RWSB Chapter 119

The confrontation lasted only a moment, and naturally Zhao Dong put his hand down, pulling his sleeves down while he was at it, hiding the marks of his fingerprints.

Shu Heng’s hand continued forward, falling steadily on the top of Shu Ning’s head, sliding down the back of his head to his neck after a few ruffles, then giving it a good squeeze before dropping downwards. Shu Ning raised his hand very naturally and his big brother caught it in tacit agreement just as usual. The atmosphere between the two, their character, even the frequency was completely different, but they looked exceptionally harmonious standing next to each other.

“Brother, this is my friend, Zhao Dong, Zhao Dong, this is my brother, Shu Heng.”

Shu Ning introduced them immediately to ease the atmosphere, the others may not have known what was going on and thought that Shu Heng was overbearing, but in truth Shu Ning was almost falling over in laughter. This jealous guy was really too unreasonable, so there’s such a day for my calm and self-sufficient brother too? Ha ha ha ha ha, laughing at this is enough to fuel me for the rest of my life, classic.

Zhao Dong looked at the man who was considerably taller than himself, and he did not extend his hand due to caution:”Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you,”Because they were standing quite close, Shu Heng had to lower his head slightly to speak to him, only in that way could they look at each other. His eyes were cold:”I heard from Ning Ning that you’ve been taking care of him, thank you.”

“……It’s just the mutual friendliness between schoolmates, nothing much,”So aloof, it makes him feel like it’s hard to continue on.

That’s right, here’s a promising man that learns. When Shu Heng’s eyes moved towards Shu Ning, they softened considerably:”Say goodbye to your classmates.”

Shu Ning did as he said, bidding goodbye thoughtfully with a smile, then he got on the car with Shu Heng and left.

Oh……It’s just like the rumours said, he was extremely unruly, only being polite to his elders, hard to get close to. Zhao Dong’s heart was like a mirror, he felt slightly regretful that he missed such a good opportunity, but he did not truly regret it as there was no meaning in obtaining connections through the help of his friend, he had to fight for that right himself. Zhao Dong was enlightened, and adjusted his mood.

The sudden appearance of a handsome man was shocking, dressed in a custom black suit it made him look mysterious and noble, the pressure he exerted was like the coldest winters, he must be a big shot, if not it was impossible for him to have such a magnificent air, could he be the heir of some big family? That was the case with Zhao Dong, there was a type of aura that you couldn’t put your finger on, but was very clear to all. Everyone there was rich and wealthy, but they weren’t considered to be very well-informed or knowledgeable, but at the very least they still looked meaningfully at the scene. And so they waited, not even daring to take another look at them, even less did they have the guts to interrupt them.

Now that the car has gone far away, Shu Ning’s classmate brought several of his classmates and went over:”Zhao Dong, who was that just now?”

“Shu Ning’s brother, I still have some stuff to do so I’ll be leaving first, let’s meet up again some other time.”

“Sure,”The class monitor smiled.

Zhao Dong left in his car, and the class monitor also hurried to arrange for sending the rest of the crowd back, getting them back in home safe is the most important. As for Shu Heng, he managed to leave an exceptionally deep impression on the girls even though he only appeared for less than a minute, when they’re looking for boyfriends in the future, they’ll want to find someone as super handsome as this, one that gave them a sense of security, one that would make their heart skip a beat, to lose themselves like a little deer rushing madly at its surroundings.

Shu Ning sat in the car with a constant smile on his face, hiding a laugh.

But who was Shu Heng? He could guess without even looking:”Just laugh if you want to, don’t give yourself a cramp.”

Uh o(╯□╰)o

Shu Ning quickly got on Shu Heng’s lap, wrapping his arms around his neck and sending over a kiss. He gave him light pecks from his forehead, to his brows, his nose, his face, down to his lips, then he moved up and nibbled on the tip of his nose, naughtily licking his big brother’s chin, then biting down on his right ear, continuing to nibble, naughtily blowing warm air against his ear.

“My king is angry~ He’s jealous~”

“If you know then why didn’t you avoid him?”Shu Heng narrowed his eyes dangerously and a thunderstorm flashed through his pupil. In a split second, the temperature around their surroundings dropped:”Do you want to see me go mad for you?”

“I’m innocent!”Shu Ning straightened his body in a huff, and his beautiful eyes were wide in surprise:”Who’d know you arrived? Did you call me to tell me? Did you send me a text? I didn’t even get the chance to show off.”

His little brother was throwing a tantrum, so cute and adorable. Shu Heng swallowed his saliva and took out a cap mysteriously from somewhere, putting in on Shu Ning’s head.

Shu Ning……Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“This is a new product, there’s ears on top that will move every so often, it’s very cute.”

