RWSB Chapter 118

Shu Ning nodded. After their dinner, they took the car out to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities such as clothes and the like, then they managed to find a good hotel nearby. If it were the uncle from before, he would definitely be afraid of being too troublesome and would just squeeze in with the foreman and sleep just like that at the construction site. But he was in a very bright mood today. While Shu Ning was picking out an undershirt, Qin Yu Fu was even at the side reminding him to get a good one.

The him of before was a very frugal person.

But now he’s decided to live for himself.

Did his uncle receive a shock? Shu Ning did not dare to ask too much. After sitting around in the hotel room for a while, he was pushed out by Qin Yu Fu, those that should be going home should go home, the college entrance examinations in June were right around the corner, time waits for no one! Thankfully the foreman would never abandon his uncle, so knowing that he was there with him, Shu Ning sighed and left.

Resting in Shu Heng’s arms, Shu Ning seemed down so Shu Heng tried to coax him with all the special ways he could muster, he was brightened up by that not long after.

Day passed by the day, Shu Ning would give the foreman a call every day since his uncle was like a stuffed up gourd, not willing to spit out anything.

Things were getting more and more heated up, the parents on the female side didn’t let his uncle meet her at all. His uncle tried calling her but she hung up as soon as the call went through, so he had someone help him send a QQ and emails, Qin Yu Fu used every single means of contact he knew, and even asked his neighbours for help to pass on his message, none of them worked. Qin Yu Fu sat on the concrete steps in defeat, there was nothing he could do.

In the past, the foreman would just start spitting out insults with jumpy feet, but after their big fight, he had become a more quiet person.

Qin Yu Fu was very hard-working at work and he followed suit, when Qin Yu Fu went out to for a stroll over and over, staying out until it was midnight and still not returning home, the foreman was there. When he got drunk, the foreman was there to take him back, just as long as Qin Yu Fu was there, the foreman would be present. Occasionally, Shu Ning even felt a sense of envy towards them, but it was still Shu Heng’s words who woke him from his dream.

What was their relationship?

Then something clicked in Shu Ning’s mind, could it be……It couldn’t be, right?……His memories flowed out and ran rampant, it really did seem plausible, if not who would be willing to go this far for a friend?

Shu Ning stood up abruptly, and Shu Heng stretched out a long arm to pull his little brother back:”What are you doing? Do you think you can replace that Pang guy and stay with your uncle? For the rest of your life?”

Shu Ning sat on Shu Heng’s lap, and rested his head on his broad shoulder:”If there really is something between them, then I won’t object to it. Uncle Pang treats uncle very well, really, he’s so good to him that I don’t think he can treat him any better.”

After three days of madness, Qin Yu Fu stopped trying to contact Jin Rao, he had thought it through. If his wife really loved him, she wouldn’t have ignored him for this long, she made it seem as if she wanted a divorce. Was it really that important, who the property belongs to? It’s not like he can’t afford to support the family? The house was a hundred and twenty square meters, while his father-in-law drove away his previous car, the car they had now was newly bought. When she asked to let her parents move in, Qin Yu Fu went personally to pick them up without even saying a single word, turning his salary over to her and taking only a small fraction, and the result?

He had been too good to her, and that only served to increase the wolf’s appetite, this had now become something that he was expected to do in the first place.

For example, if you gave them a bun to eat every single day, and one day you decide not to, then it would in turn bring hate upon himself instead. You were clearly able, so why won’t you give it to me?

If you gave them a slap every single day, and suddenly one day you decided to stop, they would thank you and be ever grateful, thinking that you were a kind person.

It’s not hard to imagine the results when a good person does bad for once, whereas when a bad guy puts down his cleaver, he could become a buddha, this was sound reasoning.

“Xiao Fu, how about we go for skewers tonight? There’s a KTV next to it so how about we go for some singing?”

Qin Yu Fu nodded and once again immersed himself in work. The foreman was very happy, eating and drinking, yelling out could help to vent his grievances.

