RWSB Chapter 108

With a scream, Shu Ning was still in a daze, just listening to that he said, one step a kiss……Oh my god, what a thick-faced guy.

Shu Ning knew that the servants were all avoiding the area so it didn’t matter if he kissed him.

They’ve been separated for so long, let’s not even mention about giving a kiss on his face, actually……If you asked Shu Ning to lick this male god all over he would be fine with it too. Shu Ning was very shy as he held his arms around his brother’s waist, and the first destination of his kiss was the forehead. As expected, he was a man of his word, he had only taken one step. The road up wasn’t too long so for the sake of rushing back into the room, he could only satisfy Shu Heng’s desires. After all, the two didn’t feel at ease in the hall, so he gave him a kiss on the right cheek and one on the left, his heart blooming in sweetness.

Shu Heng’s face was blushing red as he walked up in a big stride, Shu Heng didn’t even have to remind Shu Ning when they reached the door, he hurriedly turned the door handle himself, and after entering the room, Shu Ning quickly closed it back again, perfect. The room was bleak and dark with only a lamp on the table, all around the place were a sea of flowers, the beautiful red roses on the dark background brought with it a unique sense of beauty, pretty while at the same time passionate, it was a sign of love.

It smelled so good, Shu Heng felt warm his heart warm up and tightened the hold of his arms, has the one in my arms really fallen in love with me? If not, who would decorate a room full of roses, candlesticks, veils, and red wine……Shu Heng looked around him and felt very touched, and after he put Shu Ning down he still did not let him go, with a husky and rushed voice he spoke:”Ning Ning!”

“Blow out the candles first!”


Shu Ning took Shu Heng’s hand and brought him forward, looking backwards every few steps he took. His demeanor was so mesmerizing that it tugged at Shu Heng’s heart, making it feel tingly and hard to bear, and yet he had no other choice but to endure it in case he destroyed the mood, ruining the preparations of the little one.

The strawberry cake wasn’t very large, and there were four number candles representing their ages respectively. Shu Ning was the first to start singing the birthday song while Shu Heng followed, and Shu Heng really had to complain because this was way too unreasonable, even Shu Heng’s singing was so pleasant, did he have any shortcomings? God, please tell me!

Then the song was over, Shu Ning’s complaints really were just some boasting, who wouldn’t want their man to be all-powerful, right?

They blew out the candles together and made their wishes, then both Shu Heng and Shu Ning opened their eyes together, showing each other a smile. Shu Heng sat down to cut the cake and passed a plate over to Shu Ning. Without even having to mention it, he already knew what he was hinting at, the tacit understanding between them was strong. After the cake, the main event arrived, Shu Heng had a hunch about it.

Shu Ning fidgeted nervously, he was not a woman so he didn’t need to dance nor did he need any accompaniment, even less for Shu Heng to direct him, because Shu Ning was also a man. And so, Shu Ning took a few deep breaths to give him some courage then stood up abruptly, reaching his hand stiffly into his pocket and took out a small box.

Shu Heng’s pupils shrunk, Shu Ning had actually……

“Brother~ I……”

When Shu Ning tried to walk to him, he accidentally tripped on the table, then……He fell! Σ( ° △°|||)︴ This really wasn’t what Shu Ning had planned, oh my god! The one who wanted to be fucked was still on his knees, do you still have shame? It’s all gone now. Shu Ning’s heart crumbled down like ruins and his tears ran down/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

And who was Shu Heng? COuld he not see that this was an accident? How could he sit still and watch his little brother get sad. Shu Heng got on his knees at once to hold Shu Ning’s little face, then lowered his head to kiss him. He offered his comfort in a very timely way and it was very gentle, there was a mix of love and pity within his eyes, and he did not let Shu Ning speak first.

“Such sentimental things should be prepared by me.”

“It’s the same if I do it,”Shu Ning rebuked in a quiet voice, pouting his little mouth:”I’m the one who designed it.”

“Let’s open it and take a look, I can barely wait anymore.”

He’s actually learned to speak quite well? Shu Ning pouted and he felt very sweet in his heart, his big brother was the best. ANd so he extended his little hand while Shu Heng waited silently, watching Shu Ning open that beautiful box as his throat bobbed up and down. He took out a ring from it and when their sights collided, the two had a little start and they were both blushing so much it reached their ears.

