RWSB Chapter 121

“Alright then, you only meant well for father anyway,”Shu Ning’s heart felt gloomy, Shu Yao was something big in Shu CHeng’s heart, and it seems before something happens to Shu Cheng, it would be best for him not to do anything to Shu Yao, he was just a four year old child.

His thoughts seemed wonderful, but reality was cruel.

Shu Heng and Shu Ning separated to handle their companies, met up with their school mates, and quickly settled their teacher thanking banquets and whatnot before getting on a plane back to C City.

Everything was well at home. Shu Cheng returned to the ancestral home in the evening and the bodyguards took out a few big toys from the trunk, sending it up to the third floor. Both Shu Heng and Shu Ning did not bring any gifts for Shu Yao so Shu Cheng prepared some himself, how thoughtful of him. But Shu Ning did not appreciate that, he shut off his computer and went downstairs with Shu Heng.

Shu Cheng had been too busy so he wasn’t able to attend both Shu Heng and Shu Ning’s graduation ceremonies, but he bought Shu Ning a car, and gave Shu Ning a red packet worth five million.

The three sat together and had their dinner while the little Shu Yao was looking left and right, he was very curious since he was now four, and he was quite adorable.

But not even in his wildest dreams would Shu Ning think that he would be framed. Shu Cheng changed their previous rectangular table to a round table because it felt more intimate for everyone to sit together in a circle. And so this made it so that Shu Ning had Shu Yao to one side, and Shu Heng on the other, while Shu Cheng sat opposite of him. The four of them sat together, all men, there were no women in the family.

With a clink, a little spoon fell to the ground while Shu Yao pursed his lips, seeming as if he wanted to cry but did not as he looked towards Shu Ning, feeling very upset.

What are you looking at me for? Shu Ning was expressionless, and Shu Heng had also noticed. Shu Cheng raised an eyebrow and took Shu Yao’s little hand:”What’s wrong sweetheart?”

“He dropped my spoonie.”

“Your brother made you drop your little spoon?”Shu Cheng asked and looked towards the maid:”What’re you standing around for?”

The maid replaced his spoon with a new one so now Shu Yao had a new little spoon, and happily continued to eat his dinner. This was just a small episode, but it made Shu Ning want to vomit. Who touched him? The key point was that this was only a small issue, if Shu Ning wanted to get to the bottom of it, he would just be too petty, it would be too distasteful to bicker with a child over this.

After their meal, Shu Cheng brought Shu Heng to the study because there was something he had to discuss with him, and he asked Shu Ning to send Shu Yao upstairs to the room on the third floor and to help him look after him for now.

Secretly Shu Ning felt quite depressed about it but Shu Cheng really was a good dad, it was just quite unfortunate that he was blind. Shu Ning knew about Shu Yao’s character so he followed him from far behind, getting the maid to carry him upstairs. In the end, the toy in Shu Yao’s hand broke, and noisily he ran to Shu Ning’s legs, staring at him with his big eyes, pursing his lips, and he cried.

The maid carried Shu Yao with her two hands, a flash of disappointment flashing past her eyes:”Young master, can you please help the little young master pick up his toy?”

Normally there were quite a lot of maids but Shu Cheng dismissed them on purpose, all this was so that Shu Ning could get along with Shu Yao more. The toy had been dropped ob purpose by the maid, this was also part of Shu Cheng’s wishes, if not she would not have dared to do so. It’s easy earning the Shu family’s money, all you had to do was know your own place, and do your work well without butting into their business.

Shu Ning wasn’t used to having to deal with such matters, so he took out his phone to call the butler. Sun Hao Ran was currently busy so he quickly sent a maid over, and her breathing was somewhat unstable:”Greetings, young master.”

“There’s too much stuff to do and she can’t manage them all,”stated Shu Ning as he looked towards the toy on the ground.

The maid quickly nodded in obeyance. She picked up the toy and gave it a wipe before handing it over to the third young master. The two women walked up together and they did not expect to see Shu Yao himself throw down his toy, and it rolled down the stairs in a loud clatter before reaching Shu Ning’s legs once again. Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, looking towards the smiling Shu Yao.

Does he think this is fun?

This time, the maid who was carrying Shu Yao did not dare to ask Shu Ning to pick it up, then the other maid hurried downstairs to pick up the toy before rushing back upstairs, she was very dedicated.

Shu Yao stretched his hand out but the maid didn’t give it back to him, she was afraid that he might continue throwing it down the stairs again, what if he accidentally hurts the second young master? Seeing that the maid wasn’t giving it to him, the little guy quickly pursed his lips in preparation to cry. Not knowing what she should do, the maid ended up giving it to him in the end. He was the little young master after all, and the second young master was watching, she was afraid that she may be fired if she did not show respect to the young master.

