RWSB Chapter 122

Sorry for the late update! I had to go outside for a few days but I am now home, and it is inktober so I may occasionally post some drawings (not this post bc im slow)


After a night of tussling, they were fully exhausted. When Shu Ning woke up, the sun was shining outside, it was already the afternoon. Yawning as he sat up, Shu Ning rubbed his eyes. Shu Heng was not here, could he have went to the study to work?

Taking out his phone, he held down the number 1. The phone had not even begun to ring and Shu Heng had already picked up, speaking to him in a gentle tone:”Are you hungry?”

“Mm, have you eaten lunch yet, brother?”

“Mm,”Shu Heng gaze was deep, and he was happy:”Did you want me to eat with you? Or……”

Shu Ning’s mouth twitched and he immediately replied:”No, no need for that, you should worry about your work first brother, I was just asking, and if you hadn’t then we could eat together~”

He quickly hung up. Oh my god, Shu Ning’s face was red. He touched his face, it felt hot as if he had a fever. With how Shu Heng said it, he was sure that he was meaning to feed him mouth to mouth, but that was way too embarrassing for Shu Ning. He shook his head and shuddered, then calling the kitchen with the landline phone to instruct them to send some food over. Shu Ning played a few rounds of games, and it didn’t take long for his food to arrive. The maid put each of the dishes onto the table. If it were Shu Heng, he definitely would not need Shu Ning to get off the bed to eat, he would care for him as if he were a cripple.

Shu Ning waited for the maid to leave before he got off, his body was currently not doing well and it would be best not to have the maids find out. There were eight dishes with a soup, while a fragrant bowl of rice was placed before him, Shu Ning was hungry but he ate elegantly. Shu Heng opened the door, and walked to the table before sitting down, putting the soup by Shu Ning’s side:”You should drink more to hydrate your throat.”

Shu Ning was very obedient, drinking his soup as he ate his rice. Every so often, he would peer over to Shu Heng’s handsome face, beauty can actually also sate his hunger with the sight of a beauty (*^__^*)

Shu Heng waited for Shu Ning to finish his meal before he spoke his business:”I plan to go to dad’s office starting from tomorrow, what about you? Do you want to come with?”

“What are you trying to say, big brother?”Shu Ning looked at him leisurely, his brows slightly raised:”You know that I don’t like it, but you’re still going to ask me, did something happen at dad’s office?”

“Mm, there’s too many mites.”

“……”So it wasn’t an external issue but an internal one? Shu Ning knew of the existence of those people, and he also knew that the day Shu Heng was promoted was slaughter day. With a swift blade, they were exiled, imprisoned, and destroyed, if not for Qin Yu Zhuo withdrawing quickly enough, she would be removed as well, but now one of her confidants will take her place as the sacrifice, and they weren’t happy about it.

“When grandpa was still around, he cared especially much towards our relatives so he had dad swear to continue his legacy,”Shu Heng thought that Shu Ning didn’t know anything so he explained everything to him:”Grandpa felt that it was more important to care for the peace of his loved ones than to amass his wealth, so he took care of them even if they were incompetent since he didn’t lack that bit of money anyway, grandpa would tell me that quite often when I was little.”

He had been so good to them and yet they had always regarded him as malicious, and their greed had also been aroused. It seems that grandpa’s kindness had truly been for nought, but Shu Heng did not put it to heart, neither did Shu Ning:”I get what you’re trying to do now.”

“Ning, I’m not dad’s real son after all so I’m sure that won’t feel too bad if you came with me for this. Ning, can’t you share some of the burden for your brother?”

Both his grandpa and his dad did not care but Shu Heng insisted, this proved that someone had been going overboard, and he can no longer watch silently. Shu Heng was so high in the peaks, not putting anything in his eyes, but could it be……Someone had threatened Shu Cheng’s life? He definitely would not be able to beat with that, he had to take care of them before danger comes.

Was it the second family? They deliberately wanted to get rid of Shu Cheng, and they wanted to see Shu Heng make a fool of himself out of panic. There were still several shareholders that would appear with a smile on their faces, but they were actually harbored evil intentions as well, they were waiting for the right opportunity, but whether it was Shu Gao or Shu Cheng, the were too powerful and impeccable, and the Shu Heng that came after that brought the Shu clan to even higher heights, so they had no chance to make their move.

Shu Ning dropped his head down and thought for a moment, Shu Heng did not need a partner, so for him to do this, his intentions were……Was he trying to attract my interest towards the company?

Although he didn’t want to get involved, this matter concerned his dad so he had to be cautious. Shu Ning raised his head, and his eyes glowed with enthusiasm:”Since brother needs me, I will of course, oblige.”

Shu Heng put his hand behind Shu Ning’s head, and rubbed his forehead against his:”I just knew you would agree.”

