DBHW Chapter 61

Gu Yan looked down at his hand that was being grabbed by Song Yuan, and his eyes turned colder. Without hesitation, he shook her off.

Actually, putting into consideration the place they were in, the amount of strength he used was not great.

But Song Yuan seemed to have retreated quite a few steps in a fluster, the wine in her hands had also been poured over herself. Her current appearance looked very pitiful.

Gu Yan did not move.

If Song Yuan dared to splash her wine on him, then he would definitely prevent that at all costs, just like last time. But now, Song Yuan was pouring her own wine on herself, so he did not have any interests in stopping her.

An ant like this amongst the humans were truly the most laughable, for them to hurt themselves as a way of hurting others.

It really was too much of a waste for her to use this ridiculous tactic on him. Because he……did not care at all about being gossiped about.

Their movements at this moment finally attracted the attention of the others at the side, and they were now all looking over.

They looked over to the pitiful SOng Yuan, then to the straight-faced Gu Yan, and in their hearts, they all echoed ‘it was that illegitimate child after all’.

Gu Yan swept his glance over, and could not help laughing.

If these people dared to take a jab at him, then he would think that even that was a courageous move. But they did not dare to do anything at all, they did not even dare to say anything in front of him. They only dared to sneer at him and scorn him behind his back.

Did they really think that such a cold method of ‘violence’ could really hurt him in any way?

“I’m sorry……”The chest area of Song Yuan’s clothes were dyed red with the wine. With her clothes stuck to her body from the dampness, revealing her delicate curves, she appeared extraordinarily attractive. But she seemed to not have noticed this at all, she was only watching Gu Yan nervously as if she would not leave as long as Gu Yan would not forgive her.

Gu Yan smiled with a brow raised, an evil twinkle playing within his eyes. Since she wanted so badly to play with him, then he will play along till the end. His dark eyes looked straight into Song Yuan’s eyes, and as if they exuded a strange, bewitching magic, it made it hard for her to turn her gaze away……

Song Yuan was still as she looked at Gu Yan’s eyes, all the hate and disgust suppressed within her heart was suddenly bubbling up! She wanted to yell out, and tell everyone how much she hated him! Say it, say it! Make fun of him, scorn him! Scold him, hit him!

Tear apart everything that he had now!

Gu Yan raised his lips in a mysterious smile, looking straight at her. Yes……Just like that……Spill out all that is in your heart, let these people the filthy and ugly insides beneath that weak and pitiful appearance of yours……

Let them all see……

What kind of person you really are!

A hand suddenly reached over to grab Gu Yan’s hand, and pulled him back.

Gu Yan turned back angrily, and averted his gaze from Song Yuan.

Which despicable human dared to step in!

As both his eyes turned cold, he saw the man standing beside him.

It was Qin Yao.

Gu Yan slowly put down his hand and spoke in a slightly cool tone:”What? Are you going to stick your head in someone else’s business?”

Qin Yao looked helpless. This really was a guy who forgot about all manners of friendship in the blink of an eye. Seeing his tone and attitude, his position in Gu Yan’s heart really had turned back in just a single night.

“So what if I am?”Qin Yao asked.

Actually, he just could not bear to see someone causing trouble for Gu Yan, and did something on impulse……He could settle a small matter like this with just the snap of a finger. But seeing how Gu Yan had misunderstood him, and how little trust he had of him, he felt a little unhappy, and could not help feeling the need to tease Gu Yan a little.

Song Yuan looked at Gu Yan and Qin Yao, and felt cold sweat lacing both her palms and her back.

What happened to her just now? She actually felt the urge to blurt out everything in her heart without a care for anything. Just thinking about the consequences of that……She suddenly felt a strong fear in her heart!

Thank god……Thank god for that man’s sudden appearance. He managed to break the stagnating atmosphere, otherwise, she really did not know what she would end up doing……

The people around them watched on with bright eyes as more and more people came over, they were all curiously awaiting for gossip. How could a matter like this happening on Gu Zong Han’s birthday banquet not attract anyone’s attention? With the third young master and Song Shan’s niece caught in a conflict in public, this was enough to become the talk of the day for months to spare!

But speaking back to it, who was that man who suddenly appeared? He looks new……He couldn’t have been another rash fellow who had come over from somewhere else, and wanted to stick his head out like a hero trying to save a beauty, could he?

Gu Yan looked at Qin Yao for a moment, and spoke bluntly:”You better not butt into something that does not concern you.”

And finally, Qin Yao let out a bitter laugh. Was he really that untrustworthy within his heart? Was Gu Yan really not able to guess by even the slightest who he came for today?

Seeing that Gu Yan’s face was turning more and more sour, Qin Yao could only temporarily give up on his notion of teasing Gu Yan for now. He still clutched onto Gu Yan’s hand, unwilling to let go, but he looked towards Song Yuan, and his eyes instantly turned cold,”Are you really trying to apologize to Gu Yan?”

Song Yuan was a little confused at what Qin Yao was trying to get at, but she could only stand firm on her ground lest she ends up slapping her own face:”It’s true, I really want to give my sincere apologies to him.”

“Then why did you pour your wine all over yourself?”Qin Yao looked at her in mocking.

“I did not do it on purpose, everyone else saw. It was all because……because he pushed me……”Song Yuan bit her lips, and her eyes started to redden as if she was being terribly wronged.

“You yourself know whether you’ve done it on accident, or on purpose.”Qin Yao said.

“It, really was an accident……”Song Yuan looked as if she was about to cry, but she was extremely pleased within her heart. Even though Qin Yao stood at Gu Yan’s side, his attitude right now was extremely bad. Those that were still hesitating at the side could not do anything but pity her now!

