RWSB Chapter 120

Last one today~


Shu Heng bowed his head and slowly leaned in close to Shu Ning’s little lips……

“I……haven’t brushed my teeth,”Shu Ning deliberately destroyed the scene, and looked elsewhere. If there was one then there would be two, Shu Heng seems to be getting more and more full of himself these days. Although SHu Ning didn’t hate it, he didn’t like it too much either. Naturally it was good that their affection is strong now, but if he didn’t treat him the same in the future, wouldn’t that be sad?

Shu Heng was speechless.

Shu Ning felt pleased with himself in his heart, who asked you to be so hasty? Now you’re done for:”I know, that I’m small and you’re willing to pamper me, but……I’ll have to grow up some day.”

Shu Heng’s gaze was profound:”You silly.”

“What did you call me?”Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng angrily and with a “mmph~” he had been bitten. He was stunned and his mouth was open, this little guy’s got some skills.

“If you get bigger, do you think my age would stop? I’ll forever be five years older than you, and I’ll always be taller, heavier, and stronger than you, it’s irreversible.”Shu Heng was wise, he wouldn’t say that he was smarter, more majestic than you, and whatnot ╮(╯▽╰)╭

“……”Was that too conceited? _(:зゝ∠)_

The bowl of porridge had been fed to him by Shu Heng entirely by mouth, and at the end of it he gave him a deep kiss, it wasn’t until he “cleaned up” the inside of his mouth was Shu Heng finally willing to withdraw reluctantly, gently putting down the entranced little one, then pulling up the blanket. Holding the tray, Shu Heng left, stopping to look back at him several times, while Shu Ning watched him leave the whole way through.

Oh my!

It’s too loving, it felt a bit like they were an old couple that was still together after they were old, so wonderful.

After having his fill of food and drink, Shu Ning yawned incessantly, trying hard to endure his drowsiness. He sent a few messages to Pang Qian before closing his eyes and sleeping.

He didn’t know how long he had slept for either when his phone rang. Shu Ning stretched his hand out depressingly and swatted his hand around to look for his phone, then opened his hazy eyes. It was actually his class monitor, what does he need?


“Were you sleeping?”


“It’s like this, everyone hadn’t had enough fun yet yesterday so we’re going to the same place tonight at eight, can you come?”

“I can’t, I”m busy.”

“That’s……not too good isn’t that, everyone’s going to have to leave soon and the ones who will be in the capital aren’t many, it’ll be very hard to meet up even if we want to in the future, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to have a gathering? If we really don’t get to see each other again for the rest of our lives……bla bla bla bla……”Omitting several hundred words here, the class monitor spoke so much and he didn’t even have to stop to swallow his saliva, what profound talking skills, amazing.

Shu Ning’s eyelids dropped down and he nearly fell asleep:”I’m really sorry, I can’t change what’s already been arranged. Class monitor, please apologize to everyone on my behalf, I still have things to do so I’ll be ending the call here, and this is an early wish but I hope you all have fun.”

“Oh, alright then, what a shame.”

The class monitor still wanted to blab on but Shu Ning found an opportunity to say goodbye, then he hung up. It wasn’t that Shu Ning was cold-hearted, but he really couldn’t move, how many boys didn’t like to have fun? And it wasn’t like Shu Ning was a shut-in or anything, naturally he’d want to go. Sigh, the future is long, if fate allows it, they will meet again.

July was peeking right around the corner, I should be going home to see dad soon, what should I buy him?

Shu Ning’s head was filled with Shu Cheng. Now that Shu Heng graduated, he’ll definitely be working in the company not long after they return. There was nothing wrong with dad’s body and he didn’t have any heart diseases either, nor did he even have any bad habits, he had a stable state of mind with a level heart, how was he going to die? Shu Ning couldn’t understand it, and just as he thought about it~ And thought about it~ He couldn’t figure it out after two hours, and even Shu Heng had returned.

“What’re you thinking about that’s got you so out of sorts?”Shu Heng sat on the side of the bed, carrying him up along with the thin blanket into his arms.

Big brother almighty!

Shu Ning was instantly sober, stretching his pale arms to wrap around Shu Heng’s neck. He raised an eyebrow because the little starry marks on his arms were a little embarrassing:”Since grandpa’s passing, dad has been lonely this whole time, I still feel a little worried even though his body is better now, how about we bring dad to the hospital for a check up?”

