RWSB Chapter 125

Screw drawing for now I’m too exhausted LMAO on the other hand I’m getting ideas of writing a scifi novel… if you guys are interested I’ll stick all my ideas into a doc but one issue, it’s going to literally be a big spoiler if I ever decide to actually write it so idk


Shu Ning was doing the public a favour for his own gains ah no……It was for his uncle, his dad, and himself, three birds with one stone ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Cheng was introducing new partners very cheerfully to Shu Heng, and with Shu Ning’s call, he brought him away.

But Shu Heng thought that Shu Ning had only done this for their dad, since no matter how they put it those leeches were their family after all. There was a feeling of subtlety in the atmosphere between Shu Heng and Shu Cheng, it was good for his dad to slow down a bit by going out for a few days.

After several hours, Shu Ning stood at the doorway of the villa. Looking up into the skies, the sun had slowly started to set, and the person he was waiting for finally came.

The car stopped but there was no need for the bodyguards to open the door, Shu Heng helped himself down. The sunlight shone on his body, highlighting his handsome face but causing the image to look slightly hazy. Shu Ning immediately went to the car, and the two locked hands, looking at each other with their gazes filled with emotion. Despite only having been separated for a day, Shu Heng couldn’t sleep well, and it was the same for Shu Ning, especially after hearing all the ‘mm’ and ‘ahh’s, he missed him even more.

“Brother, how’s dad?”

“He’s doing well, but I’m not,”Shu Heng gave the hands in his own a squeeze, and caressed them with his finger, it was very alluring.

Shu Ning was blushing to his ears. He rolled his eyes and it appeared very naughty:”Let’s go inside, both uncle and Uncle Pang are out to buy groceries.”


There weren’t many furnishings in the living room, there was a TV installed to the wall with a coffee table placed not far away from it, then there was a large sofa, that was all that was in the living room, a very simple design.

It was home to two men so the furnishings were dull and the place didn’t feel very lived in. Shu Heng had a look around but did not express his opinion, this was after all the home of Shu Ning’s uncle, it was fine as long as they were living comfortably. Shu Ning took Shu Heng upstairs and had the bodyguards head over to the kitchen to prepare the watermelon. The bodyguard felt a bit disgruntled as he retrieved the round watermelon from the fridge, it was OK if you sent him out to beat someone up, but to cut this……He scratched his head, and washed his hands. There were no kids in the house so the knives were placed somewhere easy to see. The bodyguard took a deep breath, and narrowed his eyes, then he began to cut. Um, the shape is a bit square.

Sending the watermelon to the room, neither of the young masters had any opinion about them, they just picked it up and eat them. And so the bodyguard finally relaxed, square watermelons were fine too, right? He he……

Shu Ning had two bites of his watermelon before he spoke:”Brother, I called you here this time because……I hoped that you could cooperate with me a little.”

Wasn’t this for dad? Shu Heng looked at Shu Ning, and he put down the watermelon rind:”What is it?”

I think uncle and Uncle Pang are together now, but they don’t really dare to tell me, so I’d like to expose our relationship to let uncle know that it’s fine, and there was no need to be afraid.”

“And after that?”

“After that?”Shu Ning hesitated for a moment before his face blushed red, and he raised an eyebrow:”You can count this as meeting the parents so be serious about this.”

Shu Heng tapped the tip of Shu Ning’s little nose:”Alright, I got it,”In Shu Heng’s eyes, Qin Yu Fu’s character was like that of a roll of bread, he wouldn’t move if you didn’t give him a nudge, and even if he moved, he wouldn’t go far.

Qin Yu Fu and the foreman returned with tons of groceries in hand. After greeting Shu Heng, the two huddled together in the kitchen to make dinner. Eight dishes were prepared and served to the table with a bowl of soup in the center. Qin Yu Fu was feeling slightly tired so the foreman helped to massage his waist, it was a very gentle scene:”You should go upstairs for some rest after dinner, I’ll do the dishes.”

“If you’re not doing it do you think I’ll be the one doing it?”

The foreman laughed:”Alright, alright, my darling Xiao Fu, I’ll go wash the dishes.”

Qin Yu Fu’s face reddened and elbowed that misbehaving man behind him:”be a bit serious, will you? I told you Ning Ning’s brother isn’t any ordinary man so lay down a bit, how am I going to live if we were found out?”

