TOIC Chapter 4

Chen Qianqing’s mother, Liu Huamei bought a ticket for the morning train, so it wasn’t until about two in the afternoon did she come over to the hospital with her luggage.

At that time, Chen Qianqing was sitting on the bed and playing on his mobile phone, he looked like he was doing pretty good.

“Qianqing.” Liu Huamei came in with her luggage. She was already thirty by the time she had Chen Qianqing, so she could be considered to have given birth at an advanced maternal age. Chen Qianqing was the only in their family, so he was naturally spoiled silly. The second she heard on the phone that Chen Qianqing had met with an accident, she nearly fainted on the spot.

But seeing that Chen Qianqing was pretty calm as he sat on the bed, Liu Huamei felt that she could finally relax.

Chen Qianqing had not seen Liu Huamei many times. The only impression he had of this woman in his past life was how she had cried when she found out about what happened between Chen Qianqing and Lu Zhengfei. They were already at a dead end at that time, so the death of Liu Huamei and her husband had become the last straw that crushed the camel.

“Mom.” After his mental reestablishment the other day, Chen Qianqing did not have any troubles calling her mom. He put down the book in his hands and looked towards the woman: “You’re here.”

“Were you planning not to tell me if I never called?” Liu Huamei complained: “You’re by yourself in the hospital with nobody to take care of you, how could you be so stubborn?”

Chen Qianqing chuckled: “I just didn’t want to make you worry.”

Liu Huamei glared at Chen Qianqing and nagged at him: “And you’ve made me even more worried! You have no idea, your dad nearly took leave from work when he found out to come with me.”

Chen Qianqing’s father was a man called Chen Qingyang. He was an ordinary worker, and also adored Chen Qianqing very much.

“You really have to thank that friend of yours.” Liu Huamei went on: “If not for him, I would’ve called the police!”

As someone who did not know the inner workings of their relationship, Liu Huamei’s words were filled with irony. As the chief culprit of this matter, he did not know whether Lu Zhengfei would be able to control himself from laughing out loud if he was thanked by the victim’s mother.

Chen Qianqing was very calm, there were not much changes in his face even after hearing this. Instead, he responded calmly: “Yes, I should really be thanking him, I might have been dead if not for him.”

Lu Zhengfei had entered right as he had said those words. Looking over, he saw Liu Huamei sitting inside of the room with the expressionless Chen Qianqing. Following this, Lu Zhengfei had also put on a sincere smile on his expressionless face. He greeted her: “Hello auntie.”

The smile on Lu Zhenfei’s face was so realistic that he appeared to be just like a friend who had come to Chen Qianqing’s aid, and was very happy to see his friend gradually recovering.

“Oh, you should be Xiao Lu,” Liu Huamei smiled: “Thank you so much for taking care of Qianqing, if not for you, I would definitely be worried sick.”

Lu Zhengfei continued to smile: “No no, you’re too polite auntie, I’m Qianqing’s friend so this is only what I should have done.”

Perhaps, if the old Chen Qianqing had heard these words, his face would definitely change in an instant. Even though he would not pick apart Lu Zhengfei’s hypocritical mask, he would definitely not let him go without a glare.

But at this moment, Chen Qianqing had a blank smile on his face, and he did not even spare a glance to Lu Zhengfei.

Chen Qianqing knew very clearly how he could anger Lu Zhengfei, and yet avoid punishment——Perhaps, it may be hard to abuse another person, but he had full confidence in being able to abuse himself.

And sure enough, that dense smile had dampened on Lu Zhengfei’s face after seeing Chen Qianqing’s reaction.

“Auntie, my family has a house near the hospital, and it’s not too convenient for you to come over, so what do you think about staying there for a while?” In front of Liu Huamei, Lu Zhengfei had presented an unusual amount of enthusiasm.

“No, I can’t bother you like that.” Liu Huamei rejected the offer: “I can just rent a room nearby to take care of Qianqing.”

Lu Zhengfei responded: “It’s hard to rent houses for short-terms here, auntie. Since I’m good friends with Qianqing, I hope you won’t mind taking me up on the offer, as a token of my sincerity.”

Before Liu Huamei could even answer, Chen Qianqing chimed in: “Mom, you should just stay there. It’s fine, he’s a good friend of mine.”

Liu Huamei revealed a look of hesitance.

Lu Zhengfei continued: “Is it my place you don’t like?” After saying this much, Liu Huamei would not be giving him face if she did not accept, so she could only nod and agree to Lu Zhengfei’s proposal.

During this exchange, there was not much of a change in Chen Qianqing’s face, but the things he had said earlier came out very naturally, it was just like Lu Zhengfei really was his good friend.

Lu Zhengfei had originally come to put pressure on Chen Qianqing, but to receive such a reaction for him made him suspicious. It made him feel as if Chen Qianqing may be planning something again.

But before Lu Zhengfei was able to figure it out, he heard Chen Qianqing say: “Mom, I want to eat the fish that you make.”

These words caused the frown to loosen on Liu Huamei’s forehead. She cavilled: “My, this child, your mother’s seat is still cool and you’re already asking for fish. What’s more, where am I going to cook?”

“Auntie.” Lu Zhengfei called out: “I will be going back to pick up some things later, so why don’t you come with me? You can put your luggage down and make Qianqing some fish while you’re there.”

Liu Huamei was grateful, “Goodness, I’m sorry to trouble you Xiao Lu, Qianqing that child has really been spoiled too much……”

Hearing her answer, Lu Zhengfei peeped over at Chen Qianqing and shot him a meaningful smile, but Chen Qianqing had only pretended not to have seen it.

