RWSB Chapter 147

The two went to a tea house and the lead singer apologized to him, and even knelt down. Shu Ning lamented about a lot and agreed to give him another chance.

Before he was able to say the words at his mouth, Shu Ning felt that it was quite depressing for him to kneel just like that, it may not be any pressure for the one who was kneeling down, but Shu Ning really didn’t want to bear with this. It was still better for people to live with dignity, if you had something to say, then just say it, you can discuss things properly. After dismissing the happy lead singer, another person took the seat in front of Shu Ning.

Qin Ming helped himself to a cup of tea and took a sip:”Hey boss, who made you unhappy?”

“I’m not unhappy,”Shu Ning smiled, and his eyes were leisurely:”Some people are lacking in self-respect, what do you think should be done?”

“Then we’ll have to toss the salad, I’ll do it, when I’m done they’ll be cool, spicy, and with a pleasant aftertaste.”

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you.”

“You can leave it to me,”Still the same old. Qin Ming liked to express his sincerity in this way the most:”Boss, Shang Zhou’s script this time is very good, do you want to take on a role?”

“Nah, just having some fun for a few days as the assistant director is enough,”Shu Ning wasn’t being fickle, he just had other things planned:”I want to return to the capital this Friday morning.”

“Yes, I will arrange for it.”

After dismissing Qin Ming, Shu Ning looked outside the window as he drank his tea, then he heard his phone ring. Shu Ning raised his eyebrows when he saw that it was Shang Zhou calling:”Hello?”

“There’s going to be a party tonight, do you want to come over?”

“Nah, not interested.”

“Don’t worry, there won’t be any reporters, this party is only going to be for our side, we’re just going to have some food and drinks, get to know each other, only then can we have a good time during the filming, right?”

“Alright then, don’t arrange anyone to sit around me.”

“Understood, you’re still underage, I get it!”Shang Zhou laughed, but he sighed after he hung up the call. WHen he was at the end of his road, Shu Ning invested into his film and he got the chance to turn his life around, but he had also gotten tied up with him. Right now, Shang Zhou had already signed to Shu Ning’s company, he was no longer a director ou tin the wilds.

Shu Ning was very polite and easygoing, so Shang Zhou wasn’t afraid that Shu Ning would limit his development, but he had some qualms with Qin Ming, he was too smart and mainly did things for profit, but he decided to just go with it, at least Shu Ning had helped him at his most difficult times, it wasn’t like Shang Zhou was a person who didn’t know what good he was given, but he wouldn’t be so grateful to the point as to be in tears, he could just pay him back by working hard to earn money, after all this was mutually beneficial to the two of them, it was a deal with worth for the two of them!

At night, Shu Ning arrived late but everyone welcome him with a smiling face, all they knew was that he was the assistant director and they couldn’t offend him. But when Shang Zhou spoke of the opening remarks, only then did everyone know that he was the investor, and the only investor of the movie, it was shocking. That’s amazing, little bro! Seeing his tender little face, he seemed like he wasn’t even an adult yet, right?

Some people wanted to perform well but the others were starting to get ideas. But even so there were bodyguards next to Shu Ning, and those bodyguards weren’t just there as decorations.

Those who came for a toast were like an endless stream, but Shu Ning had only put his lips to his wine glass a little as a response. His grace was so elegant that he really attracted the gazes of others.

Shu Ning withdrew when it came a little over nine o’clock. Shang Zhou personally saw him out, and watching him leave in his car before returning to the scene, only then did everyone came alive. Shu Ning was so small but the pressure he exuded was immense, it was hard to ignore, but now that the pressure was gone, it was natural that everyone was having some wild fun.

On Thursday, Qin Ming had arrived very early on at the villa to wait for Shu Ning, and brought him along to participate. Although Shu Ning went, he didn’t show himself, it was enough just taking a look. There was a dense mass of reporters around, but he didn’t have any intentions of getting famous. On Friday, he went to the capital to meet up with his classmates, to see Pang Qian, and went to take a look at his company. He met up with his uncle and Uncle Pang as well, they both thought about it but decided not to have children.

Qin Yu Fu’s thoughts were very simple, it was enough for them just to live their days together, the children? Just forget it, they weren’t like the Shu family who had a mountain of gold they hoped their children could inherit. Uncle Pang felt the same, his little brother Pang Qian’s wife was one who liked having kids, and now she was on her third pregnancy. Their family was in great harmony and the elderly liked passing their days with them too, Uncle Pang didn’t have many burdens in his heart so there was no need to get a child to make a mess of their couple life.

