TOIC Chapter 2

Not only was Lu Zhengfei doing bad, he was doing terrible. He was about to say something, but he realized that something was strange with his body——That’s right, following the dissipation of the anesthesia, a violent surge of pain had begun to course through him from the wound on his leg, pulling him back to his senses in an instant. Lu Zhengfei asked: “What’s happened to my leg?”

Hearing this, the doctor revealed an awkward expression. After some hesitation, he still decided to tell him: “You broke your leg by accident.”

“I broke it by accident?” Since Lu Zhengfei had inherited the position as the head of house, practically nobody has dared to say such words to him. He shot back coldly: “Can you tell me how exactly I’ve broken my leg by accident?”

Sweat started to line the doctor’s forehead. In truth, the person before him had not just been hospitalized once or twice, and would also come full of injuries every time he did. It was quite a pitiful sight, but pity alone was no use, because the person who caused those wounds did not feel any remorse at all.

In the few visits prior to this, Mr. Chen always came with a cold attitude. Nobody was sure what had happened, but he actually asked who it was that hurt him. Could something have happened to his head? With that thought popping up, the doctor attending to him felt even more distressed.

“Speak.” Lu Zhengfei was a man who stood at the top, and this imposing manner of his has been present very early on in his life. At this moment, being faced with his cold glare, even the doctor and the nurses were covered in cold sweat.

But fortunately, the culprit himself had appeared right at this moment.

When Lu Zhengfei saw the person who had just come in, he was paralyzed in place. He looked at the man who looked exactly the same as himself, entering without any confusion on his face. There was even a lunch box in his hand, but be it the look in his eyes or his mannerisms, they were both exuding an aura that made people feel uneasy.

It is quite interesting if you think about it. A person would only see himself through photographs or mirrors in their lives, and they’ve never really seen the real them with their own eyes. But now, Lu Zhengfei had the great fortune to see another Lu Zhengfei with ‘his own eyes’.

It was a young Lu Zhengfei who did not appear to have passed his thirties. He was a man who, at the point where he exuded the heaviest pressure, could allow one to feel his anger and dissatisfaction with just a frown.

“What are you doing?” That Lu Zhengfei said: “I told you not to bother him, am I just a joke to you?”

How would the doctor and the nurses dare to say anything to him? They just shot Lu Zhengfei a sympathetic glance before taking their leave. They did not seem like they wished to stay here for even a second longer.

That Lu Zhengfei stood by his bed and spat out three syllables coldly: “Chen Qianqing.”

The ‘Chen Qianqing’ he had just heard rumbled through his mind like a storm, crashing his mind into a dizzy mess. He finally managed to pick out the clues from that absurd dialogue from earlier, and these clues were all pointing Lu Zhengfei to a terrible fact.

“I want to look at a mirror.” Lu Zhengfei spoke: “Pass me a mirror, I want to see.”

The young Lu Zhengfei sneered: “What are you trying to do now?”

Lu Zhengfei ignored him, he just continued to repeat what he had said with a stern expression. The young Lu Zhengfei frowned, and after gazing at Lu Zhengfei for a long while, finally walked to the side and picked up the mirror on the table, tossing it over to Lu Zhengfei.

Lu Zhengfei’s hands were a little shaky. He took a deep breath, and looked at the image of himself in the mirror——His guess was correct.

In the mirror, Lu Zhengfei saw the face that he had adored for ten years. At this moment, he had yet to turn into that inhumanely thin figure. There were dimples on his face and beautiful eyes, everything he saw told Lu Zhengfei one thing——He had become Chen Qianqing. His most beloved, the Chen Qianqing whom he had sent on the road to death with his own hands.

Seeing the look of horror and disoriented look on that man’s face, the Lu Zhengfei who was standing by the bed raised a brow as if he was trying to ask what was going on.

Lu Zhengfei——No, it should be Chen Qianqing, had silently returned the mirror to Lu Zhengfei, and had stopped talking.

