RWSB Chapter 123

Ji Na was the little princess of the Ji clan.

The family that came after both the He clan and the Shen clan was that Ji clan. The old head of the family was no longer taking care of things, now there was just his son, his grandson, and his granddaughter. His grandson was very amazing, and his granddaughter was no inferior either, born with a beautiful appearance, she was the most outstanding out of all the young ladies in C City.

What was she doing here?

Shu Ning had some dealings with her in his past life, and knew that she was in love with Shu Heng, waiting up until she had turned old and she still did not teeter →_→

If a fly wanted to eat an egg with its shell intact, that was impossible, it’s too bad for her.

He reckoned that the old tricks would be pulled out again, what were they being architects for if they didn’t manage their family’s own electronics company well? And even came especially to the Shu clan to work, and in the end not only was she unable to get close to Shu Heng, she couldn’t even get herself in a good position, it was a miserable defeat. But she had a good character, she just wanted to keep on watching him, does she think she can become the second Qin Yu Zhuo?

For Qin Yu Zhuo to be able to reach a high position, she had to rely on tactics, she had climbed up from the position of a normal secretary. Even if you were to become the supervisor of the design department, you still have to be quite many floors away from Shu Heng, and why do you have to put yourself through that? If you can’t get over it, this was the only ending you could get.

However…….Shu Ning now felt a sense of crisis because this woman was too beautiful, and she was even the very top amongst the ladies in C City. Many things had changed from his past life, would his dad like for her to become his daughter-in-law?

Shu Ning who was stroking his chin was very vigilant, he even stood up unconsciously.

The beautiful woman took step after step towards Shu Heng with a smile on her face, and Shu Heng raised his head. The scene of the handsome man and the beautiful woman was a treat for the eyes, looking just like they had come out from a painting.

During their lunch, Shu Cheng had Shu Heng go out to a restaurant to order food first, he and Shu Ning will catch up with him later because he had something he wanted to say to him. Shu Heng understood, and he left the chairman’s office. Shu Cheng took a breath, he was happy and thankful that his eldest son did not suspect anything, then mysteriously he pulled out an ice cream cup before heading towards the acting chairman’s office next door. His second son was playing games inside.

“Ning Ning~”

“Dad?”It was quite shocking to suddenly hear his voice out of nowhere. Shu Ning stood up and put down his notebook:”Let’s go.”

“No hurry, it’s hot today so here, have some ice cream.”

Shu Ning was bright, he immediately sat down. Watching his dad as he took off the cover before handing him the ice cream, his heart felt fluffy:”Dad, don’t put what happened yesterday to heart.”

“How could dad ever be angry with you? Here, eat the ice cream dad personally went out to buy for you, and forgive me!”

“How could I not forgive daddy~”

“When Heng Heng was young, dad was too busy so he had always been taken care of by your grandpa. While for you, you’ve been away from me since you were young so neither of you had a mother to take care of you, Shu Yao is also in the same situation, that’s why I’ve been pampering him too much, hoping that he can be happy in his childhood, if not I would’ve been a failure as a father in this lifetime. When you grow up and have your own kids, you’ll understand.”

Kids huh →_→ Shu Heng was already bent but whether they had to adopt one or to find a surrogate mother, Shu Ning wanted to have Shu Heng’s kid, so he nodded to express his understanding, and he was willing to comfort Shu Cheng in turn as well:”I understand, but he’s too far gone, you should hire a 24 hour mentor to take care of him.”

Shu Cheng’s eyes glittered and he grabbed Shu Ning’s shoulders, leaning his head on his:”Alright, I’ll go with your idea.”

On the other side, after Shu Heng reached the restaurant, the waiter led him to a private room on the second floor. Ji Na was seated inside, wearing a floral skirt that made her body appear very slender, the smile on her beautiful little face was like a flower bud whilst her long black hair was like a silky waterfall. On her feet were a pair of white heels that were quite elegant, she had an extraordinary temperament.

“Young Master Heng, please sit.”

