RWSB Chapter 103

If Shu Ning isn’t obedient then and won’t give in, then it would still be easy to deal with him if I have something to use against him, right? Looking at Qin Yu Lan was making Qin Yu Zhuo happier by the minute.

“I saw it, I saw it, it even got surrounded by the neighbours, heard it was a Porsche or something? Heh heh, don’t joke with me sis, I’m not good with these,”Qin Yu Lan was so excited she couldn’t speak properly anymore and her eyes were spinning around wildly:”But~ But, sister, I don’t know anything, how about I just cook and clean for Ning Ning instead?”

“That works too.”

Qin Yu Lan had just been able to relax when Qin Yu Zhuo looked down in satisfaction at her nails, and spoke:”In that case, the highest will be two thousand a month.”

Two thousand? That’s way higher than my husband’s but Qin Yu Lan who had already heard about the tens of millions she had felt her mouth twitch, that was a great difference and she was unsatisfied with that. Two thousand? That’s not enough even for a beggar:”Well tell me sis, what will you have me to? No matter how tiring or hard the job is, your sister can do it.”

“Nothing hard, you just have to close your eyes and hang about, then it’ll be over.”

“Huh? That easy?”

Qin Yu Zhuo nodded with a smile and a leisurely gaze that was incomparably elegant. if Qin Yu Lan knew that Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart had already been twisted into a perverse state, perhaps she may regret what she got herself into today. If she were as cheap as Qin Yu Zhi, Qin Yu Zhuo wouldn’t have had such an idea today, she could kill two birds with one stone, even if Qin Yu Lan had troubles she wouldn’t be able to say anything, nor would she dare to, and even more so it would make it hard for Shu Ning to throw her off.

As they say, one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause.

For someone as heartless as Qin Yu Zhuo to come visit, they didn’t even think about why that was.

When she returned to the ancestral home, the sky was already dark and the winter air was very cold. Qin Yu Zhuo entered the hall wrapped in a mink coat, several servants came over to help her with her coat and bags, then served her ginger soup after she sat down. Qin Yu Zhuo slowly sipped the soup to warm herself before going upstairs, Shu Cheng must have reached home by now, and Shu Ning was at the capital.

Qin Yu Zhuo found him in the study, the complexion of the man was still pale and ashen, and every so often she would hear a cough or two, he had still yet to recover from his cold:”You should rest early, your pile of work has always been endless.”

“Mm, I know, are things good at home?”

A glint flashed past Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes and she gave him a gentle smile:”Fine, they’re fine, my oldest sister is getting on very well and my second sister bought a water dispenser, she’s been quite busy.”

“Mm,”Shu Cheng smiled and took Qin Yu Zhuo’s hand:”Honey, what’s in the past is in the past, so let’s have a good future.”

“Okay,”Qin Yu Zhuo understood Shu Cheng, he was a very filial man and enjoyed sibling harmony the most. Qin Yu Zhuo brought the bodyguards out for a spin and it’s purpose was just as a show for Shu Cheng:”You haven’t bathed yet, have you? I’ll go prepare the water.”

Thinking to Qin Yu Zhuo’s demeanor that was like that of a timid and lovable bird perched upon his shoulder, he felt a heat rise up in his chest and nodded to agree.

Qin Yu Zhuo got up to leave in demure steps, sighing to herself, she was no longer at an appropriate age to bear children, if not, she would have another, then nobody would be able to snatch her from her position. God opened his eyes and allowed Shu Gao to pass away quickly, and gave me a chance as well. When Qin Yu Zhuo had her hand on the door handle, Shu Cheng called out to her.

“Ning Ning said you were lonely, so if you want to go to work, you can just go.”

With a shrink of her pupils, Qin Yu Zhuo turned back to show a sweet and pleased smile, she was very moved. Shu Cheng felt that this wasn’t a bad decision, just that he did not see the moment when Qin Yu Zhuo lowered her head to leave the room, how horrifying that expression was. Shu Ning mentioned it? How filial, what use is there being filial now when I’ve returned?

Now you want to kiss up to your mother?

Is there any point to that?

