RWSB Chapter 105

Qin Yu Lan was in trouble, even in her dreams she would not have expected this to happen……She can’t turn back now……

After the man stopped, she took the opportunity to escape outside, escaping out anywhere she could. Only after she left the bar did she think to leave Qin Yu Zhuo a text message to notify her, lying that she felt uncomfortable and went to the pharmacy, then strolled around before she returned back to her residences.

Qin Yu Zhuo had been the mastermind of this so naturally sh knew what happened. She curled up the corners of her lips, the other protagonist had been found by his companions and taken away, was it fun? When you wake up you’ll find that you can’t get off this boat anymore, do you still think you can protect yourself after sleeping with my sister, Mr.Manager? Being so dismissive towards me, and so loyal to Shu Heng? I’d like to see how much pride you really have.

Early the next morning, Qin Yu Lan pretended that nothing happened and was constantly learning on how to become a secretary, and even some techniques on taking care of people. After all, after following Shu Ning she had to take every move and every word with caution, putting everything in her own hands and taking care of all of Shu Ning’s trivialities. It may look easy but it was actually a very important job, and Qin Yu Lan put much thought to it, it was for the sake of money, after all.

At 10 in the morning, the manager of finance had come to work. He had a great headache and was late because he had gotten up late. Qin Yu Zhuo saw him in the break room and had a normal expression, leaving after their greetings. Whereas it was the manager who was shocked, he had just thought on that night that this lady seemed quite familiar, but now seeing Qin Yu Zhuo he was immediately reminded of what happened in the French restaurant. Oh no, I’m dead, it was the sister of the chairman’s wife!

What do I do?

Right at this time, his phone rang! It was from an anonymous number. The shocked and guilty manager nearly threw his phone away.

After taking the call, the manager was completely dumbfounded, it was Shu Ning’s men who had contacted him. There had been surveillance on that night outside of the washroom and even the liquid evidence they had collected in Shu Ning’s hands. The manager trembled and his cold sweat came pouring out, his lips were pale from shock as he asked what he wanted. The assistant representing Shu Ning instructed him slowly that he could either turn himself in, destroying his entire life and his family, or he could take their orders to do work, his path would be his own choice.

Was there any other way out?

The manager leaned against the wall and didn’t come out for a long time, Qin Yu Zhuo had already returned to the assistant’s office. He would not participate in such matters, she had just shown herself earlier so that she could be ruled out of the manager’s suspicion. Things were going well right now, she was just waiting for Shu Ning to step into the trap. Within the assistant’s office, there were many interesting videos. If Qin Yu Zhuo were to see them, she would have quite the shock.

It was the surveillance footage taken from the bar’s corridor. When Qin Yu Lan entered, someone had put in the notice board for repairs. After ten minutes, the finance manager appeared, tumbling around side to side with unsteady steps. He had taken quite a bit of alcohol and both his expression and his body seemed off, it was very clear that his mind was muddled and he had been drugged. The manager kept on shaking his head as if he still had a slight bit of himself in his head, seeing the signboard his eyes lit up but he hesitated, in the end he still gave up on the men’s bathroom and entered the women’s.

He had also found something to be off but he couldn’t stand it any longer so he gambled for it, and in the end there was a woman inside, a woman with a sweet fragrance. A wave of heat rushed through the manager’s body and he rushed over.

After twenty minutes, Qin Yu Lan ran out with a disheveled appearance, her clothes were messy and her hair was all over the place, leaving with a face full of fright. Not long after, the friends of the manager came over to take him away. Shu Cheng finished watching the video and looked through the data, it was the bodyguard himself who witnessed it with his own eyes. They weren’t able to investigate how he was drugged but seeing Qin Yu Lan’s reaction, she didn’t seem to be in cahoots with Qin Yu Zhuo. When the bodyguards took a snap of the scene within the break room, they didn’t see Qin Yu Zhuo trying to whisper anything to the manager either.

As if she wasn’t the one who had done it, but she couldn’t wash her hands completely off of this. Shu Cheng had his secretary call the manager into the branch office, and during that he took the opportunity to take out his phone to look through the records. He did not find any useful information, they had already been deleted. With the use of his connections, he got the record from the telecommunications company, and found the public phone booth, then he managed to obtain the surveillance footage of its surroundings, within those he noticed a suspicious man wearing a hat and a mask. This man seemed to be a professional, going round and around, their clues were cut short from there again.

Shu Cheng crossed his arms around his chest and pondered with his eyes closed, Qin Yu Zhuo had done a pretty clean job, he had no way in finding evidence that she had done it, but she definitely was the one who had done this, Shu Cheng was no fool. Before Shu Heng left for M Country, he had already fired some staff from the finance department. On the surface it was to deal with Gu Ya, telling her to settle down, but in truth it was a ploy made for Qin Yu Zhuo.

