RWSB Chapter 124

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Even Shu Heng who smiled so little laughed, and gave a big thumbs up to Shu Cheng.

It hadn’t even been a second when Shu Ning entered with a difficult expression on his face. Shu Cheng laughed loudly while Shu Heng watched on the side in an aloof manner, it had clearly just been a joke. Shu Ning’s eyes blinked in defeat, he was depressed and felt slightly embarrassed.

Shu Cheng beckoned him with a wave and Shu Ning could only grit his teeth and walk over. Shu Cheng was mighty, he even dared to lay his hand on his second son which stood a meter and seventy-four centimetres. He hugged him around his thighs and Shu Ning’s face turned red on the spot, he wanted to get down but Shu Heng hugged him around the waist, not allowing him to wiggle away:”What’s wrong, you don’t like getting too close with dad now that you’ve grown up?”

“So you knew that I grew up too, dad?”

A glimmer of light flashed past Shu Heng’s eyes that was filled with humour. Shu Cheng laughed once again and even gave Shu Ning a kiss. Now Shu Ning was even less willing to stay there, and hurried to get down. Shu Cheng did not stop him, he watched his sons it down on the sofa opposite of him and frowned in concern:”How did you get that cut on your lip?”

“A cut?”Shu Ning’s heart was thumping but he pursed his lips with his expression calm as usual:”I accidentally bit myself when I was eating, I didn’t notice it then so I didn’t realize I actually hurt it.”

Shu Cheng was just about to speak but Shu Heng had already kept all the data on the table. But Shu Cheng once again remembered something:”Ning Ning, there’s quite a lot of art schools in the capital, which one are you planning to go for?”

“L City’s a nice place that resembles spring all year round, there are even cinemas and the like nearby, I’d really like to study there but don’t worry dad, I’ll come back to visit during the holidays, and I’ll call you every weekend!”

“Alright then,”Shu Cheng knows that it’ll be hard to get Shu Ning to change his mind after he sets his mind to it. Shu Heng sat by the side without making any sound, so he had probably already agreed to it. These two kids were huddled together, and they could already find their way around Shu Cheng’s ideas now:”L City is not as good as C City, it’s too far away for me to give you any help so you have to be careful when you’re there, don’t be too tolerant with things.”

“Mm, I understand.”

One of Shu Cheng’s university classmates were in L City and they had a pretty good relationship, he was also a business owner. He had Shu Ning bring some gifts over in his place and told him to meet up with him more often, at least someone would be able to help him if something were to happen. Shu Ning knew that Shu Cheng couldn’t be at ease with his decision, so he found someone who can be his backing, it was very nice of him. It was already time to get off work, so Shu Cheng asked Shu Ning:”What do you want to eat tonight?”

“Hot pot.”

Shu Heng had been sitting the whole time watching them with a gentle gaze. His little brother was so naughty, he had wanted to put him in an embarrassing state in the past and now it was his dad’s turn. He was young and liked to play, if dad didn’t want him to succeed, he could only bear with the spice, he will also sit steadily on Mount Tai. Shu Heng shook his head at Shu Ning, and Shu Ning instead felt depressed because of it. My great top, I really only wanted to eat hot pot →_→

The three headed to Hot Pot City and ordered a small pot for each so they could eat to their own preferences. This was Shu Cheng’s first time here and seeing that Shu Heng had taken off his coat, and unbuttoned his first two shirt buttons, and even rolled up his sleeves……Was he going to go all out today? Shu Cheng followed as Shu Heng did, and so did Shu Ning. They were just eating as a family so there was no need to be too particular of their appearance. More than thirty dishes of vegetables, meat, sausages, fish balls, prawns, and the like were brought to their table…….There was so much that it was simply dazzling. Shu Cheng did not show his mood on the outside, but on the inside he thought to himself, ‘Can we really finish this?’ And in the end, they ordered much more as they ate. Shu Ning was stuffed, and he rubbed his soft tummy under the table, while both Shu Heng and Shu Cheng ate a lot. They were big and tall but they had small plates, after the vegetables had been soaked a little in the boiling water they had turned into slices that did not fill them up too much. Shu Ning smiled watched observantly at the two big stomach kings who ate elegantly ╮(╯▽╰)╭

In the evening, they went to the square for a stroll. There were more and more people on the streets so they had more than ten fierce looking bodyguards watching all those aunts and uncles on the street. A little child even hid behind the adults, thinking that those black suited bodyguards were bad people. Shu Ning ended up proposing that they visit the park. There were quite many people in the park too but there were more roads to walk on, so only then could they have a quiet stroll.