“Got it,”said the foreman, sounding quite wronged. Xiao Fu was too concerned about Shu Ning’s feelings, what a pity for him as his lover:”Ah, we’ll never see the light of day~”

Shu Ning and Shu Heng just so happened to be walking down the stairs hand in hand:”What can’t?”

“Me of course,”The foreman stretched his hand and joked with a slight hint of embarrassment on his face:”Your uncle thinks I can’t see the light of day, he’s trying to stick his mistress in a fine mansion he is!”

Qin Yu Fu’s salary was now much higher than the foreman’s so he had also bought a house in the capital, as well as a villa in F City, wasn’t he quite the big earner?

Shu Ning chuckled, and seeing his amusement, Shu Heng also felt happy. The pressure in the air went down a little at that moment, and after seeing Shu Heng, the foreman did tone it down considerably. He scratched his chin and hurried over to settle the cutleries. Qin Yu Fu came out from the kitchen wearing an apron, he had just finished washing his hands:”Come, let’s eat quickly, it won’t be as nice when the food’s gone cold.”

Shu Heng and Shu Ning sat down, and they weren’t tossing dog food on purpose either, they were just doing as they usually did, picking food for each other, and would occasionally smile at each other. Shu Heng poured Shu Ning a glass of water and catered to him very well. While the Qin Yu Fu and foreman pair on the other hand was too normal, it was like they were just friends, the space between the two were still quite large.

Qin Yu Fu was eating with his head low so he didn’t notice anything, while the foreman did not look too much at Shu Heng either so naturally they didn’t notice any clues, up until they were eating fruits. Shu Ning was sitting very naturally on Shu Heng’s legs and his body was even leaning very comfortably and snuggly against his. Qin Yu Fu secretly tugged on Shu Ning’s clothes, and Shu Ning turned back in confusion.

“How old do you think you are? Come down, quickly.”

Shu Ning curled his arms around Shu Heng’s neck and looked at him with a leisurely gaze:”Am I heavy?”

Shu Heng kissed Shu Ning’s forehead and held his waist with one arm, lifting his chin with his other hand:”What about me?”

The two smiled at each other just like that, the atmosphere was very good and it almost seemed as if everything around them had lost its colour. Qin Yu Fu was slightly shocked and was stunned, it felt very strange. The foreman shivered, their relationship was so good that something felt a bit off. In the end, Shu Ning did not listen to his uncle’s words and he had seated himself properly on Shu Heng’s thigh, leaning his side in his arms, while Shu Heng was also willing to pamper him. He it fruits or snacks, he brought them to the little one’s mouth with no complaint, and he would even feed him water every so often.

Is he……Taking care of a child?

Qin Yu Fu couldn’t watch this go on and wanted to remind him, but Shu Ning’s eyes had already started to droop. Shu Heng nudged Shu Ning’s little face with his own and looked at him with a soft gaze:”Are you sleepy?”

“Mm,”Shu Ning leaned lazily in his arms and spoke in a quiet voice:”I haven’t bathed yet.”

“I’ll bathe you, so go to sleep.”

Shu Ning really closed his eyes, and the sight of this made both the foreman and Qin Yu Fu dumbfounded, and they were even more shocked when Shu Heng stood up and carried him upstairs, he wasn’t bothered by it at all and he was very careful, as if the one in his hands wasn’t a person, but fragile goods!

“They definitely have a lot of regret after being separated for more than ten years, what a great sibling bond they share,”Qin Yu Fu lamented, it was a real fortune that Ning Ning was able to get such a good big brother, unlike himself, all the older sisters he had were crazy greed demons who knew nothing but money, perhaps in their eyes, the joy of family are worth even less than the dirt at their door.

“You know, I get the feeling that……”

“What?”Qin Yu Fu looked over.

The foreman shook his head:”It’s nothing,”He has a little brother himself and when they were young, he and Pang Qian were like a bunch of monkey, getting into a great deal of fights, never once did the foreman think of sleeping or bathing with his little brother, he even got carried away. There was definitely something up with that, could their relationship be the same as me and Xiao Fu’s?

That’s not possible, it may just be because Shu Ning’s body is weak, and I’ve been overthinking it.

The foreman was relieved after consoling himself, but when he came out to get a drink at night, he saw two figures far away that were leaning quite close to each other, as if they were kissing. The foreman was shocked silly and he ran back to his room with a terrible look on his face. Qin Yu Fu was laying on the bed, he put down his phone and looked at him with a difficult look on his face:”What’s up with you now?”



