ll definitely affect the image of me in big brother’s heart, how could I do something that was of no benefit to me?”

There were a lot of things Shu Ning wanted to say, but he suddenly felt that they were quite tasteless. Pretending, all day, just pretending, was there any meaning to that?:”Ever since the start, I’ve never been a very good person, if big brother likes the little angel type, then I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong person.”

Shu Heng frowned, his eyes knitted into a deep knot. He knew everything that Shu Ning did when he was out, and the Shu Ning in Shu Heng’s heart was transparent, he only looked like an angel on the outside, and Shu Heng’s love for Shu Ning was beyond that of just his appearance, he loved what was inside of him too, including his character, he liked his entire being. From the start, Shu Heng knew about Shu Ning’s temperamental character.

“Ning Ning,”Shu Heng did not turn back, he was staring at the neon lights outside the window:”What bothers me is that you let another man get so close to you.”

Shu Ning sucked in a breath and felt very vexed, it was always his big brother taking the initiative, so this time it’s my turn to coax him. He took off his jacket and leaned over, hugging Shu Heng’s waist from behind:”Then……How about we make a promise?”

“A promise?”

“Mmhm,”Shu Ning’s eyes were bright as he made calculations in his heart:”I won’t let anyone get near me, and you’ll do the same, alright? Not even if it was to suit the occasion, can you agree to that?”

“I agree.”

Shu Ning was secretly happy but a tragedy happened the next second. Shu Heng suddenly turned around and pushed him down. Shu Ning was stunned, what now?”

“Where did he touch you?”

This topic was still going on? Shu Ning shook his head:”Nowhere, he didn’t even touch a single hair on my body.”

“I want to check.”

“……”( ⊙ o ⊙ ) What the heck, he was basically waving a chicken feather as a token of authority? Taking advantage of me on purpose, this won’t do. Shu Ning gritted his teeth:”If you want to do it just do it, why all this? Aren’t you very clear what type of person I am? How could I look for someone out wu wu wu……”How hateful, kissing me before I can finish talking, I’m not doing this anymore.

Shu Ning shook his head to evade him but Shu Heng quickly caught up with him and kissed him deeply. Shu Ning panted as he tried to evade him, but Shu Heng simply decided to keep his head in place by holding it from behind with his hand, deepening their kiss. Shu Ning was very passive, his two hands were clutching at Shu Heng’s back without much strength, but this served to add to the fun instead.

Shu Heng was very moved, he didn’t want to wait till they reached home for that anymore. Tearing off Shu Ning’s clothes, he wanted to be one with him right then and there.

Shu Ning blinked his eyes, he was already speechless, he didn’t know what more he should say. My male god wanted to pa pa pa, but……We’re in the car? Shu Ning didn’t know how he managed to get back to the room last time, did the bodyguards see everything? Damn it, all my pride is lost:”Brother, calm down, let’s do it at home, how great it will be to do it twice!”

“I can’t stand it anymore, thinking about how you smiled to another man.”

“Oh god, brother, can you still be reasonable?”

“Not today.”

“……”Fuck me……

Even his pants were pulled off. Shu Ning cried tearlessly, but he hadn’t given up:”Brother, I was wrong, I repent, really, I won’t go to that kind of place anymore so please spare me, or we could just go to a nearby hotel, how about that?”Shu Ning really understood now, this wasn’t Shu Heng complaining, he was clearly borrowing this opportunity to do what he wanted, but he just didn’t want to get himself involved with that ╮(╯▽╰)╭

But unfortunately, Shu Ning underestimated the power of his charm. Shu Heng really couldn’t take it anymore:”The hotel is too far, how about a motor hotel?”

That was the next best thing, so Shu Ning nodded in agreement. But why did Shu Heng still decide to rip his undies? Shu Ning hurriedly pushed at Shu Heng’s chest:”Didn’t we agree to go to a motor hotel?”

“We did!”

“Then why are you still……”

“Aren’t we in a motor vehicle right now?”


“There’s no motor hotel better and more special than this.”

“Brother, you lied to me again.”

“Silly, I love you.”

With an ‘I love you’, he managed to soothe Shu Ning completely. With the car stopping on the side of the road, both the bodyguard and the driver got off while both of the bodyguard’s cars at the front and back were parked at a distance. The bodyguards stood in the darkness vigilantly, observing their surroundings with great responsibility. While in the car, the atmosphere was very ambiguous. Shu Heng entered after only unzipping his pants.

A moan leaked from Shu Ning’s lips. Although he had already loosened him up with three fingers, it was still too small, his big brother was too big there so it hurt a bit.

After Shu Heng entered fully, sweat could be seen lining his forehead as he held Shu Ning tight, kissing him. Immediately after the little one got used to it, and his face started to flush, he raised his hips and immediately turned on the engines and pa pa pa pa pa like a pile driver……As expected of a luxurious car, it did not shake at all, it was deep into the night and they did not rouse the suspicion of passing cars.