Shu Ning →_→ Brother~ Is it really alright for you to be like this:”You put in a battery already?”

“Mm,”Shu Heng was so calm, he stretched his hand out to the top and gave the fluffy ears a squeeze, then tapped Shu Ning’s small little nose with his finger:”How does it feel?”

“I feel nothing.”

“It looks good to me.”

“Does it?”Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, and simply took the hat off, putting it on Shu Heng instead. Uh, the scene suddenly changed completely, the cuteness of the cap did not transfer over to Shu Heng at all, his expression was too serious, his eyes too cold, and his attitude was too stiff ╮(╯▽╰)╭ And the hat was small so he could only place it on top. Shu Heng leaned his head to the side and the hat fell off just like that, unhappy  ̄へ ̄

But Shu Heng was such a wise man, he immediately held Shu Ning’s waist and pulled him towards him, the two were then stuck together with no crack between. Shu Heng kissed Shu Ning’s little mouth, it was hot an lingering, in just a moment he kissed the unhappiness away from Shu Ning’s heart. After the car entered the yard, both the driver and the bodyguard left the car immediately, and hid out somewhere far away.

Shu Ning……

Shu Heng then pressed himself on top of Shu Ning’s body, holding his chin with his fingers:”What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,”We’ve probably lost all our integrity in the hearts of those people haven’t we~→_→

Shu Ning was kissed until his body went soft, and he didn’t want to move. And besides his clothes were messy, even if he told the entire world that ‘Shu Heng didn’t fuck me’, there probably wouldn’t be anybody who would believe him ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Heng was a power top, a true fighter amongst power tops. Carrying Shu Ning was just like he was playing around with a doll, he walked very steadily with his long legs. The maid had already prepared the bath water, towels, and the others early on, so after opening the door, they waited for Shu Heng to enter before leaving and closing the door. Shu Ning yawned and closed his eyes, working with Shu Heng as he took his clothes off, and carried him into the water.

Feels so good, Id on’t want to get out anymore.

Shu Heng nibbled on Shu Ning’s little lips lovingly, holding him tight with one arm while washing him with the other, the time he used to clean him was a bit longer than usual but they did not pa pa pa in the bathroom.

Shu Ning was drowsy so Shu Heng put him down on the bed, and fiddled around with him. It wasn’t until he entered did Shu Ning open his eyes in a grunt. He wouldn’t know if he never looked but once he did he was shocked, why am I dressed like this? His brain quickly went back online. Shu Ning’s mouth twitched and looked at him gloomily:”This……Another new product?”

“Mm, it serves to add to the fun, I think it’s pretty usable,”said Shu Heng very seriously, but his heart was occupied with the thought that he still had a skirt, they would try that tomorrow. Ning Ning’s skin was fair, so the pastel coloured skirt will definitely be very nice and alluring on him, but it would be a shame to play around on bed like this, maybe they should try the table instead, it’ll definitely be even more exciting to go in from behind.

Shu Ning cried tearlessly, he wanted to take off the costume that felt like a bundle of ropes, but Shu Heng quickly caught his hands and clasped them above his head, not allowing any opportunity for Shu Ning to do anything at all. He struggled and he kicked, but he could not move Shu Heng even a little bit, it instead served to add on to the wonderful atmosphere. Shu Heng landed several kisses incessantly down on him to comfort him, and this made Shu Ning feel a bit better, plus his body was already used to the invasion of that foreign object. Shu Heng moved gently for a few thrusts, then pa pa pa pa pa he begun to plow the fields.

After a night of passion, his voice was all but lost. Early the next morning, Shu Heng’s phone vibrated. Because it was Shu Cheng calling, he could only leave the warm bed and take the call outside. Shu Cheng asked Shu Heng when he was going to bring Shu Ning home, but Shu Heng instead asked whether the house was clean now. Shu Cheng had a start, but he quickly understood.

He was talking about Shu Yao, Shu Yao had become something unlcean ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Cheng was helpless as well, but for the sake of the harmony of his family, he pretended that he didn’t understand:”The rooms are all cleaned up so come home quickly, the house is becoming a bit too cold, it doesn’t feel lived in at all.”

“……”Shu Heng lowered his head and a hint of a ripple fluttered past his gaze:”Alright dad, it’s fine as long as you’ve got things planned out, when it comes time in the future, I won’t be able to help you.”

He was clearly abandoning his responsibilities, Shu Cheng’s brows knitted into a frown. After their call, Shu Cheng found that the little guy was awake, how naughty, he was actually pretending to sleep. Shu Cheng was feeling playful and stretched a hand over to tickle the little guy under his arms, and Shu Yao giggled, sitting up as he grabbed onto Shu Cheng’s hands, then crawling into his arms before sitting down:”Daddy~”

“Good morning, my little prince~”

“Are my big brothers coming home?”


