DBHW Chapter 76

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao in disbelief, has he gone mad?

He had thought over countless possibilities, but not once had he ever considered such a situation. He had clearly just been waiting to die a moment ago, but in the next……Did Qin Yao really give up just like that? This victory came so inexplicably that he could not feel any joy from it at all.

Gu Yan was not a fool. Even though he was not able to feel it at first, he could still guess why Qin Yao would do this now. It was because of that jade pendant that burst open in the very last moment, and protected him.

The white light from the jade seeped into his body, leaving no traces after circling his body, as if it had been a part of its soul from the very beginning. That tiny little thing quickly burrowed itself into his body and disappeared without a trace……There were no changes in his body, but Gu Yan still felt uneasy.

It has been a long time since he had last known what it meant to feel unease, but now not only was he feeling uneasy, he felt agitated as well.

Even if he died, it would only be possibility that was within his expectations. He was not very surprised, but everything in front of him was falling out of his control.

Gu Yan did not believe this was a misunderstanding. He was a high-tier demon general, and his strength far surpassed that of all the beings around him. If something was able to enter his body, then it had to have a connection with him; so to say, Qin Yao did not get the wrong person.

But how could this be possible?

For him to actually be the one in Qin Yao’s heart.

No……So he really was a human in the past?

For a moment, all sorts of ridiculous emotions started to flow out from him. It was as if something had moved within his heart, and wanted to influence him, to change him, turning him into something he was not; he even lost his thoughts of killing Qin Yao. But that was no matter, Qin Yao was already no cause for concern anyway.

Right now, he just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

But Qin Yao’s hand was wrapped tightly around his own, unwilling to let go. Even after suffering such a grave injury, Qin Yao’s still did not loosen his grip on Gu Yan’s hand in the slightest. Holding it tightly, even his knuckles had turned pale, as if he was using all the strength he could muster from his body.

Those were eyes that said: even if I die, I would not let go.

With his hands buried within Qin Yao’s chest, he cold feel his hot flesh encasing him. With a little twitch of his fingers, he could almost feel the beating of his heart.

Is this what he wanted? He still won……But why did he not feel happy about this?

He was wrong. It didn’t influence him? He didn’t change? That was all a lie, that damned piece of jade still left its mark on him when he did not notice.

Take for example, right now. He clearly should have killed Qin Yao, and these were truly what he believed as well, but it felt as if his body would not accept his orders, and would not make its move.

“Let go.”Gu Yan’s voice was icy cold.

Qin Yao kept his eyes still on him, and a look of pleading welled up in his eyes. With a hoarse voice, he spoke,”Don’t go, please?”

Gu Yan’s eyes were cold and indifferent. Curling up a cold smile on his lips, he told him:”Then you should just go and die!”

You were the one who forced my hand!

Bringing his fingers together, he stabbed right through that beating organ, going straight through Qin Yao’s body in one abrupt movement, drawing a huge gush of blood! Qin Yao could not support himself any longer, falling down to the ground in a kneeling position with a thunk. He supported himself with his left hand, and pressed his right on his chest. A large, bloody hole was now gaping on his chest with blood rushing madly outwards, seeping out through his fingers.

Gu Yan lowered his head to take one last look at Qin Yao before he turned to leave without any mercy.

He soared aimlessly away in quick steps, and in the end, he was not sure where he ended up.

He was clearly the winner, everything had clearly gone as he wished, but he felt like an abandoned dog who would not find its family, feeling lost as he ran.

It felt like he walked very, very far away, and was no longer able to see that scene from before.

Finally, he stopped at a river.

Gu Yan raised his right hand. It was covered in a sticky layer of fresh blood, with even some traces of flesh still stuck between his sharp nails, appearing gory and terrifying. This was Qin Yao’s blood, it was his flesh.

The look in Gu Yan’s eyes took a drastic turn as a strong surge of panic soared up his heart.

Did he kill Qin Yao?

Was Qin Yao dead?

The only person who cared about him, who knew his true identity, but was still willing to love him without any hesitation, the person who gave him his life. Was he killed by him just like that?

He cradled his head as a sharp pain burst out from within.

Can a demon like him be loved and respected as well? Did that mean that he was not as sad and pitiful as he thought? But even so, what had he done?

No, things should not be this way……

He was a demon, he did not need the love and respect from anyone at all, he only needed to be feared by these humans.

He clearly did not need to care about anything at all.

Using him, killing him, there should have been no hesitation.

Or was it to say that he was different, so he treated him differently?

Was this his consciousness speaking, or the consciousness of ‘him’ from the past? For a moment, Gu Yan could not figure it out.

Gu Yan covered his eyes, and a quiet chuckle reverberated through his throat.

On that day, he had made use of Qin Yao’s hesitation to get him to back away, but today……Qin Yao did not use his hesitation to do the same. Only, one had been done under the guise of an accident even with the intention, but the latter was the complete opposite.

He thought he had always been the calm and sober observer, but he did not know when many things gradually began to change after his time in the human world.

From that time when he was still in the demon world, he had also changed.

But, so what?……Did it matter what things were like in the past? He was nothing more than a demon now.

Nothing could ever change.

Just like right now. The smell of fresh blood filled his nostrils.

