RWSB Chapter 148

Got hauled away for mom’s slave labour again, and I’m really tired so I can only do one, now please excuse me as I go back to sleep.


Shu Ning would never be disrespectful in front of his seniors, but of course, Szeto Dong stood on such an aloof status that it was natural for him to not dare to offend him, it was nothing if he brought harm upon himself but what if he brought harm upon Shu Heng?

**, Shu Heng never said anything so Shu Ning had always thought that the Szeto Family would accept the reality that Shu Heng liked him because they felt guilty. Hearing the report that Szeto Dong was at his door, he definitely had something to say, if not he wouldn’t try to avoid Shu Heng. It must have something to do with the surrogation. Shu Ning was not a fool, he immediately told the maid to let him in, and he quickly came out from his bedroom and waited at the living room.

“Xiao Ning, long time no see.”

They haven’t seen each other for half a month now, have they? But Shu Ning wouldn’t argue with him about that:”Sit down, dad, prepare the tea, Aunty Xu.”

“Are you free today? Grandpa misses you and told me to come over and take a look at you. It just so happens that I have some business nearby here so I didn’t specially give you a call beforehand. Is Shu Heng not around?”

You knew but you still asked, but Shu Ning remained smiling:”He went out for some business, but I just so happen to be free.”

“Then……Let’s go!”Szeto Dong was ecstatic, this was a success. Shu Ning was sensible and thoughtful, showing his full courtesy, Szeto Dong liked this about him a lot:”What have you been busy with recently?”

“Investing in movies, going to class, going out to play with my classmates, normal stuff. How is grandpa doing recently?”Shu Ning turned the topic around, he didn’t like it when others asked about him.

The two just continued to chat in such a simple manner. Szeto Dong was driving his own car so of course Shu Ning would give him face, and sat in the passenger seat. After reaching the Szeto family house, Szeto Dong left in advance for some business so Shu Ning went in himself. It was empty inside while the commander was sitting on the sofa, beckoning to Shu Ning:”Being absent from you for a day feels like a passing of three seasons, my child, you really missed a lot by me.”

Shu Ning’s cheeks blushed in surprise:”I miss grandpa too.”He quickly sat over and took his hand.

The commander was a very stately person in his youth who rarely spoke or smiled, his face would always be unchanged, not showing his underlying emotions, so how would any children dare to get close to him? Shu Ning was different, he liked to make physical contact and the commander enjoying holding his hand as well. He touched his tender little face, no matter how you looked at it he was still just a seventeen year old child. His heart couldn’t bear to do bad to him but he also felt delighted for Shu Ning’s character. With a quiet voice, he apologized to Shu Ning about what happened last time.

Shu Ning was shocked, how would he dare to let his seniors lower themselves to him?:”I like children too, I have some ideas in my mind but I’m not so sure if it’s appropriate to speak about them.”

“Oh? Let’s hear it!”The commander’s eyes were very bright, he wasn’t scared of ideas, what they should truly be afraid of is when they had run out of it.

Shu Ning told him all about what he spoke of with Shu Heng before, and the more the commander heard of it, the more he liked the sound of it, this was a very good idea. As expected, he was a well-raised sweetheart. Shu Heng gave the small hand in his a light squeeze and the smile on his face had become even more gentle. He promised Shu Ning, he agreed with anything Shu Ning wanted, he had not a single opinion about any of it.

Shu Heng had also arrived at noon. He entered the living room in a large stride, and the incessant laughter of a young and old pair could be heard, the atmosphere was very good. Szeto Dong had also followed him in, but he had in fact been home since a long time ago, he just couldn’t bear to interrupt such a harmonious atmosphere, he could only aggrieve himself and sit in the car, waiting to appear again during lunch hour. But he never expected Shu Heng to have appeared so quickly, he wouldn’t ignore familial relations and take Shu Ning away again, would he?

Hearing the sounds Shu Ning turned his head over to see them and he waved to Shu Heng, coaxing him to go over for a seat. Shu Heng was very willing to show courtesy to Shu Ning, only then was Szeto Dong able to breathe a sigh of relief. After the four of them shared a “harmonious” lunch together, Shu Heng still took Shu Ning away, he’s my wife, why should he accompany you lot? If it wasn’t for how awkward it felt for Shu Cheng in his heart, perhaps he would’ve come to snatch my wife as well. Shu Heng suddenly stared straight at Shu Ning.

“What’s wrong?”Shu Ning had just gotten into the car and he touched his face in confusion. For big brother to have such a big reaction……Did I do something wrong?

