RWSB Chapter 102

“Okay!”Shu Ning did not suspect anything off, and even felt a slight expectation.

Shu Heng held Shu Ning around his waist with a relaxed gaze. His little brother was so silly, so innocent, and so cute, he really was afraid of him being snatched away from him one day.

But Shu Ning did not actually have that many fancy plans after this, so it was the same even if he took it before going home. He didn’t have anything going on in the afternoon anyway, or at least that was Shu Ning’s thoughts, but in truth……Why did he end up entering the break room of the chairman’s office?

“This is the latest online game created from my company overseas, give it a try and jot down any thoughts or opinions you have on it, and when you’re tired just sleep.”

What what what? Shu Ning was dumbfounded, he had an online game company?

He’s off to his meeting and I’m continuing with work?

And how could I sleep……Ah ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Even the bed was changed? Oh my god! He had already planned this a long time ago, telling me he had something to give me was just an excuse. With a warmth on his lips, Shu Ning looked towards Shu Heng in surprise. He moved his lips and could only tell him a single “okay”, he had fallen into his big brother’s schemes, he actually did _(:зゝ∠)_

And he didn’t feel the least bit angry at all……How cheap he was!

The two stuck together for a while, then Shu Heng left for his meeting. Shu Ning played the game, he had played this in his past life and it was popular in at least half of the entire world, playing it now felt slightly different, and he was more serious this time around. After two hours, Shu Heng returned. He noticed that Shu Ning was wearing his earphones, sitting on the bed with his little legs crossed, playing very seriously.

WIth his brows slightly raised, he pounced over and pushed him down. Shu Ning groaned, his big brother was so heavy that his whole body had sunken down into the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“You’ve been playing for a while, don’t you care about your eyes anymore?”

“This is work!”

“If you like it, how about I hand my company over to you in the future to take care of?”Seeing that Shu Ning was about to oppose that idea, he immediately covered his little mouth:”I’m close to dying of exhaustion here, don’t you plan to help share a bit of the burden?”

Heh heh, this isn’t funny. Shu Ning rolled his eyes.

Seeing that Shu Ning really wanted to have nothing to do with it, Shu Heng didn’t feel sad about it either. He let go of him then sat up to take his suit off before laying back down:”Let’s sleep for a while, then we can go home together at night.”


Shu Ning gave up on playing the game. Although he had reached a crucial moment in the game, nothing could compare to his big brother. The two lay together on a single bed, and slowly, quietly, they both fell asleep. Shu Ning really fell asleep, but Shu Heng opened his eyes and with light feet he got off the bed to look at what Shu Ning noted down. Side notes? Gaming strategies?

Below the gaming strategies were some of the little tricks Shu Ning found out while playing.

A book appeared in Shu Heng’s mind full of colours, and very beautiful, the contents were filled with all sorts of tips. All gamers want to stand out from the crowd, and if you didn’t want to use underhanded methods, it was very important to keep up with the news so they would definitely buy these types of books that taught them how to upgrade their characters, how to maintain their equipment, precautions, and introductions to various items. While the site notes were even more simple. Shu Heng played around the little ideas jotted down by Shu Ning, and immediately he thought of a lot of things that could be implemented after some sorting out.

Shu Ning woke up after an hour or so and noticed that his big brother had sat up and was working. He immediately rolled over to stick close, and rested his little head on Shu Heng’s arm, his body splayed on top of his thighs, looking at the screen with bright eyes. As expected of Shu Heng, he’s actually already sorted out this much ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Heng’s arm was pressed down lightly on Shu Ning’s body, and he continued to work.

Watching the quick movements of his slender fingers dazzled Shu Ning’s eyes, he felt very vexed, it was clear that Shu Heng was deliberately trying to get me to rest →_→

He managed to sort everything out before four thirty and sent it out, all the departments will pay close attention to the implementation of them. Shu Heng ruffled Shu Ning’s soft hair and looked at him with a downtrodden gaze, what should I do……I can’t really bear to go……I wish I could just pack him up and take him with me, but……Shu Ning is a talented person, his income from his businesses are stable and thriving, how could I have the heart to cut off his routes.


“Do you want to go out for a spin?”

“Nah, it’s time to get off work soon so let’s tidy up?”

The bed was in a big mess, what if their father suddenly came barging in? Shu Ning was very worried but Shu Heng’s eyes showed a hint of a smile, upsetting Shu Ning:”Aren’t you worried at all?”

“If dad comes, I’d get the message before he even leaves the house, how could he catch us doing anything? Your heart’s always filled with worry about this and that, aren’t you worried you won’t grow taller~”

Shu Ning shivered, the times where his big brother dragged his words was more and more common now as if he were coaxing a little child, but this voice of his was deep and pleasant to the ears, Shu Ning liked it a lot, so much so that even his waist had gone soft. He decided simply to just wrap his arms around Shu Heng’s neck and stick himself over to nudge his face on him and act spoiled:”You have to promise me that you must never be careless, you’re right that I’m still small and have none of my own responsibilities yet, so if something happens, you can just throw the responsibility to me, no matter how angry dad gets he wouldn’t just drive me away, would he!”