After Shu Heng went in, the waiter closed the door behind him sensibly. The dishes were picked out by Chairman Shu himself, and he wanted to invite these two juniors of him for a meal, so Shu Heng definitely had to give him some face, Ji Na also had the opportunity to try to get along with Shu Heng alone, it would be best if they were both interested, and even if they didn’t, they could still talk to each other more to build up their relationship, they were both twenty-one so they definitely had a lot to speak about.

When Shu Ning mentioned that they should go for lunch, Shu Cheng mysteriously tapped Shu Ning’s nose ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) And he took him to a different restaurant for food. After Shu Ning sat down, he found that his big brother was missing so he subconsciously asked. Only then did Shu Cheng let the secret out. At that time, Shu Ning leaned his head back a little, and a flicker of difficulty flashed past his eyes, his heart had skipped a beat! Dad, aren’t you afraid of your second son forcing him to kneel on a washboard if you dig a pit for your eldest son like that? Σ( ° △°|||)︴

My top had actually been sent for a blind date……Blind……Date……_(:зゝ∠)_

In just a moment, Shu Ning felt as if his heart had shattered! But why did his dad tell him that in this way? And it was even in a private room with just them two! Could he have noticed something? Shu Ning’s eyes had a little turn, and he looked towards Shu Cheng curiously:”Is it really proper to send brother to a blind date after he just graduated?”

“It is, we’ll take things slow, it would be nice if he could settle down.”

Shu Ning’s mouth twitched:”Dad, brother is so aloof, do you really think he’ll succeed?”

“It’s alright even if he wasn’t, it’s not the first time anyway, if we keep going he’ll eventually succeed.”

What? Shu Ning was very shocked, Shu Heng had actually gone for so many blind dates, why didn’t he tell me? What was he trying to do? Shu Ning lost his mood and his appetite, but he forced himself to put on a smile as he ate with Shu Cheng. Shu Cheng was a wise man, he could tell that his second son did not seem to say what he meant in his heart. When he thought about their conflict yesterday, he was slightly worried.

After their meal, they did not return to the company immediately. Shu Cheng took Shu Ning out to look at watches. After that, they went to an auto show to show their faces. Shu Ning should be interested in cars, if not, he wouldn’t display a sports car in his house in the capital, and he heard from Shu Heng that it had been given to him by Hong Rui. Shu Cheng knew what type of person Hong Rui was and he was a vicious one. Shu Ning was so white and clear that Shu Cheng was worried that somebody would have their eyes on his son, so he tried to hint at Shu Heng about this. Shu Heng had also known, so they never brought it up after that.

Shu Ning’s eyes were very bright, sweeping specially towards the sports cars. The auto show did not display cars that were too expensive so Shu Ning took a look at the BMW that costed around two million. Shu Cheng said he wanted to bring it out on a test drive, then he brought Shu Ning out for two turns. Shu Cheng finally felt relieved after he saw Shu Ning smile. The auto show manager had already called the company to tell them to leave the car here, but he didn’t expect that Shu Cheng did not actually buy it……

When Shu Heng returned to the company, he felt slightly restless, Shu Ning was definitely angry, if not dad wouldn’t leave the company behind and brought him out to relax. Everyone thought that Shu Cheng cared more about Shu Yao, but Shu Heng felt instead that Shu Cheng was afraid of Shu Ning, going soft with just one look from him. It was the same yesterday as well, when Shu Ning spoke in justification of himself, dad actually just stood there silently.

After Shu Heng’s meeting, Shu Cheng finally brought Shu Ning back. Shu Heng missed his lover so he quickly rushed over. Shu Ning ignored him as if he could not see him. Seeing that Shu Cheng wasn’t paying attention, Shu Heng picked Shu Ning up and brought him back to his own office. Shu Ning didn’t want to embarrass himself so he could only shut his mouth.

It wasn’t until the door was closed did Shu Ning finally shoot him a bitter look.

“What’s wrong?”

“Was she pretty?”

Shu Heng understood:”Did dad tell you? I didn’t know either that he arranged for the Ji family’s young lady, I was afraid that you’d overthink it. Don’t pout anymore, better be careful or I’ll bite you.”

