RWSB Chapter 104

Raising an eyebrow, Qin Yu Fu felt that something was off. He took the red packet from her and his complexion changed as soon as he saw the amount written on the cheque. He immediately shoved it back into Shu Ning’s arms:”A million is too much, you should hold on to it for your studies.”

“……”Shu Ning was stunned for a moment, turns out his uncle didn’t change at all. He immediately pushed the red packet back over with a smile:”It’s from my dad, not from me!”

“Then that’s even more reason for me to reject it.”

“……”Shu Ning pushed it back and forth with his uncle:”My mom said it’s been hard on you raising me up, you should just take it on a such a good day, uncle.”

“I understand your kind intentions, you should take a seat and have a good meal,”His uncle forcefully shoved it back over. Everything Shu Ning said had just been excuses, how could he not know? For his junior to give him so much money, it’s best for him to just spend it on himself, Qin Yu Fu already had enough for himself, if he really needed money he would bring it up with Shu Ning.

Shu Ning sat down to dine in. Due to being surrounded earlier, two of the four bodyguards had come over, everybody was quite curious and their gazes were turned over. Shu Ning didn’t care about that, he felt that he might have done a bad thing on good intentions today, the steps of the bride seemed to be erratic and she had a strange look on her face, she might have gotten angry.

But it was no use thinking too much, his uncle would take care of it. A couple can’t live their days dealing with each other’s tempers, only with love can they get along till they’re old.

Pang Qian was sitting right next to Shu Ning, some of the other high-level executives were also seated at that table, a cheery atmosphere was present all round. During the toast, they had also gotten drunk watching Shu Ning down cup after cup of fruit juice. The boss was still a kid, only sixteen, what were they doing while they were sixteen? Thinking about which girl was more pretty? Or were they still working by the lamplight?

After a day of festivities, Shu Ning was near falling apart when he reached home. It would be great if Shu Heng was here, he wouldn’t have to do anything, being taken for a bath and brought to the bed, his blanket pulled up, and his belly rubbed. His phone rang, it was his big brother. Shu Ning received the call happily, and fell asleep before they finished talking. Hearing the sounds of his breaths, Shu Heng felt at peace and his body felt warm as if Shu Ning was resting right beside him.

Shu Heng had the bodyguard enter the room to check on him, help him fix up his blanket, and bring his phone away.

After a few days, Shu Ning was surrounded by Zhao Dong and co again. In the canteen, Wang Cong, Zhang Qi, and Tian Jia Hui had been squeezed out of the circle so they could chat about life, dreams, and what they wanted. Tian Jia Hui was still fine with it, his complexion was normal but Zhang Qi couldn’t sit still anymore. He stretched his neck over to peer at Shu Ning whereas Wang Cong always had his head low, the indignation he bore could only be pressed down in his heart.

Shu Ning was a top class young master after all, only with that status could he get the favour of Zhao Dong and the other kids from powerful families, humph.

Zhang Qi gave Tian Jia Hui a jab:”Look, the seniors sure are treating Shu Ning well, when can I finally mix in with that group?”

“You gotta get a dad worth a billion dollars man,”said Tian Jia Hui in an enigmatic tone, his eyes not moving to look over to that side. In reality, he felt embarrassed as well, embarassed at how useless he was and that he couldn’t sit in the same table with him, so he decided to just be a good friend to him, and he could also be of some use to him in the future. A great young master type like Shu Ning liked to be put on a pedestal by people, and Tian Jia Hui intended to be part of those people.

Several billion? Wang Cong felt his chest clench and his eyes darkened, even the hands holding his chopsticks were shaking, unable to grab hold of his food calmly.

But Zhang Qi added another knife straight through their soul:”Several billion? You think several billion can allow Zhao Dong to let you talk about your dreams to Shu Ning? Are you daft?”

Tian Jia Hui looked over to Zhang Qi with his head cocked, fulfilling Zhang Qi’s vanity:”Shu Ning is the second son of the Shu family and his mother was the wife of the chairman, he had nothing big going on with his older brother so he’s gonna be a big one in the future, don’t even mention several billion, even ten billion wouldn’t be anything. The Shu family has already been dominating C City for many years, and they even had businesses overseas, they’re extremely powerful.”

