RWSB Chapter 146

Knowing was one thing, but seeing was another, the shadow in Shu Cheng’s heart was not small.

After their meal, Shu Heng sent Shu Ning to the airport, and they couldn’t part with each other. As he watched the figure of the little one disappear into the crowd, Shu Heng’s eyes were extremely dark, and his tone was ice cold:”Follow him closely, don’t let anyone from the Szeto family approach him.”



Yes,”Several men walked like they were just passing by, but they had actually already finished their exchange with Shu Heng. They all varied in height, body, and style, they looked just like a normal group of travelers. In just the blink of an eye, they all separated without a trace, they were people sent by Shu Heng to protect Shu Ning, they were all masters of their job with a great wealth of experience.

After Shu Ning landed, he immediately sent out some text messages. After seeing it, Shu Cheng tried to constrain his emotions, his mood felt very complicated. It took him a few moments of hesitation before he quickly sent out a very long reply. The general content of the his message was him asking Shu Ning to pay attention to the weather, and to protect himself well, then after his graduates he should return to C City to take care of the house, to not part with them and so on.

Shu Cheng was a man who stood at the top, for him to tell him not to part with him shows that he thinks highly of Shu Ning.

Shu Heng only replied to ask him to remember to call him every day, and he wasn’t allowed to look at handsome guys~

Qin Ming was right at the airport with his assistants, and they had seen Shu Ning coming out from quite a distance away. He waved his hand very enthusiastically to signal to him. Shu Ning did not immediately return to school after he reached L City, he busied himself for a few days to take care of some big business in his company. While doing so, he just so happened to bump into and found out about a gay couple. They were newcomers who just signed with their company, and they were both good at singing and dancing. Coming from a team of five, they had the handsome types, cool types, and cute types, each of them had their own merits. The lead singer and the cutest one ended up in a good relationship, and even slept with each other. When Qin Ming discovered it, his mood was thunderous. After all, they were a combination that was being strongly promoted by him, and he even showed Shu Ning the reports. He analyzed the pros and cons and felt that their rate of success was very high, during their time of signing they were also asked to refrain from dating, but they ended up slapping him in the face, the other party ended up to not even be a girl.

Shu Ning just so happened to bump into this incident and this made Qin Ming very nervous, but of course he would not keep it a secret, but there will be completely no issues if such a matter was left for him to deal with. He reckoned that there was probably a scoundrel thinking of getting a promotion again, if not why would Shu Ning have come back in the nick of time? But Qin Ming was not afraid, he was already old, and Shu Ning knew how cordial he was but it was still made him feel dreaded.

Shu Ning was already sitting in the president’s office, the two artists obediently greeted the president after entering his office, they didn’t even dare to look around too much and kneeled down quickly.

Men have knees of gold and would rarely prostrate themselves, so they knew they were in big trouble?

Why didn’t they think of this when they just got together?

They haven’t even become popular and they were already setting fire to their own city, it was a normal and justifiable thing to be in a relationship but they were performers, the company spends money on them to nurture them, not so they can play around, so they should be the ones to take responsibility, was it not so?

Shu Ning did not ask them to get up since it wasn’t Shu Ning who asked them to kneel after all. Qin Ming stood next to Shu Ning and his complexion was not too good. Shu Ning turned the pen in his hands and looked at them with a leisurely gaze:”It’s not illegal to date someone.”

It could be clearly seen that the eyes of the two brightened up, the young president really was profound, he knew the minds of the youngsters, it seems the two of them would be alright.

But Shu Ning added on:”But when you signed the contract, it has already stipulated that you are not to be in a relationship.”

The two looked at each other with much worry, and when they wanted to cry out for justice, Qin Ming gave a cold humph and the two of them waited obediently for their sentence.

“The two of you should return home and wait, the company will inform you of the outcome soon.”

So they couldn’t stay anymore? The two were turned into fools on the spot. At first, they were the most outstanding of the group when they had been chosen, and it was the same even while they were in the group, they would definitely become super popular, how could they just give up just like that? The two had just made noise when they were stopped by Qin Ming again. Shu Ning saw the whole scene and was very satisfied with Qin Ming’s ability to control them. He spoke almost with indifference:”If there is no margin for a turnaround then we will follow what the contract says, it is possible that the two of you will be sentenced.”

