DBHW Chapter 89

Soon after Gu Yan killed Tong Tong, the other demons came one after another.

Those demons were very surprised to see Tong Tong’s corpse, but the did not dare to question Gu Yan’s decision. Gu Yan picked out a random mid-tier demon with the highest cultivation and asked:”Did you manage to shake your pursuers?”

The possessed body of that demon was a middle-aged man who appeared very well-dressed. He responded respectfully to Gu Yan:”Yes, we started to retreat before the other party could call their reinforcements, so we were not followed by those ordinary humans.’

“Very good, you can all go.”Gu Yan said.

Gu Yan sent those demons away and slowly paced around the array.

He was faced with a very difficult decision right now. He could either open the channels, allowing the great army of the demon world to invade……And he would no longer have to worry, they will turn this world into their own. But he was not willing to see that happen at all……Then, he could simply destroy the array? And stay in the human world?

Thinking up to this point, Gu Yan suddenly paused.

He had just realized that he was unwilling to destroy this world before him, but this did not mean he could survive well in the human world. He was no longer human, he was a demon from top to bottom, there was no way he could live in the human world as if nothing was wrong.

He will not be able to restrain his instincts to kill and to feed, nor was he willing to neglect himself too much.

It was just as Qin Yao had said before: Actually, these words may not have come sincerely from his heart. He was already soaked through in his nastiness, he would never be willing to become a good person.

THen the best way……Would be to return to the demon world, let everything go back once more to the beginning.

Gu Yan’s eyes brightened as if he had suddenly found a way to achieve the best result in both worlds. He was not a person who liked to get tangled up in things, and since he was unwilling to destroy the demon world, nor would he be able to live like a human, then he could just return to the demon world. Wouldn’t all be good then?

Perhaps, he may regret it in the future. Regretting the fact that he abandoned such a good opportunity……

Or perhaps, he may be punished by the demon lord once he returned……

But at least, in this very moment, Gu Yan could not care less. He felt that the demon world was the true place he belonged to. Demons like him should be living in that sort of dark world. Even if the demon world was barren and ridiculous, that was their paradise.

Moreover, if he was not afraid to live, would he be afraid to die?

A low rumble of laughter reverberated in Gu Yan’s throat.

He would never have expected he would end up going such a large circle, and finally coming back to where he started. In truth, he should not have come to the human world. Letting him come was the demon lord’s greatest mistake. If it was any other demon general, perhaps they would already have settled it, wouldn’t they?

Thinking of the demon lord, Gu Yan’s eyes turned grave. He had not forgotten what had happened with Tong Tong earlier. For any living being in the demon world, the demon lord resided at the highest point over them. He was different from them, he had already been in existence since a very long time ago, and he had been the supreme being of the demon world since he had started to exist. Nobody has ever seen what he looked like, even Gu Yan. Actually, he had only heard of the demon lord’s will in his life.

In the demon world, the demon lord was everywhere, and nowhere, he was also omnipotent. However……

They were now in the human world.

Gu Yan scoffed. If he could really affect this world, then there was no need for him to play ghost to give him a scare. So, even though Gu Yan was very cautious, he was not scared. Instead, he was still very calm. He believed that the demon lord’s power was not enough to do anything to this world, he could only act indirectly through the other demons.

Gu Yan sat in front of the array and stared at it.

He was very familiar with this array. Tomorrow will be the day when the negative energy will be the most dense, so if he activates the array according to the plan at that time, he would be able to forcibly break open the boundaries of their worlds. When that time happens, demonic energy will surge, and the gap will be torn completely apart, nothing will ever be able to stop the invasion of the demon world ever again. But if he were to activate the array in the opposite direction, it would cause a disruption in space, and a hundred years would have to pass before the same array can be used to open the boundaries again.


A full day soon passed.

Gu Yan opened his eyes. With a little sensing, he was able to feel the centre of the warehouse. It was surrounded by countless demons, and since there were so many……It is possible that all of those who came to this world had come.

Clearly, Gu Yan’s decision was very unfair for these demons who were filled with expectations. Because, as soon as the passage was destroyed, they will be trapped in the human world. Sooner or later, they would be slaughtered by the human cultivators. But Gu Yan would not care too much about them. In his opinion, these demons had only cooperated with each other with reluctance because they were in the human world. If they were in the demon world, they would all be killing each other right now, they would not be able to make any agreements with each other.

So, if he really opened the passages now, then these demons could go against each other in minutes, leaving to start their feast. Demons were not beings that enjoyed working together like humans did.

Gu Yan stood at the very centre of the array and his eyes turned blood red.

A great force of demonic energy emanated from his body as the pressure slowly started to climb, soon breaking through the mid-tier stage for a demon, suddenly rising to that of a high-tier demon’s! And his power was constantly rising! Going any stronger was already impossible and the strong pressure started to make his bones creak from his body’s suppression. Blood was flowing out of the five orifices of his head, but Gu Yan did not react to it!

He cut his wrist, allowing his blood that was filled with demonic energy to flow out, quickly dyeing the ground in red. Blending in with the golden lines, the array started to glow red!

Gu Yan gritted his teeth, but his eyes showed that his mind was overtaken by his frenzy.