How hilarious, Qin Yu Zhuo fixed her countenance and when she raised her head, her expression was normal again, neither of the two bodyguards noticed anything wrong. Nobody’s better to rely on than yourself, your Shu Ning was just one of my seeds, whether I want him or not is up to me alone, it’s no use even if you cry. As for Shu Cheng, I love you so much and what do I get? It still had to be brought up by Shu Ning, heh, good, that’s real great of you.

Qin Yu Lan settled her family and immediately came over to the capital. Zhang Feng sent someone over to pick her up, it was a short little pretty girl, nodding and bowing with a big smile on her face, greeting her with beautiful miss, very nice and cordial, making Qin Yu Lan feel like a queen, turns out the feeling of being praised could be so wonderful!

On that day, she moved into the top floor of a beauty salon, it wasn’t too small and was very luxuriously furnished, everything was bright and shiny, it really opened Qin Yu Lan’s eyes.

Really, the short woman’s mouth twitched. When Qin Yu Lan looked over, she immediately smiled again:”Miss you must’ve had a hard trip so you should take a shower first, then we can go……”Blab blab.

Qin Yu Lan was grinning from ear to ear, receiving beauty treatments, and even had a brightening treatment for her whole body, it sounds great, there were so many benefits working for Shu Ning. Right now a beauty can be packaged up with just one word, facade. The high-end atmosphere really was a grade above! Qin Yu Lan was after all the wife of a teacher so she coughed twice and took back her curious glances, putting on airs:”Take care of me well and my sister Yu Zhuo won’t treat you bad.”

“Mm?”The short girl cocked her head to the side then suddenly realized:”Oh no, I’m one of Young Master Ning’s men, I’ll be leaving first, call me if you need anything!”


After she left, Qin Yu Lan looked around happily. This place was great, everything looked fancy as if she were in wonderland.

Qin Yu Zhuo’s number one confidant Zhang Feng was sitting in the office, and a pretty little girl sat in front of him:”Brother Feng, that bumpkin is so funny, she actually looked down on me!”

“More work less talk, doing that can only bring in good.”

At the other side, Shu Ning had a big fright when he returned to the capital, why? Because of a wedding invitation.

It wasn’t anyone else’s, it was his uncle’s, he’s actually getting married ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Oh my gosh, it was so shocking that Shu Ning thought he was going blind. He quickly gave him a call and his uncle spoke full with excitement, Shu Ning was happy for him too, but he kept feeling that it was weird, it’s a bit quick to get married just like that!

His uncle spit it out, the woman got pregnant, Shu Ning Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Only after some asking did he realize that both his uncle and the foreman knew that girl when they just came to the capital, it was the sister of Pang Qian engineering group’s manager! In that case, that won’t be too fast, the feelings were there and they had a common language, he even got her pregnant, it was normal that his uncle wanted to get married. Shu Ning was no god so naturally he had no way to control everything, he had a good sleep and went over to visit his uncle the next day.

In the end, he noticed that the foreman disappeared! →_→

For these two Siamese twins to lose one half wasn’t right, and he only found out when he asked Pang Qian that uncle Pang had been in an argument with his uncle because of this girl, and had already left F City _(:зゝ∠)_ Really? How old are these two? Shu Ning wiped his forehead and Pang Qian licked the edges of his mouth nervously, he was afraid that Shu Ning would get angry at his brother, so he tried to explain a little.

Hearing it pulled Shu Ning’s brows into a frown, and he started to pay attention.

Pang Qian was not a careless person so he had to look at it from his point of view again, because Qin Yu Fu had a wild night with that girl after a night of drinking, and she just so happened to get pregnant just like that, what if you end up the father of someone else’s child? And what if just like before, she was after your money and not for you? And so he had to ask, did Qin Yu Fu actually sleep with her? Qin Yu Fu was, after all, a man, and he was after all, not the foreman’s brother and he liked that girl, so immediately he took her side, and in the end the foreman had it with him, they had a big argument, and just like that things escalate and they’ve said things that they couldn’t take back.