The process of exchanging rings was very slow and romantic, neither of them spoke as they put their respective rings on each other, and neither of them knew when it happened either but their lips and tongues were already entangled together into a passionate kiss. A sound leaked from Shu Ning’s mouth as he was held tightly by his big brother, and he extended his arms over to curl around his big brother’s neck, trying his best to reciprocate.

Today, tonight, I want to be yours.

Shu Heng stood up in agitation and kissed him as he walked. Both of Shu Ning’s legs left the floor but he did not feel scared at all, he was fearless because his big brother was here, his entire heart was focused on Shu Heng, and adding on to the fact that he had a bit to drink earlier, he had gotten drunk a long time ago, he couldn’t pull himself from this state anymore. Shu Heng pressed the little one down softly on the bed and they sunk down immediately.

Shu Ning called out quietly in surprise, and a hazy glow could be seen in his eyes that was exceptionally alluring. Shu Heng couldn’t wait anymore, with a rip he tore his clothes apart. Shu Ning sucked in a breath in fear, is he going to off me right on this bed!

As their bare skin touched, a heat of wave passed between them. Shu Ning’s whole body was soft and messed up into all sorts of positions, the two were tangled up into a naked mess, touching, and feeling each other up, leaving their marks on each other, then they kissed again. Shu Heng couldn’t wait any longer, he pried Shu Ning’s legs apart and right as he was about to do it, Shu Ning suddenly crawled upwards!

Shu Heng’s brows jumped in surprise, what a little temptress, immediately he pulled him back down.

Shu Ning wanted to cry with no tears:”Brother~ Hold on, I have something to say.”

“Shh, good boy, you can tell me next time.”

His big brother’s breath was very hot as it blew against him, and the heat within his eyes were even more so to a shocking degree. But if Shu Ning didn’t say this now, he would’ve been too late. He pushed that strong chest with his little hand. What’s wrong with him today? Why isn’t this going successfully? With a single hand, he pinned both of Shu Ning’s hands above his head and looked at him with an intense gaze like a burning torch, his breath was unsteady and his voice was hoarse:”What’s wrong?”

“I……I’m an adult now!”

“Where’s your ID card?”


“What are we going to do if you don’t have proof?”

What……This caused Shu Ning’s breathing to become quite erratic, what was his big brother trying to say? Was he teasing me? Shu Ning couldn’t be sure so he observed Shu Heng with a careful gaze. A reaction had sprang up below but what can he do if his top wouldn’t go for it? Such a big sausage in front of him but he couldn’t use it, have I lived for nothing? Shu Ning’s complexion turned bad as he thought of this, because he really had lived for nothing in his past life.

Shu Heng actually understood what Shu Ning was trying to say but Shu Ning was just too small, what would he do if he ends up regretting all this? What Shu Heng wanted was for them to last an eternity, this wasn’t just a spur of the moment thing. If my little brother wants it, why wouldn’t I? I want it so much I’m about to go crazy! But I love him, I love him more than he loves me. The first one to fall in love loses, but Shu Heng did not regret it.

But his little brother was upset, all the colour left his face in a moment and this caused Shu Heng to feel very pained, was it wrong of me to be so persistent? Did I hurt him? Would that make him less self-confident in the future? A couple in mutual love would want to be together at all times, Shu Ning wanted that as well, right? After a moment of hesitation, Shu Heng wanted to know what Shu Ning’s bottom line is so he tried to poke at it:”Ning Ning, can I?”

Shu Ning cocked his head over to the side to look elsewhere, there were beautiful fresh roses over there that were pleasant to look at, way better to look at than Shu Heng, humph.

“It’s going to hurt a lot.”


“When we reach that part, you won’t have any more chances to regret it in the future.”

“I won’t regret it, if you’re not willing to do it then scram, I’ll go look for someone else instead!”

These words agitated Shu Heng and his body stiffened up immediately, a whirlwind rose up in his eyes with coldness that could pierce through the bones. The pressure came rushing towards him and this made Shu Ning feel very regretful and he didn’t dare to look into his eyes, how could I say that? That’s so terrible of me, Shu Ning had just wanted to be Shu Heng’s for the rest of his life, if he ends up changing his mind any time in the future, he would rather be alone for the rest of his life and wouldn’t look for anyone else.

What a grievance, tears swirled in his eyes but he still toughened up, not allowing them to flow down. You’re such a smart man, do you really not know what I’m trying to say, Shu Heng?