After getting on the car, Shu Ning leaned on Shu Heng’s shoulders and narrowed his eyes. Shu Cheng looked tenderly at his sons and felt very proud.

Shu Ning fell asleep and it was Shu Cheng who brought him back up to the second floor bedroom, lightly covering him with a blanket, and giving him a kiss on his face:”He’s so big now, how come the two of you are still sleeping together?”

“He likes it.”

“That’s fine if he does then, let’s go to the study.”

“Mm,”Shu Heng’s gaze was leisurely, he could just push the normal things to Shu Ning, his dad really didn’t know what to do with him.

As for Shu Yao? He was crying for his daddy and only fell asleep after he had gotten himself completely exhausted from it. At first Shu Cheng wanted to take a look at him but he knew that the child had fallen asleep, so he didn’t go. Shu Heng talked with Shu Cheng about his own thoughts while after a long bout of silence, Shu Cheng finally agreed. The Shu clan was actually rather large so it wouldn’t hurt them too bad to raise a few leeches, but once the large projects had cut off their capital chains, that would be hard to say in the future. Just like Shen Xiang Dong. He Qi was a smart man, he thought that he was able to take advantage on the He clan’s project but in the end he was almost dragged to his death, now he had to stay low-key.

The next day, Shu Ning did not follow Shu Heng to the office, he had some stuff to do so he had left early.

Shu Ning got on a car headed to F City. His uncle and the foreman was there because Jin Rao had come looking for Qin Yu Fu several times repenting, hoping to get back together with him, she felt that his uncle was the shining stone of her life but Qin Yu Fu had already completely given up on her. Furthermore, he now belonged to the foreman so naturally he would reject her. Jin Rao knew that Qin Yu Fu was a kind and soft-hearted man that wouldn’t refuse her, so pitifully she stood by the door of the construction site in wait of him, and even fainted from a heat stroke. The impact was too terrible since she was a fragile woman, she could fall over with just a light tap so nobody dared to shoo her off.

After finding out about this, Shu Ning sent both his uncle and the foreman over to F City, and just then the road to the countryside had also finished its construction.

After more than ten years, the village head brought the mini pig he raised over to the village, bringing everyone there on the road to riches. Right now Shu Ning was just learning everything he had seen, things will be kicking off next year and this will be the first in the entire country! The results were fantastic. The new village head put much attention to this matter, so Shu Ning just pushed the boat along, investing heavily into the project and even promising to help with the sales, this boosted the confidence of the village head, and he invested all his efforts into promoting the breeding methods of the mini pigs.

And how would Shu Ning know this? Because his eldest aunt had given him a call specifically to complain about this. She said she had been raising him for two years and used quite a lot of money for it, so she hoped that he could give her some, if not she would not be able to continue living on, that was how Shu Ning knew of what happened back at home.

Qin Yu Fu’s face was all smiles and he pulled Shu Ning over for a seat:”The road, the mini pigs, and even the fish farm are all doing good, it’s wonderful, you should take a look at them when you’ve the time, I’m sure all the folks back at the village are dying to thank you.”

“No need, I just want to visit grandma’s grave,”Shu Ning was busy with his studies and earning money, but he still didn’t forget to visit his uncle and his grandmother:”Oh, that’s right, I’ll be attending university in L City so I’ll only be back for the holidays.”

“Why L City?”Wasn’t he studying landscaping? The foreman was confused, so he just poured Shu Ning a cup of water. The environment of the construction site wasn’t great so Shu Ning was starting to sweat:”No matter what you plan to study you have to work hard. Are you going to start another company when you’re out?”

Qin Yu Fu felt slightly sad once he figured that he may not be able to see Shu Ning anymore, but his eyes brightened up immediately:”Your uncle isn’t afraid of hard work and innovation, if you have the need don’t you forget about your uncle.”

“Okay,”Shu Ning agreed by speech but his heart did not teeter, the businesses in the capital, C City, and F City were already enough, but it was still doable for him to add more cyber cafes and english tutoring centers to the chain. Every area had its own rules in the game, it was impossible to integrate yourself into the big profits. Shu Ning knew how everything flowed in C City since he had the memories of his past life after all, so that was his main battlefield. He was just going by speculations in the capital, but he didn’t expect that he would befriend Hong Rui. With his connections, Shu Ning had a fun time working with that swindler.