The three spoke for a little longer before Lu Zhengfei helped Liu Huamei with her luggage, and left the ward.

Sitting on the bed, Chen Qianqing watched the two leave, and closed his eyes silently.

There were few who knew about Chen Qianqing’s leg injury, or to be exact, only a few people who were close with Chen Qianqing knew. The fact that Lu Zhengfei had locked him up was sudden, so when Lu Zhengfei used his connections to take a leave of absence from school for Chen Qianqing, none of Chen Qianqing’s family members had any idea that happened at all, much less any of his friends.

They didn’t know that he left school, or that something happened to him. At this moment, Chen Qianqing was all alone without any help from the outside. With that, it was very reasonable that nobody would come to see him while he was recovering from his broken leg. But right after Lu Zhengfei left, an uninvited guest had come.

Chen Qianqing was reading a book when he heard the door open. Looking up, he saw a familiar face——It was his little sister, or to be more exact, Lu Zhengfei’s little sister.

Lu Zhengfei was not the only child of the family, he still had a younger sister whose name was Lu Yiqin. Lu Zhengfei had always spoiled her a lot, and would practically agree to all her requests.

If not for the fact that Lu Yiqin held strong hostility towards Chen Qianqing, Lu Zhengfei might have spoiled her even further. After finding out that one of Chen Qianqing’s accidents had something to do with her, Lu Yiqin had been forcefully sent abroad by Lu Zhengfei.

Clearly, Lu Yiqin’s appearance now was not a good sign.

“I heard from my brother your leg is broken?” As soon as she came in, Lu Yiqin had started to mock him, and her face when looking at Chen Qianqing was filled with malice: “How strange, to think your legs would break before your butt is even wrecked.”

Under normal circumstances, Chen Qianqing would definitel argue with her after hearing her say such a thing, but Chen Qianqing was not very good at swearing, so he would mostly end up shaking from her insults.

But today, Lu Yiqin’s plans had gone out the window.

Even after hearing her speak, Chen Qianqing did not lift his head. He was still buried in the book in his hands, and responded in a cool tone: “Did your brother teach you those words?” He had known long ago that Lu Yiqin disliked Chen Qianqing, but he never would have expected her to actually come to find trouble with Chen Qianqing behind his back, and to do it so regularly as well.

“What qualifications do you have to speak about my brother?” He could have said the same about anyone, but not her brother. Lu Zhengfei was Lu Yiqin’s weak spot, and she would practically explode with the slightest provocation in that regard: “You’re just a whore, and a cheap one at that!”

Her mouth really was quite unbearably nasty. Chen Qianqing raised his head and shot a cold look at Lu Yiqin: “Say that again.”

Being glared at by Chen Qianqing in such a way, Lu Yiqin had suddenly felt a strange sense of guilt. Her mouth moved, but she was not able to say what she had just said.

“Lu Yiqin.” Chen Qianqing spoke: “Are you done? You can leave now.”

In an instant, Lu Yiqin’s face had turned red. She did not know what had happened to Chen Qianqing, but her instincts were clearly telling her that she should not be provoking him today.

“If you keep pestering my brother, you’ll die a terrible death.” Lu Yiqin snapped back at him, but she was still unwilling to go.

Chen Qianqing responded: “I’m already dying a terrible death, how did you think my leg broke? And also, have you forgotten what you’ve done, Lu Yiqin?”

Lu Yiqin fumed: “How would I not know what I’ve done?”

Chen Qianqing looked at her and laughed: “Do you know who Xu Zhuo is?”

This name had practically turned Lu Yiqin’s face as white as a sheet in an instant. After a long moment of hesitation, she said : “How, how did you find out?”

Chen Qianqing responded: “It’s not important how I knew, what’s important is the fact that your brother doesn’t know yet. But if you don’t leave, I can’t guarantee your brother would not find out.”

Lu Yiqin was enraged, but she did not dare to say anything. With a hateful glare, she picked up the glass on the table and threw it to Chen Qianqing’s bed with a splash.

Chen Qianqing did not move, his face was still as calm as usual.

“Just you wait!” With that, Lu Yiqin turned to leave.

Chen Qianqing looked at the water stains and the glass on the sheets, and suddenly laughed. When Lu Yiqin threw the glass at her, the water had been cold, but with Lu Zhengfei’s eyes, that water could turn very hot——Chen Qianqing knew that this room was filled with surveillance cameras, but he was even more clear on the fact that he had never seen Lu Yiqin bullying Chen Qianqing when he watched the surveillance records in the past. This also proved that somebody had done something to the surveillance cameras.

In the past, it had taken him a very long time to catch the instigator who had been souring his relationship with Chen Qianqing, but it was too late, there was already no chance of him recovering his relationship with Chen Qianqing at that time.

And now, he had to catch the worm before it was too late.

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  1. Man. Poor original Chen Qianqing. No wonder there was no chance at all that he could like Lu Zhengfei. …Well…other than the obvious fact that Lu Zhengfei has mental issues and is the first true yandere ML I’ve read in a while. 😆 But it’s not all doom and gloom here, this author has a wicked sense of humor…

    Thank you for the chapter, Helli!😘

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  2. Oh my. Interesting that someone is playing with the surveillance. I wonder how long it’ll take ML to figure it out. Or MC will be the one to do it.

    Interesting that he’s already learning things he never knew about his poor shou.

    Thanks for the great translation 😘😘😘😘😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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