“It’s nothing,”The foreman had already fallen in battle, Shu Heng was too domineering so he didn’t dare to say it, what if he was wrong? He still had to observe them a bit more.

Shu Ning craned his neck to look upstairs while Shu Heng pressed his little head down, continuing to kiss him. Shu Ning was scared of going overboard so he had to plead before Shu Heng was filling to let him go. He picked him up sideways and brought him back to the room, doing him for a round. During the next morning, both Shu Ning and Qin Yu Fu did not get up from bed so it was the foreman who prepared breakfast. Seeing Shu Heng come downstairs, he immediately walked into the bathroom subconsciously with an anxious feeling in his heart.

It seems that Shu Ning’s plan was effective. Shu Heng saw Foreman Pang who hurried to escape and took his phone out to send a text. Shu Ning rubbed his eyes and picked up the phone from the table. Seeing the message, he was overjoyed and hurried off the bed to change his clothes, then went next door to harass his uncle. His uncle was still sleeping and the door was locked, but this was no issue for Shu Ning, he could open it up with just a toothpick.

His uncle was sleeping so very wonderfully. Shu Ning had only peeled off a bit of the blanket and it revealed his uncle’s shoulder that was littered with hickeys, so it was true. Shu Ning gave Qin Yu Fu’s back a pat but Qin Yu Fu didn’t even open his eyes, he just swung his arm back wildly:”Let me sleep a bit more, just a bit more, aren’t you tired of harassing me all day?”

His voice was a bit hoarse. Shu Ning squeezed his uncle’s nose humorously. The ostrich mentality is not allowed, let us flip past the pages and get to the real stuff! Shu Ning was naturally born a bottom so naturally he didn’t think there was any issue with his uncle being a bottom as well, he even felt that it was quite intimate. However, his uncle had only turned bent now after experiencing so many failed relationships, he should find the proper words when talking to him later.

After half an hour, the foreman was done preparing breakfast. There were three dishes and one bowl of soup. After setting the table, he wanted to go up to call Qin Yu Fu and Shu Ning down but Shu Heng stopped him, he didn’t wish for Shu Ning to be interrupted:”I’ll go.”

“Oh, okay then, I’ll……go get the drinks.”

Shu Heng did not go upstairs. He sent a text message over, and after seeing it, Shu Ning came down together with his uncle. Qin Yu Fu’s face was red and his eyes were fluttering, he felt very embarrassed. He sat down unsure of where to put his hands and legs and his head was hung low, he didn’t even dare to look at the foreman or Shu Heng. Shu Ning smiled wonderfully as he winked towards Shu Heng, their connection was at max, the deed was settled ^_^

So cute, his charm was on full blast at all directions. No matter how Shu Heng looked at Shu Ning, all he could feel was love for him.

On that afternoon, Qin Yu Fu told the foreman about this, and like a fool the foreman was stunned in shock:”Really? How is that possible? They’re brothers!”

“Quiet down, all you have to know is they can get together, don’t ask any more.”

“Alright, you’re the wife and I’ll listen to anything you say.”

Qin Yu Fu couldn’t sit properly, he clenched his fists in embarrassment and anger, hitting the foreman so hard he grimaced:”It’s all your fault you lecher, Ning Ning found out about us because of you, how am I going to see the world after this?”

“Huh? We were exposed?”The foreman quickly stopped the car by the side, and with much emotion he grabbed Qin Yu Fu’s arms, pulling him close and lowering his head for a kiss.

“You, you, you……”

“So Shu Ning knows everything now? What did he say? Did he accept it?”

Qin Yu Fu nodded, and there was a hint of a tear by the edge of his eyes. The foreman felt that he was truly blessed in this life, everything was too perfect. At first glance he could tell that he was a smart and caring kid, and he was right, ha ha ha ha.

On the other side, Shu Ning and Shu Heng got on the car and left, leaving some space for them:”Brother, where are we going?”

“Back home to C City.”

“Are you going back for a blind date?”

Shu Heng hugged Shu Ning tight. Shu Ning had to yell and slap his back before Shu Heng let him go:”If you say nonsense again I’ll bully you.”

“……”( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“What are you going to do if I feel like bullying you now?”


“Bullying you is very fulfilling.”

“Brother……If you keep being like this you better be careful of me ignoring your calls!”Shu Ning looked outside the window, and his heart was beating quickly.

tossing dog food – There’s a slang in Chinese that says that single people are dogs so when a couple “tosses dog food” they are just showing affection in front of said straight dogs.

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