RWSB Chapter 151

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Those who knew of Shu Heng and Shu Ning’s wedding weren’t many, the stupid ones would try to ask the others, but the smart ones were quietly waiting……And in the end, the two disappeared.

They disappeared for three whole months, even if you were to go for your honeymoon after your wedding, it shouldn’t take this long, right? It really kept people at the edge of their seats, they didn’t know whether they should laugh or cry at this moment. Especially the two guys from the Szeto family. Shu Cheng told them not to investigate it, let the children do as they want, and so they waited bitterly. But Shu Cheng was very calm, and his mood was very good as well.

Because he was the only one who knew where his two children had gone.

Shu Ning liked the church in Y country, he liked how romantic F Country was, he liked the beaches of A Country, and he liked the museums in L Country……It would be an exaggeration to say they were going around the world, but they really went to a lot of places, leaving their blessed footprints on the world. Shu Ning’s skin was still snowy white as usual, he didn’t get tanned by the sun at all. It could be seen that Shu Heng’s love for him had already reached an unimaginable degree.

Receiving news of the two’s return, Shu Cheng specially prepared for a them a meal for their arrival. With his arms spread wide open he held his sons, looking them left and right. Shu Ning’s eyes were filled with a flirty and bashful look, he reckoned that Shu Heng had been moisturizing him properly. The strange feeling started to flood his heart again, Shu Cheng narrowed his eyes but his smile was very bright, he can’t let Shu Ning notice, because he was a child who could see everything crystal-clear, it was easy to hurt him.

Unlike Shu Heng, that bastard, you could’ve fallen for everyone, why did it have to be Shu Ning!

Staring daggers at him, this was the first time Shu Cheng exuded vicious intent towards his eldest son, but Shu Heng’s face was too thick so he was unaffected, not even his eyelid moved.

Whether he was truly his or not, as long as it was a child, a child was the responsibility of their parent, Shu Gao had once told him that with indifference, and Shu Cheng felt it deeply now that besides accepting them, there was nothing he could do.

“Dad, I’m really sorry we went away for so long, is everything fine at home?”

Shu Heng’s care still made Shu Cheng feel warm, and the grievances in his heart turned to dust in an instant:”Everything is fine, you two should be tired, aren’t you? Go upstairs quickly and get some rest, then come down for dinner with me in a bit, they’re all your favourites tonight.”

While walking upstairs, Shu Ning quietly gave Shu Heng a thumbs up in his heart. How amazing, as expected, he could deal with dad with just a few words! You really had to admire that!

Shu Heng smiled, but it was not due to happiness, but rather determination.

“Honey, let’s take a bath first.”

Shu Cheng who had yet to go far slipped and nearly fell down. He turned back resentfully to see Shu Heng carry up Shu Ning like a princess and disappeared into the corner.

His mouth twitched. I must get used to this, I have to……The rambling Shu Cheng cheered himself on incessantly but it still felt quite awkward, so he decided he should share the joy instead of having it all to himself. He took out his phone and calmly gave Szeto Dong a call. Shu Cheng secretly laughed, he didn’t believe that he wouldn’t rush over now if he made the situation sound a bit serious.

Szeto Dong would never have expected Shu Cheng to play a prank on him, he quickly passed down his work to his subordinates and came over to C City in a rush. It had only taken him two hours with the help of some special means. For a big man such as himself, it was quite difficult to move around, he first had to prepare everything in advance, if any little problem were to arise, then that would’ve been a catastrophe.

And in the end……The Shu family was harmonious and cheerful. Shu Cheng, Shu Heng, and Shu Ning were currently chatting as the maids put down dishes of scrumptious food, it was clear that everyone was in a very good mood.

Szeto Dong had been messed with big time. He laughed bitterly in his heart, who asked him to mess with Shu Cheng for the sake of his children? Now he was the unlucky one.