Shu Ning’s face was full of black lines, and Pang Qian also felt slightly flustered:”Um, Young Master Ning, my brother has a bad temper so he likes to scold people when he talks but he doesn’t mean it, he was just worried about Brother Fu in the wrong ways, I reckon that he’ll be back himself in a couple of days so don’t worry. Oh, that’s right, Brother Fu should be back by now, I’ll go over and take a look.”

Pang Qian touched his nose, and slipped away. On a cold winter day all the work had temporarily halted, as the head Qin Yu Fu would just go over each day only to take a look at things:”Ning Ning’s here? I heard about your grandfather, are you alright? The dead can’t come back so don’t be too sad over it.”

Shu Ning and Qin Yu Fu sat in the office to chat. While speaking, the topic went to the girl again. Qin Yu Fu patted Shu Ning’s shoulder, you’re still young so don’t bother about all this, the certifications were already done and you should already have received the wedding invitation for the end of this month. Shu Ning expressed his understanding and of course his uncle was responsible for his own life, Shu Ning really was going over his boundaries.

However, he still had to be concerned about what he should. Winter days means break time, he quickly got his driver’s license and bought himself a car, so now going anywhere would be easy, and it would be easy to bring his pregnant wife over for a check up as well, and even more so they would be needing the car when their child grew up. To improve his uncle’s quality of life, Shu Ning felt this to be a need, in the past Qin Yu Fu would laugh it off but right now he agreed very quickly.

Really, people really do change when they fall in love, he’s become more cheerful. Seeing the happy look in his uncle’s eyes, Shu Ning was also intoxicated and dragged into a good mood, bolstering the downturn of being away from his brother. Qin Yu Fu took out another paper bag and within it contained a diploma for a night school. He smiled a proud smile, brimming with confidence.

Shu Ning shot him a thumbs up.

Time flowed by quickly and the end of the month fame quickly. Qin Yu Fu was having his big day and Shu Ning told him that he could ask for any help he needed, but was rejected.

On the day of his wedding, Shu Ning arrived early on. The car his driver took was a low-profile Mercedes-Benz that his bodyguard normally took, and two of them came. For someone of the Shu family’s prestige, the boss would take the extended limo version, the cars taken by the bodyguards both in front and behind of him had to be high-end too, they had to make their status known. If you were to drive a normal car to a business arrangement, who would take you seriously? You may already have been looked down on by the guards the minute you parked your car.

He didn’t expect the wedding car to just be a normal BMW, so Shu Ning had his driver bring the car away immediately in case they were compared.

The wedding went on smoothly with a cheery air. His uncle was constantly smiling, and the guests that came were quite many, with one-third of it from the female side and two-thirds of it the male. after all, Qin Yu Fu was one of the “bosses”, it was natural that his staff would give him some face. The ones who gave less gave about a hundred, but the ones that gave a lot, they gave a lot. Shu Ning wrapped up a cheque worth a million, ready to add some colour to his uncle’s cheeks.

His uncle brought his bride over. She was so, so beautiful, and that wasn’t just an empty compliment, she really was beautiful with a petite and delicate body, she had some meat to her cheeks and had some big eyes, long hair, she could fit the dreams of a large majority of men. So his uncle actually bagged such a capital girl? Amazing, no wonder the foreman was suspicious and forced him to answer. If that were Shu Ning and had he known a few days earlier, perhaps he would also investigate her as well.

They’ve already gotten their marriage certificate so what more is there to investigate? We can just wait till the baby’s out.

“This is my nephew, Shu Ning,”Qin Yu Fu’s face was filled with a radiant red glow, he had drunk quite some alcohol. He pointed to his bride again:”Ning Ning, this is your aunt, Jin Rao.”

“Nice to meet you, aunty!”

“What a handsome nephew! Nice to meet you too!”

She was a bright person, with a smile constantly on her face, Shu Ning looked like he was yet to be of age so she did not make her move immediately. Seeing Qin Yu Fu point towards some juice, she poured Shu Ning a glass and did not bring the alcohol over. When Shu Ning gave them the red packet, the bride was the one to extend her hands and receive it with a very dull gaze, she figured that for such a thin red packet there would at most be a hundred bucks in there.

Wrong, bitch

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