“We’ve already done it five times, if we do it one more time, dad would get angry even if he were used to it.”

Uh, clearly the adopted son was more filial than his actual son. Normally Shu Ning would give Shu Cheng a call, and even more so recently where he called him daily. Shu Cheng knew that it didn’t count if Shu Ning says he’s coming back, so that was why he would only speak with Shu Heng about such matters. Shu Ning rolled his eyes and a thought came to mind:”That doesn’t count, I want to come with, who knows if he lied to deal with us?”

Although Shu Heng did not go with him, his men were there for it. Shu Ning had once mentioned sending a few people to keep by Shu Cheng’s side, so naturally Shu Heng wouldn’t just pretend to agree. Besides, the ones protecting his dad were naturally very good people, you can’t hire a good bodyguard even if you had all the money in the world, so naturally Shu Heng put a lot of effort into this, the ones he left by his side may not me able to deal with a hundred men at once, but dealing against ten was still an easy feat.

And the ten mentioned there wouldn’t be any ordinary people, but rather wicked people like murderers and the like, Shu Cheng was practically invincible!

Shu Ning kissed Shu Heng’s face and looked at him with a cheeky gaze:”Is that a no?”

“I agree,”Shu Heng quickly returned his kisses, and looked at him with a pleasant gaze:”Anything for you.”

“That’s good then, let’s go back at the end of this month, I still have a few gatherings to attend. What about you, brother?”

“It’s the same for me.”

Shu Ning had a lot of gatherings but he had a lot of business to attend to as well, he can only leave with no worries after everything is properly arranged. Shu Heng understood, after all he had even more businesses under him, and similarly he had a lot of things to arrange as well.

After this, Shu Ning really laid on the bed for an entire day, playing the stock markets, some games, and calling his classmates, he did everything in his room from eating, using the toilet, and sleeping, he was living even more comfortably than a lazy little worm. But when it came night time, he was instead in the predicament of not being able to sleep. He laid down in Shu Heng’s arms, looking at the stars, admiring the moon, Shu Ning even recalled that Shu Heng’s singing voice was pretty good, with some hesitation, he wanted to ask.

“What’s wrong?”

“Brother, do you know how to sing?”

“I do.”

“Then why have I never heard you sing?”

“Do you want to?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning quickly nodded. The two were currently on the top floor, sitting on a blanket. The wind was cooling, but it was just lacking in feelings:”How about, I sing you a song, big brother?”

Shu Ning’s voice was good, he just never sang. Thinking back to it, Shu Heng was just about the same too. He’s a top student after all, all his time was used in studying, how was he going to find time to sing? And Shu Heng was so aloof, who would dare to let him sing? Shu Ning’s actions were no different from petting a tiger at this point, but Shu Heng did not feel this way. He tightened his hold of the person in his arms, and frowned lightly:”Go ahead and sing, I’ll be the one to entertain you next time.”

Shu Ning’s mouth curled into a smile. It seems his big brother did not pay much attention to music after all, so he chose a popular song with cheerful, relaxing, and loving lyrics. One and then another, after finishing the third song, Shu Heng lowered his head to kiss Shu Ning, not allowing him to sing anymore, he was worried that he would hurt his throat. After all, it took more effort for him to moan at night.

Shu Ning’s face was blushed red since they were at the top floor after all, He couldn’t let go of Shu Heng and couldn’t push him away either, he didn’t know what to do.

Shu Heng’s kiss was deep and he noticed that the little one wasn’t paying attention, but he quickly realized the reason and immediately carried Shu Ning, bringing him downstairs in a big stride. Returning to the room, he walked towards the bed while Shu Ning was holding Shu Heng’s neck tightly, his kiss was also insatiable, their lips tussled as his clothes fell, merging together into one with their caresses, this was the first time they had such a passionate night, Shu Ning couldn’t help but feel sleepy.

After coming out, Shu Heng released Shu Ning’s waist, and retreated carefully. He got on the ground and brought something over, putting it on Shu Ning. Shu Ning’s eyes were hazy, he wanted to sleep but he didn’t dare to, he wanted to know what Shu Heng was up to. After he had a good look at it, he was so shocked that his tongue was tangled, he he he he’s making me wear a skirt?

He actually put a skirt on me Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“Brother……You……You you you……”

“A new product, baby, how about we give this a go and see the results?”