“It’s nothing,”You’re too lovable, everybody likes you, this made Shu Heng feel a sense of crisis, and he started to get the urge to want to hide him away.

“Okay~”Like hell I’ll believe you. Shu Ning looked quietly outside the window and observed the reflection of Shu Heng’s face on the glass, but the man’s face was deep and mysterious without a single flaw.

“What did the two of you talk about?”

Shu Ning smiled, and here he thought the two of them were going to be engaged in a cold war, he was the first one who couldn’t bear with it any longer:”Grandpa apologized to be about what happened last time, and well, I actually do want to have children, brother, we should have four kids, what do you think?”

“Didn’t we already say we would have a pair of twins for each family?”Shu Heng pulled him into his embrace and narrowed his eyes, a flash of murderous intent flashing past them:”Unless……Were they asking for a split of three and five?”

The “them” that he meant naturally referred to the Szeto family, and this made Shu Ning shiver, the feelings his brother had toward them was truly too weak. He frowned:”How about……We just don’t give them any? We can raise them ourselves, just one pair of them, okay?”

“No, I think two pairs is better, grandpa has already gotten old,”Shu Heng’s words made him seem very generous and filial, but in truth he was very selfish, he didn’t like how the Szeto father and son pair were interrupting his and Shu Ning’s lives like they were doing now, if they didn’t give them the children then things would become even more troublesome in the future.

Don’t look at how amiable the Szeto father and son pair seemed, carefully they pampered Shu Ning like a precious baby, but if Shu Ning wouldn’t agree to give them the children, the result of it was imaginable. This was what Shu Heng could not accept, everyone knew that Shu Heng was amazing but they still could not go against them, the power of the Szeto family was the real deal, with one word they could turn Shu Cheng into dust, and the entire Shu family could go up in flames, Shu Heng had to take countermeasures.

“Okay~”Shu Ning leaned on Shu Heng’s shoulder and fiddled with his tie, speaking with a leisurely tone that sounded slightly confused:”Brother, have you arranged for everything?”

“Mm, since you’ve mentioned to go abroad, I’ve already done all the research, and I have also found the best hospital that can help us with it, so don’t worry. When you reach the age of nineteen, our child will be born.”

“That’s wonderful!”Shu Ning smiled happily, he was not an adult but his soul was already old, what he lacked in the past, he had them all now, the winners of life that people mentioned were exactly people like Shu Ning.

“You don’t have to bother with the Szetos, put some distance between yourselves, you just have to act friendly with them and that will be fine. Now that they’ve even asked for the children, I don’t know what they’re going to ask for in the future, it’s hard to say whether they will be making us move in too.”

Only after hearing his words did Shu Ning realize the gravity of the situation, he didn’t want to lose his freedom. It was fine if he had to play pretend for a month or even a year, but he couldn’t do it for his whole life, it wasn’t worth it to give himself so much grief. Shu Ning raised his head and ripples could be seen in his eyes, they were very resplendent:”The Szeto family had so many descendants, they don’t really need us that urgently, do they? Don’t worry, I know what needs to be done.”

“No matter how many they had, they were not their flesh and blood, some old people are very persistent.”

“I understand,”They could even accept a man as their daughter-in-law, and even entered him into the family tree, this wasn’t something most people could do, could they just be swallowing the humiliation for a goal? There was a click in Shu Ning’s heart:”Let’s go back to C City, it’s still more practical to stay by dad’s side.”

“I think so too.”

“Then should we just stay in the ancestral home in the future?”

“Sure, that place has always been our home from the start,”Shu Heng kissed Shu Ning on the forehead and lifted up his chin, landing a deep kiss on his lips. He slipped his hand into his clothes and kneaded him unscrupulously, especially on the two small points, but the main point was that he was bullying him here~ And there, to the point where he had even gotten hard. A flame sprouted in his heart, and Shu Heng whose breathing had gone into a mess swept his darkened gaze towards his lover’s snowy white neck. After his throat bobbed up and down, he lowered his head to bite down on it.

“Mm……mm……Softer~ Mm……”

This voice was simply too alluring. Shu Heng was a wise man and even without thought, he could tell that Shu Ning was feeling emotional. As if he was peeling an orange, he immediately stripped Shu Ning of his clothes, showing no pretense. Shu Ning didn’t like doing it in the car and bothered, he eyed the board on the center separating them and the driver, only then did he feel slightly more relaxed. But no matter how he pressed his voice down, those at the front would still hear it, Shu Heng couldn’t have some sort of strange hobbies would he?

Shu Ning swept his eyes dubiously around him, but his legs were parted. Shu Heng used his fingers to begin before his rod, entering him very deeply.