“What?”The lead singer who was also the captain sat on the ground with his face ashen, although he didn’t dare to offend Qin Ming, going to jail was way too serious, wasn’t it? On what right were they doing that. But thinking about the contract penalty, he felt his heart grow bitter:”President, you’re joking, right?”

Shu Ning picked up the report and threw it on the ground for them to see, and the blood drained from both their faces. All the costs written above were already astronomical numbers for them, they haven’t even earned any money, they haven’t even gotten popular, and……The two regretted it, they kneeled down properly and lowered their heads to apologize with all their hearts.

But Shu Ning did not go soft on them at all, he asked security to escort them out.

Qin Ming knew that he was just giving them a lesson, only after the door closed did a smile appear on his face:”The boss is amazing after all, settling it in just a moment. It’s just……”It’s a shame because these two young men were pretty talented.

“No worries, male couples will be popular very soon, one of them is the handsome beauty type and the other is pure and cute, when that time comes they can sell to the fujoshis.”


“I’m talking about gay men like them, playing with the boundaries of ambiguity, mixing up what’s real and what’s false, this is going to become a trend in the future, it’s going to be a hit!”Shu Ning winked. Qin Ming was a professional after all, he understood immediately. Shu Ning had only given him a suggestion, if he really wanted to turn them into money trees, then Qin Ming would have to do work.

This insensible pair were trembling after they reached home, they were waiting bitterly for a very long time but the company never contacted them, they thought that they were completely covered up by the snow and were very sad, but they never regretted falling in love with each other. They should’ve been more mature at the start, and be more secretive, more careful, since they could see each other every day then they could just avoid seeing each other in private, this was all for the sake of their futures, they shouldn’t have been so willful, and even more so they should not think that the company would not be able to hang out without them, they were so naive, and too ignorant.

The company spent a lot of money to nurture them, the two of them knew. Privately neither of them dared to call each other, so they used someone else’s phone to chat for a bit, they both felt that they did not want to give up on this relationship, they chose to keep it in their hearts first, then they will think about it again when they were more mature. Right now their paths had been cut off, but they couldn’t just sit still now could they? What did they have to do to get the company to regain confidence in the two of them again?

General Manager Qin was a smiling tiger who was cold at heart, and they really didn’t know what the young president was like, but they should probably plead with him as he himself was so young, perhaps he might even be moved, they had to give it a try, whether it helps or not!

After Shu Ning did his re-test, he went back to school normally. Before this, there were a lot of rumours about him but now the wind has slightly settled for a moment. Now that he was sitting in the classroom, the rumours thrown around behind his back began to blow up again. Some say that he had a strong backing so he could pass even without studying, he was definitely a tricky person! And there were also those who said that he was only pushing it because he had filmed a movie before, after all, Shang Zhou’s movie really did become super popular after its release!

There were no doubts about this, Shu Ning received profits up to nine numbers, it was a big deal.

Out of curiosity, many of the students went to see the movie, and none of them ever saw Shu Ning’s figure through the entire thing, wasn’t he an actor?

During the press release and whatnot Shu Ning’s photo never appeared on the posters, and they weren’t there online either, everyone thought that he was just a lackey crew member, there were those who mocked him, but also those who envied him. Wherever there was envy, there would be praises. Regardless, it was definitely rewarding if he had participated in the filming of the movie, but he didn’t! What did that tell everyone? Some started to joke about Shu Ning’s weak body, perhaps he couldn’t take the hard work of acting.

This time everybody started to laugh, he painted a tiger but it turned out to be a cat, ha ha ha ha……

They hadn’t managed to be happy for a few days when the sharp-eyed students noticed a problem. The name that came after the words assistant director was Shu Ning!

And so Shu Ning’s name was once again booming in the school!

Some mentioned that perhaps it was just someone of the same name, and as soon as this question was brought up, there were many who found that to be plausible.

Now that Shu Ning was sitting in the classroom, the meddlesome ones then asked to solve the curiosities of their hearts. Shu Ning nodded, that’s right, I am the assistant director, what’s wrong?