“Say something.”Lu Zhengfei hated it when Chen Qianqing was silent. When it happened, he would always feel like the person in front of him was getting further and further away from him. Thus, he simply reached out to grab Chen Qianqing’s jaw: “You’ve got the guts to run, but no guts to speak?”

Being grabbed by him, Chen Qianqing’s jaw felt very painful. If this was the real Chen Qianqing, then he may have already started to argue with Lu Zhengfei. Btu things were different now, Chen Qianqing who had his soul replaced by Lu Zhengfei only gave him a frown before replying:”It hurts.”

Lu Zhengfei let him go in an instant.

The Chen Qianqing of the past had a very good appearance, but his temper had always been stubborn. After trying countless times to escape, refusing to cooperate with Lu Zhengfei from beginning to the end, he was faced with the explosive temper of the young Lu Zhengfei, and had his legs broken by him several times.

Yes, several times.

Nobody knew better than the current Chen Qianqing what Lu Zhengfei was thinking about, so he had compromised with him temporarily.

“I want to be alone for a while.” Chen Qianqing told him.

Ever since Lu Zhengfei began to force Chen Qianqing, he was never able to see Chen Qianqing being this gentle ever again, much less speaking to him in a tone which allowed any space for discussion. So, when he heard what he had said, he was dazed for a moment before he answered him in a cold tone: “Get proper rest.”

Chen Qianqing nodded, and watched as Lu Zhengfei got up and left.

Once again, Chen Qianqing was the only one left in the room. He brought his left hand that was not connected to a needle in front of him, observing the slender joints, the fair skin, and the tenderly pink nails. Then, with this hand, he held his face and started to cry in a whimper.

He had become the person he loved, and now he would pay the price for everything he had done, to try for himself the humiliation he had put Chen Qianqing through.

After Lu Zhengfei left, he did not go far away. Instead, he entered the surveillance room. The ward Chen Qianqing stayed in was very complete with surveillance cameras, there was practically no angle in that room not captured by a camera.

Lu Zhengfei thought that Chen Qianqing would just lie down and sleep after he left, or just daydream, but he never would have thought that Chen Qianqing would actually cry into his hands instead.

Chen Qianqing did not cry the first time Lu Zhengfei forced him. Not only did he not cry, he nearly smashed a vase over Lu Zhengfei’s head. Chen Qianqing did not cry either the first time he was hit by Lu Zhengfei, but today, Lu Zhengfei saw Chen Qianqing’s slouched shoulders, and with his face in his hands, he cried like a baby.

Lu Zhengfei did not say anything after watching the recording either, nor did he do anything. He had only taken a cigarette out of his pocket and started to take a puff from it.

Chen Qianqing cried for a very long time. When he finally stopped, he wiped off his tears silently and looked at those fair and slender hands, those that were once supposed to have been gliding through the piano.

The real Chen Qianqing is already gone. Now, the one in his place was Lu Zhengfei who was here to atone for his sins. The only thing he could do now was to make a vow to realize Chen Qianqing’s dream in this lifetime, and endure the torture he had once inflicted on Chen Qianqing.

Lu Zhengfei had waited until Chen Qianqing was done crying before he returned to the ward. Chen Qianqing’s eyes were still red, but they have already regained their coldness. He looked towards Lu Zhengfei, and the hatred and resentment that Lu Zhengfei hated was no longer there, there was only indifference. It was like the person in front of him was no able to incite any emotions from him.

For some strange reason, Lu Zhengfei felt uneasy.

“I won’t run anymore.” Chen Qianqing told him: “I want to go back to school.”

For Chen Qianqing to make such a request between the silence of the two caught Lu Zhengfei off guard. He was willing to promise Chen Qianqing anything, but the only thing he could not agree to, was for Chen Qianqing to leave him.

There was no way Chen Qianqing would not know what Lu Zhengfei was thinking about. Looking at Lu Zhengfei was no different from looking at himself. From the look in his eyes, their conversation, and his facial expressions, he could tell what Lu Zhengfei was thinking about in his mind.

Chen Qianqing: “You can send someone to watch over me, I won’t run anymore.”——He couldn’t get away. Chen Qianqing was a normal person, it was simply impossible for him to escape from Lu Zhengfei’s palm.