Shu Ning wanted to fall unconscious, this position really was too difficult to describe. Shu Heng’s mood was quite great today, he carried Shu Ning to his lap and let him support himself on the front before continuing to plow the fields. Shu Ning endured the pleasure, gritting his teeth, he didn’t want to make a sound. His body was becoming more and more soft, and at that moment, his big brother noticed something was wrong so he turned him around.

With a yelp, Shu Ning’s vision turned dark, he nearly leaked.


“Don’t bite your lip,”Shu Heng’s heart ached, but thankfully he noticed in time, quickly landing several light kisses to comfort him:”You’re the best, every part of you is, don’t suppress it, you have to be happy and just be yourself.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning understood and he lowered his head to rest his forehead against Shu Heng’s, his eyes filled with love:”Heng, for you to fall in love with me is the greatest happiness I’ve received in this lifetime.”

“Don’t say silly things, I’m the happiest one here that I got to meet you.”

A new battle begun. Sweating and panting, they were almost merged into one with no crack between, even their hearts were melting. At the end of it, it was already over twelve o’clock. Shu Heng wrapped him up with the blanket in the car and had the driver drive them home. Shu Ning’s eyelids dropped, he was getting very sleepy.


Shu Ning who sat in his big brother’s embrace didn’t want to fall asleep just yet:”Are you still angry with me?”

“Not anymore.”

Shu Heng was angry because he cared about him too much, Shu Ning understood. He raised his little head and kissed his brother’s lips:”Promise me that no matter what happens in the future, you have to give me a chance to explain, okay?”

“I was the one who blew things out of proportion, I’m sorry.”

Shu Ning shook his head:”I like it when you’re overbearing, I like it when you’re mean, and even more so, I like……”The more he spoke, the quieter his voice, he was so embarrassed that he was blushing to the tips of his ears. The corners of his mouth were bent into a pleasing arc, he felt secretly pleased.

Shu Heng cared very much about it, and he lowered his head to come in closer:”What do you like more?”

“I’m not telling!”

Shu Heng was wise so he was able to guess it, but he still naughtily leaned over by Shu Ning’s ear and asked:”You like it when I use force?”

“……”Oh gosh! Shu Ning immediately pulled up the blanket to cover his face, how could he guess what I was thinking in my heart? I’m possessed.

Shu Heng peeled off a little of the blanket to let the air circulate, it would be bad if his precious lover felt stuffed up. WHen they reached home, Shu Heng carried Shu Ning out after the bodyguards turned and left, then he prepared the bath water when they returned to the room. Shu Ning actually hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Thoughts floated past Shu Heng’s mind, it felt very good when they did it in the bath last time, so this time they should try the mirror.

If Shu Ning knew what awaited him, he would probably be so scared that he would grow wings and fly off wouldn’t he →_→

The next day in class, Shu Ning was like a statue as he sat there, he was completely petrified, what was the teacher saying? What were his classmates arguing about? Shu Ning whose face was slightly flushed didn’t know anything, the only thing in his mind was what happened last night. His brother did this and that to him, then again and again, he tormented him the whole night.

That was the first time he got to see how that thing went in, and Shu Ning was so embarrassed that his head got dizzy, instantly killed in action.

He covered his face with both hands. Shu Ning felt that he must be having a fever right now, it felt very hot.

THe female students were worried about him, so Shu Ning shook his head and told them that he had caught a cold, he had already taken the medicine so they can rest easy. Some of them were sincere, but some was just waiting for something bad to happen to him, they couldn’t stand others living a good life, they had an abnormal way of thinking. Shu Ning had come in the afternoon, and by the time he reached the end of his classes he had already gotten bored so he went to the construction site to chat with his uncle, going back a bit later. He really……didn’t know how he was going to face Shu Heng.

You wouldn’t know if you never went, but after going you’re gonna wish you hadn’t! Turns out his uncle’s situation was quite profound as well, he never went home last night. Was his aunt’s battle power too strong?

Qin Yu Fu wasn’t someone who enjoyed talking, but the foreman was the man he needed. He blabbed it all out and he said so much that even Qin Yu Fu’s face had gotten dark, feeling unhappy.

Shu Ning’s mouth was slightly dropped, oh god, that old mother-in-law was too powerful. Thankfully the one I like is Shu Heng, there wasn’t as much trouble.

That old lady who got the passbook and the agreement for the cyber cafe felt that something was fishy, so she discussed it with her husband for a whole night. The next morning, the couple sat in front of their daughter, and explained everything to her. They couldn’t sit in the dark about this anymore, they got their daughters to take Qin Yu Fu’s ID, account book, and other documents to investigate, including his real estate and the like, they kept feeling that he was hiding something.

Jin Rao refused at first, but her mother was swearing to the heavens and her dad was advising her too.

So you trust him, great, now get some proof that he’s someone whose mind is set on only you, then your parents won’t say anything more in the future. Youngsters don’t have much life experience, so they can’t always see the truth clearly, it’s hard for parents not to worry. Jin Rao’s face was dark and she was hesitant, but seeing that her efforts were working, the old lady immediately used a more radical method.