A gust of wind flew by, and he felt very stuffy. Neither Shu Ning nor Shu Heng paid any attention to Szeto Dong, but thankfully Shu Cheng invited him to sit, only then could he avoid having to become a statue.

Shu Ning had already heard from Shu Heng and knew that he was thinking too much, Szeto Dong had never considered for Xu Jin to become his daughter-in-law, and so he first grabbed some vegetables for Shu Cheng, then to his lovely husband, before getting some for Szeto Dong at the end:”Dad, try this duck, it’s very delicious, you can’t get this outside.”

Szeto Dong was very courteous and tried it immediately. It was pretty good indeed, leaving behind a pleasant taste in his mouth. He nodded towards Shu Ning and picked up a chicken drumstick, putting it in Shu Ning’s bowl:”Eat more, you’re too skinny.”

Shu Cheng thought so as well. He passed some Julienned aubergines to Shu Heng’s bowl and spoke to him in an earnest and affectionate manner:”Ning Ning is yours in the future, so you have to take care of him well, don’t make me worry.”

Shu Ning was shocked, this was the first time he had heard his dad’s recognition to their relationship so seriously!

Shu Heng nodded:”Don’t worry dad, I will.”

Szeto Dong did not try to stick himself in, he just continued smiling, and left at about eight in the afternoon. Shu Cheng asked him to stay but Szeto Dong did not wish to interrupt his children, so he could only send him to the door, spoke of some pleasantries, and thanked Szeto Dong for helping Shu Heng’s uncle. The old head of the Mou family was already old, his daughter was dead, and only his son was left. Seeing that Shu Cheng did not require any help, Szeto Dong was clever and decided to help the old Mou family instead.

Shu Ning crouched on the floor, holding onto the edge of the curtains, and observed them secretly:”Brother, what do you think our two dads are talking about?”

“Nothing else……It’s probably about us. Come here, let’s get your hair dry first, you’re going to catch a cold like that.”

“It’s not like I’m made of clay, it’s so hot in July, how could I catch a cold?”

“Are you coming or not?”

Shu Ning was stunned, and he walked over obediently, sitting in Shu Heng’s arms, allowing his big hands to move back and forth, recalling the wonderful time they had the past three months!

White doves were flying outside the snowy white church, with white roses blooming all around the place……Shu Heng stood in front, gently looking back, asking whether he was happy. Shu Ning subconsciously started to smile, and a sudden heat came to his face, his big brother kissed him. Shu Ning quickly returned to his senses, and he felt so bashful that he blushed to his ears:”Brother, are you bullying me again?”

“What are you thinking about?”

“I was thinking of the day we got married, it was so wonderful, just like a dream.”

“Did you like it?”

“Of course I did, what, didn’t you?”If you dare to say you didn’t, I’ll kill you! Shu Ning squinted his eyes viciously.

“Then……Where should we get married next year?”


“If you like it, we can get married every year on our birthday, what do you think about a wedding at sea? I heard the wedding photos taken at sea are very beautiful, what about the Grand Canyon? Do you like that? We can go there for our honeymoon, how about getting married in space? Ning Ning, why are you crying?”

Shu Ning was speechless, he pursed his red lips and his eyes were moist with his tears. He looked at Shu Heng with a complicated look in his eyes.

“What’s wrong sweetheart, don’t scare me!”

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Shu Ning put on a very silly smile:”In my next life, and even the life after that, I still want to be your bride.”

“Sure, I will find you early on, and I won’t let you feel any grief, not even a single bit!”

Shu Heng carried Shu Ning into his arms and caressed his back, a piercingly cold light lit up in his eyes, the names of several people who tried to harm Shu Ning flashed past his mind. If he ever get the chance to start over, he definitely wouldn’t let those bastards touch Shu Ning! Shu Heng closed his eyes, feeling the warmth in his warms as well as the supple feeling of his skin, he felt aroused, and his hand started to move about.

Shu Ning made a sound of surprise and felt a shiver. Pitifully he held Shu Heng’s face:”Brother……Can we wait until dad’s asleep? What are we going to do if he comes in?”