At noon, they ate at a five-star hotel, then he stayed in the house his uncle bought at night. It was a garden villa that had pretty decent surroundings. Shu Ning understood that his uncle had finally opened up after all his bitter living, he knew how to enjoy life now. At nine o’clock, after finishing his call with his big brother, Shu Ning then gave Shu Cheng a call, then after much yawning, he fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, he heard some strange noises. Shu Ning who would always ‘mm’ and ‘ahh’ as he XXOO and OOXX-ed with Shu Heng was stunned, those were clearly the sounds of a muffled cry? It’s the middle of the night and the two of them are watching ‘videos’ together? Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, could it be the foreman and his uncle? His brows jumped up and down. After some hesitation, Shu Ning was curious and wanted to know the truth, but he was afraid of interrupting their good time.

Shu Ning felt like an ant jumping on a heated pot, but he still took the leap out of curiosity. I’m just going for a look, just a little peek!

Carefully, Shu Ning crawled over to the door, and first he opened up a tiny slit, ascertaining the situation before slipping out. The sound came from downstairs so Shu Ning felt tangled, they weren’t in their rooms, so could they be in the living room? This……Shu Heng liked to challenge different spots as well, including the bar, the floor, the wall, the floor-to-ceiling window, and even the kitchen.

And not only that, Shu Heng even enjoyed putting on all sorts of clothes on him, such as skirts, traditional underwear, aprons, sexy transparent outfits, bondage, and all sorts of erotic clothing. One time he even brought out some toy handcuffs and cuffed his arms to the bed, this made Shu Ning feel slightly afraid, it was a special feeling, he squeezed onto Shu Heng so hard that even Shu Heng had called out in passion.

Shu Ning shook his head, and his face was blushed red in embarrassment. Why are you thinking about that big worm? All day the only thing he thinks of is ways to torment me.

Shu Ning sighed and returned to his room quietly, he wasn’t going to look anymore, this was his uncle’s privacy after all, what was he going to do if he actually found the uncle and the foreman, and was ashamed because of it? See no evil, Shu Ning understood that much _(:зゝ∠)_

Thankfully he did not go, it would ruin the occasion if he did.

The foreman knew that Shu Ning’s alcohol tolerance was bad, so seeing that he had downed two glasses of wine, his heart felt tingly. It was best that he had seen it but it was alright even if he didn’t, he pushed Qin Yu Fu down in the living room, doing this and that, a bunch of embarrassing things.

Qin Yu Fu finally felt that he wanted to die, but he couldn’t help but agree with the pleading of the man. His life had already been going down this road, it wouldn’t be good if he missed out on someone who truly loved him. But the foreman came and he came again, Qin Yu Fu’s body had gone soft, and it was no use even if he pleaded for mercy, until finally he fainted on the sofa while the foreman kissed him lovingly with pity. His eyes peered towards the top of the stairs, he did not notice, but what would he do if he did?

He couldn’t just hide around the shadows for the rest of his life, right?

Xiao Fu cared about what Shu Ning thought so the foreman agreed not to tell, he could only find ways to let Shu Ning know. He didn’t wake up even with all that noise they made, so it seems that he will have to find a different way to go about this tomorrow.

Shu Ning woke up very late in the morning, even dark circles could be seen under his eyes, his complexion was so bad that he couldn’t show himself to anyone. Thankfully, Qin Yu Fu was unwilling to come out from his blanket so he wasn’t going to be exposed.

They promised to go down to the countryside together but Qin Yu Fu only showed up in the afternoon. THe foreman drove while Shu Ning sat shotgun, letting his uncle who did not sleep well to lay down at the back and continue his rest.

Once they reached the cemetery, Shu Ning followed the foreman and Qin Yu Fu as they brought flowers to the visit. Halfway through, the foreman managed to steer Shu Ning away, and he immediately took Qin Yu Fu’s hand, kneeling down in front of the gravestone, and the word he shouted towards the grave was ‘mother’.

And who was Shu Ning? How could he leave just like that? He had only taken a turn before returning, and he had a jump when he heard with his own ears how he yelled out “mother”. That’s good, good, that’s great, they’re really together now! It was great news but his uncle was such a low-profile man, he definitely didn’t want him to know, this was really a knot in his heart.

Shu Ning’s eyes turned left and right, he decided to stay for a few more days. Jsut then, his brother had decided to come over as well, better to put your thoughts into action than just dreaming!


If any of you are curious about what traditional underwear looks like, google 肚兜
I don’t know why SH would decide to put that of all things on him but I once saw a black girl in my university wear one outside of her T shirt, it was mildly confusing. (inb4 anyone goes crazy no it’s not cultural appropriation it’s underwear, it’s superman all over again)


no this is no longer inktober im so sleepy im going to die this is dietober, nudity and (badly drawn) blood warning, today’s random ass theme is stabbed

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