It was already the fifth day and Qin Yu Fu had returned to his calm self, chatting and laughing with the foreman. But the foreman had become even more worried so he decided to have Shu Ning come over for a visit. It wasn’t until when Shu Ning was having a sit down and chat with his uncle when he realized that Qin Yu Fu had given up on his relationship. Didn’t his old mother-in-law bring up about the divorce? Then after the divorce, naturally their property would be divided into half. The woman was pregnant so she couldn’t divorce, Shu Ning told him about how he felt about the whole thing, and that was a blood bond for his uncle, it was what tied him down.

“WHen I first saw you, you were still a little baby, you were so small, and I thought to myself, how cruel my third sister was, to actually be willing of abandoning her own child. Ning Ning, I won’t abandon my child,”Qin Yu Fu gave Shu Ning’s shoulder a pat and smiled in good-nature:”You don’t have to worry about this, I have my own plans.”

Foreman Pang’s mouth moved but he did not end up saying anything, Qin Yu Fu didn’t allow him to worry about this either.

The old Jin family couldn’t wait for Qin Yu Fu to reach a compromise with them, and they really brought him to court. When Qin Yu Fu was summoned, he was smiling in relief, Jin Rao was the one who made her decision, she really didn’t love me. In the court, the old lady said sarcastically that as long as he regretted it now, they would still be a family, why did he have to be so strict with his property? It’s going to be their child’s in the future anyway.

Jin Rao had also come. Her face was very pale and she looked very weak and frail. Qin Yu Fu took a look at his love from afar, and sighed in his heart.

There was nothing they could make any further agreements on anymore, Qin Yu Fu insisted on the divorce. Naturally the Jin family wouldn’t spare him just like that, they still wanted to get more benefits for the child in her stomach, such as the company’s shares and whatnot, the more the better. Qin Yu Fu’s face had been calm through the entire thing, and he looked towards Jin Rao with kind eyes:”Do you really want to wait till the baby is out before we do the DNA test?”

“What are you trying to say?”Jin Rao lowered her head, feeling slightly uneasy.

“Paper can’t keep fire back, I’ve already found a lawyer and told him that your family has committed fraud marriage.”

A single sentence roused up thousands of waves, the Jin family was enraged and was starting to make noise, but what place was the court? How could they be allowed to be impudent here? Qin Yu Fu left easily, and Shu Ning only found out after everything happened. Uncle was so badass! Qin Yu Fu deliberately waited for a day, he just wanted to see whether Jin Rao still had a conscience, after all she was once a woman he loved, he hoped to give her some dignity and pride.

But other than an insulting call, he received nothing else. Early the next morning, Qin Yu Fu provided considerable amounts of evidence to the court, such as videos of Jin Rao and her ex-boyfriend pulling and pushing each other, and a scene of being chased by his brother-in-laws. There were also information on his property that had been taken away from him with all kinds of excuses, such as his money, car, passbook, and the cyber cafe’s agreement.

There was twenty thousand in the passbook that had already been withdrawn, and the management of the cyber cafe had also been replaced by his brother-in-law, the car was driven away by his father-in-law and had yet to be returned, they were all under Qin Yu Fu’s names, they couldn’t take it from him even if they wanted to. And not only that, Qin Yu Fu had also made a report at the police station, whether that was his child or not, they can find out with a simple check, such as the fetal developmental stage, and the hospital profile of the child, don’t they think that everything would be all right after changing hospitals, there were no fools here.

The efficiency of the police was too high, and they managed to supply Qin Yu Fu with the best evidence he could get for the case. Jin Rao had once done a maternal check at a hospital, at that time she still wasn’t with Qin Yu Fu yet. And who was the child’s father? It was her ex-boyfriend’s. That man came from a very wealthy and powerful family but his mother looked down on her so she forced them to break up, then the man hung his head low and married a woman of similar status to him. Jin Rao wanted to give birth to this child, so she took a fancy to Qin Yu Fu who secretly peeked at her with loving eyes.