One stone provoked a thousand waves, those who looked down on him, and those who thought he was so and so, they all turned around to kiss up to him, and even if they didn’t manage to, they could at least mix in with him more so that he might remember them, what if this really was true? To be honest, Shu Ning didn’t even remember anymore who these people in class were, and Shang Zhou had also started to look for actors, he appeared in the campus and even greeted Shu Ning.

Shu Ning didn’t feel like studying again so he put on the name of assistant director once more, and openly took another leave.

The class leader, vice class lead, as well as the dormitory committee and whatnot all went, all recommended by the teacher. On the day of the audition, Shu Ning was there as well. His eyes found the sights of some eyesores, with a flick of his hand their cards scattered. If you look down on me then I’ll just participate in a different one, they just came here to join in on the action. In the end, the female lead they picked was Xuan Yue, her real name Xuan Wan-er, she was three years older than Shu Ning.

This girl was stunned after she saw Shu Ning, and she put on a very dazzling smile. Naturally, Shu Ning knew that she was going to become the film empress in the future, and this was the sci-fi movie who put her in the limelight. Naturally he strongly recommended her. Shang Zhou thought as well that she met the requirements and immediately made his decision. After that, the male lead they used were the best in their own company! Who else were they going to hold up if not him? Mission accomplished.

Shu Ning sighed, time really does bring great changes to the world, he remembered when he first saw Xuan Wan-er, He Ran was still kissing up to Shu Ning. And now Shu Ning didn’t know where He Ran was anymore, and he was too lazy to investigate as well. Xuan Wan-er felt the same, she had a secret crush on He Ran in the past and when she finally mustered up the courage to get close to him, she was pushed by He Ran to a young boy in front of him. He was very gentlemanly and reached out to help her, if not then she may have fallen on the ground, and it wouldn’t be as simple as just embarrassing herself.

When they held auditions for other roles int he future, Shu Ning did not participate, he had just come out from there when he was stopped.

So it’s him, he had forgotten his name but he had played a lot of tricks during the military training, and in the end he was played by Shu Ning, and got nothing.

“You embarrassed me on purpose, and made me lose the audition, didn’t you? Shu Ning, I never expected you to be so petty, we are classmates but you would actually hold such a grudge against me that you even did things behind my back, this is simply unbelievable, I’m disappointed in you, Shu Ning,”A certain young man whose name had been forgotten shook his head, his eyes were filled with pain and he held his chest in sadness before turning to leave.

Shang Zhou was famous now, there were quite a lot of reporters hanging about outside, after that certain young man played such a trick, even if he didn’t get on the headlines he would’ve almost made it. For example, falling out between students during auditions for a movie, and the other party was the assistant director with a strong backing, aggressively oppressing his classmates and whatnot……That certain man wanted to fan the flames of the reporters, and he was 100% sure that he could make a name for himself. The people who paid attention to Shang Zhou’s sci-fi movie were too many, it was difficult even if he tried not to make himself popular.

But that certain young man had not left the scene when he was caught and pulled back. Shu Ning looked over and raised an eyebrow, he thought to himself, it was actually him?

What was he doing out here, not reflecting at home?

It was the lead singer, he went to the school to look for Shu Ning. He found out that he was choosing the new actors and wanted to come to apologize, and in the end he just so happened to bump into this situation. He was after all, the young president, the top of the company. He felt that he had to uphold his image so he had his cousin who accompanied him out to speak out for him. His cousin showed his might, and gave a certain man a big slap out of anger, beating him into confusion. He yelled loudly, you again? Why are you here every day to stir things up? You made me miss my chance and that’s whatever, but you’re still bullying other students, you’re really crazed from trying to become popular!

Everything orchestrated by a certain young man had been all but destroyed, he didn’t want to ruin his image but unfortunately, the little cousin did not mix with the entertainment circle, so he wasn’t afraid of being photographed. He grabbed him and yelled vigorously at him. A certain young man felt himself getting red in the face, he couldn’t run anymore, this was too embarrassing!

Shu Ning was ecstatic, he waved his hand at the lead singer standing not far away. That person was very clever and followed Shu Ning into his car.


Selling to the fujoshis – basically fujoshis are rotten girls and they are selling “rot” which is bl content, it’s hard to make sell rot make sense so I changed it a bit, Qin Ming later asks What…… What rot?

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