DBHW Chapter 88

Gu Yan’s face changed.

By the time he came back to his senses, Qin Yao had already bitten down on his lips. Qin Yao’s kiss was very rough, as if his self-restraint had come crashing to the ground. His hand that pressed down on Gu Yan’s exerted a lot of force, however……A slight tremor could still be felt coming from it.

His kiss followed down Gu Yan’s neck, sliding down, and coming to his clavicle.

Gu Yan shivered and his pupils shrunk. Just when he was hesitating about whether he should fight back……

The shrill noise of a cell phone suddenly rang out.

Qin Yao was stopped in his tracks. It was his phone.

But he had only stopped for a moment. Very quickly, Qin Yao had ignored the ringing of his cell phone, continuing to deepen his aggressive assault against Gu Yan, as if he would not rest until he reached his goal!

Gu Yan’s throat bobbed and a complicated look arose within his eyes. If this was before, then perhaps he may not have hesitated to kill him. But now, as he had expected, he was hesitating.

So……Many things have already changed before heย realized it.

Qin Yao’s words and actions were clearly very rude, and his demands were even scornful and insulting, but even though that was the case, his rough actions were still hiding his deep restraint and care. He was hiding everything under this guise of disgust, as if this was the only way he could keep him from running away.

Gu Yan did not know why he knew this, but he just did.

He suddenly realized how much he understood this person. Even if they have missed each other for a thousand years, they were still was familiar with each other as if they had just parted yesterday……No matter what he changed into, no matter how far they were apart, they would still be able to communicate with each other with one look.

Was Qin Yao also able to understand him, and see through him just the same? Gu Yan did not know.

The only thing he knew was the fact that the person who forced Qin Yao to change was not anyone else, it was him.

So at this moment, the only thing Gu Yan could feel was helplessness.

Even if he said such cruel words to him, weren’t they just empty words in the end?

What nonsense, he was clearly the one being forced, he was clearly the one in a disadvantageous position, but all he felt was helplessness, and not anger. Is this what he really thought? Even if he had already turned into this……Would he still show weakness to a human? Or was it because this person was Qin Yao?

Truly ridiculous.

Gu Yan chuffed softly……in the silence, this laugh sounded very abrupt.

As a result of that, Qin Yao suddenly stopped. He buried his head in Gu Yan’s shoulder, and his expression could not be seen.

Gu Yan put his hands on Qin Yao’s shoulder, holding it slowly but firmly, pushing him away.

Very lightly……He pushed Qin Yao away.

A despairing darkness could be seen in the depths of Qin Yao’s eyes. He stood up straight and his body was stiff. With his hands hanging down by his sides, it looked as if he was waiting for his final judgement.

His eyes that were watching Gu Yan were both sorrowful and helpless at the same time.

Gu Yan turned his eyes away slightly, taking his gaze away from Qin Yao’s. He laughed:”Your phone is still ringing.”

Qin Yao raised his eyes abruptly,”What did you say?”

“I said your phone is still ringing, you should pick it up. What if it’s something important?”Gu Yan made a calling motion and curled up his lips,”What did you think I was going to say?”

A look of confusion and fluster flashed past Qin Yao’s eyes,”No, nothing……”

“Quick, take the call.”Gu Yan told him.

The calm finally returned on Qin Yao’s face as if everything that just happened was just Gu Yan’s illusion. He took his phone and put it by his ear, speaking in a stern voice:”Hello?”

To tell the truth, he was extremely dissatisfied about this untimely call.

If whoever called him didn’t have anything important to talk about, then he definitely would not let them go!

“Mr. Qin! Help!”As soon as he picked up the call, Song Yun Zheng’s panicked voice had come out from the receiver. At this moment, his usually calm voice was shaking,”A lot of demons have appeared in the city center, we can’t control them, we have a lot of casualties here……Please come quickly!”

“I’m coming now, hold on!”Qin Yao’s face turned grave in an instant.

Qin Yao hung up the call and raised his head to look at Gu Yan. Gu Yan shrugged and smile, speaking to him in a tone of teasing:”It has nothing to do with me. Even though I really want to do something, I didn’t do anything. You yourself know.”

