DBHW Chapter 62

Even those who stood at the very top when it came to name and reputation were dumbfounded at the moment, and their jaws had fallen on the ground with shock. They really could not understand what situation this was.

Song Yuan was also shocked silly. Things should not be like this……Why were Song Shan’s expressions and words so scary? Even though her uncle was not one to joke usually, and kept an air of indifference, he had always been a calm man, and would rarely show his anger like this. And with Song Shan’s position, he should not be moved by such a trivial matter.

Fear suddenly rose up in Song Yuan’s heart, as if everything had suddenly fallen out of her control……

“It, it was nothing, actually……”Song Yuan’s tears started to swirl around her eyes, making her look grieved and sad. Actually, she really was rather hurt if you had to mention it, as would be expected since her uncle was suddenly questioned her so ruthlessly……

He had clearly been treating her very gently just a while before.

“Are you sure it was nothing?”Song Shan looked at Song Yuan with grave eyes that were filled with both disgust and disappointment.

Song Yuan’s tears finally flowed down. She pursed her lips and whimpered,”I’m sorry, I just wanted to apologize to Gu an, I never thought that not only would he not accept my apology, he even……he pushed me……”

“I didn’t embarrass you on purpose……”

“Sorry……I’m sorry……”

Even though she was apologizing, her appearance right now looked more and more pitiful, it was as if Song Shan had done something bad to her.

Song Shan’s face darkened instantly, and he was so angry that his body started to shake. The Song family had always been rigorous when it came to disciplining the junior, how could they raise something like this! He had always thought that Song Yuan was a well-behaved and obedient child, but turns out it was all just an act! As expected, she had been spoiled too much outside of the Song family!

“I will give you one last chance, tell me everything that happened here.”Song Shan took a deep breath, and slowly started. Even though he was already extremely disappointed in Song Yuan, she was still his niece whom he himself had chosen to bring, so he still wanted to give her one last chance.

Song Yuan paused for a moment, and continued to cry:”You don’t even believe me at all, what else do you want me to say!”

She really doesn’t know where to stop! Acting as if she was the one being greatly embarrassed and humiliated.

Now, everyone was also looking at Song Shan strangely. What on earth happened to Song Shan? How could he make things hard for his own niece for the sake of an outsider? Gu Yan was clearly the one at fault here, is he really trying to get her to admit to doing something she’s never done?

Was the Gu family really worth Song Shan’s actions? Impossible! Even the one with the most power today could not get Song Shan to compromise with them without any care for his reputation!

What’s more, the one Song Yuan offended was Gu Yan, not Gu Zong Han.

What was Gu Yan even worth? He was just an illegitimate child.

Song Shan looked at Song Yuan’s appearance, and could not help himself in his anger. Facing Song Yuan, he raised his palm up high!

Song Yuan’s face was overtaken by shock. She looked at Song Shan in disbelief, she could not believe that Song Shan would actually put a hand on her! How could this be?!

With a straight face, Song Shan’s hand was already up in the sky, but when he saw the look of fear on Song Yuan’s face, he suddenly sighed deeply, and slowly put his hand down. At the end, he did not hit her. But his eyes revealed a deep disappointment that could not be concealed.

Sadness could be heard in his voice as he spoke:”It’s not your fault, your father has not educated you well.”

Song Yuan stood dazedly where she was, and did not know what to do. For Song Shan to act like this was even scarier than the aggressive him from before. It was as if……As if he had lost all confidence and hope in her and her father……They had been given up on completely.

And for Song Shan to give up on her, meant that the entire Song family had as well.

“There is no way to weasel yourself out of this, I believe in Mr. Qin, he would not try to frame you.”Song Shan enunciated each word with great force.

His look and tone were both clear, there was no way anyone would dare to suspect that Song Shan was being unfair, they would only believe that he truly felt that Song Yuan was wrong, that was the reason why he would become so angry.

And only a single person gave him this decisive judgement.

But who was this Mr. Qin?

Everyone present was confused……

Gu Yan Xin had already come back to his senses, his face turned as white as a sheet. He looked at Song Shan in disbelief, then at Qin Yao. His face now looked even worse than a corpse.