And so the information provided by Jin Rao’s family was completely useless, the property had already been notarized before their marriage and he even wrote in his will that he would hand them all to Shu Ning after his death. Even if he lost them all, it had nothing to do with the Jin family, but anyway no matter how much noise they made, the divorce went through and even the fraud case was established.

She didn’t mention the child before their message and now it all came out after the wedding, then she wanted a divorce not long after with the documents of his property all in land, asking for half of it, if this wasn’t fraud, what was it?

They had to pay out how much they took from him including a fine, they were supposed to go to jail but Qin Yu Fu was willing to forgive them in court. Jin Rao looked at Qin Yu Fu with a flash of hope in her eyes, calling him Brother Fu. The foreman sitting below clenched his hands tightly into a fist and his face was pale, even Shu Ning raised his eyebrows.

Qin Yu Fu’s tone was plain:”I forgive you because I was in the wrong too, I was greedy because you were pretty, and I pampered you too much, so much that it went up to your head and you became greedy. Rao Rao, there’s nobody else in this world who will love you as much as I do, you……Your life is in your own hands.”

On that night, while the foreman was chatting with Qin Yu Fu, with a single question he found out that Qin Yu Fu actually did not know from the start that the child did not belong to him. One day after work, he drove past a different road back home and saw in the alley next to their house, a man and a woman pushing and pulling each other, it was his own wife and a handsome man.

Qin Yu Fu was not an impulsive person, so he watched quietly, whether she was having an affair or not he could tell from their eyes, other than tugging at their sleeves, there was no ambiguity in that scene, that man was saying something with a pressing gaze while the woman knew only how to cry. Qin Yu Fu did not investigate it after that, he chose to trust her. The video had been taken by the community surveillance of that area, and when the police checked, they found that the man had appeared there more than ten times, what an amazing pair of cheaters.

Up until her family became more and more overboard, thirsting after Shu Ning’s company, that was when Qin Yu Fu finally erupted!

Shu Ning bought two plane tickets and sent both his uncle and the foreman off at the airport, telling them to have fun in their travels and take a break from the stress, everything will pass.

Not many days after, the college entrance examinations were finally here. The Jin family had went to the company several times but they always had to return in frustration. Pang Qian wouldn’t take their mess, and the security guards weren’t statues either, the manager himself resigned, and if the family plans to make any more mess, they will be taken away directly by the police. In the end, they didn’t get to see Qin Yu Fu, but they found Shu Ning instead, even more so he would not just take it sitting down, he kicked them out immediately.

Shu Ning had never known that the two aunties who took care of him were so powerful, glaring with their big eyes at their height of a hundred and seventy centimetres, basking in victory. They wanted to go to the school and they had just reached the gates when they were taken away by the police, and imprisoned for fifteen days, leaving a stain in their records. The old lady was very angry, she was treating her son-in-law like this because he made it so that her daughter would have to give birth as a single parent, she only felt it justified because she felt that he was wrong. But right now she couldn’t find her son-in-law, and all that anger inside her heart was vented out on her daughter. Jin Rao had returned to her own family house to live with no husband to take care of her, she didn’t get to enjoy a good life anymore, her mother would go out to torment him every single day, then scream and yell incessantly when she returned home, calling her a whore at a loss. When the two got into a quarrel, she had some complications with her pregnancy, and when she was sent to the hospital, they couldn’t save the child.

After that rich young master found out, he left with an ashen face, never again did he look for Jin Rao.

In the dead of the night, Jin Rao who stayed at home after her miscarriage without anyone to take care of sat in the corner, crying, thinking about the last words Qin Yu Fu told her. You were right, you’re the only one who treats me so well in this world, my parents, and also my ex-boyfriend, none of them loved me at all, all my parents took from me were all given to my brothers……Brother Fu……I’m so sorry……

There was no way to turn back to a time before her regrets. After a few days, Qin Yu Fu returned with the foreman. Shu Ning felt that there was something off with the atmosphere between them, could it bere be any progressions? As expected, Shu Heng’s idea was amazing. Not only that, his uncle sold both the wedding house and the two cars, then he bought a new villa and renovated it with another loan, and even bought a Mercedes-Benz! And he’s not living with the foreman!