He looked at the redness on his right hand, and seeing the blood that had yet to dry completely, he could not suppress his extreme thirst and desire to eat. He wanted this, he wanted more.

Qin Yao’s blood, was way more attractive than the blood of any human.

That strong and heavy smell fascinated him, and bit by bit, his instincts were taking over his reason. Clearly, he was just hesitant and pained a moment before, but now, he wanted to swallow him whole. He regretted leaving so easily, he wanted to turn back, and get a good bite out of him, filling up his own belly.

Gu Yan stuck out the tip of his tongue, and slowly, lightly, as if he was tasting a precious delicacy, he cleaned every last trace of the blood from his hand.

Then, he let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Only after a while was he barely able to suppress the desire in his eyes, and recovered a bit of their clarity.

If he really went back there right now, what difference would he have with those low-tier demons who were completely under the control of their instincts?


Gu Yan had only realized the next day that he had actually ended up running directly to another city.

This was a small city nearby Haiyun City, but its economy was a little lacking, and the development of the city also had a great disparity with Haiyun City, it was not as packed and bustling, it was plenty more quiet, with less allure than the big city. Gu Yan did not return, he had decided to just stay here. He did not feel any need for it, what would he return for? Without Qin Yao, there was practically nobody left to stop him.

If he returned, he would just be looking for places, and continuing the construction for the demonic array, and opening the channels.

This was what he had been working on this whole time, but now, it seemed like he could do it easily now, but it was lacking in captivation, so he was not as anxious to get it done.

Recently, he would end up thinking of Zhou Yu every once in a while. Since Zhou Yu did not eat any other demons, she ended up retaining her memories of her past life. But he……Why did he still remember the past even after eating countless demons?

Those painful fragments of his memories seemed as if they had been carved into his bones, there was no way he could rid himself of them.

He had actually wanted to forget all about them.

But it was counterproductive.

Gu Yan did not carry a single cent on him, but fortunately, he could survive even without food or drink, so it was not difficult.

Just that if he wanted to get some rest, that would be slightly troublesome. Without his ID card or any money, there was not a single hotel that was willing to take him. Even though he could easily destroy everything if he wanted to, it was quite rare that he did not wish to do that.

Gu Yan was living by just like a ghost.

He was clearly in this world right now, but he could not fit in, he was an outsider. If he did not destroy everything, then he would not be able to integrate himself into society no matter what.

Because for him to become part of them, meant destruction.

Perhaps he should not have come to the human world.

‘Concern’ did not exist for a demon, but he felt it now, just like a foolish human. It disgusts him.

As Gu Yan walked on the streets, he would occasionally bump into someone who recognized him.

He was much more famous now compared to before, even if he looked so shaggy and unkempt now, they only thought that it was part of his personality. Looks of curiosity and admiration of all sorts were surrounding him. Gu Yan was a little annoyed, so he did not appear in front of humans anymore after that, he would always go to places where people were scarce. But dirty things always happened in such places; in just a few days, he had encountered no less than seven or eight cases of fights and robberies……Heh……If they bumped into Gu Yan, then it was just their misfortune. He had been feeling up to his knees with bad luck, and he would have no psychological burdens if he tried to put a hand on these humans, instead, it might even help him vent.

On this day, he beat up a few punks until they cried for their mothers again, and saved a little girl who had just been singled out since she came out from school.

Before he left, the little girl was still tugging at the corner of Gu Yan’s shirt, reluctant to let him go.

“Big brother, are you that big star Gu Yan?”

Gu Yan glared at her coldly without speaking.

The little girl was not scared at all,”Big brother, you’re so handsome, so amazing. Are you a superhero who punishes evil for justice? Just like Batman, and Superman!”

What a nuisance, Gu Yan frowned.

“Big brother, I like you lots.”

“There must be a lot of people who like you, but I’m definitely one of the ones who like you the most!”


After sticking to him for a long time, she finally got to take a picture with Gu Yan, and finally left, turning back to stare at him several times as she did so.

Gu Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

He has had enough with enthusiastic humans like these. However……When he thought about how it would be like when all of them were gone, he thought it was strange and boring.

Gu Yan leaned on the wall, and the look in his eyes changed.

He can’t go on like this.

He has to make his decision.

Either give it all up, and continue living as a human.

Or continue the plan, turning this world into his.

This choice seemed to have given him so much difficulty before, but now that he had listed them out clearly, this now seemed like a simple question. All his confusion disappeared, the choice was now so simple he could understand it all with just one look……Everyone knew the answer.

Because he did not have a choice at all.

As long as he stayed alive, he would not be able to resist destroying everything. But he was not that selfless, so of course he wanted to live. And he wanted to live a good life.

He should go back.

Gu Yan walked out of the alley, and as soon as he raised his head, he saw a black car that had just happened to stop.

Fu Zhe Chuan came down from the car, and a gentle smile was revealed on his lips:”I finally found you.”

FZC saw people lighting candles for WD and couldn’t stop himself from starting another festival smh

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  1. ……sad because QY is gone…….happy because FZC is back…….my heart, why must you be so fickle?!??

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  2. Hey wait a minute! QY is not the only one who loves and cares for you despite knowing your identity! What about FZC??? In fact, he found out about you before QY!


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