When Shu Heng told Shu Cheng, Shu Cheng was mad and lectured Shu Heng for it.

And what came of it?

Whether Qin Yu Zhuo took the bait or had some wild ambitions of her own to begin with, if she had actually done it then she will not be allowed to stay.

Shu Ning was still fine, but Shu Yao was still too young. This was a big headache for Shu Cheng, he was so angry that his chest was heaving, he felt very sad and his face turned more and more ashen……

Because of how much Shu Cheng loved Qin Yu Zhuo, Shu Heng did not send someone to monitor Qin Yu Zhuo on purpose, it would only be effective if his dad’s men were the ones monitoring her, but Shu Ning had made his move. Qin Yu Zhuo’s plans had no holes but she had forgotten that her men had been under Shu Ning’s management when she was on the island. Zhang Feng wouldn’t betray her but it was hard to say the same for the others. That short little beauty was a nail hammered in by Qin Ming, and Qin Ming was one of the public relations manager in Shu Ning’s company. As long as the information provided by the little beauty was of use, she would be awarded with a red packet worth a hundred thousand, and for a big event such as with Qin Yu Lan, Shu Ning had Qin Ming award her with five hundred thousand.

That’s why Qin Yu Zhuo’s men would always have a tiny peek of their tails visible, and caught by Shu Cheng’s men.

It had to be said that Shu Ning’s plan was amazing, especially how Qin Yu Lan refused to go to the bar herself and also refused for anyone to accompany her, this was thanks to the little beauty’s talking skills. After all, one shouldn’t have the heart to harm others but must also be vigilant so as not to be harmed, Qin Yu Lan had been convinced, if not how was she going to get out of this if Qin Yu Zhuo wasn’t there?

Zhang Feng was a man of many schemes and walked slippery steps, it was hard to catch him. For him, the connections he controls were like moving castles, indestructible. Shu Ning attacked from within so he was able to make do with a lot less trouble. On that night, when Shu Cheng came home, the Qin Yu Zhuo who had returned a step early had already prepared the meal. She greeted him with a smile and was still so cute and lovable. But her heart was blackened, nobody could see through it clearly anymore.

With a raise of his hands, Shu Cheng landed down a slap, dropping the delicate and petite Qin Yu Zhuo to the ground.

“I’ve never hit a woman in my life, but today, it is what I have to do.”

“Honey~”Qin Yu Zhuo held her face and didn’t get up, shrinking up on the ground to show weakness, her eyes pitiful, watching him with a confused gaze as if she was being wronged:”Why did you hit me?”

“You’re right, why did I? Why don’t you tell me yourself.”

“I……How should I know? Honey, have you misunderstood something?”

“This is the last chance I’m going to give you, admit what you’ve done yourself, and maybe we could still……”He was just lying to himself.

“Honey, you must’ve misunderstood something, are you angry because of a rumour popped up from me going to work? I know, my circumstances are slightly embarrassing and I wasn’t the match you wanted originally, and Shu Heng didn’t like me either. Tell me, what on earth happened? If you tell me I would at least know who framed me, you have to give me a chance to explain, right?”

“Qin Yu Zhuo, this really is the last chance!”

“Honey! Tell me, what on earth happened! Even if you’re putting the death sentence down on me, you’d at least have to let me know why, right?”Qin Yu Zhuo’s tears came gushing down and some thoughts tumbled over and over in her heart, could the matter have been exposed? No, it’s impossible. Qin Yu Zhuo continued to play the pitiful act, her eyes red and her body shaking, teetering and tumbling.

Shu Cheng was extremely disappointed and the light in his eyes faded, he took a step back and scoffed bitterly:”Alright, it would be great for me to speak as well, then you wouldn’t have the chance to justify yourself, Shu Heng had suppressed Gu Ya’s actions a while back and fired quite a lot of people, and your confidant had also accidentally been mixed into the fray, so therefore you needed someone from the finance department, and using Qin Yu Lan’s greed and ignorance, you set him up so that you could pin it on Shu Ning’s head.”

“Shu Ning? What’s a bloody joke, he’s my son! What would I be pinning it on his head for? Honey, think about it, do you really think that’s possible? I’m his mother!”Qin Yu Zhuo could neither laugh nor cry, wiping her tears:”And besides, Qin Yu Lan is my sister, she’s been living a tough life so she came to me, I can’t feel at ease with Shu Ning living alone so I wanted to send her over to the capital to manage Shu Ning’s daily life and trivialities, if you don’t believe it you can go investigate it yourself, she live right in that beauty salon I opened to study.”