Lu Zhengfei was silent for a moment, but he actually nodded: “Let your leg recover first.”

“Mm.” Chen Qianqing did not say anything more. He closed his eyes again.

The first time Chen Qianqing tried to run was during the third year of university. The twenty year old Chen Qianqing had secretly bought a train ticket behind Lu Zhengfei’s back, and fled from his house during the middle of the night. But as soon as he reached the train station, Chen Qianqing had been arrested.

After being caught, he was brought directly back to the Lu family home, then it was Lu Zhengfei himself who broke his legs.

In the days that followed, Chen Qianqing who had broken his legs refused to compromised, so Lu Zhengfei had deprived him of his rights of attending school, locking him up at home until his next attempt at escaping.

Chen Qianqing did not speak, so Lu Zhengfei had also kept quiet. He sat for another while before he got up to leave, but his expression finally relaxed, he was not as tense as he was when he came in anymore.

Chen Qianqing did not wish to speak with Lu Zhengfei. Every time he saw him, he would think about all those stupid things he had done in the past, and for him to be in this situation now was the best punishment the real Chen Qianqing could ever wish for him.

It hurt a lot to have a broken leg, but Chen Qianqing did not make a sound at all when his bandages were being changed. It was like he did not hurt at all, the only way you could tell was by how pale his face became during then.

The doctor was able to notice something off about Chen Qianqing, so he quickly rushed to tell Lu Zhengfei about the situation.

“Chen Qianqing’s condition is very bad.” The person attending to him was an orthopaedic doctor, so there was nothing he could do for him in turns of psychology: “It may be a psychological problem……But he won’t eat, and won’t talk as much either.”

And how could Lu Zhengfei not notice Chen Qianqing’s problem? Hearing what his doctor has said, he only nodded to him.

“I suggest consulting a psychiatrist.” The doctor continued to say: “There is nothing I can do for him in this aspect.”

“I understand.” Lu Zhengfei said: “I will arrange it.”

The doctor hesitated for a moment, but he still told him: “Mr. Lu……Chen Qianqing’s body is in a bad condition……You should hold back a little.”

Lu Zhengfei’s expression that had originally still been quite pleasant had turned cold in an instant. How could he now know what the doctor was insinuating? But hearing what he said, Lu Zhengfei just didn’t feel happy about it.

“Worry about yourself instead.” Lu Zhengfei shot back at him coldly: “Don’t concern yourself with my business.”

The doctor’s face stiffened, and swore to him frantically. Without saying anything more, he turned to leave.

Watching the doctor go, Lu Zhengfei frowned and started to mumble to himself: “……Is my technique really that bad? He ends up hating it every time.”——And even when he climaxed, he still looked as if he was waiting on the execution ground, this made Lu Zhengfei very disappointed.

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  1. RAIIIIIII I’m so happy. An delighted. Thanks for continuing. I look forward to both characters (past him and present him) finding redemption (I hope) and how MC will play against his previous self.

    Also, ML, do you really think the problem is your technique 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Man, it’s got to be a peculiar feeling to see yourself like that… Like one of those defeat yourself scenarios… Can’t wait to see how the author plans to run with it; no obvious tropes yet…

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  3. aw aww 😳 helli-chan continued this, hehe I’m very happy 😊, thank you for translating this with all your hard work, hehe helli-chan can I translate this into Indonesian? 😆

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  4. I kind of want this to be a bad ending. If he ends up falling in love with his abuser I’ll be ticked off.

    Also, what kind of crazy logic is it that someone’s enjoyment of sleeping with you is purely based on your technique? It would be funny if it wasn’t horrifying, and I can’t tell if the author is being serious or sarcastic.

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    1. Might as well stop reading now because this novel is not really even about romance, it’s about one guy exploring his past with another identity.
      And I don’t know how on earth you got that, but CQQ was able to get hard in the past, but now, CQQ being LZF, being screwed by himself was for him something difficult to accept. If that still doesn’t explain anything I can try again.

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