TOIC Chapter 3

Lu Zhengfei knew that something was wrong with Chen Qianqing, so he followed the advice of the doctor very quickly, hiring a psychiatrist for Chen Qianqing.

Chen Qianqing was very bright. As soon as he saw the unfamiliar man walk into his war, he was already able to guess his identity.

Lu Zhengfei was a very possessive person, there was no way he would be willing for Chen Qianqing to interact with someone else unless it was absolutely necessary. This time, if not for having broken Chen Qianqing’s leg, and to have been appeased by him, there was no way Lu Zhengfei would be willing to allow him to go to school.

The doctor was very young and had a very kind appearance. Everything he asked Chen Qianqing were all very usual things, nothing that would make him unhappy.

Chen Qianqing answered the doctor very vaguely. Clearly, he appeared to be out of it, but this was nothing to be concerned about. What really roused one’s unease was the contrast between the previous and the current Chen Qianqing.

If you were to say that he was a sunflower brimming with vitality before he had broken his leg, then he was now a mushroom that was growing in a damp corner. Silent, cold, and it was like nothing around him could attract his interest.

His beautiful face was completely overtaken by indifference. When you spoke to him, he would respond, but it looked like his mind was somewhere else.

The doctor asked him a few more questions, and left.

Chen Qianqing watched as he left, and there was no expression on his face.

“His situation is not very good.” The doctor said to Lu Zhengfei outside: “He has mild depression, and some other symptoms that would require further diagnosis.”

Lu Zhengfei looked at him blankly: “Is it serious? Will he have any suicidal tendencies?”

“No……” The doctor was slightly hesitant, but he still told him what he had observed: “His will to survive is actually rather strong, which is strange……” As it usually goes, people with depression tend to have suicidal tendencies. But what he saw from that person inside was a very strong will to live.

This answer seemed to fit with what Lu Zhengfei wanted to hear. He hummed in acknowledgement, and did not say anything more.

After some silence, the doctor spoke: “Well, I will be taking my leave now, Mr. Lu. If you need anything else, please feel free to call me.”

Lu Zhengfei nodded.

After the doctor left, Lu Zhengfei went for a smoke. Even though he did not have a smoking habit, he would practically go through half a pack each day ever since he and Chen Qianqing got together. Especially since Chen Qianqing’s leg was broken, and would always show him that indifferent expression.

Chen Qianqing did not love him, Lu Zhengfei was very clear about that. He knew that there was no way for him to ever receive forgiveness for everything he had done to Chen Qianqing, but he did not care at all.

He could give Chen Qianqing everything he wanted, but he could never give him his freedom.

Chen Qianqing did not know what Lu Zhengfei was thinking, but the relationship dragged on for so long that he had almost forgotten what actually went through his mind in the past.

How could he be so foolish to think that he could keep his lover by him just by breaking his legs?

Now that Chen Qianqing’s leg was broken, there was nothing he could do at all. He could only lay in bed and stare at the ceiling, or look at the novels brought to him by the nurse out of kindness.

When Lu Zhengfei entered his ward, the very scene he saw was Chen Qianqing with a book in his hands.

After going a few months without a haircut, Chen Qianqing’s hair was already getting quite long. His head was drooping down slightly, focused on the book in his hands. That image of him was just like a quiet statue.

“Chen Qianqing.” Lu Zhengfei spoke: “Your mother called.”

Chen Qianqing’s body stiffened. Lu Zhengfei’s words reminded him that Chen Qianqing’s parents were at least still alive, they have not gotten involved in an accident because of Lu Zhengfei yet, leading them to their untimely deaths.

That accident had also been the main reason for the gap that distanced Chen Qianqing completely away from Lu Zhengfei. There was no way Chen Qianqing could forgive him, and the two slowly slowly pushed each other towards an endless abyss that they would never be able to walk out from.

Chen Qianqing raised his head and looked at the younger version of himself: “Can I call her back?”

Lu Zhengfei looked at Chen Qianqing with a blank smile, and said: “I’ll let you call her if you give me a kiss.”

Chen Qianqing: “……” Seeing that look on Lu Zhengfei’s face really made him itch to give him a slap.

Seeing the frown on Chen Qianqing’s brows, Lu Zhengfei did not speak, but the smile on his face had faded slightly.

Perhaps, if this was the real Chen Qianqing, then he may already have gone up for two hefty slaps. But at this moment, Chen Qianqing forgot about it. He knew about his own stubborn attitude, so after a moment of silence, he closed his eyes and moved closer to leave a light peck on the corner of Lu Zhengfei’s mouth——Frankly, the feeling of kissing himself was absolutely horrible.

Lu Zhengfei had actually never expected for Chen Qianqing to actually kiss him, but when he saw that he had come close, Chen Qianqing did not move away either. He looked at Chen Qianqing’s closed eyes, and he looked like a pitiful little puppy as he kissed him on the corner of his lips. The kiss was extremely light, and it had ended as quickly as it came.

Lu Zhengfei really wished he could put his hands behind Chen Qianqing’s head and deepened that kiss, but seeing the plaster that was still wrapped around Chen Qianqing’s foot, he finally pressed down that urge.

No need to rush, he still had time with Chen Qianqing, plenty of time.

After the kiss, Lu Zhengfei returned Chen Qianqing’s phone to him. There were a dozen missed calls on the screen of the phone, some of which were from Chen Qianqing’s mother, and the rest his father.