Not even a single trace of struggling was left in his heart.

“Don’t be like that.”Song Shan looked at Song Yuan with disappointment. He sighed:”With Mr. Qin’s standing……There is no way he would make things hard for you if you did nothing wrong. You…..Better watch out for yourself. I will arrange for someone to send you back tomorrow.”

He was basically saying that there was no way Qin Yao needed to frame her at all. The great disparity between the two of them made it so that her words were no different from thin paper, easily ripped to shreds with little effort.

But what made Song Yuan even more afraid was the fact that Song Shan wanted to send her back. This proved that Song Shan had given up on her completely, he was not even willing to even spare some effort on saving her anymore.

She suddenly regretted everything, for the sake of getting a jab at Gu Yan, what she got was not worth it at all. If she could have just admitted her wrong early, Song Shan might still have helped her for the sake of her father, but she wasted that opportunity. When she finally realized this, it was already too late.

Song Yuan’s face was devoid of all colour. She wanted to open her mouth and plead, but when she saw Song Shan’s eyes, those cold and scornful eyes……She did not know what she could ever do to change Song Shan’s decision. Anything she said now would only turn back on her.

But why did it turn out like this? Why did things have to come to this?

She did not understand.

But those who did not understand were not only Song Yuan.

Even so, nobody dared to ask, because they have already noticed the strangeness in the atmosphere. A person who could make Song Shan trust them completely, and show his submission to them……If it was Old Song, then that was understandable, but this was some Mr. Qin nobody had ever heard of. Thinking back to what Song Shan had said earlier, this mysterious Mr. Qin that seemed so distant was the very man who stood up for Gu Yan earlier.

This was even more incredible.

Qin Yao was still standing there casually, but the eyes everyone saw him with were now different, they were now filled with deep fear.

Song Shan was not even willing to spare Song Yuan another glance, he was too disappointed in her to do that. He had felt so much care and pity for this niece of his earlier, but now that was all replaced by nothing but disappointment. It seems that his younger brother has not been learning well outside of the family, for him to be able to raise a child like this. He had always been disobedient since he was a child, and he thought he would’ve had some improvement. But with how things look, that was just an illusion……

Song Shan approached Gu Yan and showed a look of apology,”I’m sorry, Song Yuan is not sensible enough and has brought trouble upon you.”

“It’s nothing.”Gu Yan responded frankly, it really was nothing to him. This was all cause of Qin Yao again.

Then, Song Shan looked towards Qin Yao. He knew that Qin Yao did not like attracting attention, so he had stopped him under the eyes of the crowd earlier. But now, it was obviously bad to be too obvious, so he could only say it vaguely:”I hope you are well, Mr. Qin, I’ve bothered you with this matter.”

Even though he was being as casual as possible, the subtle expressions and the changes in his tone had still been caught by everyone.

As long as they had eyes, they could all tell who Song Shan really cared about. And it was because of this person that not only did he yell at his own niece, he even abandoned his identity and apologized to Gu Yan!

Nobody here was blind, instead, they were all wise. After the shock, they had all slowly begun coming back to their senses.

When they looked at both Song Shan and Qin Yao’s attitude right now, and thinking about what happened earlier, they all found an explanation for all that did not make sense just now.

The reason why Song Shan was so angry at the beginning was not because of Gu Yan, but rather, he was angry at Song Yuan, because she should not have offended Gu Yan in the first place. And the reason for that was because this ‘Mr. Qin’ was standing beside Gu Yan.

Just seeing what Song Shan had said earlier, it was practically impossible for Qin Yao to point any fingers at Song Yuan. Because he did not have that need, there was no need to bother! Compared to him, Song Yuan was nothing more than an ant! Even Song Shan himself had to respect him. With just the shake of his head, Song Shan didn’t even dare to speak!

At first, when Song Shan walked towards Gu Yan, he had originally planned to speak with that ‘Mr. Qin’, didn’t he?

What a scary thought!

Some people had taken a few steps back in fear, putting distance between themselves and Qin Yao as if he was some kind of terrifying monster. Sometimes, when the golden thigh is too thick, people would still hesitate to hug it, in case it crushed them to death. From that, a sense of respect emerged within their hearts.