Shu Heng’s gaze was cold:”You didn’t agree to it so how would it be your problem?”

“……”( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“When you grow up, we can be honest with him.”

Shu Ning Σ( ° △°|||)︴ He was shocked silly, he wanted to open up Shu Heng’s head and see if his brain had been invaded by aliens, that was too reckless, even if in his mind, eighteen years was the age of adulthood, in Shu Cheng’s mind Shu Ning would still be a child →_→ No no no, that won’t do, just thinking about the time when Shu Cheng would die, he could feel a headache coming.

“Brother~ How about we wait till I’m twenty? I think dad won’t be able to approve of us if I’m eighteen, so let’s go beg him together when I’m twenty, okay?”

Shu Heng raised his eyebrow for a very quick moment, and felt his heart tumbling about hundreds and thousands of times, but it was not apparent on his face:”Alright.”

Shu Ning was relieved. The two returned home at five and ate dinner together with Shu Cheng. At night, the two returned back to their rooms for two rounds of pa pa, filled with such honeyed sweetness that they didn’t want to leave each other. Time did not wait for anyone, their days of them staying together had reached its end, Shu Heng got on a plane on Monday morning back to M Country. Shu Cheng had a half day’s of work at the office then came back in the afternoon to accompany Shu Ning, meanwhile Qin Yu Zhuo left for the countryside after her lunch.

Shu Cheng had never mentioned this piece of news to Shu Ning, he had intended for the two not to make contact, since Shu Ning was flying off early the next morning anyway.

Qin Yu Zhuo stayed around at her hometown for about five days, practicing filial piety for three, pulling the weeds personally, kowtowing, and muttered to the graves about a lot of her thoughts. Shu Cheng cared about filial piety the most, for Qin Yu Zhuo to work so hard, naturally she had a goal in mind. She saw her eldest sister on the fourth day. Even in their wildest dreams, her eldest sister would not have expected Qin Yu Zhuo to come in her snowy white car, she was a fair bit more languish than she remembered her to be.

The two siblings sat together for a chat. It was hard for Qin Yu Zhi to be able to see Qin Yu Zhuo so naturally she showed her great hospitality, and her words carried with it a fair bit of suffering. To put it plainly, she was crying pitiably, begging her please, please, you have to save me. Even that muddy pile of slop Qin Yu Fu managed to get her help and got a villa, so let’s not mention the eldest sister that brought Qin Yu Zhuo up!

Her eldest brother-in-law wasn’t the greatest guy either, he used to be a hoodlum in the past, and had an interest in the Qin Yu Zhi who could still be considered pretty while she was young, there were lots of bumps in the road but they still got together in the end. Looking at Qin Yu Zhuo who was even prettier, he felt a tingle in his mind, if he knew this was going to happen he should’ve just waited a few years. Looking over to Qin Yu Zhi’s large waist and body, he shook his head slightly.

Qin Yu Zhi had married off early and had two kids, a son and a daughter that were both older than Shu Ning. Qin Yu Zhuo just pretended that she didn’t understand what the eldest was talking about, leaving behind twenty thousand when she left, telling her it’s for the kids. Qin Yu Zhi was unwilling to let her go so Qin Yu Zhuo could only throw out another ten thousand to buy her way out, but Qin Yu Zhi was still shameless so Qin Yu Zhuo got angry.

In the end, Qin Yu Zhuo was still the most powerful amongst the three sisters, a glare of her eyes displayed a fierce aura, scaring Qin Yu Zhi so much that she backed off immediately, allowing her to leave.

From Qin Yu Zhi’s mouth, she found out quite a lot about her second sister, turns out she was in F City. Qin Yu Zhuo took her car over to look for her, and just so happened to bump into Qin Yu Lan’s daughter.

The house was very small, with a crowd of six living within, their eldest son was living outside and had no plans to return.

When Qin Yu Lan returned, she just happened to hear her two daughters pleading for a house, thus she stopped on her tracks and did not continue entering. Perhaps her sister would buy them a house seeing how small her kids were, it was fine even if it wasn’t a villa, just an apartment was good enough. She was a greedy person after all, she had to suffer so much but still didn’t change from her ways.

Why should Qin Yu Zhuo buy you a new house?

Their days in the city hadn’t been good, everything required money. Her husband’s income was alright, but……There was less meat she could sell than the demand, and both her in-laws were unwell so they had to take medicine quite often, causing them to live their days on a tight budget. And right now Qin Yu Zhuo couldn’t sell meat anymore, and even if there was meat, the elders were more concerned about the son being fed, and this made Qin Yu Lan very sad, she cried privately several times, she felt her heart ache because of how her daughter was so young, and already she had no value nor status.

“Second sister, since you’re home, don’t just stand by the door.”