When the ground was full of blood, he suddenly raised his hands in an abrupt motion. The array on the ground started to float up into the air, and hovered right in front of him! Very soon, a whirlpool had formed, absorbing the energy of the world, breaking through the roofs of all the buildings, lifting up everything in its proximity, and its astronomical power had been absorbed into the ground! It was surging! Nothing could stop it!

Gu Yan fixed his eyes at the array. Now……All he had to do was to wait for the energy to condense before the force could open the channels. Then, he could destroy the array!

When that time comes, the overflowing energy will completely destroy this place, causing a disruption in space.

The light shone more and more fiercely in front of him. Gu Yan narrowed his eyes, but his sharp gaze never once moved away. He watched every moment of it without even blinking.

Very soon, it will be done. When he breaks the array, he will be able to follow the fluctuations and slip through the gap back into the demon world.

And the human world will also regain its peace once more.

Gu Yan closed his hands slightly, and only the width of a fingertip was left from his hands to the array.

Suddenly, a lot of noise started to rise up, as well as the sounds of screaming. Gu Yan’s lips turned up. Were the human cultivators finally here? How slow……For them to come only after such a big mess had been made.

At this time, the use of those demons finally appeared. They blocked the human cultivators and allowed Gu Yan some time and space.

He was going to leave soon, so he did not wish to be interrupted by anyone.

The array was turning faster and faster, leaving only the afterimage of a circle.

The corners of Gu Yan’s lips curled up. He exerted some force in his wrists, and was just about to destroy the array. But suddenly, he couldn’t move! Gu Yan’s smile stiffened on his face, but very quickly……He realized that he could not even control his face anymore.

He had lost control of his entire body! Even though he was still conscious, his mind was nothing more than a spectator. Besides being able to see and hear, there was nothing else he could do.

A strong sense of fear surged within him, what was going on?

What was manipulating him?!

The array shone brightly in white and the great power turned the night sky as bright as dawn. A gigantic rush of energy burst forth, and rushed into the ground. Everything happened very quickly, but in Gu Yan’s eyes, everything looked like it was happening in slow motion.

He could not even blink his eyes, only able to watch the entire scene as it happened……

Watching, and unable to do anything.

Gu Yan finally realized that he was so powerless. He always thought he was strong, but he was not. Like right now, he did not even know what could happen, he was just like a puppet controlled by an invisible line, not a single move of his was voluntary.

At the most critical moment, all he could do was watch with his eyes.

Watching as everything he did not wish to happen, happened……In this instant, he suddenly remembered a lot of things; he remembered how much he used to care about this world, how much he wanted to protect everything before him.

His past mind, spirit, and wishes seemed to have flowed into his body once more……

He desperately wanted to struggle, but his body was like a cage that trapped his spirit.

No matter how he tried to bang into that cage, he was nothing more than a caged beast.

Gu Yan watched as his hands slowly raised up, not to destroy the array, but to hold it tightly at the edges, pressing it down! His hands sizzled as it burned but it was like he could not feel the pain at all. Without any care in mind, he wanted to put down that array. Once the array that had been filled with energy was set down once again, the passages would be opened completely.

No……This was not what he wanted to do.

One of his knees bent over, while the other was kneeling on the ground. Slowly, his body bent down, and slowly, he pressed the array down under the burden of that huge pressure.

Despair covered Gu Yan’s eyes……

At this moment, the noises of shouting and killing seemed to have paused for a moment. Following that, Gu Yan saw the volley of a sword aura rushing by! Instantly shooting through the array in Gu Yan’s hands. The array broke into a thousand pieces, falling down to the ground! The huge energy started to spread, and Gu Yan had been swept away by the powerful force, falling heavily onto the ground.

Gu Yan was stunned for a moment, but following that, his heart was filled with ecstasy.

He could not move, but he could still see. Qin Yao had rushed over just in time.

Qin Yao came over with his body covered in blood, and a silvery-white sword in his hand. Step by step, he walked towards Gu Yan.

Gu Yan was lying in the ground, and in truth, he could not even make a face at him, his eyes were dead like a stagnant well. So, he could only watch as Qin Yao walked over. Qin Yao was watching him, and his eyes showed the complications of his mood.

After a while……Qin Yao leaned down and extended a hand to Gu Yan.

Gu Yan wanted to laugh, but he could not. Was Qin Yao still unwilling to put a hand on him after all he had just done? So……Was he truly speaking his heart at that time? The fact was, no matter what he had turned into, Qin Yao would still treat him like he always would. Even if he had done such an unforgivable thing.

It was just quite irrational for him to get this close to him right now……The him right now, was too dangerous.

Because the one controlling his body was no longer him.

Gu Yan raised his hand and took Qin Yao’s, holding it tightly. Then, with some force, he pulled Qin Yao towards him and curled his lips up in a strange smile,”Damn you!”

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  1. Oh hot damn. Well, good thing QY got there I’m time. I wonder if he could tell that GY is being controlled?

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  2. Well damn this dude is no joke. It’s got to take some serious power to make Gu Yan a puppet in his own body.
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  3. I’m a little disappointed that GY suddenly changed his mind about the array, and then had his agency taken away from him. I felt like there wasn’t enough build up or justification for him to decide to spare the human world, but perhaps that’s just me.


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