And what happened after was easy to guess. Although Shu Yao was small, but the advantage of him throwing something from top to bottom was very obvious. The toy flew towards Shu Ning’s head, and the outcome of if it landed could be imagined.

If this were Shu Ning from his past life, he definitely would not dodge, clearly displaying the extent of Shu Yao’s wickedness. But if he wanted to be happy this lifetime, he wouldn’t jump out into a disaster himself. Taking a step away, Shu Ning evaded it. Although it did not hit him, Shu Yao was still overjoyed, laughing happily, and clapping his little hands in pleasure.

Shu Ning was very magnanimous, he waved his hands and the two maids wiped their sweat, finally they were able to safely send the young master back to his room.

Shu Ning who stood at the door of the bedroom on the third floor watched Shu Yao as he played pretend cowboy, and he was even holding a toy whip, there was no need to mention how much fun he was having, even his face was red. The maid crawled forwards with a carpet beneath her, if Shu Yao did not sit well and fall over, he would get hurt. Shu Ning took a video of the scene and deliberately sent it to Shu Cheng so he could see it, especially the most wonderful part where the maid pretended to neigh.

Shu Cheng who received the video put down his teacup and opened it up to watch expressionlessly. Although Shu Heng did not watch the video, he could tell what the contents of the video was just by sound alone, but he did not care.

Shu Yao was stubborn and hard to discipline. When Qin Yu Zhuo was still around, it was still bearable, but because Qin Yu Zhuo had not been sensible, wasting the love Shu Cheng had for her, he could only sigh. Shu Cheng felt much pity towards Shu Yao, losing his mother at such a young age, it would be bad for him to pick up bad habits in the future. Shu Cheng sent out a text message, asking Shu Ning to stop him as is proper.

The maids were hired staff so they couldn’t be treated with cruelty, it really was not proper for Shu Yao to ride on them. Shu Ning’s mouth curled into a smile, he wasn’t used to having to deal with Shu Yao’s troubles so he immediately told the maid to get up, and to quickly give the young master a bath before tucking him in to sleep. The maid hated giving Shu Yao his bath because that naughty little guy would splash her wet every single time, but she couldn’t do anything about it, she was angry but she didn’t dare to speak out about it.

Today passed as usual, Shu Yao had great fun splashing water everywhere, spraying it all over the maid’s face, making her wet to her skirt, she ended up quite the mess. Shu Ning drank his milk calmly, and went over after half an hour had passed. The maid had still yet to come out so he looked towards the other maid unhappily:”Go take a look, it won’t be good if he catches a cold from taking a bath for so long.”

The maid gritted her teeth, everyone knew that this one didn’t like spoiling the young master, so she tried to cut in:”Young master, it would always take an hour to bathe the little young master, regardless of the season.”

“It’s alright for the summer but it’s too much for the winter, go in there and ask them to speed up, his bath should be done in thirty minutes tops in the future, if not he may catch a cold.”


The maid was overjoyed and immediately did as he ordered. Shu Ning’s gaze was leisurely, then a fierce flash flickered through them, Shu Yao had a lot of shitty problems, but they should be corrected one by one. Shu Ning was no fool, Shu Cheng definitely did this on purpose so that they could live peacefully in the future, so he played the role of the “bad guy” today. Facing his son who had already grown up, he trusts that even Shu Cheng would not push the matter too far.

Shu Yao who still hadn’t had enough fun yet was crying loudly, not allowing the maid to wipe his body. He started to throw things around, grabbing whatever he could get his hands on, and he even threw them all at her body. The maid was suffering so much that Shu Ning had to speak out again ╮(╯▽╰)╭ It had just been an hour but Shu Cheng rushed over, his heart ached with pity as he quickly picked up Shu Yao who was wailing so much that his eyes were red and swollen.

“Big brother is a bad guy~ Big brother is a bad guy~ I don’t want him~ Make him leave~ Sob sob sob~”He wailed.

“Ning Ning, you should head back first and take a rest,”Shu Cheng was unhappy but he did not have any intentions of scolding Shu Ning, because if he were to nag Shu Ning because of Shu Yao, the two brothers will have a hard time getting along in the future. Shu Cheng was a smart man, so he put on a smile, and nobody could tell what he was thinking:”Don’t worry, daddy’s here.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning nodded and stood up, turning back to look at Shu Cheng when he reached the door:”You should leave him to the maids, you still need to go to work tomorrow so don’t give yourself too much trouble dad.”


His son was still the good son he always had, he just didn’t like his little brother. Shu Cheng could only sigh.