“Humph, do you really think you have any say in this? Apologize!”

“……”Shu Heng narrowed his eyes.

Shu Ning was instead even more angered by this:”Alright, fine, you didn’t do anything wrong, it was all dad’s idea. I’m not young anymore either, I should be going out with a pretty girl for some tea and dinner as well, maybe we could even get engaged the next wu wu wu……”Shit, he really bit me! Shu Ning was pained and tried to push him but failed, so he could only enjoy it gloomily.

The kiss lasted very long, it was hot and passionate. Shu Ning nearly fainted, Shu Heng was going way too overboard, he actually did this.

“I love you.”

With just one sentence, Shu Ning’s heart started to beat like a drum and he pursed his lips:”Forget it, I forgive you.”

“You look so cute when you’re jealous,”Shu Heng put Shu Ning in his embrace, and he pulled apart his clothes before slipping his hand in, moving around his waist and even pinched the little beans. Shu Ning immediately went soft. Shu Heng’s mouth curled into a smile as he took his pants off, separated his legs, and pulled his own zipper down.

Shu Ning was shocked:”B-b-brother……We’re in the office!”

“I know, I just want to prove it to you.”

“Huh?”Σ( ° △°|||)︴

“I’m letting you check the goods in case you have any suspicions that I’m cheating on you,”Shu Heng was being serious, he wanted to send all the inventory from his body to the inside of Shu Ning’s body. Despite the little one’s resistance, he had his way and entered. He moved a little and pa pa pa pa pa pa he begun to plow the fields, holding his little brother’s waist tightly with his arms, not allowing him to escape even a centimetre.

Shu Ning wanted to cry but no tears came, he worked hard to separate his legs so that it was easier for Shu Heng:”Heng~ I’m scared~ Finish up quickly.”

“You promised to call me hubby when we’re alone.”

How overbearing, Shu Ning liked that:”Hubby~ Hurry up~”

Shu Heng’s released the limits of his horsepower while Shu Ning covered his own mouth. They finally finished after half an hour, and their dad was right next door, right next door! Shu Ning felt as if he was going to die, it felt so good that his whole body was trembling slightly. THe more afraid he was, the more deeply he felt it, and he trusts that it was probably the same for Shu Heng wasn’t it? If not, why did he insist on this? To tell the truth, this big vinegar bucket really reeked of sourness, not even allowing him to spite him with words. Shu Ning sighed, he would never go out with a pretty girl because he was born to be bottom, what would he do with a pretty girl? Become best friends? →_→

After that, the two went to the washroom to shower and change their clothes. Had Shu Heng already premeditated this was going to happen and made preparations today?

“What are you thinking about?”Shu Heng put him down on the sofa and helped him with his clothes, then he helped him lay down and even put a pillow down for him, it was hot today so he wouldn’t get sick even if he slept just like that:”You’re not allowed to get angry for nonsense next time, you have to trust me, okay?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning’s face blushed red. As he watched Shu Heng left, he quickly tugged at his sleeves:”Brother, aren’t you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid,”Lightly he landed several kisses on him. Shu Heng looked at him with the gentlest gaze:”Sleep.”

Shu Ning smiled and closed his eyes, he really fell asleep. After his release, Shu Heng was refreshed and his productivity was very high. Halfway through Shu Cheng had come over for a look, his second son was sleeping so soundly that he went out to look for a small blanket for him, covering Shu Ning’s stomach with it. Shu Heng came in from outside and felt very reassured with Shu Cheng’s gentle gaze.

“Dad, let’s go out for a talk.”

“Alright,”This son of his, was he taking Shu Ning as his own son? Shu Cheng shook his head and left with Shu Heng to have a sit down in the chairman’s office.

Shu Heng took out some documents, and after looking through them, Shu Cheng patted his son’s hand:”You really want to do this?”


“Then do it cleanly,”The company was going to be passed to Shu Heng sooner or later so since he insisted, as his dad naturally he would not object:”Although they don’t do much, their descendants are still usable, so you should keep an eye on them, don’t hurt the feelings of the seniors. I can see that Ning Ning doesn’t seem to be willing to enter the company to help out at all, what do you think?”