Chen Qianqing took the phone and pressed the callback button.

“Qianqing.” The sound of Chen Qianqing’s mother rang out from the receiver. Chen Qianqing’s hand that was still holding the phone was starting to get a little sweaty, he wanted to call her ‘mom’, but he could not muster anything from his throat.

“Qianqing? Why aren’t you talking?” Chen Qianqing’s mother seemed to be getting anxious. After losing contact with Chen Qianqing for several days, she was practically ready to file a missing persons report if Lu Zhengfei had not called her.

Mother Chen sounded very anxious, it was easy to tell how worried she had been for her son.

“Mom.” In the end, Chen Qianqing had still called out to her. But at the same time, he felt a gush of pain emanating from his chest. His lips shivered, and he almost ended up crying.

He felt so sorry for the person on the other side of the phone, but also the one who was on this end of the call. The only way he could pay them back now was to give the two of them happiness.

“Qianqing? What’s wrong? Tell your mother what’s wrong.” Mother Chen was feeling quite anxious.

“I’m fine, mom.” Chen Qianqing continued: “I just got into a small accident and broke my leg.”

“You were in an accident??” Hearing this, Mother Chen had tensed up even more: “Is it serious? Where are you hurt? I’ll come over to take care of you tomorrow, which hospital are you staying in?”

Those series of questions were enough to tell anyone how she was feeling at that moment.

Chen Qianqing adjusted his emotions and responded softly: “Mom, don’t worry, it’s just my calf, it’s not serious at all so you don’t have to come, my friend is taking care of me.”

“How could I not!” Mother Chen said: “I have to come and see you! Which hospital are you staying in?”

Chen Qianqing knew that he would not be able to stop his mother, so he told her the name of the hospital. After hearing this, Mother Chen continued to nag him on for a while before she was willing to hang up the call.

“Am I your friend?” Lu Zhengfei who was standing by the side suddenly asked.

With his head down, Chen Qianqing put the phone at the side, and without much emotion, he responded: “I did think you were my friend in the past.”

Lu Zhengfei chuffed: “What about now?”

Chen Qianqing looked up at him: “You don’t want to know.”——At this moment, Chen Qianqing would only be able to treat him as his enemy, and also the one he hated the most in his life.

Lu Zhengfei understood, so he did not pry either. But that humour in his eyes had now dampened considerably: “Chen Qianqing, are you not afraid your mother’s going to realize something if you call her over?”

There was no way Chen Qianqing did not know what Lu Zhengfei was trying to get at, so he responded: “You’ll never be able to bear letting my mother know, Lu Zhengfei.”

That was because both Mother Chen and Father Chen were the best candidates Lu Zhengfei could use to threaten Chen Qianqing with. Just like what he had done in the past, he would tell Chen Qianqing that he would do this or that if he did not obey him, but he would not actually do it if he had not gone mad from rage.

“I’m a man of my word, I’ll do it if I say I will, didn’t I break your leg as well?” Lu Zhengfei reminded him.

Chen Qianqing: “……” He had actually forgotten about that.

Seeing how Chen Qianqing’s face had turned bad, he laughed again: “Don’t worry, I won’t let her find out.” ——Because nothing good will come out of it for me if she does.

Only then did Chen Qianqing relax. He asked: “Can you bring me a few books to read?”

Lu Zhengfei: “What do you have in mind?”

Chen Qianqing: “Anything is fine, finance, history, or anything else that’s convenient.” It really was quite unbearable to sit around in the hospital all day. It would take some time before he can be discharged, so he might as well read in his free time.

It was very easy for Lu Zhengfei to agree to this request. He said: “Sure, I’ll bring them over tomorrow.”

Chen Qianqing nodded.

When it came time for lunch, Lu Zhengfei came over with two lunch boxes in hand.

During the time when Chen Qianqing was hospitalized, Lu Zhengfei had come practically every single day to take care of him, he would even spend his lunch break from work in CHen Qianqing’s ward. At first, Chen Qianqing could not get used to it, but it did not bother him anymore after that.

It was crucian carp soup today. The broth was milky white and the meat of the fish was very tender. Unfortunately, Chen Qianqing was not a fan of fish, you could even say he hated it.

But the favourite food of the real Chen Qianqing was crucian carp. He could practically scoff down a few of them by himself, and he would enjoy them whether they were braised, steamed, or stewed in soup.

Seeing how silent Chen Qianqing was as he held the lunch box, he asked: “What’s wrong? Don’t like it?”

Chen Qianqing gave him a quiet smile and picked up his chopsticks: “How could that be? Fish is my favourite.” There was only one Lu Zhengfei and one Chen Qianqing in this world. Ever since he woke up, he was no longer himself, he had already become someone else. Thus, he now liked to eat fish as well.

The room was very silent while they ate. After Chen Qianqing was done eating, he read for a little and went for his afternoon nap.

Lu Zhengfei had been typing away on his keyboard, but seeing that Chen Qianqing had fallen asleep, his hands stopped. He had his back against Chen Qianqing, but he turned around to observe the person behind him.

Chen Qianqing had very long eyelashes, and he looked very beautiful when his eyes were closed. His complexion had also improved since he had been hospitalized, but it was still pale.

Lu Zhengfei wanted to reach out to touch Chen Qianqing’s face, but seeing how pleasantly asleep he was, he stopped himself. He did not need to rush things, he had time with Chen Qianqing, plenty of time.


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