Instead, Uncle Pang couldn’t understand Shu Ning’s wish to have children, he was so young but he was, after all, not someone who stood on the same level as them. Shu Ning definitely had his own ideas, and Uncle Pang respected them. Qin Yu Fu took Shu Ning home and prepared a table full of good dishes so that Shu Ning could have a pleasant meal. Uncle Pang asked where Shu Heng was, and Shu Ning curled up the corners of his mouth pleasantly, replying that he will arrive at night.

Shu Heng’s flight was at seven o’clock. Shu Ning missed him very much, so he waited for him in the airport, not caring about the gazes of other people, they went out hand in hand to a hotel. Return home? He reckoned that Shu Heng may not be able to wait that long, and Shu Ning didn’t like doing it in the car so they could only choose a nearby hotel. Actually, it was not bad to choose a hotel either, the decor was very warm and there were heart-shaped roses and candles on the floor, it was quite romantic with pink everywhere, it felt like they were committing adultery. Shu Ning’s cheeks were red as he pulled Shu Heng’s necktie, and beckoned him with a finger.

“Seducing me?”Shu Heng’s throat bobbed up and down and he felt his throat getting dry. There was no need to mention how sexy the enchanting appearance of his little brother was, he even cast a furtive peep at him, it was so extremely charming. Shu Heng’s eyes darkened and he followed Shu Ning to the bathroom.

They helped each other with their clothes and they both felt rather urgent, even their breaths were a mess. Their heartbeats were intoxicated as if they were both in heaven right at this time.

He entered very quickly, and Shu Ning wanted to be connected with him as well. He curled his two arms around Shu Heng’s strong body, with quiet moans leaking from his lips. Only when he couldn’t bear it anymore did he call out, for him to suppress himself brought out an even more alluring flavour, it made it hard for Shu Heng to hold back, he started to pa pa pa pa pa and enjoyed himself. The bath they had promised each other had now become a wrestling battle.

It was too passionate, it was always Shu Ning who lay defeated at the end but thankfully Shu Heng knew when to stop, he didn’t torment him until he fainted in the bathroom.

Carrying him out, Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and felt very comfortable:”Brother, do you want to switch places?”

“Mm, where do you prefer?”

“What about the sofa?”It was soft so it wouldn’t hurt no matter how he was moved around. If they were to switch to a table or something, he would inevitably get a backache or leg cramps:”I like the sofa, brother, let’s go to the sofa?”

“Alright,”Shu Heng agreed, but he put Shu Ning on a chair!

Shu Ning was dumbfounded on the spot, how……was he going to do it? Shu Heng had studied on positions before and he would never get sick of switching things up, he just never told Shu Ning. Shu Heng’s body was very strong so he set Shu Ning into a kneeling position before continuing. The chair started to make squeaking noises and Shu Ning was shocked, he really was afraid of the chair falling over, then the two of them would be in misfortune.

The quality of the chair was very good so it wouldn’t just break, if not Shu Heng wouldn’t have picked this spot. But Shu Ning was very worried, his body was constantly stiff, but he didn’t know that this made it even better for Shu Heng. Tight, so tight! It clamped so tight on him that it felt so incredibly good that he could almost fly. Shu Heng was very excited, he turned Shu Ning’s body around and lifted his legs up, continuing to work the fields.

Tonight was too romantic, truly, Shu Ning didn’t even manage to get past the second round and he had already fallen unconscious. For how long Shu Heng continued to do it, what sort of tricks he played, and whether he put strange clothes on him or not……Shu Ning didn’t know anything, he slept until afternoon the next day. His little face so so pink that it felt almost like it was ripe, what a pleasant sight.

Shu Ning sat up and scratched his head, then seeing Shu Heng sitting not far away from him on the sofa, a dazzling smile sprang up on his face.

The sun was shining on Shu Ning’s body and his hair looked slightly translucent, making his whole being appear almost illusory. Shu Heng narrowed his eyes and felt that his current life was very blessed, he heart felt full of both happiness and gratification. Raising up the corners of his lips, Shu Heng was very gentle at this moment, there was no coldness surrounding him at all:”On the seventeenth of May next year, let’s get married?”

Shu Ning was stunned for a moment, and his head cocked to the side in a very adorable manner:”Didn’t we promise already?”