When they turned their gaze back on Gu Yan again, for him to be able to kiss up to such an amazing character! Seems like nobody would ever dare to question anything he did in the future!

A look of envy appeared in the eyes of countless people.

Gu Zong Han had seen a great deal of things in this world, but today, the way things turned around still made him a bit confused.

His eyes swept between both Song Shan and Qin Yao for a while, and he finally understood, but still did not dare to believe it. However……This was still a good ending, wasn’t it! Not only did Gu Yan not end up in trouble, he even made such an amazing friend! He would never have expected this little bastard to have such luck.

Gu Zong Han thought about it, and could not help laughing. The look of unease had been swept clean off his face.

He approached Song Shan and spoke cheerfully:”Forget it, she was just a little insensible, there’s no need to make a fuss about it. It’s fine as long as everyone is well.”

Everyone was scorning this old fox in their hearts. Why didn’t anyone see you saying anything earlier? And now you’re pretending to be a nice old man after the dust settles. But thinking about it, they felt extremely envious, and they looked at Gu Yan with very complicated eyes.

For this silver spoon boy to have such luck……What else but envy could they feel when they returned home, and looked at their own silver-spooned sons? They were completely useless! When they compare them, all they could do was piss themselves off to death! Even their own silver-spooned sons could not compare with others!

Song Shan was still relatively polite with Gu Zong Han, because Qin Yao cared very much for Gu Yan. And since that was Gu Zong Han, he in turn had to respect Gu Zong Han as well.

“Oh dear, my family is not rigorous enough in bringing up the juniors, and ended up causing a ruckus in your birthday banquet, I’ve really embarrassed myself.”Song Shan told him.

“It was just a little misunderstanding, there is no need to be so polite with us, Brother Song.”Gu Zong Han was cheerful. Then, he turned to Qin Yao and spoke politely:”Nice to meet you Mr. Qin, you have come from far away, and I’m sorry I did not greet you.”

Qin Yao had always exuded an aura of ‘don’t come near me’, but seeing that it was Gu Yan’s father, his face softened,”Thank you for your courtesy, Uncle.”

“Don’t worry about it.”Gu Zong Han’s eyes narrowed in a smile.”Since you called me uncle, I hope you can come visit us more often in the future, we welcome you.”

Without refusing or accepting, Qin Yao smiled.

“……”Song Shan had received a shock! Mr. Qin actually called someone else uncle! Who can save him now! Even his father greeted Qin Yao as if they were of the same generation! Could he now have become two generations under him?

Nobody knew how deep the shadow was in Song Shan’s heart at this moment.

Seeing that the whole ordeal had come to an end, nobody looked at Song Yuan any longer. They all acted as if she did not even exist, all continuing on with their merry night.

Sometimes, really is cruel, and nobody would care about the loser.

Song Yuan was stunned as she watched the crowd disperse. It felt as if a layer of gauze had covered her sight, as if she was not only going further from those people, but of the glamorous upper circles of the world……No, she could not accept this ending.

Why did she have to pick a fight with Gu Yan? She had never intended to do this, but what prompted her to make such an irrational decision……

Song Yuan’s body went soft. Two waiters at the side came over to help her up, but then they turned to leave immediately after. Their movements were soft, but this was nothing short of rejection.

She had lost all the strength in her body……And looked dazedly in front of her.

Suddenly, she saw Gu Yan Xin. Gu Yan Xin just so happened to be sneaking about at the side, as if he wanted to stay far away from Gu Yan and Qin Yao, lest he be noticed……Song Yuan suddenly understood many things.

She was not truly a fool, she had just been blinded by her anger.

At this moment, her eyes were once again filled with a deep hatred, but not for Gu Yan; it was for Gu Yan Xin.

How dare he! How could I be the only person who was rejected by the rest?!

Song Yuan’s eyes turned red, and her expression was terrifying. She looked like a dying beast who wanted to grab onto everything she could, dragging them all to hell with her!

She suddenly yelled:”Gu Yan Xin!”


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