Humph, so you’ve been planning against me _(:зゝ∠)_ Better watch out or I’ll bite you tonight →_→

Around five in the evening, Shu Cheng gave Shu Ning a call, asking him to bring Shu Yao over for dinner, and to play with the little baby for a while since Shu Cheng wouldn’t be able to return tonight before eight.

Shu Ning agreed, he didn’t expect that his dad hadn’t given up yet, he really had such love for Shu Yao.

During their meal, Shu Yao was very obedient, and didn’t speak much either, looking with his big eyes at Shu Ning, touching the little toy in his pants every so often, but he did not look at Shu Heng from the start to the end. Shu Ning felt puzzled, sure enough everyone liked picking the softer persimmons of the tree, do I really look that easy to bully?  ̄へ ̄

After their meal, Shu Heng had something to do so he wanted to bring Shu Ning to the study, but Shu Ning refused, he insists on watching over Shu Yao before dad returned. After Shu Heng left, Shu Ning felt that the room felt too gloomy so he had a maid bring Shu Yao over to the yard to play. He looked at his phone as he sat on a swing, but he did not play any games, there were many business opportunities in C City and he did not intend to idle around as a babysitter.

It was summer so daylight lasts long into the night, the sky only started to dim at around eight o’clock. The sound of a car could be heard, and Shu Yao immediately sat his little body up, tugging the maid’s skirt:”Is daddy back? Is that daddy?”

The maid had already received the message:”Yes it is, do you want to go over there, young master?”

“Mm,”Shu Yao was overjoyed, and his impatient expression could not be concealed.

The maid went forth with Shu Yao in hand while Shu Ning followed behind. From afar, he could see Shu Cheng’s figure, and right at this time, Shu Yao suddenly burst into tears, the loud wailing type of cry. Shu Ning cocked his head to the side, looking towards the maid in confusion. The maid was also stunned, why was he suddenly crying out of nowhere? And she was afraid that he was probably getting ready for a complaint!

The maid was worried and quickly she wanted to pick him up, but Shu Yao took a step back, sitting his butt on the ground. Since his little hand had been touching the dirt and the flowers, his pleasant looking face was sneakily buried in all the smudge while he wiped his tears.

“Was he like this usually as well, having random convulsions like that?”

His voice was like an angel calling out to the maid, this little young master was way beyond just hard to take care of, but what could she do? Although the second young master was very upright, she did not dare to speak the truth:”When the young master really gets naughty, I will coax him well.”

Coax? Shu Ning rolled his eyes in his heart.

Shu Cheng had a quick jog over to Shu Yao’s side. Shu Yao was crying so hard his chest heaved and he hiccupped, looking pitiful and wronged, stretching his short little hands out for a hug. Shu Yao’s heart ached to no end, immediately picking him up to comfort him:”What is wrong with daddy’s little sweetheart? Who made you unhappy?”

The maid’s complexion was like a corpse, she was definitely in for a nagging again.

But not even in her dreams would she have expected the second young master to help her. Shu Yao did not walk to the front because he felt grossed out being near Shu Yao:”Dad, he’s the young master, who’s going to provoke my little brother? Everyone’s already thanking the heavens if he doesn’t cause a stir for once.”

And how could Shu Cheng not understand?”He’s young so just let it go, I’ll discipline him when we’re back.”

It had just been a casual remark but for Shu Ning it had been anything but. Qin Yu Zhuo used to discipline Shu Yao in the past and since Shu Ning was his brother anyway, it was proper of him to have such thoughts. Shu Yao who had been instilled with such thoughts had become more and more disrespectful to Shu Ning, but he doted on him so he did not find any faults with it. This was also the attitude displayed by Shu Cheng, so Shu Ning was unhappy and his face was gloomy.

“Dad, education starts from birth, “In ancient times people would say a loving mother raises more spoilt children, but these words can be used for the father just the same.”

“Are you saying I’m spoiling him?”

“Isn’t that so?”For the first time, Shu Ning argued with him and looked straight at him:”There are maids and bodyguards at home who would let his actions slide, but can you say the same outside? Dad, you’re not the emperor.”


Shu Heng suddenly appeared behind and circled his arms around Shu Ning’s waist:”Ning, don’t talk to dad like that.”

“I’m sorry, dad.”Shu Ning dropped his head.

Shu Heng looked towards Shu Cheng, and Shu Cheng who had been pursing his lips sighed:”You should return today and rest, Xiao Ning should be getting tired now. Don’t forget to heat up some milk for him, Heng Heng.”

“Mm,”Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s hand and walked towards the little forest.

Shu Cheng looked at their figure as they walked away, did he really pamper Shu Yao too much? Why didn’t he notice? When Shu Heng was young, his dad had been extremely strict while Shu Ning had grown up at the countryside, if he took them as comparisons, he really has been doting on Shu Yao too much. When Shu Heng was this young, he at least was able to speak two languages, recite Tang poems backwards, and even knew how to write quite many words.