The car was running smoothly on the road, as expected of a luxurious modified and extended car, the atmosphere within always remained calm, but the best part was that it didn’t leave any clues to any cars that were passing by.

When they arrived at the villa, the bodyguard and the driver left the car a step in advance, the rest of the bodyguards had also left with a straight face. Seeing that the two young masters were not getting out of the car, the two maids waiting by the door understood what was going on and left to prepare some porridge first, they didn’t know when the second young master would like to eat but preparing it early would never go wrong.

Within the car, Shu Heng finally came out after they switched into several positions. Shu Ning felt breathless and his waist felt numb, his complexion was also slightly bad:”Brother, can’t you endure for just a little while longer?”


Fuck~ Me~ It’s not like you’re the one getting screwed, that tone was too unreasonable! Shu Ning had gotten angry in a moment, it’s not like I’m made of clay!:”You be the bottom next time!”


“……”This pure-bred natural bottom was depressed, really, he had no such ability at all to push him down, and you want him to be on top? Shu Ning dropped his head, and the colour left his body, a little soul could be seen flying away, he had fallen in battle.

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow and pulled Shu Ning into his arms to comfort him:”What are you thinking about? The top I’m talking about is riding cowgirl, don’t you like that?”

Shu Ning’s face turned as red as bloodstone, and it was a very alluring sight. His accusing eyes were mixed in with exasperation. He looked even more dazzling now but he was not self-aware at all:”Do you even know what the word embarrassing means?”

“I don’t, how about you teach me about it?”


“I don’t need shame, I only need you.”

“……”Shu Ning’s mouth twitched. He learned now, Shu Heng clearly had no shame at all, if he ever hoped to see him embarrassed, then he would have to wait for his next life:”I’m tired, I want to take a nap.”

Shu Heng took out a large blanket to cover Shu Ning before carrying him out of the car. The maids had already prepared the warm bath water, and seeing their masters enter, they closed the door properly without asking anything. Shu Heng put him into the water, the temperature was just right. Shu Ning sighed, he never expected that he would make a certain man hard again. Shu Heng had only pulled down his zipper, but now he had stripped his clothes off in mere moments, and proceeded to pa pa pa pa as soon as he stepped into the bath tub.

Shu Ning called out until his throat was hoarse, and ruthlessly left several streaks and marks on Shu Heng’s back. Only after venting did he curl his arms around his brother’s neck comfortably, licking him softly to respond to the passion. Shu Ning loved Shu Heng so much that it was natural that he too, wanted to touch him, to kiss him, to get close to him, and become one with him. He requested urgently with a hoarse voice:”Brother, tell me you love me.”

“I love you~”

“Heng, I love you too, I love you so, so much.”

He’s done it, with one word he managed to stoke the flames of passion again. Shu Ning was so exhausted he fell asleep, and as soon as he did, he slept until the next morning, he was even lazier than a lazy bug. Shu Heng had already asked the maids to prepare breakfast early on and asked someone to bring it in so that he and Shu Ning could eat together. Szeto Dong once again visited without an invitation, and he had been left dry in the living room by Shu Heng. After finding out, Shu Ning didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry.

Finally, he knew why Shu Heng’s face was so thick that even a bullet wouldn’t be able to penetrate it, the root of those genes was right here. After all, the old Shu family was not like this, Shu Cheng was a ceremonial person and so was Shu Gao, Shu Ning also had thin skin, he immediately squinted at Shu Heng:”You go deal with your dad!”

I probably already mentioned this but face = shame, you can give face to someone by showing courtesy, you can have a thick face and don’t, being the most shameless man on earth, and you can have thin skin and be easily ashamed.

I think this is the only story where I wish the sex would go by faster because what the fuck

Also just because I don’t complain doesn’t mean I don’t mind, if you guys want to post on wattpad I’d prefer if you kept it private or unpublished or however it works in wattpad, your eyes only, simple as that. thanks bro

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  1. And it was strange for you to have escaped the thieves … To make one is enough you always give too much, that’s why people get used to simply waiting and some to demand, but you should worry more about your own physical and mental rest

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  4. This novel is getting overboard with the ecchi scenes /-\ it’s kind of worrying because I feel that the plot is getting thinner and thinner… But at least it’s almost at the end haha ^^” 5 more chapters to go… (Including the extras) Good luck Helli~~ and thanks for your hard work!


  5. I suddenly feel being the bodyguards for SN or SH is very interesting …. from killing to cutting watermelon and to seeing their bossess doing stuff …… worth the job!


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