“Qin Yu Zhuo, you really never repent.”

“Sure I never repent, but if you really believe nothing I say, then where is your evidence? You have to have evidence if you’re going to accuse me don’t you? Unless……For Shu Heng’s sake……You wanted me to leave quietly. I know, for him, you even put pressure on Shu Ning, studying landscaping? What a joke, if he goes into that Shu Ning would never be able to enter the company. Shu Cheng, I’ve loved you for so many years, and even endured how you locked me up in that island, and I’ve done all that so that I can live my days properly with you. And besides, Shu Ning was the one who suggested letting me return to the office, it wasn’t even your own initiative. Shu Cheng, do you actually love me?”

“I love you.”

Qin Yu Zhuo sucked in a breath and suddenly she could say nothing more, is this what I try so hard for? The sincerity of a cold-blooded man?

“You should go.”

“What?”Qin Yu Zhuo was dumbfounded, all her grace was gone, and she even gave up on her play, gritting down on her teeth:”Run that by me again?”

“We’re already divorced, you should go.”

“Shu……Honey……You have to make it clear, I never did what you said at all, where is your evidence! I don’t accept it, I don’t!”

In the face of his lover’s hysterical and crazy screaming, Shu Cheng felt his heart ache, his expression turned very bitter and he clapped his hands.

The door opened, a shivering little beauty had been pushed in by the bodyguards, and she landed on her knees, her face ashen:”Sis……Sister Yu Zhuo, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t sell you out on purpose, they wanted to kidnap me and threatened to touch my mother, there was nothing I could do, Sister Yu Zhuo, I’ve failed you, I’m so sorry, Sister Yu Zhuo……”

Qin Yu Zhuo’s face had also turned ashen, this girl had only been here for half a year……Hold on, she……No……Could it be? Shu Ning? No, he is my son, ha ha ha, he would never plot against his own mother, he would get nothing out of that, only I can abandon him. With that timid look of his, how could he plant someone to frame me?

Could it be Shu Heng? Yes, it had to be him!

I can’t let Shu Cheng turn his back on me, I don’t want to live a hard life anymore.

Qin Yu Zhuo kneeled and shuffled little by little over to Shu Cheng’s legs, tugging at his clothes, crying in a huge fluster:”Honey, this was a conspiracy, you have to believe me, I really didn’t do it! Honey, when she entered the beauty salon I was still on the island, perhaps someone else had an ulterior motive? You have to investigate it, quickly, don’t wrong me dear, I gave birth to Ning Ning and Yao Yao for you, how could I frame my own son?”

Generally, a mother would never harm her child.

Generally, a good person would also be willing to believe that a mother would never harm her child.

But was Shu Cheng part of the general masses? Hadn’t he seen quite a ton of plots and schemes through his life? Shu Cheng sigh, disheartened:”Ma Teng, drag her away.”

You know what, it still confuses me how out of ALL these damn classes you could do, you choose… landscaping
like gramps aint plant enough damn trees in your house already

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    1. I think he is willing to forgive them because they didn’t try to drag him down in the last life and since QYZ manipulated him to go against Shu Heng that set Shu Cheng against him. Shu Gao was probably against NN because NN followed QYZ. NN wants to plant his own forest next to his grampa’s forest! That’s why he went into landscaping! Thanks for the chapter!

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    6. In addition to the other stuff people have said, keep in mind that initially Shu Ning just realized how stupid it was to place his trust in his mom and instead set out to suck up to the rest of the family and try to use them as a shield against his mom who he now realized was just manipulating him the whole time. If nothing else, call it a self-defense strategy. He assumed he could get on his dad’s and grandpa’s good sides relatively easily but originally didn’t really have hope for getting along with Shu Heng (though he tried anyway because he realized that Shu Heng was the only person who was good to him at the end of his last life, even though you couldn’t call their relationship close). As it worked out, his strategy to get close to his family worked a heck of a lot better than he expected! And somehow Shu Heng and Shu Ning got a lot closer than he would have originally thought possible. Anyway, basically, he was just trying to place his bets on different people in this life but it ended up he found happier relationships with most of his family along the way.

      If you really think back, he mainly just wanted protection from his mom until he was old enough to move out and hopefully find a good boyfriend somewhere. And also, he was never getting revenge for people not liking him. He was getting revenge for people who pretended to be his friend but betrayed him whenever it was convenient (so: his mom, younger brother, past life boyfriend, and some of his two-faced friends from school mainly). His dad, grandpa, and Shu Heng never did anything bad to him unless you count being a bit disappointed in him bad. They were always honest at least.

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