Qin Yu lan had a start and immediately put on a smiling face, quickly hiding her confusion:”Oh, you lot were having such a good conversation so I didn’t want to interrupt you, I haven’t seen you in quite some time, how are you doing?”

“Still alive.”

Qin Yu Lan sighed and sat opposite to Qin Yu Zhuo. When she saw her last time, she was so proud and up in the skies, so she, too, had bleak days in her life? Feeling slightly happy about it, Qin YU Lan lowered her head to pick up an apple but made sure Qin Yu Zhuo did not see her. The third daughter sighed and said in a soft mutter that it belonged to grandma.

Qin Yu Lan cut up the fruit, ignoring her daughter, and looked towards the second daughter:”Bring your little sister out to play.”

The second daughter was quite the devilish one, and was unwilling to leave seeing that Qin Yu Zhuo was here. Qin Yu Lan gave her one yuan but she still did not budge, thankfully Qin Yu Zhuo pulled out two hundred, one hundred for each of them, then they went off happily. Qin Yu Lan’s tears came out just like that, and wiped it off grievingly with her sleeve.

“You haven’t gotten the news, have you? I divorced their father……”She cut it short and told her about it. Qin Yu Lan wasn’t really complaining, but she was only thinking……Perhaps her little sister would feel pity and give her a little something, she can’t just come here for nothing, right? Qin Yu Lan didn’t believe that Qin Yu Zhuo really came just to see her:”After my miscarriage, their father also started to pay less attention to me, our life is still going fine, but the kids really are too pitiful, especially the eldest, he’s out studying and working part-time, it’s really hard for him. It would be great if brother-in-law came with you, I’d like to~”

“You want money?”

“……It’s just as you say, if you have some just give us some, and if it’s not convenient, your sister won’t blame you for it either, I married him by my own choice and these are the days that came with my choices, I only have myself to blame.”

Qin Yu Zhuo looked down on Qin Yu Lan’s weak and disgusting appearance the most, she was clearly trying to accuse people but she pretended to be an adult about it, who couldn’t make it out? You dare to threaten me? Qin Yu Zhuo felt her heart twist, and the more angry she was, the more dazzling the smile on her face appeared to be, even her nails were already digging into her palm, and it hurt so very much:”That’s not proper of you to say, sister, you make it sound as if I’m heartless, and oh yeah, my father-in-law is dead.”

Qin Yu Lan’s eyes brightened up.

Qin Yu Zhuo continued:”But his last words were that I am not allowed to take care of the house, so if your life isn’t going too well you can come over to help Shu Ning, as soon as Shu Ning enters the company, don’t even mention several thousands, you could even get millions. After giving birth to my second, my body hasn’t been well so I’ve been recuperating on a foreign island, my husband bought me a new car as soon as I returned, cost him several millions, just the one outside, did you see it?”

Shu Ning was grown up now so he was a bit hard to control, but she had to leave a few stains in his life, right?

I don’t know if Qin Yu Lan is a hooker or a butcher, it’s not explicitly mentioned, there’s just some bad puns about some meat being sold, and somebody’s son eating meat… what the hell….
On another note, we call the chicken butcher lady at the market something akin to hooker in english, chicken lady, in chinese chicken is female prostitute and duck is male prostitute.

Also I don’t know why but when she mentioned her miscarriage she said her mother-in-law miscarried… why do I have to tl these can i just get to the end lmao spare me

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  1. Thank you for translating this story.
    I really don’t like Qin Yu Zhuo’s family. I really wonder how Shu Ning’s grand ma raise them till they became like this

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  2. Qin Yu Zhuo setting up her sisters and she doesn’t even realize it. That sister can go bothering Ning Ning off she wants to and she’ll get a punishment even worse than the guy who tried to tape Ning Ning from Heng. She better stop while she’s ahead.

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  3. Ugh, she’s still here =,= I can’t really help but no want to read QYZ parts, but I read it anyway… I feel tired just reading her parts -3- Thanks for the chapter tho, tl-ing something is pretty exhausting, even when you’re not doing mtl…

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  4. Thanks for translating this even if you preferred not to, I’m so hooked on this novel that if you dropped it I would probably have a mini heart attack. Or a depression attack, if that even exists.

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  5. Thanks for the chapter! Rotten meat, the lot of them. How come only the boys in the family turnout anything decent? The innocent uncle (too naive), the “would have been not so bad” MC (if it wasn’t for that vengeance business & the manipulation it came from, remember, thanks to the grandma, the kid was mostly ok before the mother brainwashed him), the cousin who doesn’t want to have anything to do with that disgusting mess (was a bit of a bad boy for a while to rebel against everything). I have to exclude the spoiled brat little bro. Meanwhile the women, including the little girls, I don’t want to be anywhere near them, in fear of catching some infectious disease. Even thinking about them makes me want to take a shower.

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    And Bad mom wants to ruin her son cause, I don’t know? He’s a thorn by her side?
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