What bad could it be if you secretly investigated this?

It’s best if everything was in the open, if he really had anything to hide then we’ve made up our minds, we can’t treat him whole-heartedly anymore.

Jin Rao felt deeply that there was reasoning behind those words, first off little Fu wouldn’t know even if she checked, and secondly she could put the old ones to a rest, it was a good idea. And so the three of them drove out to get it checked, and the end result was bad. Not only did they find out that the engineering company belonged to Qin Yu Fu, the cyber cafe chains, even the English class chains, adding them all up was quite a lot, he even had a villa!

Jin Rao was dumbfounded, she felt very gloomy and her tears rushed down her face. The old married couple was shocked and angry, then they made call after call to assemble a bunch of people home, making a big deal out of everything! After getting off work, Qin Yu Fu was humming a song as he bought his wife’s favourite fried chicken, then he opened the door in a good mood, but……Why were there so many people in living room?

“Mom, dad, is something going on today?”

With a swing of her hands, she threw all the papers into the air, and spoke with a tone that brought with it a hint of a spark:”Look at it yourself, you’ve got no conscience, I gave you the lady of our house and we got nothing out of it, getting a heartless dog like you, if you still plan to live your days well, then transfer half of the assets under your name to my daughter’s name, if not, don’t blame me if I cut ties with you.”

“You don’t have to say that much, Xiao Fu will definitely agree. They agreed that after their marriage the lady will take care of the house, and naturally even if they get divorced, they still get half each, he can’t run from this,”The wife of Jin Rao’s big brother finished her enigmatic speech, and she was immediately rebuked by her husband.

“You, shut up, don’t get into this.”

“Yeah, that’s right you jinx,”The one speaking was the niece of one of their relatives.

Qin Yu Fu did not listen to that jabber, he picked up one of the documents on the floor to look and they were all Shu Ning’s businesses. When he got involved with his first partner, Brother Pang had once said that the woman was just thirsting for his properly, so Qin Yu Fu had taken precautions and deliberately talked to Shu Ning about notarization, then they got it settled immediately. After Shu Ning gets his identity card, he would transfer the property under his name to his.

“Mom, where’s Rao Rao?”Qin Yu Fu didn’t care about what the others thought, he wanted to talk to his wife.

“My daughter’s nauseous from her pregnancy so she’s crying in the room, humph.”

“Dad,”Qin Yu Fu looked sincerely towards the one who had always been treating himw ell, he hoped that he could speak a few words for him:”We live together and you can see yourselves how I treat Rao Rao, these property are all my nephew’s they’re not mine, my nephew hasn’t reached adulthood yet so he was just using my ID to settle the procedures, his father is the real estate king of C City, so like father like son, right? If the company is mine, why would I supervise the construction site every single day? I would definitely be sitting inside an office wearing a suit, right?”

The old man pursed his lips looked away. The old lady suddenly slammed her hand on the table:”Is he a fool? Using your name to settle the procedures? Giving you a company for free? Can’t you tell a better lie? Qin Yu Fu I’m telling you, I definitely won’t allow you pulling any tricks on me! Let’s talk about this all today, do you still want this life? If you do then be an open man, don’t be so sneaky all the time, you’re giving me a very bad impression.”

“Let me see Rao Rao.”


He couldn’t continue speaking anymore, and he wasn’t allowed to see her. Everyone in the house was his wife’s family members, they were all very agitated. If Qin Yu Fu continued, perhaps even getting beaten up would count as getting off easy. Finding an opportunity, Qin Yu Fu ran off. After all, he was a man working hard at a construction site, so he could run faster than a bird could fly, even if that young man chasing after him tried his best, he couldn’t keep up with him.

Listening up to this point, Shu Ning felt very regretful:”I’m sorry, uncle, I’m the one at fault, how could I ever be so whimsical at that time? I thought that I didn’t do anything wrong, and that uncle wouldn’t get mad at me, how could I be so self-assertive? I……”The more he spoke, the more Shu Ning felt that he had been too selfish, and it was very shameful for him, he was unable to face the uncle who had been treating him so well this whole time.

While Qin Yu Fu didn’t think that this was a problem:”Ning Ning, those people are just too greedy, I just want to know what my wife thinks. Actually, none of this is important, you’re my most important person too so don’t be sad, you’re not the one at fault, if I ever need to borrow your ID to get anything settled, then I won’t be courteous about it either! I watched you grow up, so if you instead wanted to use someone else’s ID instead, I would actually feel sad about that, do you know how I feel?”


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  1. The uncle is so innocent he still believes that the wife will think differently, it is obvious that in that family everyone is greedy … he should have chosen the foreman the only one who really cares and loves him

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    1. It makes a lot of sense, if you are super beautifull a lot of beauty lovers will pursue you, if you are a fantastic singer people obsessed with singers will throw their panties at you, and if you are filty rich it makes sense to be flocked by money grabbers and greedy two faced seedy SOBs . So they have to be extra carefull to pick friends, partnets and business associates.


  6. Thanks for the chapter!
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