RWSB Chapter 126

Shu Ning was starting to feel embarrassed now, and Shu Heng understood, he took his hand and gave it a squeeze. Shu Ning rolled his eyes, wanting to throw his brother’s hand of, but Shu Heng tightened his grip, it didn’t take long before they made up again.

When they returned to C City, it had just reached noon so they called Shu Cheng to have lunch with them, then they’ll return to work after that. Shu Ning had once again become a big leech, playing games and chatting on his phone. At night, the three went home together, and they had a few rounds of tussling at night, it was a harmonious day. Day by day passed, the Shu clan had been rebooted from top to bottom. Shu Heng worked as fast as lightning and cleaned up the last of the black sheep.

Many new people had been thrown into the blacklist in Shu Cheng’s phone, and this was all thanks to Shu Ning. All he had to do was act cute and his dad compromised with him.

Shu Zi Xuan had already gone out himself to start his own business. He wasn’t forced, but rather, some things had been noticed by Shu Heng so he could only send in a resignation letter and leave openly before he had been exposed and ruined, it made it seem as if Shu Heng couldn’t stand him so his image was instantly that much higher, but……It wouldn’t be long before everyone will forget all about him.

Gu Ya was the only one left in the company from the second house, she had been very cautious in keeping her position but Shu Heng still did not let her off. During the morning meeting, she had been transferred in front of everyone to become the manager of a branch company, but it was made to look like a promotion. Everyone was cheering for Gu Ya, cheering that she had finally made it out, but only Gu Ya herself knew that the branch company may not look too bad, but they were all Shu Heng’s men, so she could only work when she’s transferred there, there was no profit to it at all, it felt even worse than death.

Actually, it was clearly no issue for her to start her own business outside, how great it would be to be your own boss, but her greed overtook her. Shu Ning knew of her character, and that was why he had done so, he wanted to show her his power that she couldn’t touch, and was condemned to this life for nothing.

And besides that, the shared held by the second house were too little so there was nothing at all they could do to take Shu Heng out of position, Gu Ya didn’t have that much money to acquire them either. For someone with the heart and guts of a thief, but without the capabilities, the only thing they can end up as are jumping clowns.

Shu Ning yawned as he looked over some documents, while Shu Heng’s leisurely gaze was on him. Shu Ning touched his face in confusion:”What’s wrong?”

“School’s starting soon.”

“Yeah, time’s really passing by very quickly,”Shu Ning put down the documents and went over to sit on Shu Heng’s lap, then hugged him around his waist:”I’ll miss you, what should I do?”

“You chose that school on your own.”

“Alright then,”He dug his own grave but Shu Ning felt that he really was quite interested in the filming process, so he just took it as a rich learning experience.

He had to go for military training for school starts, so Shu Ning had already gotten on the plane to L City, and left Shu Heng’s line of sight. Shu Cheng stood thoughtfully at the floor-to-ceiling window with a cup of coffee in hand, and Shu Heng had just returned:”Dad, Ning Ning has gotten on the plane.”

“Mm, did he regret it?”

“How could that be?”Shu Heng had the secretary bring a cup of coffee in, and had already seated himself on the sofa. If Shu Ning was the type of person who could be easily fazed by someone’s opinion, how could Shu Heng let him go just like that? He had already greeted the higher-ups in the training camp so they’ll take good care of Shu Ning there, and he wouldn’t have to work too hard:”Don’t worry dad, I’ve already arranged for some bodyguards to follow him, nothing bad will happen.”

After Shu Ning landed, Xiao Wang took his luggage and followed behind him, then the two got on Qin Ming’s car. As for Shu Heng’s men, they were all following him in the shadows. Shu Ning brought up the idea of living on his own to train his ability, and neither Shu Heng nor Shu Cheng had any objections to this, they knew that Shu Ning had his own bodyguards and men, which is why they agreed to this so easily, only a certain someone didn’t know of this.

Shu Ning sighed in relief, the feeling of stretching his wings out was great. But of course, the more amazing his golden thigh was, the better, there’ll at least be someone to back him up if he gets in trouble~

The art school was situated on the edge of L City, not far away from the urban area. Following Shu Ning’s orders, Qin Ming had already bought a three-storey villa located halfway up the mountain, in just about a twenty minute drive he could reach the school, it was very convenient. And Qin Ming had also arranged for nannies and whatnot to work in the villa to take care of Shu Ning’s daily living.