Shu Heng who was worried of his brother waited by the door, leaning his slender body against the wall, looking extremely handsome and giving people a sense of security. Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and they left together. Shu Heng waited until they reached their room on the second floor before he carried Shu Ning, and slowly swayed him side by side:”Did you have to go through a lot of trouble?”

“You think a kid like that can make me pissed off?”

“Well we can’t be sure, we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Shu Ning rolled his eyes and suddenly understood:”Did you see what happened earlier during dinner? Did he drop it on purpose?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning lowered his head to rub his cheeks against the top of Shu Ning’s head, and kissed him on the forehead:”I saw him throw the spoon towards your feet.”

“It doesn’t count if you see it, dad has to be the one to see it,”Shu Ning pouted gloomily, he was shocked, that kid was only four and he already knew how to frame people with his angelic appearance, he may think that this is just a game now, that it’s great fun to see people fall into misfortune. He has the essence of the devil, there’s no saving him, he’s getting more and more shameless as he grows older.

There were surveillance cameras in the living room, Shu Heng knew but he did not mention them, if he were to do that his adoptive father would definitely think that he was making a big ruckus out of a small issue, so he didn’t put it to heart even if he had seen the truth, his father would think that both his elder sons couldn’t tolerate the youngest, not even letting go of a tiny mistake, they would’ve looked very bad.

And so Shu Heng felt that Shu Ning was truly too aggrieved, he comforted him incessantly and this instead served to cause Shu Ning’s face to redden, and his heartbeat to quicken, he wanted it:”Brother~ What are we going to do?”

Shu Heng was too wise a man so immediately he was able to understand what Shu Ning meant. He was also filled with passion so he couldn’t wait to push him down to the ground, doing him a good three hundred rounds or so:”Let’s do it once, but don’t worry, I won’t leave any marks on your body.”

Shu Ning’s thoughts fluttered and he licked the corners of his lips:”Just once? Wouldn’t that be too much of a grievance for you?”

“Then we can do it twice, I have my ways of hiding it,”Shu Heng carried Shu Ning sideways and went towards the bathroom. THe water had already been prepared so they could feel free to take their passionate bath at any time, he can guarantee that his little brother would be pleading for a second round. Shu Heng was strong, young, and filled with passion, his stamina was shocking. His eyes that were usually deep as an abyss were now red with haste, and his entire body was hot.

Shu Ning felt as if he were shooting himself in the foot, he curled his arms around his brother’s neck and playfully nibbled on his throat and his chin, making sure to put enough care into it so as to not leave any traces. A wicked grin rose up from his lips, and Shu Ning’s charm was overflowing at this moment:”Like this?”

Shu Heng sucked in a breath, and stripped him bare as soon as they reached the bathroom, throwing him into the water, and washing him clean in a hurry. Shu Ning was dumbfounded and felt a little shocked, was his brother really that impatient for it? Could it be even more exciting for him at home? Maybe ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Hopefully he doesn’t get too excited, or he won’t be able to get out of bed the next day.

“Brother, you, you……calm down……The night is long, we can take it slow ahh……”

Oh heavens, Shu Ning screamed and was taken out of the water by Shu Heng, then pressed against the wall. You’re kidding me ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Shu Ning was shocked silly, he was already being invaded by a finger in his bottom, and there was the wet feeling of a lubricant. Besides the beginning that felt slightly uncomfortable, he started to feel good after that. The hot object entered very quickly, it was big, thick, and hard.

Shu Ning took deep breaths and tried his best to relax while his two hands were stuck to the wall. His eyes were hazy and his sight started to blur, Shu Heng may not have been too deep in at the moment as he had just entered him, but he raised one of Shu Ning’s legs……

Not actually a cliffhanger as the rest of this scene is skipped entirely, good luck fujos and fudans.

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    1. I really believe that it is impossible, as NN says, it does not matter that others realize while SC does not admit that SY is problematic and needs discipline, instead of gifts ( `ω´ )
      He still asked me how he thinks dealing with him since he is only a child and has SC as backup

      Thanks for the chapter! 💕💕💕

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    2. It’s hard for SN to speak out openly about disciplining SY because SC looks at SY with rose tinted glasses particularly because SY didn’t have a mother. If SN is too obvious, SC might think he’s just not tolerant of his younger brothers. Which doesn’t help matters anyb

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    1. Can’t be help.. He just dote on his youngest.. Together being guilty for the mom & child separation he can only close 1 one eye to whatever Shu Yao’s bad behavior..

