RWSB Chapter 150

I don’t wanna go outside anymore lol im so exhausted i feel like half a corpse, i know y’all trynna pull a fast one on me trynna get me to tl the extras but I already said I wasn’t doing them. I’ll take a week off to catch up with 7men and WUY before the next project starts, next project announced either later today or tomorrow, most likely later today, here’s the link if any of u haven’t voted


Seeing that Xu Jin was about to speak to him about something and did not have any intentions of leaving, he immediately lifted his hand to stop him:”I’m hungry, if you have anything important to say, let us meet up again in the future.”

After he spoke, the smiles of the people behind Xu Jin changed be it just a little or a lot, there were also those who kept their smiles from start to end. But Xu Jin was not angry, he was already used to how cold Shu Heng was a long time ago. He smiled towards Shu Ning and left with his group of people. Shu Ning sighed in his heart. Xu Jin, the apparent heir of the Xu family, why did he appear here?

Shu Heng walked with Shu Ning into the elevator, their private room had already been prepared and the food had also come. Shu Heng sent everyone else out, and as soon as the door closed, he helped Shu Ning wipe his hands, and finished their meal before asking about what happened earlier, in case it would affect the appetite of the little one:”Do you know Xu Jin?”


“Why are you afraid of him?”

“I saw him photo in the room, and he suddenly appeared……”

“My relationship with him is clean.”

Pff, Shu Ning sprayed out his water then looked dumbfoundedly at Shu Heng, on what direction did this guy end up on? It was mysterious, but understandable. He can’t blame Shu Heng for his mind steering away since he never told him the full thing, but how was Shu Ning going to explain? He was scared of Xu Jin because of the memories and experiences he had of his past life. Shu Ning and Qin Yu Zhuo would always try to frame Xu Jin, and as his best friend, it was naturally that Xu Jin would know about it. His unpredictable and sinister eyes were as scary as if he could see through everything. He didn’t even need to investigate, he just needed to hear about it and he would know that Shu Ning had done it.

Such amazing judgement and resolution, apart from university they had been studying together since kindergarten, their relationship was way better than with the others. When he was young, Shu Heng knew that Xu Jin was in danger, even if he were forced to stay in the ancestral home, not allowed to go outside, he would still send all his bodyguards to Xu Jin’s side. At that time, Shu Heng was the only successor to the Shu family, but Xu Jin wasn’t, he was always faced with danger, from getting framed to getting kidnapped again and again.

Shu Ning knew, that the friendship between the two of them were so deep that there was no way for outsiders to even start to imagine it. They were entangled in many things, and they also had shared for the businesses they owned, there were a lot of things they did together so their entanglement was very deep, it was a relationship as strong as steel where you could trust your back with ease to the other party.

Shu Heng lifted up Shu Ning’s chin and watched him with eyes that were as deep as an abyss, his probing eyes showed a slight hint of aggression:”What are you thinking about?”


“You are not allowed to doubt my relationship with him.”

“What are you getting so worked up for?”Shu Ning was unhappy, he hated Xu Jin, he hated him a lot. He moved his chin away, not wanting to look at Shu Heng. Why are you siding with Xu Jin so much? If nothing was wrong with him, then am I the one with the problem? Shu Ning didn’t know why he was being so petty, but his chest felt stuffy. After all, Shu Heng had been speaking for Xu Jin before Shu Ning even said anything, he knew that there were no issues in their relationship, but……He still felt very depressed.

Shu Heng took Shu Ning’s chin back in a domineering manner, not allowing him to escape:”Shu Ning, what are you actually afraid of? Could you have heard any rumours? Or perhaps, did Szeto Dong tell you something?”

Shu Ning was shocked, and his eyes widened instantly. Xu Jin was way, way stronger than Shu Ning, could it be……Has the Szeto family ever thought of wanting him as their daughter-in-law?

It wasn’t impossible, after all, their relationship was so good that the only way they could get closer was if they were to share a pair of pants together. Xu Jin also stood at a hundred and ninety centimetres, but unlike how bulky Shu Heng was, Xu Jin’s body was slightly more slender. He had medium length hair and the contours of his face were soft, he had long and slender eyes that encapsulated his sinister beauty. If he were a bottom, he would definitely be the most perfect and alluring type. Shu Ning felt a strong headache coming on, and he moved his chin away again, holding his forehead with one hand.