Shu Heng did not respond to him, he raised his finger and pointed towards the door in front of Shu Cheng’s doubtful face, is the little sweetie awake? Shu Cheng smiled and deliberately raised his voice:”You know, the position of the finance manager is still empty and I think Ning Ning is a great fit for it.”

When Shu Ning says his heart shattered, he actually says “My egg has broken” and I don’t know why the fuck he said that so no he is not going to say that in the translations thank you for your time.

Here’s what I drew to start October with, I don’t have any pen or paper nor do I have time so I could only muster a sad doodle at the start of my October, the theme is going to be death through the entirety of this so please exercise caution when you click these links, but it’s a rather tame one today, no blood. (I didn’t even have time to detail anything)

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  1. The picture is lovely!
    Funny, Shu Cheng fears the displeasure of his son. Although, it’s a bit understandable. They were seperated for a long time in Ning Ning’s childhood.
    Thank you for this great chapter!!!

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  2. My egg has broken… could he meant his testicle broken 😂? Coz i came across with “dan” teng which translate as egg pain and meant testicle pain.

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      1. Like someone kicked him in the balls? Maybe? 😱 I’m not a guy, but I’m guessing that would be an expression of pain. 😉
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      2. Nobody kicked his balls lol it’s just an expression of exasperation kinda, Chinese people like to prank other guys by punching them in the ball or doing something to it, and in my personal experience when it happens it’s not so much a “Oh my god my balls hurt” but more like a “Not again smh”
        Thank you for reading! And I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂


      3. I think maybe it’s cause he came too much/too hard(?) That he felt like his balls are dead? (But then… they did it once…?)


  3. that drawing is so pretty helli❤️(but he seems sad?)
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    1. He’s dead lol
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  4. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Helli-chan!

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      1. You go, girl. Do you want to make it a full on masterpiece? I can see one from this doodle. Although the coloring, shading, and other things are going to be a nightmare, even if not on the same level as other hella detailed drawings I’ve seen.

        Will there be blood? You know, from other activities before, while, or after the strangling. 🙂

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      2. I actually wanted to colour it but i got really sleepy so i didn’t, there was going to be semen and blood, he was gonna look like he got punched and stuff, I’ll definitely be drawing some blood today though😉

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  5. Thanks for the chapter! This was amusing… and not surprising that Shu Heng is being sent on blind dates with intent for marriage. He’s got two families that are desperate for him to marry and produce kids. I like that Shu Ning is thinking about how to have kids with him. And that messing with Shu Ning at the end was hilarious. Excellent doodle by the way!

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      1. First of all that picture is fantastic. Secondly, I think Ning Ning is confused about how a heart works. Or what it is.

        Thanks Rai 😘😘😘♥️


  6. “If a fly wanted to eat an egg with its shell intact, that was impossible, it’s too bad for her.”
    and a broken egg probably means that he thought that Ji An – the fly – cracked the egg, Heng Heng’s “barrier” or whatever ❤


      1. I always admire those who can draw faces & people. I couldn’t to save my life. Good thing I didn’t need to back in school.
        Also, between us, if you take it out the context (since he wasn’t shot or something really visible), he also looks like “bullied” bottoms from mangas after a vigorous, ehem, session.

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  7. Wtf wtf you called it a doodle, but when I clicked on it-!!
    Thank you for the chapter, and for sharing your drawing. You’re really good! I hope you share more with us; I’m excited to see what you can do when you’re not rushed.


  8. Well, not sure if it’s been said but previously Shu Ning made a reference to Shu Heng being like an egg kinda, and that if any flies wanted to get through, they would first have to get through the shell?
    So the egg being broken here would probably be in reference to that since Shu Heng ended up going on a blind date.


    1. No its just commonly used slang someone else thought about that too but no! It’s completely unrelated I’m still tired and in bed so you’re gonna have to find that comment bc I’m sick and tired of this lol 😩


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