Is there really any reason to flaunt someone else’s feathers? Wang Cong scoffed in his heart, observing the boy with his snowy pale skin and fine features. He was very delicate with an outstanding temperament, he would never laugh out loud, a cultured person, even while walking and sitting, his every move was filled with a mysterious and noble feeling, does he like Zhao Dong?

Zhao Dong was so dignified and up prominent, so outstanding, it would put a lot of pressure on him to be in a relationship with this type of guy wouldn’t it?

Shu Ning had a slender body, and now that he’s grown up, he stood at about 170 cm or so, almost no hair could be seen on his pale skin, if he were to push him down pretending he was a girl, it probably wouldn’t be gross. Whether it was Zhao Dong or me, I can take care of him, put him on a pedestal, keeping him happy as well, I would definitely never clash with him. With that, Shu Ning would definitely abandon the Zhao Dong who came from a similar background to him, and choose a caring and gentle boyfriend instead.

Wang Cong’s own father was a homosexual, and a top, that beautiful uncle he saw that year couldn’t even lift a finger to Shu Ning. Wang Cong’s gaze was slightly out of it, he had been pushed down by that Hongxing Prince last time, and it was all Shu Ning’s fault, he was the one who threaded the needle, nothing could ever be better than if he could compensate that with his body.

Shu Ning, you should greet my revenge with open arms, if you’re not going to treat me like a human being then I’ll make you my bitch!

Shu Ning who had been circled into Zhao Dong’s group of friends did not feel that malicious aura at all, he was chatting with a smile on his face, eating nian gao, and someone even passed him some water. Adding to the fact that the 17th of March was coming soon, he was in a great mood, so great that he was almost flying. During the June college entrance examinations, Shu Ning was acting like a leech not caring about anything, and this was making Zhao Dong and co anxious to hell, but Shu Ning wouldn’t have any of it at all, he wanted to go play with the plants and exiled himself. Zhao Dong’s intentions were simple, he would learn financing then move on to landscaping after, he had everything prepared. After all, they had a company at home, what if there came a day where it would be useful? His mind didn’t have to sink into the bog, wasting all those years of foundation building.

Shu Ning was having too much fun, and Zhao Dong was not his brother after all, so there was not much he could say, several of his good friends tried to persuade him with good reasons, but Shu Ning was still unmoved.

Class started and Shu Ning hurried off, these “big brothers” had very bitter gazes ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Too hard to take~

But of course, Shu Ning had told them why he didn’t choose landscaping, but they just weren’t willing to accept it. They had good intentions and the way they thought was right, but Shu Ning had his own problems that he couldn’t say out loud, so he could only apologize to these sincere friends of his. The future is long, he will treat them well.

When Zhao Dong and co was heading back, they discussed about it and decided to talk about it with Shu Cheng. No matter what the outcome, they’ve done their best and they would not regret it in the future. With Zhao Dong as the leader, he accepted the task as if it was his duty, and on that night itself, with the identity as the younger generation he told him that the other families had signed their names, and successfully got a call with Shu Cheng.

What are these youngsters from these good families doing learning landscaping, nonsense. Zhao Dong shouldn’t be so nosy, especially under the situation where he didn’t understand what Shu Cheng thought about it, but he still did it. If Shu Cheng really had the intention to put pressure on Shu Ning, Zhao Dong would consider leaving Shu Ning in the capital to develop, taking care of him as his little brother. The two got along very well and there were not many rules between them, it was good to have a real friend, it made him feel cherished.

After the half hour long phone call ended, Shu Cheng thought about it deeply. Qin Yu Zhuo had also heard it and felt very anxious, Shu Ning really was too much of a fool this time, not choosing to learn financial management, there was simply no help for him. Was he trying to avoid Shu Heng? Could he even do it? Your entire life was an eyesore, this fool had no idea about the unspoken rules of this giant dye vat.

For the sake of the present, she could only persuade Shu Cheng until he could really steel his heart, then SHu Ning would go for his studies. There was nobody here to keep SHu Ning in check, it seems Qin Yu Lan had to be brought in immediately. Qin Yu Zhuo who had entered the company was very careful, doing everything hidden under the shadows, she definitely would not make a move if she was not completely sure of its success, her heart had become even darker now.

Shu Cheng allowed Qin Yu Zhuo to return first to rest, and Qin Yu Zhuo did not ask, she just left after trying to say something, but decided against it, she was very sensible.