“Speak to me, I’m no God, I can’t guess what you’re thinking every time. What are you thinking about? I’ve known Xu Jin since I was five, whether it was for friendship or benefits, we still share a connection. There are times when I find myself too swamped with work, I would ask him to go overseas for me, and I would help him just the same when he couldn’t handle all the work he had, it wasn’t something I could explain in just a few words. I’m sure you know whether I love you or not, you shouldn’t second guess me without reason.”

Speaking of this, Shu Ning also found that he had to speak:”I’m not being suspicious of you, and I didn’t say that the two of you had any suspicious relationships, you’re just thinking too much, okay? Can you stop making a fuss, I’m having a headache right now and it really hurts.”

Shu Heng pulled Shu Ning into his arms, but Shu Ning wasn’t having it. Shu Heng could only use more of his strength to keep him in his embrace. Shu Ning liked this domineering and forceful part of Shu Heng, and it was better when he was being unreasonable, perhaps he was just cheap to his bones, this was what Shu Ning thought. Shu Heng held him with one hand and caressed his back with his other, slowly, he tried to kiss him, his mind full of thought.

What did Xu Jin do to him? He had to find out, if not, Shu Heng wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Once they returned to the villa, Shu Ning took a nap. Shu Heng left the bedroom and stood at the window on the first floor, looking at the rain outside. He called Xu Jin.

Xu Jin picked up very quickly:”What happened?”

“You noticed?”

“Mm, his face was pale, he tried his best to cover it up but it was strange, this is the first time I’ve met him.”

“Strange, but perhaps not so.”

“What do you mean?”Xu Jin was a genius, and his senses were very keen. Besides Shu Heng, not many people could mess with him, but he was completely clueless at this moment.

“He is my lover.”


“We will be getting married next year, on the 17th of March.”

“Hold on!”Xu Jin stepped on the brakes immediately, his mind had gone fully blank. For someone of Xu Jin’s background, if he were to be met with a problem that he could not find a countermeasure to, if he were to just sit around like a fool then he would probably just be waiting to be killed. Only a few seconds had passed when Xu Jin laughed in a sinister tone:”So you’re actually gay~ That was too dangerous!”

“I thought you were gay at first.”


“You and your brother.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, that’s my real brother. Oh……Does he think that we……?”

“It’s possible.”

“His mind really wandered, I had that feeling too when we met earlier, it felt like he was constraining himself. Since you’re his partner, you should watch out lest the boat flips on you one day, and I’d be dragged down with you. Oh, that’s right, be wary of the Szetos, if they found out, then that little guy is as good as dead.”

“His name is already in the family tree.”

“What?”Xu Jin’s limits were constantly being brushed over by Shu Heng today, he was very surprised. The two had already been speaking for more than an hour, since the two had grown up and went their own ways to their respective universities, the two had been seeing each other very less. Xu Jin had been busy eradicating the dissenters and strengthening himself, while Shu Heng was busy with his love life, settling both his families at once so that Shu Ning could be his wife with ease.

Shu Ning stood silently on the second floor, he rarely ever saw Shu Heng speak with another person like this in such a cheerful way. Although he was not smiling, he could feel that he was a good mood, who was he speaking with?

Shu Ning thought about it quietly, and every so often he would cock his head to the side. He hoped that Shu Heng could be more cheerful, he always carried himself like the Grim Reaper. Perhaps he himself may not notice it, but everyone around him felt scared of him, and this was the truth. Shu Ning had only been standing for a minute when Shu Heng turned his head over. Their eyes met and Shu Ning could feel his heart jump as if his thoughts had been seen through.

Shu Heng beckoned towards him. Shu Ning pouted, but he still went over obediently.

Xu Jin noticed a subtle difference and he chuckled, narrowing his eyes:”Did he wake up? Let’s talk again next time.”

“Alright,”Shu Heng put away his phone.

Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, and he curled his arms around Shu Heng’s waist. He raised his head to look at his profound features:”You hung up as soon as I came, is there something secret I’m not supposed to know?”

“Do you want to know?”


Shu Heng kissed him before he was willing to speak:”It’s about you.”

“……”He couldn’t have been calling Xu Jin, could he? Shu Ning didn’t know whether he should laugh or dry, I really can’t afford to offend that great god. The great wolf Shu Heng’s specialty was to pull aggro~

“It seems you managed to guess it. That’s right, it was Xu Jin. Since you wouldn’t tell me the reason, I could only ask him instead.”

Shu Ning was dumbfounded. His mouth twitched and his face was covered in black lines. Alright then, you’re strong, you’re the most amazing, I can’t fight back against you so I shall take my leave.