Qin Ming was as if he had been reborn with an air about him, he was also very diligent, already putting his own luggage in the guest room on the first floor a day prior.

Shu Ning lived on the third floor. Looking around, the environment was not bad:”You’ve done well.”

“Thank you boss, everything has already been arranged at school, as a new student you should have to stay in the hostel for a year but if Young Master Shu finds it inconvenient, I can use the name of the crew to request time off of school for you. By that time, ll boss has to do is stay there for two days to show your face and it’ll be fine.”

Qin Ming made a good suggestion. Shu Ning had to stay in the hostel in his previous life, and he knew that naturally things would be nice and comfortable if he stayed with good roommates, but if he had to stay with a work of art, he could only he he he……:”Request for leave then, it’s still more comfortable to stay in the villa. How’s the crew doing recently?”

“Everything’s going smoothly, the filming has already started so I can arrange for you to go whenever you want to after the military training.”


Qin Ming then went downstairs. Shu Ning laid on his bed, and in just a few hours he had started to miss Shu Heng, what a little devil.

During the military training on the next day, Qin Ming had driven Shu Ning over early the next day. There was a drove of new students each filled with vigor and vitality, and smiles on their faces. But of course, there were also those with sour faces, they don’t exercise normally so now they’re probably dumbfounded aren’t they? Just the word military training itself makes it sound hard, and persistence was the key to victory, so everyone encouraged each other.

The low-profile black car didn’t attract any attention, then Shu Ning went in by himself. But Qin Ming did not leave, they had to turn in their mobile phones during the military training and he was worried so, he and several people were waiting outside. If anything were to happen, he just had to run over to the walls and yell and they would be able to hear it. For them to protect him to this stage was thanks to Qin Ming doing his best. There were so many people in the company but why was Qin Ming the one who came? But there was some reasoning to that.

It was hard for others to be awarded a position in the military, but Shu Ning was instead……called up ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Under the big tree, Szeto Dong stood with his hands behind his back, while several soldiers stood behind Shu Ning:”Reporting to mar……Company commander, Shu Ning, sir!”

With his head glazed with sweat, Shu Ning’s complexion was fine but in his heart he though ‘What’s going on~ What’s going on~ What’s happening →_→’

The tall and majestic man turned around, displaying his imposing countenance. In a split second, a special type of feeling was aroused within Shu Ning that felt strange, this person’s eyes were somewhat similar to Shu Heng’s, they couldn’t be relatives, could they? That’s impossible, nobody in the Shu family was in the military, and this person was way too outstanding. He had a face that was incomparably handsome, if he had seen him before he definitely would not forget.

“Hello,”Szeto Dong had already tried to lower his body as much as possible, trying hard to make his appearance softer and more kind, this was the precious little brother of his son that he walked hand in hand with, it wasn’t hard for him to find such a chance to get close to him, so he must try hard to succeed! Szeto Dong’s mouth curved into a smile as he extended his big hand:”It’s great to see you.”

How official! Quite unlike a company commander, he felt more like a marshal instead. He shouldn’t be saying hello, he should be saying comrades you’ve worked hard~

“Hello,”In the face of his elders, Shu Ning still appeared very docile, extending his pallid and slender hand.

After shaking hands, Szeto Dong’s head was overwhelmed with thoughts, he had never touched the hand of his son, but it was still great to touch the hand his son always seemed to be touching, the hand was fair, supple, and soft with nice clear joints, no wonder a person as stiff as his son enjoyed taking care of his little brother so much, his little brother was cute as expected after all. After Szeto Dong let go of his hand, he still remained smiling as usual.

Many ideas fluttered past Shu Ning’s mind:”Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Oh it’s nothing, someone entrusted you to me so I came to see you.”

His dad didn’t say anything so who knew who he was? And he didn’t take the initiative to introduce himself either, so Shu Ning was very cautious:”Oh is that so, the other students are working hard so I’ll have to make my return soon.”


Shu Ning left very politely. Szeto Dong stood there for a while, and a shadow crept up behind him, have I failed……

The willpower of this man was strong, just like Shu Heng, he would never give up. And so Shu Ning was depressed to find that he would bump into him everywhere. He’d meet him when he went to the restroom, and he could see him when turning around, he’d even see him out the corner of his eye while he was trying to eat, does he have beef with him or something? As expected, he was no company commander. Shu Ning paid attention in his heart, could he have some past with the Shu family?