Silly. Shu Heng put down his documents and strode over to the side of the bed, lifting him up into his arms:”Of course we did, I won’t let you regret it.”

What was he afraid of? If you were to mention being scared, then Shu Ning really was scared that this would all be just a dream of his, if he ever woke up and appeared in prison again, Shu Ning would go mad. It was fine as long as Shu Heng did not regret it, he was fine with anything, he cherished this person very much.

Shu Ning and Shu Heng stayed together for five days, sticking to each other like glue, and they did it so much that Shu Ning couldn’t straighten his back. He glimpsed a newspaper by chance and was stunned. Oh, it’s him, he really got on the news, now that he’s famous, he should be feeling delighted. This person was so handsome but now he was like a street rat, hiding out at home not daring to go outside. And who was he? His name was An Yi.

An Yi’s mood felt heavy, again and again he fell into his trap, he had no issues dealing with normal college students but in Shu Ning’s eyes, his plans were not meticulous enough, and he was dropped to a lower level. He didn’t get to deal with him in the military training, and now he really had to do something in case he suddenly jumped out in the future, then it won’t be good if he disgusted him.

Qin Ming was a man of great perseverance, he had never not gone to the best of his efforts to please Shu Ning, so naturally he pressed An Yi down completely into the mud, letting him enjoy the flames of fame, the notorious fame! Everything will finally be in place when the whole world knows of him, it didn’t matter where his boss Shu Ning was at, as long as there were newspapers, the internet, or the television, he would be able to see it.

After getting a face slapping from a little punk, his face was swollen for a whole day, then right on that afternoon the internet had already begun reporting on that event. It was a completely one-sided situation, they wrote of how An Yi had failed the audition, how unsatisfied he felt about it that he even fought with someone, that this was a misconduct, bad behaviour, and whatnot. Each word spoke out to the people, this was the progressions of his life falling into ruins.

An Yi felt like his eyes were cracking, he read through the articles again and again but he never once saw Shu Ning’s name being mentioned, and what did that prove? That Shu Ning was screwing with him!

God, wasn’t he just a relying on Ma Tao in L City? He was just a wealthy businessman, I, An Yi, have also found someone to back me up, why did it fail~ The mountain has fallen, he hadn’t even got to lean on it and it had already shifted away, not caring at all about whether An Yi lived or died.

Ma Tao was Shu Cheng’s friend who agreed to take care of Shu Ning, but Shu Ning never used him at all, Szeto Dong found out as soon as Qin Ming made a move, and the bodyguards sent over by Shu Heng was also there on that day, they had also acted under Shu Heng’s instructions. Under the combined influence of several parties, who would dare to prick their fingers on the poisonous thorns and help An Yi? First off, it was an irrational plan to offend the upstart Qin Ming who had green lights lighting his whole way though. Secondly, it was even more irrational to offend all the huge forces. Thirdly, the officials have already reported that An Yi was in the wrong, it may only have been several seconds but if you were to speak for An Yi at this time, then it wasn’t a matter of whether it was rational or not, you were courting death upon yourself.

The news passed amongst the students very quickly. By the next day, An Yi had already been looked at by all sorts of gazes, the ones he had pressured before jumped out and even taunted him, if they could they would’ve wanted to take a big bite out of him. An Yi regretted his mistakes, he wanted to reconcile with Shu Ning but he couldn’t find him at all, he was so anxious that the wrinkles forming from his frown could form the character 川. Good things barely gets out the door while the bad can travel miles, there were those who hated him and immediately framed him, then incited the other students to make a joint report to the school, saying that his way of doing things and behaviour had issues. Now An Yi couldn’t even go to school anymore.

An Yi walked on the streets as the bright sun dazzled his eyes, but all he felt was cold, the sight in front of him was dark as if he had nowhere else to go anymore.

Right as Shu Heng left, Szeto Dong appeared immediately after, ringing the doorbell. Seeing that it was him, the nanny put on a smile so as not to be rude, but it was difficult for her, she immediately told Shu Ning.

Tossing salad – I mean I kinda get what they’re saying but to be honest with you I’ve never actually heard anyone say that.

connections/backing = Kao Shan – mountain to lean on

idk about any of u but a chair doesn’t sound sturdy at all, one time in school we had some sort of discipline display where this guy whipped one of those heavy computer chairs made of metal with a flimsy bamboo whip, and that chair flew out the classroom so idk man….

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