“Will my big brothers take me out to play?”Shu Yao was already four so he was playful and active. His big eyes were very beautiful, and there was no need to mention how much cuter his pink little lips were.

“Mm……Well that will depend on whether Yao Yao is a good boy or not.”

“I’m a good boy, I am, I want to play with my big brothers,”Shu Yao was overjoyed, giggling happily like an innocent angel.

Little kids are heartless, the memories they can remember after the age of five are very little, so now that Shu Yao was grown up, he couldn’t be left alone anymore, how could there be vengeance between brothers rising up overnight? Taking advantage of this opportunity, he’ll let them get along well, improving their relationship.

This really won’t do, he had to add a more humane element to the mix, he’ll get Shu Heng away, and leave just Shu Ning with him.

As expected of brothers, as soon as Shu Heng returned to the room, Shu Ning was also pretending to sleep……If you have the capability then don’t move your eyelashes →_→

Shu Heng laid down sideways by Shu Ning’s side, and spoke in a leisurely tone:”What do you want to eat?”


“No need to pretend anymore, I know you’re hungry.”

“……Brother, you’re a bully!”Shu Ning was vexed. I know you’re smart but can’t you pretend to be ignorant sometimes, if you keep acting like this then that’s really no way for me to live /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ And besides, his vigor for jealousy was too strong, he was even more fierce than usual, saying some shameful things while doing him. He didn’t stop even after an hour playing all sorts of fancy tricks, even his waist was about to fold in on itself.

“What do you call me?”

Shu Ning frowned and clutched the edge of the blanket, slowly pulling it upwards, covering up his eyes, then meekly he spoke:”Hubby~”

“Good boy~”Shu Heng was satisfied now, then he twirled his finger on Shu Ning’s snowy white forehead.

Uh, after doing it three times last night, Shu Heng still wanted to go for a fourth round, and Shu Ning was so shocked that he hurried to refuse him. But unfortunately, Shu Heng wouldn’t take his no and even proposed a separate solution. But calling him hubby and whatnot, Shu Ning felt a bit embarrassed so he immediately refused him. So Shu Heng did not stand on ceremony, he spread his legs, nudged him, and lingered around the entrance.

And so Shu Ning was anxious, he quickly called him “hubby~” in a quiet voice, and immediately Shu Heng felt like his whole life was complete, he liked it a lot.

“Brother, you’re a bully.”

Shu Heng’s eyes were gentle like a pond:”I’m only a bully for you.”

“……”Shu Ning loved the overbearing Shu Heng the most, he was so confident and alluring, so handsome:”Brother, can you feed me porridge?”

“Sure, anything you say.”

After venting, Shu Heng was like an adorable little wolf, as long as you threw him some meat, he wouldn’t be fierce anymore, listening to orders like a big dog.

The porridge had been prepared a while ago. Shu Heng brought it upstairs, and Shu Ning wanted to get up but he couldn’t, his waist felt so very sore. Shu Heng smiled but did not say anything, he helped him up so he could lean in his arms, then he blew on the porridge in the spoon. Right in front of Shu Ning, Shu Heng…….ate it himself, Shu Ning ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) What on earth is going on?

Show off – wear a high hat, when SH puts a hat on his head it was supposed to be a pun

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  1. Thanks for the chapters Helli!
    There’s one thing I don’t understand, is Shu Cheng planning to leave alone Shu Ning and Shu Yao so they can make up? Doesn’t he know Shu Ning hates Shu Yao?

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  2. FableCat: Lamb Ning Ning has to go to army to train his body. He fainted too much.

    WolfShuHeng: He don’t have too. I am training him.

    FableCat: Too much PaPaPa is bad for health.

    LambNingNing: My health really really okay. My hubby loves so much.

    FableCat: Not your health i am talking about. Its the fans of this novel readers. They either too full of mengs or vinegars reading abt your PaPaPa activities.

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  3. Thank you for your dedication and hardwork, Helli-chan!

    I kinda don’t know why people keep eating vinegar when they read this story. I’m plenty fine with the ships. No hungry wolves for me! I don’t have enough meat to feed! And Shu Ning is pretty high maintenance, after being spoiled as hell by Shu Heng. So maybe eating dog food is better euphemism? I’m a single dog myself, and plenty happy remaining as one for a few more years, ahahah.

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      1. I’m a spastic little dog, so I most likely had more than a few comments, but in the past few days I’m in the happy single dog phase. I’ll probably be a bitter little dog some days/weeks later.

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  4. I thought that SH had already lost her fetish for the suits and the fluffy tails, well I guess NN should look sexy in all those suits (ღˇᴗˇ)。o♡

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