( ⊙ o ⊙ )

The foreman pursued Qin Yu Fu boldly, he had to fight for his own happiness, never giving up. It was too stupid for him to just sit around, watching the person he liked get hurt by someone else.

Pang Qian noticed and he was so shocked that he nearly pissed himself, thankfully Shu Ning adopted a loose attitude, so he didn’t go between them.

Shu Ning’s college entrance examination results were average and this went beyond everyone’s expectations, and he signed up for an art school. After finding out, Shu Heng caught him and carried him home, pressing him down on the bed, serving him his punishment!

Shu Ning whose entire body had been subdued exerted great pressure:”Brother, let’s talk properly! We can take this slowly, take note for our safety!”

“Didn’t you like landscaping?”

“I just thought it was way simpler than it actually is, it’s not that easy to learn landscaping, I’ll apologize sincerely to landscaping, okay?”Shu Ning said the words in his heart because Shu Heng was too wise, there was nothing he could hide from him:”But it’s different with art school, if I can enter a film crew, I can have long vacations!”

Shu Heng:”……”

“All I have to do is show up to the examinations, and pass, I just want to get a college degree, nothing else matters.”

Shu Heng’s face was even darker now.

Shu Ning suddenly understood:”You’re afraid that I’d enter the entertainment circle and do something bad? Don’t tease me, I’ve got such a handsome guy here, who else can I like? It’s just a bit of fun, didn’t I invest in Shang Zhou? I saw him picking actors a while back and felt that it was quite interesting, so I want to see what following a film crew is like, I’ll come back if I get tired. Brother~ Can’t you just grant my wish?”

His little brother was showing his spoiled side, with his naughty tone. Shu Heng’s body started to soften when Shu Ning suddenly locked his arms around his neck, and sent over a sweet kiss. It was actually quite easy to deal with Shu Heng, he couldn’t do it by force, the best way was by shooting at him with sugar-coated shells. However, after three rounds of torment, Shu Ning’s limbs had gone soft. He looked towards the ceiling with hazy eyes, shit, my little beast is getting more and more unruly /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Shu Ning didn’t know how many times he passed out, since he was adapting more and more to it anyway, he was used to it. Feeling something leaking out, Shu Ning’s mouth twitched. Brother……He’s too possessive. Shu Ning looked towards the bathroom, and saw a tall figure preparing the bath water, his heart felt very warm. Shu Heng walked to the bed and carefully picked him up when Shu Ning suddenly opened his eyes.

“Sleep, you’re tired.”

“Let’s get married.”

Shu Heng’s body went stiff and nearly dropped Shu Ning:”What……What did you say?”
“Let’s get married when I’m twenty, we’ve even put on our rings, do you plan to regret it now? If you don’t want to make it public it can be just the two of us. Actually, I don’t like making it public either, we can go for a honeymoon after that, leaving our mark all around the world, how great would that be.”

His little brother’s thoughts were so touching that Shu Heng couldn’t resist kissing Shu Ning on his pink little face:”Alright, I promise you, anything you want, I’ll promise you,”Once again Shu Ning was the first to mention something like getting married. Actually, Shu Heng had thought about it before, but Shu Ning was still sixteen so what was he going to do if he frightened him?

During their bath, they kissed as they washed up, love could be felt densely in the air.

When they returned to the bed, Shu Heng was very excited. Shu Ning felt that it would be bad to refuse him now after he had just mentioned about marriage, at most he just couldn’t get out of bed tomorrow, so Shu Ning did not refuse him when Shu Heng tried to make a move. The two were quickly tangled together again, swaying back and forth, it wasn’t long till Shu Ning fell from battle, plunging into the darkness.

The next morning, the phone rang very urgently, even the exhausted Shu Ning was woken up by it, what’s going on?