Shu Heng was in his office, and after receiving Shu Cheng’s call, he waited silently for him to finish and hung up after just a single word. Shu Cheng hd many doubts, but it sounded like the name of a company, so he had someone investigate it. WHen he heard the results, he was shocked, Shu Ning actually had his own business, and it was even in real estate. His business was booming and he’s earned quite a fair bit, oh my baby, he is the seed of me, Shu Cheng, after all!

So since then, Shu Cheng didn’t try to manage him anymore, he allowed Shu Ning to fly freely, if he ever finds himself tired or in any trouble, this dad of his would appear in his time of need, giving him the strong support he needs. When he gives him red packets in the future he would have to put double for him to use as working capital! Shu Cheng felt wonderful, and he planted several seeds back in his room, his forehead full of sweat. The next morning, his nose wasn’t clogged anymore and his fever was better just like that, it was mysterious. Shu Ning was actually a little happy plant, with him around, even his days went by better.

Qin Yu Zhuo was depressed, what on earth happened?

When Shu Cheng was on the phone with Shu Heng, he had never allowed Qin Yu Zhuo to stay beside him during that, could Shu Heng have told him something? God damn it, pressuring my child together like that, but luckily Shu Cheng was very caring towards Shu Yao, if not Qin Yu Zhuo really would’ve gone mad and started to doubt Shu Cheng’s sincerity. However, she had to contact Shu Ning to ask about the situation. Zhang Feng had been in contact with Shu Ning for quite a long time so he had a high evaluation of him, she’ll let him do the deed, it would be easy that way whatever means they end up using.

On the next night, Qin Yu Lan had been arranged to “work” by Qin Yu Zhuo.

Qin Yu Lan was dressed up like a rich lady, sitting together with Qin Yu Zhuo in a French restaurant. Really, the two sisters immediately caught everyone’s attention. No matter how well dressed she was, Qin Yu Lan couldn’t put on the part of a noble lady, she had a stiff back, her hands and legs were in strange positions, and she had a strange smile as if her facial nerves were cramped, it was hard for her to put on an elegant look.

Qin Yu Zhuo didn’t care about that, the target has already appeared, it was the manager of the company’s finance department. When he saw Qin Yu Zhuo, he came up for a greeting out of manners, there was nothing more to it. Qin Yu Zhuo introduced Qin Yu Lan and the manager also nodded, out of politeness Qin Yu Lan stood up, and that was their greeting.

Qin Yu Lan did not think about much at all, after the two finished their meal, the two siblings headed straight to the bar. There was nothing ordinary about this low-profile corner, it was instead the most eye-catching place. Qin Yu Lan knew that Qin Yu Zhuo was training her in her insights, so she openly allowed everyone to look, she relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed, trying her best to get used to this.

“Hey sis, I’m going to the washroom for a bit.”

“Go ahead, let the bodyguard follow, don’t get lost.”

A glint flashed past Qin Yu Lan’s eyes and she refused, what kind of joke was this? She was this old, how could she get lost? Even if you’re looking down on me, there was no need to humiliate me in this way was there? Besides I was supposed to be Shu Ning’s secretary, not yours, after all Qin Yu Zhuo had abandoned Shu Ning since he was young and didn’t care about him, she wasn’t even as close to him as this second aunt, humph.

There was nobody in the washroom so Qin Yu Lan could relax, she would give her husband and her kids a call every day at this time and nothing could keep her from this. After she finished talking, more than twenty minutes had passed, normally women wouldn’t go to the washroom just to relieve themselves, they would also fix their makeup and whatnot, so Qin Yu Lan wasn’t afraid of making Qin Yu Zhuo wait. But when she was about to go out, a man barged in with his body filled with the stench of alcohol, his eyes were bloodshot, something’s not right!

Qin Yu Lan’s heart jumped, she was horrified but still pretended to be calm, swaying about, wanting to leave. The man had a splitting headache, he had been drugged so he had no way of thinking clearly at all. He grabbed onto Qin Yu Lan……


Nian gao is a sticky glutinous rice cake that’s a bit like eating a mix between mochi and caramel, typically eaten during the new year’s

Dye vat = a place like society full of bad stuff there to corrupt you

I don’t know if Shu Cheng fucked his wife for a few rounds or planted stuff, sounds so bloody strange, probably plant stuff since they live in a house full of plants

Happy fruit is pistachio

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