“He won’t, he knows we’re married, and of course, newlyweds are going to be doing some embarrassing things, dad has experience, he wouldn’t……”

The door opened, it really did. Since Shu Yao was still in the old house, and there weren’t any eyesores in the villa so the bodyguards are all keeping watch outside the villa!

It was so awkward as if a spell had been cast on them.

Shu Heng was holding Shu Ning’s waist and had already unbuttoned his top, the snowy-white shirt was hanging around Shu Ning’s wrists and the little red beans on his chest were partly visible, it was even more alluring than if his shirt was off. Shu Ning’s blushing face was raised, showing an appearance as if he was ready for picking……While Shu Cheng was currently walking in with a smile still on his face. Just like that, time stopped for the three for several seconds, and Shu Cheng quickly left, closing the door behind him.

With a bang, Shu Ning trembled. Oh heavens, dad saw!

Shu Heng was not affected at all, he overwhelmed Shu Ning and pressed him down, unbuckling his belt. Shu Ning quickly pulled Shu Heng’s hand, his eyes laced with fear:”Brother~ Brother~ That~ Dad~ He~ Dad saw.”

“Mm, he did.”

Even his little briefs were sacrificed heroically. With some force, Shu Heng tore it and the shreds of the brief’s corpse fell somewhere far away with a flick of his hands. Shu Ning was anxious:”What are we going to do?”

“He already saw, what else can we do?”

“……”Shu Ning sucked in a breath, his legs were parted:”Brother!!!”

“I know, I saw, you don’t have to worry about him.”

That’s right, what could they do? I’m being silly. Shu Ning smiled bitterly before grunting, Shu Heng was getting harder and harder to control, he would push it in straight every single time. In pleasure the two held each other tight, kissing each other deeply. Shu Ning could be considered very experienced now, he returned his kiss and his tongue was very lively, lingering provocatively in Shu Heng’s territory.

Taking a breath, Shu Heng’s gaze was very dangerous. After pecking Shu Ning clean, he once again XXOO-ed him for a very long time before repeating the pa pa pa pa again and again up until the sun rose up, only then did he finally cease fire. The softened sausage was still inside the warm cave, Shu Heng would do this very often. Only, Shu Ning didn’t know because he loved his sleep too much. The sun was shining, a new day was a better day.

After several months, Shu Cheng laid down in his office to rest, and fell asleep, and he never woke up again after that.

What had to come would eventually come, he had another year to live, and he was able to witness the love between Shu Heng and Shu Ning, he was also able to see the two pair of his twin grandchildren, they had eyes like Shu Heng but their skin, ears, and mouths were mirror images of Shu Ning, they were very lovable.

Shu Heng had become the chairman of the Shu clan while Shu Ning managed the ancestral home. Every so often, they would fly over to the capital, and sometimes to L City. Since their kids were too young, he simply decided to promote Qin Ming as the acting president of all his companies in L City. Qin Ming was grateful to the point of shedding tears, his net worth flew straight up and he had become even more loyal to Shu Ning. Meanwhile, he left his businesses in the capital to Pang Qian to manage. Shu Ning monitored everything remotely and things were at least in control.

After five years, the two little ones they raised by their side finally went to kindergarten. Shu Ning sighed a breath of relief as he went over to the Shu clan’s offices to send lunch to his brother. Just as Shu Ning reached the elevator, someone patted him on the shoulder.

“Shu Ning? You’re Shu Ning? Do you still remember me? I’m Zhang Fa!”

Zhang Fa was Shu Ning’s childhood friend. In his past life, he pretended to bump into him so that he could advance in his career, and harmed Shu Ning. Right now, Shu Ning had been staying at home most of the time to take care of his children, so he did not visit the company much, Zhang Fa had been waiting anxiously for a long time!

You could’ve walked the path to heaven, but you broke into hell even though there was no door. Shu Ning smiled, it seems his coming days will be interesting.

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