Shu Ning was laying on his stomach and he felt something heavy on his back. Why is big brother on me? He wanted to go again? No no no, we can’t, I’ll die……That’s not right ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Big brother’s big thing is still in, it’s still inside me! Σ( ° △°|||)︴ So he could actually do that? That’s unscientific! Shu Ning tried to get his head back when Shu Heng stretched his hand out to get Shu Ning’s phone, then boldly he took out the phone battery!

“Brother!”Are you taking me for a corpse o(╯□╰)o

Shu Heng was slow on the uptake:”Oh, you’re awake!”

Shu Ning:”……”He’s doing this on purpose, he must be, I’m 100% sure that he must be!

“Does your waist feel sore?”

Shu Heng spoke but he still did not get up, kissing and nibbling on Shu Heng’s neck, this part was covered by hair so he wasn’t worried of it being seen by anyone outside. A pair of big hands patrolled around Shu Ning’s waist, slowly rubbing them, and massaging them, he was very considerate. But gradually, something felt not right, one hand was moving upwards while the other moved downwards.

Several moans leaked from Shu Ning, he thought that Shu Heng was just caressing him as usual, he didn’t expect that his big brother actually wanted to do that, so he immediately stopped him:”Brother, oh, my good big brother, please spare me, I really feel quite bad. We’ve already done it four times last night, four times! I don’t even dare to think about it.”

“If there’s four, then we can have a five, baby steps.”

“No no no!”Shu Ning pushed away the person behind him:”Brother, you’re heavy, it feels very uncomfortable.”

Shu Heng carried Shu Ning and changed them to a different position, still connected. He spoke in a whisper, deliberately blowing against the little one’s ear:”You don’t like it?”

“I like it.”

“You’re exhausted from yesterday so I’ll lay down with you.”

“Alright,”They already spoke to this point but Shu Ning was still too lazy to move, but his phone rang earlier, what was he going to do if that was his uncle? Shu Ning turned back to kiss Shu Heng’s handsome face:”Can you help me get my phone over?”

Shu Heng was so obedient, he immediately put the battery back in, turned it on, and in one go, sent it into Shu Ning’s hands.

Shu Ning opened it up to look, it was his class monitor who called. He should be calling because the college entrance examinations were over, so he invited everyone out to enjoy themselves. They’re going to be going their own way after this so it’s best that they didn’t leave behind any regrets. Shu Ning dialed back to him and the class monitor picked up the call immediately, and spoke about a lot and a lot of things. Shu Ning felt awkward, behind him……Shu Heng was still laying there.

Then, after the class monitor, Zhao Dong had also called Shu Ning to talk about him going to art school.

Shu Heng was such a “sensible” person, he actually cut in. This instead served to make Zhao Dong feel suspicious, who’s that? The voice of a young man in Shu Ning’s room, could it be Shu Heng? Zhao Dong was from an old family and was well-informed. Shu Ning raised an eyebrow and warned Shu Heng, while Shu Heng watched him with a profound gaze.

Huh, what’s with him? After the call ended, Shu Ning gave Shu Heng’s nose a squeeze:”Is my little top jealous?”


( ⊙ o ⊙ ) He actually admitted it? Shu Ning wanted to take a good look so he lifted up Shu Heng’s chin with a finger to observe him, and it really was true.

“Lay down properly, this position doesn’t feel comfortable.”

Shu Ning’s playful heart was aroused, he was unwilling to give up. That thing in his body actually became bigger, thicker, and harder. Shu Ning crawled towards the front, he didn’t wish to be murdered by Shu Heng on the bed.

Shu Heng allowed the little one to escape, and his thing came out, sliding down between his legs, and so……Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa~

For the rest of the day, Shu Ning layed in bed. No matter who he planned to offend, he should not offend his top, if he does, he’ll have to bear the consequences. Taking advantage of the fact that Shu Heng was having his meeting in the living room, Shu Ning called Pang Qian to ask about the progress. There were already prospects for the plot of land next to the third phase, the only problem was that Shu Ning won’t be able to go out for two days, so he asked Pang Qian to try pressing down the price.