Qin Yao pursed his lips, no longer speaking with him. He looked deeply at Gu Yan and turned to leave.

Gu Yan stood where he was, and after a moment, the smile disappeared from his face as his expression turned cold.

He walked around outside for a while, and as if he had thought of something, he stopped,”Come out.”

Tong Tong walked out from behind a car. She seems to have improved a little in strength, it could be seen that she had been eating quite a lot of people at this time, she was living the good life. She smiled flatteringly to him in a proud manner as two little dimples appeared on her cheeks,”My lord.”

“Did you arrange it?”Gu Yan asked.

Tong Tong nodded,”That human kept on following you so I wasn’t able to get close at all, so I could find a way to lure him away.”

Gu Yan was silent for a moment, but he suddenly asked:”Are the preparations complete?”

He did not give any context, but they were still able to understand each other. If the preparations had not been complete, then Tong Tong would never have taken such a huge risk to get close to him. This will undoubtedly gain them the wrath of the humans, and would become a great danger to them.

“Yes.”Tong Tong responded firmly,”Everything is in place, we are just waiting for you to take control of the array now.”

A strong demonic array required the control of a high-tier demon for it to succeed, and this was also the reason Tong Tong came to look for him. Otherwise, they could have done the job themselves.

So it turns out they’ve reached the last step this early……?

Gu Yan’s expression was flustered for a moment. He closed his eyes and recalled everything he had seen in the demon world. That dark world did not have any light, nor colour, only death and slaughter. Now, was he going to turn this world into that as well?

He suddenly felt a little annoyed. It seems like some of his emotions were starting to affect him, trying to affect his decisions.

But what was affecting him……? Was it his memories in the past as a human? Even if they were just several scenes that replayed within his mind incessantly, they still managed to affect him. If he did not have those memories, if there was no Qin Yao, then perhaps he may not be hesitating right now, this had been his goal this whole time.

Why did he have these memories that he should never have?

He was not Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu was at her newborn state as a demon that had never eaten another demon, so she was able to retain her original state, as well as her instincts as what was once was a human. But he was different, he had been in the demon world for far too long, swallowing down countless other demons. His demonic energy was pure, and by reason he should not retain those memories.

He had already transformed completely into a demon.

Gu Yan suddenly turned to Tong Tong:”Do you still have any memories from when you were human?”

Tong Tong was shocked,”My lord……What are you saying? I’m a demon, not human.”She looked at Gu Yan with an expression full of doubt and fear, not understanding what Gu Yan was trying to say.

After a moment, Gu Yan looked away and pretended nothing had happened:”Nothing.”

This is how it should be, this was hoe he was like at the start as well. But ever since he came to the human world, he quickly changed. And the only one different was himself.

From those inexplicable nightmares, to his disgust when he figured out the truth……Until he gradually recovered his memories, and finally accepted this reality. Actually, not much time had passed.

“Let’s go.”Gu Yan said. He looked down at Tong Tong,”Since we’ve already reached our goal, you can call them back.”If those demons continued making a mess in the capital, then he did not know how many people were going to die and how chaotic it would become. Thinking about this point, Gu Yan could not help but frown.

“Yes, my lord.”Tong Tong did not refuse him. Qin Yao had already gone over, if they continued staying there, then those demons would just be killed. They still had to preserve their strength now, and besides, didn’t they already reach their goal?

With Tong Tong leading the way, the too left quickly.

There was already a car waiting for them outside that brought Gu Yan all the way there. After driving for about six or seven hours, they had gone directly to another city.

Tong Tong brought Gu Yan to a warehouse, and onย the ground was a gigantic and completed demonic array. Gu Yan eyed it meticulously. There was actually no faults with it at all, it was not easy for them to be able to achieve this in such a short amount of time. Perhaps……They have been using unconventional means.

Tong Tong spoke proudly:”Fortunately, we had several other alternatives prepared. In order to complete the reconstruction of the demonic array in the shortest time possible, we had those humans work day and night, and we would just eat them if they died of exhaustion. When they were all gone, we would just catch a few more over. Also, the police here are completely under our control, not only would they not catch us, they would also help us cover our trails. By the time the humans had realized something was off, we were already done. The best time to activate the array is tomorrow night, as long as the channels are opened, we will not have to fearย the humans at all.”