Because he had been paying too much attention to this, Shu Ning ended up not chatting with his mates, and this left the impression of him being aloof on them.

Art school, right? They were all classmates but at the same time they could be rivals, Shu Ning who had an outstanding temperament was nothing special, the ones who were truly centers of the show were the few students who had exceptionally strong abilities. When everyone was getting tired, there were some who sang, and those who danced, the atmosphere was very good. There was a great disparity between art school and his high school days, he almost wanted to develop into the entertainment circle.

Some of the students weren’t great at stacking blankets, so Shu Ning came to help them out. Although he didn’t talk much he was still warm-hearted, so he was not estranged.

After dinner, Shu Ning wanted to go for a stroll under the shade, and in his heart he counted: one, two, three……ten times now! As expected he’s here again.

“Oh my, what a coincidence.”

“That’s right,”Shu Ning blinked, he had already ascertained that this man meant no harm, and it almost seemed as if he were trying to get on his good side. Shu Ning gave him a chance but it was also so that he could find out the truth:”Company commander, are you not going to rest?”

“Well, I’m not required to train, but aren’t you tired? Should I give you a massage?”

If not for how righteous the other man seemed, Shu Ning would almost have gotten the idea that he was pursuing him:”No, no need, how could I accept that?”

“Come, sit down.”

“No, there’s no need,”rejected Shu Ning.

“I have only good intentions I assure you, if you don’t get your leg massaged it may feel even worse tomorrow, so come here,”Szeto Dong came up to massage Shu Ning’s shoulders, he was using quite some clever tactics.

It was weird, Shu Ning who didn’t like making physical contact with people felt no discomfort. After sitting down, the company commander stretched out his legs, and massaged them incessantly with his big hands. There was an amiable smile on his face, as expected, he was trying to curry favour with Shu Ning. But why? Shu Ning couldn’t figure it out, and since he had already come to this point, then Shu Ning would just ask him openly. If he had the intention to conceal it or beat around the bush, then there was no need to care too much about it, after all, nobody liked having to deal with someone with hidden intentions.

“Uncle commander, who asked you to take care of me?”

“Shu Heng.”

So it was his brother after all. Shu Ning’s heart sped up a few beats and he felt sweet as honey, and subconsciously the corners of his mouth even trembled:”How did my brother meet uncle?”

There was good development, from company commander to uncle commander, and right now it had already turned into uncle O(∩_∩)O This young man who had his defenses up high were starting to slowly open to heart, so I had to work hard as well. It was best to be honest, he would just bargain for honesty with honesty.

“I’m his relative,”Szeto Dong told him a little about the past, dwelling only on the trivial matters and avoiding the key points. When he looked at Shu Ning, his eyes were extremely soft. If it was something his son liked, then e would try his best to like it as well. If Shu Ning could help put him in a word or two, then it would be worth working hard. This little guy was only sixteen and already in university, he heard that he had been following Shu Heng around since he was thirteen and it was Shu Heng who raised him up. Thinking to this point, Szeto Dong liked Shu Ning even more:”Has he never mentioned me?”

Shu Ning was trying to recall, something like his nephew looking like the uncle or whatnot, but he had forgotten. Just then, the company commander asked him a question, so he ceased his thoughts:”Perhaps he may have, but if he did I didn’t pay attention.”

A good child after all, he actually made sure to think about my feelings. Szeto Dong’s eyes narrowed into a smile, and he struck while the iron was hot:”I have chicken drumsticks at my place, do you want some?”

Sh dad act like a pedophile do y’all think this is where his pedo senses came from
and before anyone gives me heat sh an ephebophile i get it its a joke chill

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  1. …..this marshal sounds so creepy, ah! Dude, do you know what you’re doing is making red flags fly everywhere in anyone else’s (rational) minds? All that kissing up is making my ‘Stranger Danger’ alarm beeping nonstop!

    Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work, Helli-chan!

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  2. This weird… i should find it creepy that SH dad is stalking Shu Ning but I can’t help but feeling sympathy towards him. He only doing it just to feel smtg like bonding.

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  3. The usual pedo line is ”I have sweets at my place, do you want some?” and he just changed to chicken lol
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    Also, the way that SH’s dad think makes me think that he can be bent~
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  4. Thanks for the chapter! I begin to see why Shu Heng’s paternal family is bit messed up… and why Shu Cheng feels a bit bad that he nabbed his first wife on the rebound. This guy is like a big guard dog who can be scary on duty, but is a sweet silly doofus in private…

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