He had only taken two steps when Shu Heng pulled his arms, and forcefully pulled him back into his arms. He swayed him left and right as if he were coaxing a child:”Are you going to tell me?”

“What are you going to do if I’m determined not to?”

Shu Ning yelped when he was carried up like a princess, he suddenly realized, wasn’t he just giving Shu Heng an opportunity to bully him? And as expected, Shu Heng helped himself to it and directly carried him upstairs. He kicked the door shut with a slam and tore off his clothes, having Shu Ning in a very rough and savage manner, and even done it for a very, very long time. When he was about to leak, he would stop and rest for a while before getting back into battle. Again and again, he did Shu Ning until his whole body heated up, and he pleaded for mercy. It didn’t even help when he called him sweetheart, and calling him hubby was even less of use, it made Shu Heng’s blood boil even more and he helped himself to a second serving.

Shu Ning was exhausted and wanted to sleep, but Shu Heng slowly entered again and again, he was gentle, careful, and light, as if he were scratching an itch for him. Shu Ning yearned anxiously, he wanted him to have his fill but he couldn’t bear to stop this meticulous friction that felt like he was being teased with a feather, he liked it a lot.

“Do you love me?”

“I love you,”answered Shu Ning subconsciously.

Step by step, Shu Heng asked him question after question. At this moment, Shu Ning had already lost his sensibility to defend his thoughts. He was so very tired, and so sleepy, he couldn’t sober himself. And so Shu Heng brought out the real question:”Why do you fear Xu Jin?”

“He’s bad.”

“What about him?”

“He helped you.”

“Is he bad for helping me?”

“He was in the past, not now……”

“Ning? Don’t sleep, answer my question, Ning Ning?”Shu Heng sighed. After a pa pa pa pa pa pa pa he finally came out. It felt so good, Shu Heng who laid on top of Shu Ning’s body moved his two hands. his little brother’s skin was so delicate, smooth, and elastic, attracting his touch just like a magnet.

Shu Heng pondered about it for a moment but he let it go, his lover was his lover, and his friend was his friend, since there was no way for them to get along, then they should just see each other separately, there was no reason to tie them together, it was fine as long as Shu Ning did not get any misunderstandings. Shu Ning slept very pleasantly, the person he loved in the past was his most hated person in this life, while the person he hated in the past was now the one he liked. Take Xu Jin for example, Shu Ning had never harmed Shu Heng so naturally, they would have no conflicts in this lifetime. Instead, Xu Jin would even protect Shu Ning because his only friend was Shu Heng. The number of friends Shu Heng could trust did not even amount to ten, and they were all phoenixes amongst men, not a single one of them was inferior to Xu Jin. Shu Ning knew these people, they would give their OK to Shu Ning as well in the future, and he felt pleased just thinking about it.

Opening his eyes, he found that it was already the next day. Shu Ning yawned, huh? My naughty top left as soon as he was done with the deed?

Shu Heng stayed in L City for a month before returning to C City but Shu Ning did not follow him. Since he didn’t like to study, he decided to do business. Because of his connections with Shang Zhou, he had participated in several celebrity gatherings, and they were quite interesting. It was especially lively during the New Year’s, it was very cold this winter but just thinking that the 17th of March was coming soon, Shu Ning could feel his heart instantly warming up, and his eyes that looked towards Shu Heng glowed with love and pleasure.

cheap – Jian 贱, this is a wonderful insult that is used for a lot of things, it can mean bitch, evil, lowly, loose/easy, despicable, and all sorts of things, but in this context it is used to mean he is lowly/slutty(bitchy?) for liking such an unreasonable Shu Heng.

Pull aggro – Those who play games would know, but if you don’t, in many games and especially mmorpgs, pulling aggro is to attract the attention of one or more monsters, aggro is on you(usually the tank or healer if y’all bad) when the monsters are attacking you.

Tempted to draw Xu Jin, he sounds like a 10/10, but I’m too tired lol

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  1. Ah this story is gonna end soon. I’m gonna miss these two so bad. Honestly I don’t feel the last chapters repetitive at all. As awkward as the author described the papapapa scenes was, I like them nevertheless. They papapa awkwardly but sweetly, if it makes sense hahaha


  2. well, SN got his revenge on those who hurt or wronged him in the past … then how is he going to reward those he wronged in the past? XJ was a good person, hopefully he reward him greatly …!!


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