Gu Yan’s fingers curled up and he put on a faint smile,”Very good.”

But his heart was not as calm as he appeared to be. All sorts of complicated emotions were constantly boiling within him.

Tong Tong made it sound simple, but a lot of carnage had to happen at the back for that to happen. Even without thinking, you would know……This was not right, this is the true ways demons dealt with things. They would use the most crude and simple ways to achieve their goal, there was no need to think too much about it.

And him? What was he being so moral for? Before this, he could say he was at it alone. Being unfamiliar with the human world, he did not have much convenience in doing anything, so he had to keep a low-key behaviour. But what about after that? He already had the opportunity and the means to achieve his goals after that, he was completely able to do it too, he could start a blitzkrieg, but he didn’t……As usual, he continued to go through the plan slowly like before. Instead of caution, it was more like procrastination……In the end, not only did he not complete his plans successfully, he even brought out a lot of uncertainties in his plans, and finally, he even put himself in such a situation.

He was just a demon……But it felt like he really got addicted to playing the part of a human.

Actually, all that Tong Tong had done now were things he should have done long ago, but never did.

What was stopping him……? Has he really never thought about it?

Gu Yan let out a low laugh. He suddenly understood.

Even if he had abandoned everything, and turned into a demon, was his heart still yearning for this world? He could not bear to destroy it, could not bear to harm it, he was unwilling to watch the blue sky turn into a field of grey, he was not willing to let the demons invade the human world.

So he had been deceiving himself, using irrelevant reasons to stop himself from doing anything violent, giving him an excuse to let those humans live.

His behaviours had always been more honest than his heart.

But now……he had no way to continue these lies to himself.

It was already time for him to make a decision.

“What are you thinking about?”Tong Tong’s voice suddenly rang out. A cold glare flashed past her eyes, and her stern face was unnaturally stiff,”Are you hesitating? Don’t forget your purpose of coming to this world.”

Gu Yan’s heart jumped. The thoughts that had just formed within his head was suddenly shaken. He moved his sharp gaze over to Tong Tong,”What did you say?”

Something was wrong, how could Tong Tong see through him? How could she be saying this to him?

This voice, this expression……Everything was wrong!

“I didn’t say anything though?”The strangeness disappeared from her eyes in the blink of an eye. She was confused, as if she was not the one who spoke to him at all.

Gu Yan’s face cooled. Suddenly, he reached out and raised his claws against Tong Tong’s throat!

Tong Tong’s eyes revealed her shock and horror! But she was no opponent of Gu Yan’s at all. She had clearly seen him move, but she could not avoid him at all! She pounced back reluctantly, but Gu Yan’s claws had still pierced through her chest. Blood was splattering everywhere! Tong Tong fell heavily on the ground with deep cavities on her chest, fresh blood was gushing heavily out of them. She coughed and her face paled:”My lord……What did I do wrong……”

She seemed to not have expected Gu Yan to suddenly attack at all.

Gu Yan took step after step towards her, staring intensely at Tong Tong. His focus was completely on her.

Besides the strange words she told him earlier, there was nothing strange with Tong Tong’s expression, nor did she dodge his strike. But Gu Yan did not believe that this was a coincidence. Those words……That was clearly a warning to him, and the one who said it, was possibly……

But it’s not possible, he can’t come to the human world. If he could come to the human world, would he still need the rest of the demons like him?

Blood dripped from Gu Yan’s right hand onto the ground. He grabbed Tong Tong’s neck and smirked,”You didn’t do anything, I just can’t stand you.”

Saying that, he twisted his hands, twisting Tong Tong’s head off her neck.

The light faded from Tong Tong’s eyes……

Everything had gone unbelievably smoothly, as if he had just killed a normal demon. Gu Yan looked at his own hands. He was just testing it earlier, but not even in death did Tong Tong ever show any strangeness, she did not resist him either.

But Gu Yan could not relax at all, the words from earlier still made his hair stand on end.

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