Just look at how arrogant Gu Yan wa, and his friend was so unreasonable!

These two men did not have the slightest air of a gentleman at all, how could they force such a pitiful young lady!

Song Yuan was a bit close to Gu Yan earlier so nobody could get a clear look at her actions, there was simply no evidence nor any witnesses at this moment. With her standing on the position of a victim, she would definitely win this!

At this moment, they have finally attracted Song Shan’s attention. When she looked over, his heart jumped in an instant. With a big change of his face, he went over!

Nobody noticed but his footsteps were slightly unstable due to the tension.

As soon as Song Shan made a move, Gu Zong Han’s gaze had also followed over. And as soon as he saw the scene at that side, he could not help but frown. Did that brat Gu Yan get into another mess?

Gu Yan Xin followed behind them and felt secretly pleased. For Gu Yan to even dare to bully Song Shan’s niece, didn’t that just mean he was slapping Song Shan’s face in public?

For him to start such a big mess as soon as he got home, let’s see how he’s going to get out of this!

And what kind of character was Song Shan? Even if he did not ask Gu Yan to settle this debt, Gu Yan would still end up with nowhere to go!

Since Gu Yan Xin was walking at the very back, he did not see Qin Yao standing right beside Gu Yan since he was blocked by the crowd.

Seeing that both Gu Zong Han and Song Shan had walked over, the people at the side all moved away to make a path for them.

The quiet sounds of whispering could be heard all throughout the crowd, and the situation turned tense in an instant.

It had originally just been a little bickering between the juniors, but now it had raised into a conflict between two families.

If this was not settled properly, then this would cause a great change within the capital itself.

Seeing Song Shan’s appearance of discomfiture, you could easily tell he was extremely angry. Everyone at the side were already beginning to mourn for Gu Yan. You should take a look at where you were if you wanted to cause a scene! And now you’re getting what you bargained for, aren’t you?

Only a single person did not think that way right now, and that person was Gu Yan Xin.

When Gu Yan Xin saw Qin Yao standing beside him, he could not help sucking in a breath of cold air!

The devil himself had actually come!

Just thinking of how terrifying Qin Yao was last night, Gu Yan Xin could only feel his scalp turning numb, and his legs going soft. If he could, he would rather dig a hole and bury himself into a ground, and hoped that nobody noticed him today!

But unfortunately, it was already too late……

He could only comfort himself for doing everything very covertly. There was no way this matter could be pinned on his head today. No……He had done practically nothing, he was just playing the part of a respectful brother, Song Yuan was the only fool in this situation!

And with Song Shan here, the best case scenario was if destruction could be dealt to both sides with that man surnamed Qin……

A flash of hope emerged within Gu Yan Xin’s eyes……

Gu Zong Han noticed the expression on Song Shan’s face, and could feel his heart jump a beat. Instantly, he felt angry, he wanted nothing more now than to give Gu Yan a good beating. But this was not the right time for this, he will deal with his son behind closed doors, where it is appropriate. Firstly, he should deal with things here before he did anything else. Song Shan was the head of the Song family at this moment, and the Song family was the top of the top wealthy families within the capital, whereas the Gu family could only kiss up to them on a usual day……Seeing Song Shan’s expression, you could tell he cared very much for this niece that had suddenly popped up, but the Gu family could not afford to just lose all their face today. Since things had come to this, it really was going to be a hard one to settle, even Gu Zong Han was feeling a bit worried.

But he never paid much attention to Qin Yao. He thought Qin Yao was just one of Gu Yan’s delinquent friends that came today with one of his seniors.

Even though he was quite handsome, he was still classed as one of the insignificant younger generation.

When Song Yuan saw Song Shan coming over, she felt slightly nervous. Towards her uncle who had always been rather mighty, she felt both respect and fear of him, and had never once dared to show her arrogance in front of him, she showed her respect as much as she could. But right now, Song Shan’s face was green with anger. For such unconcealed anger to appear on his usual indifferent face, it really was a huge shock to Song Yuan, but joy also started to appear within her heart. It seems Song Shan really does care a lot about her. When they’re out, for someone to bully her meant slapping the Gu family’s face, so Song Shan would definitely come to support her!

Not only was Song Yuan thinking that, these were also the thoughts of everyone else present around the scene. At this moment, all the eyes looking at Gu Yan were filled with pity……

The third young master of the Gu family has finally dug his own grave……

Gu Yan frowned. How troublesome, you beat the younger one and the older one comes running. It would be great if he could finally round all these humans up, and eat whoever dares to disobey him.

Song Shan turned his head slightly, and his gaze finally landed on Gu Yan. He headed straight to him with a dignified look.

Things suddenly became so quiet that you could even hear a pin fall to the ground.

But Song Shan had only taken two steps when he finally stopped.

Because Qin Yao suddenly moved.

Qin Yao took a step forward to stand in front of Gu Yan. He looked firmly at Song Shan, then, shook his head slowly.

Everyone was shocked silly by what they just saw, and their attention moved towards Qin Yao once more. Who on earth is he? For him to still keep his determination at this moment, is he a fool? Or was he just some idiot who had run over out of nowhere, and did not recognize Song Shan?

Gu Zong Han’s unhappiness showed on his face. He was racking his brains out on how he was going to cool down the ruckus, and deal with the aftermath. What was Qin Yao stepping out like a guardian for? Did he think he himself was not worried for his own son? But the key point was, this was a hard matter for him too!

Just when everyone thought that Song Shan was about to burst into anger, they saw Song Shan bow slightly to Qin Yao, and actually seemed to be extremely respectful to him!

Then, he turned without hesitation towards Song Yuan, and watched her with eyes filled with anger. Song Shan spoke to her with a harsh and cold voice,”What is going on here!”


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