RWSB Chapter 149



Shu Heng’s eyes were calm with no ripples like the waters of an ancient well, he held Shu Ning’s face and their eyes met:”Ning Ning, we only have one dad.”

“……Mm, then should I call him uncle in the future?”

“Clever little fellow.”

Shu Ning chuckled, this stubborn Shu Heng, why bother? But Shu Ning wouldn’t make a fuss about this matter in case Shu Heng felt bad. The two were stuck together, Shu Ning knew that Shu Heng was like this on purpose so he let him make things hard on Szeto Dong however he pleased. But Szeto Dong was a patient person, he was sitting cozily on the sofa watching the TV, drinking coffee, and enjoying this rare opportunity for leisure. After all, this was his son’s home so his whole body was at ease.

Not long later, Shu Cheng entered. Szeto Dong had already received the news and he got up to shake hands with Shu Cheng. The two spoke and discussed about the matter with the children. Upstairs, their two sons still have yet to show any signs of wanting to come downstairs, but actually Shu Ning didn’t know at all that Shu Cheng had come. Shu Heng planned for this, only after knowing that the two of them had left could he feel relieved.

“Let’s return to C City?”

“Did dad leave?”The one Shu Ning meant was Szeto Dong. He felt a headache coming up from this but he had to cope with it, he really couldn’t be sloppy at all.

“Mm,”Shu Heng took out a set of clothes from the wardrobe and helped Shu Ning change, his actions were skilled and very careful.

Shu Ning could feel his heart flooding pleasantly as he raised his arms to cooperate. His eyes kept stealing a peep to observe Shu Heng. It wasn’t like he was crippled but he always liked helping me with these things, never getting sick of it. Could I really be so good that he would gladly endure such hardship? Shu Ning pondered and he felt very gratified, he didn’t even know that his face was twisted into a silly little smile.

Shu Heng saw this and suddenly sneaked a bite on him, finally ending the sentimental atmosphere.

Szeto Dong and Shu Cheng had already left to have a meal together. The senior has much to speak about with his junior, and the junior also has a lot he wishes to ask the senior, they definitely won’t be finished soon. Meanwhile, Shu Heng had already brought Shu Ning over to L City. Shu Heng had never seen the filming process before so seeing that he was listening very intently, Shu Ning could tell he was interested and he immediately took up his brother’s hand, and happily skipped towards the beautiful L City, it would be best if his brother could stay for a few days. They couldn’t go back to C City, it was better for them to let their dad calm down for a day or two.

The two did not tussle together today, Shu Heng was afraid that Shu Ning would get tired so they only went to the studio on the second day. Qin Ming had already made proper arrangements for everything, he knew that the boss had a very powerful brother but he had never met him personally. But of course, Qin Ming did not have any intentions of stepping on Shu Ning to reach the higher branch, he even helped him deal with some of the men under him in private, the one who gives you your salary is your boss, don’t get any ideas just because their name is Shu.

In the morning, three cars were stopped right outside of the villa with a group of bodyguards in tow. After Qin Ming arrived, he was very cautious and waited with his full attention. The eyes of those bodyguards were very sharp almost like an x-ray, with one look you could tell they were veterans who had been through an ocean of experiences, exuding an oppressive aura despite their calmness and silence. As expected, the boss brother really was extraordinary.

Only at about 10 o’clock did Shu Heng finally come down with Shu Ning. Qin Ming already knew the story, the two of them were lovers so secretly he thought about how lucky that lead singer and them were, if you had a different boss, then perhaps they may not be able to accept their homosexual relationship. Not only did Shu Ning not separate them, he even allowed them to openly use their relationship to earn fame and money. But of course, Qin Ming was the one to execute this project, he had already set down all the rules and regulations in case they do something wrong again out of the naivety of their young age, ruining their dreams and even crushing their lives.

The stream of five cars set out and headed mightily towards Movie City!

It had to be mentioned that the buildings all around this place were built with ancient designs, it felt as if they had returned back in time to the dynasties. The tourism industry in this area was booming so there were many tourists around. The were also many film and TV crews here and even more performance crews, all of them wanted to step up in the world. For a row of luxury cars to appear, they pulled the attention of the masses, they all guessed what sort of person they were going to be. Shu Ning presented the place incessantly to Shu Heng and though at first he did not have any interest, it was natural that he eventually would after seeing the little one speak with such enthusiasm.