Shu Heng had already gone mad, he squeezed Shu Ning’s chin between his fingers and pulled him over to face him immediately:”Say that again, I dare you.”

A great sentence shouldn’t be repeated twice, the moment Shu Ning closed his eyes, his tears were still squeezed out……He never wanted to cry, really, it was supposed to be their birthday today and everything was as wonderful as the stars in the sky, it had been so beautiful and colourful, so much so that he wanted to see it again and again his whole life. Just as Shu Ning misunderstood, Shu Heng lowered his head and spoke in a dark and ferocious tone.

“It’s too late to regret now!”

Shu Ning’s eyes were open in an instant, he wanted to see the expression on Shu Heng’s face because his big brother had never spoke to him this way, as if he were speaking through gritted teeth, spitting out word after word. His body was flipped over and a pillow was propped under his waist, his legs were spread apart and something cold dripped atop his chrysanthemum and it caused Shu Ning’s whole body to shiver.

The middle finger was very gentle, Shu Ning covered his face, I’m being touched down there, big brother is finally going to gobble me up.

After a few minutes, sweat covered Shu Heng’s forehead and it seemed about right now so he didn’t add any more fingers, Shu Ning would cry. Hurts, doesn’t it? I just knew it was going to, that’s why I waited, ah……This was an easy step to take, what’s really hard was to treasure him, hopefully Shu Ning could understand, it would be nice if he doesn’t blame me after this. Shu Heng loved him too much so he was hesitant.

He pressed him down, came close, aimed, and took him. Shu Ning screamed out and his fingers were clawing at the sheets, shit, I knew it was going to hurt but not this badly, is it going to tear? Am I bleeding? I am, aren’t I? Shu Ning didn’t know what was going on with him either, why did he expect to bleed? Was he trying to prove that he was pure?

What a fool!

This was just the start, that sausage is getting bigger, longer, and thicker……

Up until he had been taken fully, Shu Ning could no longer explain what he felt, his face was ashen and sweat covered his back, he was shivering and it hurt to even breathe. No zuo no die, but I feel so happy, and so blessed, the type of joy that makes me want to cry. I can finally have him, Brother Shu Heng is mine now.

“Bite me if it hurts.”

You’re willing to go that far? Shu Ning looked back towards him, Shu Heng was right behind him looking at him with an intense gaze mixed with passion and worry. The two were once again entangled in a kiss and Shu Ning moved over to hook his arms around his brother’s neck, concentrating on biting him.

The pa pa pa begun, it hurt so much his soul was going to fly away. Shu Ning cried in sobs and whimpers, sometimes he cried so hard he couldn’t even find his voice, but everything started to get better when it begun to feel numb, little by little it started to feel good but yet he still couldn’t keep up with his brother’s rhythm. The fingers clutching onto the bed sheets had already gone white, Shu Ning was panting and he cried so much that his eyes were swollen, his vision started to blur, and with a dizzy feeling in his head, he passed out.

As for what happened after that, Shu Ning hadn’t a single clue.

DUring the middle of the night, Shu Ning broke out in a high fever so Shu Heng busied about, and took care of him well. When morning came, only a low fever was left, he was fine now.

It was all thanks to how careful Shu Heng had been, he didn’t dare to go too rough so his chrysanthemum was still safe and sound, albeit a little swollen, but it should go down during the afternoon. The ointment was applied evenly and Shu Heng washed his hand, then returned back to the bed to lay down with Shu Ning.

It wasn’t until the afternoon did Shu Ning woke up, and his fever had already passed, he observed Shu Heng like a person who had never been sick:”Brother~”

His voice was so soft and hoarse, he had been called out too cheerfully last night, so now his retribution was here. Shu Heng poured a glass of water and just as Shu Ning was about to sit up, he hurt so much that he sucked in his breath, dropping back down to the bed staring blankly at the ceiling. Shu Heng was very worried, with a soft yelp Shu Ning shrunk into the blanket.

It’s done it’s done it’s done, we did it, hoorah, wonderful O(∩_∩)O

“Ning~”Shu Heng frowned, did he feel uncomfortable? He cared very much about how Shu Ning felt, so fearing that it would hurt his self-esteem, he didn’t as him:”How about a sip of water?”


No zue no die – no do no die, if you dont do smth you might screw up in then you’ll never screw up

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