The little guy in his arms was crying so much that he was already starting to hiccup:”Daddy~ Big brother is bad~ Big brother bullied me~ Sob sob sob~”

“What did big brother do to you?”

“He hit me!”

Sweat could be seen lining the maid’s forehead, the young master was learning to be more and more unruly, the second young master had never even been near him from the start to the end, how did he hit him? Was he an octopus?”

Shu Cheng picked up Shu Yao and returned. By the time he finished his dinner, it was already nine o’clock. He called the maid over to ask about things after putting Shu Yao to bed. The maid did not dare to offend anyone so she replied very vaguely. Shu Cheng had been pampering his kids a lot from the very start so he took a big issue as a small one, and the maid had been so vague with everything that she said that naturally it turned into a non-issue after a while.

However, Shu Cheng had still found several teachers to educate Shu Yao, it was time for him to start learning things.

Since Shu Heng wanted to bring Shu Ning to the company tomorrow, he didn’t put it in when they did it, he had only used his legs for a few rounds of pa pa pa. Afterwards, Shu Ning swayed about as he walked with his body bare with fluids flowing down his thighs, and the sight of it made Shu Heng’s throat feel dry, he still wanted to go for another round, but for the sake of his lover he endured it. He could watch that scene no longer, Shu Heng picked Shu Ning up in a swoop and took him to the bathroom to clean him up, then they slept together in a mutual embrace. Ever since Shu Ning gave him the ring, the two cautious ones hadn’t been wearing them on their fingers usually, they hung it on a black rope, wearing them on their necks.

This was Shu Ning’s idea since a red rope wouldn’t suit Shu Heng. Actually, Shu Heng wanted Shu Ning to use a red rope since Shu Ning’s skin was as pale as snow, it was exceptionally pleasant to look at with a good and supple feeling. Black was quite nice as well, it had a hint of sexiness, and to put it plainly Shu Heng just liked Shu Ning, he liked to pamper him, stick to him, and he would never get tired of watching him.

The next morning, Shu Heng and Shu Ning brushed their teeth together in the washroom, and the naughty little Shu Ning had a good pinch of the soft flesh on Shu Heng’s stomach, this caused Shu Heng’s gaze to darken, and had ideas to do stuff with him.

Shu Ning was clever, so seeing that the situation wasn’t good, he skittered away.

After the incident from yesterday, there had been no gap between Shu Cheng and Shu Ning, they were still in great harmony like the pair of father and son that they are, and it was naturally so.

Shu Heng was at ease now. First he picked some vegetables for Shu Cheng before picking some for Shu Ning, while Shu Yao wasn’t at the table, it seems that Shu Cheng has finally thought things through. Shu Ning had actually thought about a lot as well, how could Shu Cheng give up? Shu Yao had been very playful last night so he was still sleeping till now.

The three got on the Lincoln and headed towards the company. Shu Cheng spoke to them about some things on the way, and Shu Ning nodded, putting them in his mind.

Shu Heng was the acting president so his position was high, while Shu Ning just wanted to be a leech. He could help share some of Shu Cheng’s anger directed at Shu Heng but he couldn’t actually help with much, and Shu Heng didn’t force him either, all the internal and external matters were piled up like a mountain as usual in front of him, This was what Shu Ning felt, as his lower, naturally he would not defy him.

Knock knock knock, someone knocked on the door and entered, and the familiar smell made Shu Ning frown.


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  1. I love this story and thank you for your translations!!!
    Since the beginning I truly hope that his little brother would be someone decent, but I think at this point is very safe to said that that’s not gonna happen, and the sad part it’s that a lot of it is his father fault for not raising him correctly, because at this point in time he seems rotten to the core.

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  2. Shu Yao really spoilt to rotten.. true.. Shu Ning managed to rid of the mother.. but Shu Cheng still acted like a stupid dad.. I am so done with this drama 😂

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  5. Thanks for the chapter! I think it’s a bit more than just spoiling… Shu Yao is actively plotting at such a young age, not just reacting when he doesn’t get what he wants. There’s something a bit twisted in this kid’s psyche. He’s hurting people who haven’t done anything to trouble him. Shu Cheng’s spoiling him only made it more obvious.

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  7. For the first time I disliked the attitude of SC, I understand that I want your child and consent but everything must have a limit, as NN said at home all support it more by obligation than by anything else but what happens when it goes, there will be people who bother or will not tolerate their tantrums think decapitate them all, if SH would believe it … I hate parents who hide RB love not to give real education to their children, causing more harm than good (*`ω´*)

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    Ugh the most infuriating is SY still a baby, even tho he’s a shitty baby i don’t want any physical harm comes to him so i wish he grow up fast so SN can kick his ass literally!

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