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      1. Actually could be helped. I personally think it is that he is getting to much attention and not enough discipline. If they told him what he did wrong and took away his toys or other objects he was abusing then the kid could learn. If they ignored his whining when he has no right to act spoiled then he would learn that not everything is about him. For some reason though Shu Cheng learned nothing from raising Heng and not being able to raise Ning that he is being too lenient. I mean Ning was not raised by him and Cheng said he regretted that but in the beginning did not even offer him any toys much less his love and affection but this new child is oh~ so pitiful for not having his mother. Like what in the actual hell is going on in his brain. The maids add to the fact as they are humoring the child instead of showing their boss what the child is doing and asking for him to hire an official nanny. I mean he has camera’s everywhere so hiring a nanny and letting her teach the child in his stead is much better than him trying to raise the child and run a buisness or forcing it off on Ning who for all intense and purpose did quite well considering he did not use the good old spanking technique. I just think Cheng really is thinking too much with his loathsome heart and not enough with his misplaced brains. Though mostly probably still the maids faults for humoring Yao since the beginning.

        Anyway if they hired a nanny to look after the child then he could probably still be saved but Shu Cheng is too selfish hoping to raise his last child without the proper skill set.

        Team Wipe Out

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      2. I always feel Shu Cheng is truly not a father material. He dotes blindly on his youngest son because of yada yada reason. Shu Ning is much more tragic, no mom and been separated for 13 years, not even born under the eyes of his dad (well this might contribute to Shu Cheng bias to Shu Yao). But really, Shu Cheng as a dad is a disaster. Shu Heng grown up well thanks to his early maturity and Shu Gao guidance, Shu Ning due to his reborn yet even without reborn he is naive and gullible from his grandmother care. I’m anticipating Shu Yao future self. Shu Cheng death might have something to do with him (that is why Shu Ning doesn’t know clearly on it).


  1. Shouldn’t a misbehaving kid be told right away what they did wrong with a short, precise, and logical explanation? Well, a normal older individual should to a normal kid. Unless you’d get a monster in your hands. With this family though…. [sighs]

    Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Helli-chan!

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  2. He’s just a normal bratty kid. I feel like with some involvement sans his mom, SY could turn out fine. What do they think a small child is like? Kids who don’t get attention act out. Treat him well and if he still grows up to be a terrible human then deal with it. Ugh.

    That said, SH is such a good big bro. Thanks for the great translation Rai 😘😘♥️♥️

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    1. Honestly, I thought the mom was the problem before. But now, I see Shu Cheng really has A+ parenting. I think SY can turn out good only if SN actually wants him to. If he puts in the time to teach him then at least someone will be raising the kid. It seems a bit much to give a 4-year-old a death sentence based on his literal past life. But then again, the trend of this author tends to support the idea that “people can’t change who they really are.” (low-key still not over how the uncle gets scammed over and over and over and over again -__-)

      Thanks for the translation! ❤

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    1. That sadly ignored by Shu Cheng. I kind of empathize with Ning since in his mind, this Shu Yao is the same Shu Yao of his past life that appears like angel on front but torments him like devil from the back. It is hard to unseen something that deeply rooted until your last breath (while Shu Heng is just Shu Heng, he acts with Ning in mind). So I really feels that the problem lies dormant on Shu Cheng. Like the spoon incident, he can say “Ning Ning careful when eating and Yao Yao too, hold your spoon properly so that it won’t fall easily. See how daddy hold my spoon?” Not blatantly scolding Ning while teaching Yao proper table manner through role model. Bathing and playing incidents too. If the maids had been established with certain power by SC, they won’t just been tossed around like that.

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  4. Okay so so far, Shu Yao it’s still salvageable, so do your best to live through the end of the novel! (Tho that doesn’t exactly seem likely 😐)
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  7. I think that in shu ning first life Shu Yao learn to be manipulative and to hide behind the facade of perfect and angelical son. But in these life there is no Quin mother to mold shu yao. And Shu Cheng is way to blind to the braty child, and as we are reading, he will not bring the 3r son under control. A shame

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  8. The way SC spoiling and raise SY bothered me. You have to make children to admit their wrong doing, but not by bribing them with new toys or anything. I’m not reading that SC have to hit SY,
    But SY study need to be teach about discipline and respect. He need to know his consequences of his wrong doing. Seriously did all rich family raise their kid like SC did?

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  9. Little devil SY! Oh…he really be the son of snake woman. If SC not teach him ,but only spoil him so in future he will turn to very bad kid.


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    There’s saying pregnant time actually the time seed of personality begins to grow.. So yeah what’s his mother’s did when she pregnant maybe influence the baby..

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  12. *just an intermezzo*
    We (me & my colleague s) got framed by our boss daughter (6 y.o) 2 days ago…
    it’s a small matter, but it really shocked me… srsly, lil kid like that, already had an evil mind..
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    1. Rather than normal brattiness, I think it’s more that those who are bratty like Shu Yao can still grow up to be normal with the right influences. It’s not to an irreversible extent. The kid senses that he is disliked and is reacting to it in my view.


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