If Shu Ning liked it, then Shu Heng would not dislike it. A glimmer of light occasionally flashed by his eyes. Shu Ning was in high spirits and his confident look was really, very cute, if Shu Ning’s subordinate wasn’t here as well, Shu Heng would already have wanted to have a go right now in the car. The two were still young so they still had a few decades to do the pa, there was no rush, but Shu Heng had still put Shu Ning on his lap. Shu Ning’s cheeks turned red and he stuck close to his brother’s ear, continuing to speak.

Shang Zhou was a god of wealth, the one with the halo of the god of wealth, in the future he would bring rise to many famous stars. After Shang Zhou settled on the female lead with Shu Ning, Shu Ning left. Qin Ming found him and told him not to announce it for now, he wanted to sign Xuan Yue to their company, he remembered that this female star was very good. Shang Zhou didn’t know that Shu Ning had the memories from his past life, he had only felt that Qin Ming who had been trained by Shu Ning had a unique vision, so he gave him face and agreed to delay the announcement for three days.

Naturally, Qin Ming put much effort into his work and dug out the not too famous Xuan Yue from Xinxin entertainment Company, paying quite a lot for her termination fee. After they signed the contract, he immediately allowed Shang Zhou to do the announcement, and this made that small entertainment company regret it very much, but it was a pity because it was already too late. At that time, it wasn’t as if Xuan Yue did not hesitate, but when she thought of how she could become the female lead if she signed the contract, as well as how Shang Zhou’s previous movie was booming through half the world, she decided to accept the gamble.

When they arrived, Shang Zhou was standing outside to receive them as well of a dozen other crew members. Shu Ning got off the car before seeing Shu Heng come out, and he smiled. Shang Zhou’s eyes brightened, this should be……Shu Heng, was it? As expected, the Shu family members were outstanding people, they were all phoenixes amongst the people. Shu Ning was already enough to grab his attention, but he never expected that Shu Heng would be even more perfect and excellent.

Shu Heng who stood at over a hundred and ninety centimetres was tall and handsome, dressed in an immaculate custom-made black suit. Standing as proper as a pine tree, the aura he exuded was too gigantic and far-reaching, he could keep you on your feet just by standing there. When he swept his gaze over, he could see that his eyes were as deep as a bottomless abyss, one had to have the courage to look into them. They all lowered their heads or turned away as if they had done something wrong.

This person is way too complicated, naturally Shang Zhou was used to seeing investors, leaders, and whatnot, but none of them gave them such a thunderous impression as he did, and he was so young and sharp, his sharp gaze almost like the edge of a blade, forcing others to submit, he truly did stand out. When Shu Ning directed Shu Heng to look towards Shang Zhou, Shang Zhou subconsciously obeyed his urge to quickly come forward to greet him.

The group of people had originally been quite merry, but now……it was surprisingly quiet. They were currently filming inside, and the male lead was saying some sad lines while the female lead was crying, it was a pitiful sight. Turns out the beautiful her could be even more moving, her two eyes looked as if they were trying to speak, it was fascinating, the sight of it even made people want to comfort her, asking her not to cry.

The male lead sighed and raising his head, he frowned, he couldn’t bear it. He subconsciously extended out his hand but after a slight hesitation, he could only put it back down again, he couldn’t love her, he couldn’t forget his grudge. His hands were clenched tightly into fists, but released again, and in the end he turned to leave. Done in one take, they were both skillful actors. The lead actors all immediately came over to greet Shu Ning in a friendly manner, they weren’t too enthusiastic or too cold, it was just right.

Naturally, Shu Ning wouldn’t introduce Shu Heng to them, he told Shang Zhou to get on with his work while he took Shu Heng around for a walk, and they watched the next round of filming together. Shu Heng really had never seen more than just a few movies, his life had always seemed to be filled with no space for a break. After Shu Ning came into his life, he strived even harder to improve, shortening the time of his work so that he could spend more time with Shu Ning.

Qin Ming came over with coffee he had just bought. He wanted to send it to Shu Ning’s hands but Shu Heng stretched his hand out to receive it, putting in a straw and handing it to Shu Ning first:”You can’t drink too much, or you won’t be able to sleep at night.”

“With you here, how could I ever lose sleep?”