Shu Ning shook his head and pushed him away:”No no no no can do, this is too much, I’m not doing it, take it off, quickly~ Ah……”

Shu Heng picked up Shu Ning and brought him towards the crystal table, and put him down, allowing Shu Ning to sit on the ground while the upper half of his body laid flat on the table. The exhausted Shu Ning was so embarrassed that his handsome face had turned red, he could guess what his big brother meant to do and he felt very sad, so he decided it best to just look in front. Shu Heng peeled up the skirt, and he kneaded the two mounds roughly. Shu Ning started to pant, and slowly his mind drifted, falling down into ecstasy.


What an alluring moan, Shu Heng narrowed his eyes comfortably, pressing himself down against Shu Ning:”Baby, hearing your voice is enough to make my heart shatter.”

“Heng~ Love me~”

Shu Ning turned back to look at him with his eyes fine as silk, glazed with tears. Shu Heng sucked in a breath and his eyes reddened, excitedly launching an attack, pushing Shu Ning to higher heights again and again. The both of them felt very wonderful and amazing, unable to keep themselves from the pleasure.

And so, Shu Ning was still sleeping in the next afternoon, he was lazy like a proud little kitten huddled together. Shu Heng felt him quite pitiful, and couldn’t bear to interrupt his sleep, so he let Shu Ning have a good rest. While he was doing his work, Shu Cheng gave Shu Heng a call, urging the two to return earlier. Shu Heng told him about Shu Ning’s ideas, and both Shu Cheng and Shu Heng knew of Shu Ning’s businesses, it was a company that was still snowballing, growing bigger and bigger by the day.

Let’s take the English tuition classes for example, there were already a hundred branches, so many that they were developing past just the capital, especially around C City and F City which contained the most of them, Shu Ning did very well, paying his respects to his roots and whatnot, If Shu Cheng had not been paying attention to Qin Yu Fu, he would not have known that Shu Ning had even fixed up the roads in his hometown, and even introduced pig raising to increase the wealth, and he even made it very popular.

There were eighty branches to the cyber cafe, and each of them were big moneymakers. The places he chose were not bad, all being built away from schools, not allowing underage students to enter, he was doing way better than those malicious businessmen, as expected of my son.

“Xiao Heng, since you’ve already graduated, how about you come help your dad out in the company?”Shu Cheng tried to ask, the relationship between Shu Ning and Shu Heng was too good so Shu Ning chose to develop his business in the capital, then Shu Heng……He may probably not be leaving C City.

“Dad, I feel that what the company needs right now is not my participation, you can put me down as a figurehead for now, but I can’t relax leaving Shu Ning alone in the capital.”

“I don’t either, let’s discuss about this when you’re back, what about Ning Ning? How come I can’t reach him on the phone?”

“He’s been going to a lot of gatherings lately so he’s very tired, I helped him turn off his phone on purpose cause I wanted him to get more rest,”Shu Heng then changed the topic, he was worried about his adoptive father:”You should let the family doctor stay in the ancestral home, the weather’s starting to change recently, don’t catch a cold.”

“Got no use for em.”

Shu Heng insisted:”Even if you don’t, what about Shu Yao?”

Only then did Shu Cheng relax, finding the reason within his words:”Alright then, we’ll get everything adjusted when Shu Ning’s back, he’s too thin.”

When the call ended, Shu Heng looked at the flowers in the yard with a leisurely gaze. He felt something tighten around his waist, Shu Ning who slept till the afternoon was finally up, and his tone wasn’t very nice:”Shu Yao……What happened with him?”

My little gunpowder bucket~ Too adorable, how could he move me so much? Shu Heng’s eyes brightened up. Shu Ning had actually already been seen from the glass while he was creeping over. He turned around without hesitation and pulled him fully into his embrace, and landed a loving kiss on his lips, squeezing his little nose and his little ear, he loved playing with him so much he couldn’t stop himself:”Are you aware that all’s fair in a war?”


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  1. I am amazed by the vigor of these brothers, the last chapters were full of papapapa, the good thing is that NN has become accustomed enough not to faint (///ω///)💕

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  2. After thinking of how ruthlessly they’ve dealt with everyone so far, I’m seriously worried about Shu Yao. I won’t let Shu Ning off if he goes after a toddler for something he did in a past life, that’s just below my bottom line.

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  3. “Xiao Heng, since you’ve already graduated, how about you come help your dad out in the company?”Shu Heng tried to ask,

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  4. Ok ok I still love the story but really? Mama bird feeding?
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