Things were almost ready at Shang Zhou’s side, and he hoped that Shu Ning could come to the start-up, but Shu Ning did not agree, he’ll be going over when they hold the dinner banquet. Shang Zhou then asked for instructions on several matters but Shu Ning asked him to contact Qin Ming, Qin Ming was allowed to make all decisions on his behalf. Shang Zhou had a start, he admired Shu Ning very much, for him, a man being used cannot be suspected while a suspected man cannot be used, he was wise and ambitious, these were important traits for the future!

During the next evening, Shu Ning went to the class reunion. Everyone was very sad since three years had passed after all, even if it was just a little, they more or less felt some emotion, it would be hard to get together in the future after they separate. Shu Ning greeted the hotel manager in advance, no matter what they order after that, he would pay the bill.

Everyone ate and drank well, there were many people so after they left in a bustle, they even went for karaoke, only separating at two in the morning. The class monitor and several of the class cadres didn’t drink any alcohol, they were responsible for sending the drunk male students home, while the female students didn’t get drunk, their faces had gone ruddy at most. They really had to separate now, and several sad girls were squatting on the floor, crying. This time, the role of the mascot finally had its use, Shu Ning had been pushed out, who asked him to be two years younger than everyone else?

He comforted them about this and that, at the end of it his entire body was covered in the smell of perfume, how was he going to go home now? His big brother was already a well-established vinegar bucket.

Honk Honk……

Shu Ning turned back to look and a black Ferrari pulled up. Zhao Dong parked his car and got off, standing to the side:”Come here, I’ll send you home.”

Most of his other classmates haven’t left yet, and after a shock, Wen Wei suddenly ran a few steps over towards Zhao Dong, standing before him with her cheeks blushing to her ears, and finally she mustered up her courage:”I……I’ve liked you for a long time, please go out with me!”

“I’m sorry, I’m going out of town to study soon,”How many does she make today? Top student Zhao Dong had already forgotten o(╯□╰)o

“I know that you want to go to M Country, I’ve already done settled all the procedures, we can at least take care of each other when we go over together, right?”

Speaking up to this point, Zhao Dong was very gentlemanly, he gave her a chance to step down:”Then I would have to be even more sorry, the school I applied for is the business school in Y Country.”

This……was awkward. The girl was very sad but thankfully only two people were clear on the contents of their conversation. She quickly left, stopping a taxi and fleeing the scene.

As for where Zhao Dong actually applied for, only a few of his best friends knew. Shu Ning had also been confessed to on this day, it was the girl who had been taking care of him this whole time. Shu Ning used his going to art school as an excuse, rejecting her with a way that would not hurt her feelings.

Zhao Dong and Shu Ning both came from good families, one was immensely handsome while the other was bright like the sun, they were both some of the most popular people in their school, but it was just that Zhao Dong came from the capital, so he was more popular.

“Get on, what are you looking at me for?”Zhao Dong suddenly understood:”I have a driver’s license, D City is the last one to change the minimum age for getting a driver’s license to 18, and I was lucky enough to get one before then. It’s no use being envious of me, I’m just that lucky.”

“Are you teasing me?” ̄へ ̄

“Really, you have to at least be 18 to get one in the entire country, don’t worry,”Zhao Dong’s mouth curved into a smile. He stretched his hand over, wanting to ruffle the top of Shu Ning’s head, but his hand was caught just as he was about to do so. That grip was very strong, and his wrist hurt a lot, what on earth is going on? Zhao Dong turned his head to look, it was a tall guy with an amazing aura, dressed in a black suit.

It’s Shu Heng!

Zhao Dong knew that he was Shu Ning’s brother but he had never met him, he’d only seen pictures of him. At that time, he had already thought that he was a promising man, with those deep, inspiring black eyes of his, his profound features, he gave out an unparalleled aura. The photo already etched this man into his mind, but he didn’t think that he was even more outstanding in the flesh, hes tood out from the crowd and instantly, it was like everything else lost its colour in his wake.

Vinegar = jealousy

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