Shu Heng:”…..”

Qin Ming:”……”

Shu Ning raised an eyebrow:”Well, am I wrong?”

Understanding the situation, Qin Ming took several steps back to remove himself from the war zone. This topic was too……Too suggestive, you would lose favour if you heard it. Qin Ming’s heart was beating like drums, really, before this he had even suggested for Shu Ning to call for two men, Young Master Shu probably wouldn’t have found out, right? Heheh, I’d be dead if he found out. Qin Ming still understood what types of means Shu Heng had, he had to do his job well, it’s fine even if he knew, the boss will protect me.

Qin Ming was correct, Shu Ning appreciated his abilities very much.

Unexpectedly, the female supporting lead was very diligent, she even brought some ice cream cake over. She just stood there and did not leave, smiling brilliantly with a sense of flirtiness in her eyes. The two young master of the Shu family carried themselves gracefully, and were both lofty. One of them had a kindly aura while the other was domineering, but no matter which it was, they were still so delightful and likeable.

The supporting female lead was a passionate woman like a little wildflower that bloomed next to peonies, she would always brush shoulders with the “film empress”. She had been nominated so many times that even she herself may have forgotten how many exactly, but these were all things that came after. At first, Shu Ning’s impression towards her was pretty good because she would become a pitiful woman in the future, but he would never have expected her to be so dense, coming over to seduce Shu Heng.

Shu Ning smiled and took Shu Heng’s hand:”Brother, I can’t walk anymore.”

The supporting female lead was slightly stunned:”……”

Shu Heng was such a wise man that naturally he wouldn’t carry Shu Ning up like a princess. He threw the coffee into the bin and immediately crouched down. Shu Ning smiled with pleasure, he knew that Shu Heng wouldn’t have a change of heart but to be looked on with yearning by another person still felt unpleasant to him. Shu Ning got on Shu Heng’s back, and enjoyed the unique fragrance of his body, feeling very at ease.

The row of three cars left but Qin Ming and several of his assistants stayed behind, they still had some things they had to discuss with Shang Zhou.

They had just come out of the studio when Shu Ning received Shang Zhou’s text, he asked whether he wanted to change the second female lead. Although it was going to be a slight hassle, there were no rules preventing it so they could punish her to warn off the others. Besides, the termination fees would be enough for her to live comfortably for a while, Shu Ning still wouldn’t put a hand on a pitiful woman.

The weather changed very suddenly, it actually started to rain. When Shu Ning frowned, Shu Heng once again held him and set him on his legs:”I won’t fall in love with anyone else, but the look you have when you’re jealous is really quite mesmerizing,”As he spoke, Shu Heng raised Shu Ning’s chin and a passionate flame roused up within his eyes, bringing a deadly charm with it.

Shu Ning swallowed his saliva, his brother was the truly mesmerizing one here. In front of him, he had no resistance at all, he couldn’t be wanting to do it in the car, right? No can do, it’s raining, it feels weird! Shu Heng noticed and didn’t make things hard for Shu Ning, he had only stretched his hands into his clothes to touch him, and gave him a kiss. The car pulled up into the underground parking, it was the place arranged for them by Qin Ming. L City wasn’t very developed so a three star restaurant was already a big deal.

When Shu Heng took Shu Ning in, he actually met someone familiar, it was Xu Jin!

Xu Jin had just finished eating and there were many people following behind him. When he saw Shu Heng, both sides stopped. Xu Jin looked leisurely towards Shu Ning:”So this is the second young master of the Shu family? I’ve heard a lot about you but this is the first time we’ve met, my name is Xu Jin, a good friend of your brother’s, you can just call me Brother Xu.”

How open, Shu Ning’s pupils shrunk and he put on a smile, greeting him courteously. But he had forgotten that he was still holding Shu Heng’s hand. Shu Heng lowered his head to look at Shu Ning thoughtfully. Earlier, his little brother was very nervous, and gave his hand a short death grip, what did that prove? Xu Jin had once mentioned to pluck the weeds, could he have done something?

No, it was impossible, Shu Heng had confidence in his friend. At that time, he had already warned him, and knowing Xu Jin’s character, he wouldn’t make a move.

Then……What was Shu Ning afraid of?


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  1. Thank you for the chapter!!!!

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  2. so close to the end, i don’t think anything’s going to happen
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