RWSB Chapter 101

101 dalmations! I’m joking, chapter 31 of 7men is also out today 


Shu Heng was so large, and in comparison, Shu Ning was just tiny.

Although the sofa was large, Shu Ning felt as if there was nowhere he could escape to. Shu Heng had both his hands on the edge of the sofa, and slowly pressed down on him, his great might closing in from the top caused his breathing to tense up. Shu Ning widened his eyes, and for a moment he did not dare to blink, shrinking into a ball like a frightened squirrel.


The voice was soft and weak, as if it was scratching at his heart, itchy and difficult to bear.

“Do you have any ideas you’d like to share with me?”

“Huh?”Shu Ning fell backwards, this time he really couldn’t move an inch anymore, he felt slightly 囧:”Brother, don’t squeeze me~”

“You’re the only one I’ll squeeze.”


“I’ll squeeze you for the rest of your life, how bout that?”

“No, I didn’t promise you so don’t get cocky~”

“But I want to, and I want to monopolize you as well……”Shu Heng kissed him, gently pressing down, rubbing, licking, eliciting a gentle and sentimental feeling.

But Shu Ning was shocked silly, this was the office! And the chairman’s office at that. When he came back to his senses, he pushed Shu Heng’s chest immediately and as soon as he found an opening, he immediately turned his head away:”Brother, don’t~”

“Don’t worry, we’re on the sofa, not on dad’s bed.”

“……”Hello? Where’s your shame? My male god, do you still know what shame is? He had been so serious in the past so he would’ve never thought that when it came down to it, he could actually go so far. Shu Ning cried with no tears, hanging his face down, looking very pitiful:”I don’t like it!”

“I’m the one who bought the sofa, you told me that it’s fine as long as it’s not dad’s so you can’t take back your words now, that’s petty behaviour!”

With a laugh from Shu Ning, all the tension was gone. Shu Heng raised his mouth into a smile, appearing so handsome it was earth-shattering, and this caused Shu Ning’s face to blush and his heart jump, he was even less of an opponent to him now. He had only tickled his armpits a little and he had already started to plead for mercy, and this opportunity was caught by his tongue. With a turn of the situation, things were sweet and pleasant for both Shu Heng and Shu Ning.

The air was smooth now, and Shu Ning had only just realized how sticky Shu Heng was, pressing half his body over. Thankfully, he was supporting himself up with his arm, but speaking back to it, the sofa was very soft so it should be fine even if he put his weight down →_→ For some reason he felt ashamed. Shu Ning made several coughing noises, reminding Shu Heng to bugger off. But this great top pretended he was deaf and even closed his eyes, showing a look of enjoyment, even Shu Ning was finding it hard to shoo him off seeing that.

Thankfully, the phone rang. He didn’t know which of the personal assistants were calling, but I will light a candle for him……╮(╯▽╰)╭

As expected, Shu Heng still had his eyes closed a second ago but they were opened in a quick moment, his eyes dark like a black hole, it’s bottom not visible to the naked eye. It was slightly shocking, Shu Ning blinked his eyes and swallowed his saliva, this wasn’t my fault so don’t blow your cold wind towards me. Shu Heng’s eyes swerved right, and stared straight towards Shu Ning:”You seem happy?”

“How could that be?”Shu Ning perked up his little lips and gave this top a kiss on his chin to please him, only thing missing was a wagging tail:”Go work, I’ll wait for you~”My love O(∩_∩)O


Shu Heng had his fur groomed so naturally he was happy, it was just unperceivable to others.

As soon as he went to work, he had been busy for two hours. Shu Heng really was amazing, this was still the first time Shu Ning had seen him highly concentrated on his work at such a close distance, this was not something he had done in his past life. The two came in rather late, but before noon, Shu Heng had actually finished ninety percent of his work and his meeting had been pushed to the afternoon. He reckoned that even if they didn’t talk, he still wanted to breathe the same air as Shu Ning in the same room. That was what Shu Ning thought anyway, he felt secretly pleased with himself.

“You should be hungry, right?”

“I’m alright still, but I want to eat seafood, what does big brother want to eat?”

“Let’s go with what you like.”

Oh my, mysteriously, Shu Ning felt moved again. Shu Heng came over and moved the little table away, not touching the laptop on top. Shu Ning raised his brows slightly but he did not mind. When Shu Heng extended his big hand over, Shu Ning moved his hand over to hold it subconsciously and they went out together. There were quite a few personal assistants outside, they didn’t leave their spots even when lunchtime had arrived since the phone was always ringing, everybody was busy and extremely motivated.

Shu Ning swept a glance at them. After Shu Heng took over as acting Chairman, one-third of these personal assistants and secretaries had been switched out with some of his own confidants, even the productivity had increased. He swept his gaze over to the corner, huh? Qin Yu Zhuo’s nail was gone ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) Was he pulled out? When? Couldn’t have been fired by Shu Heng after he became the chairman right? Amazing, praises for doing things in advance!

Shu Heng hadn’t taken out the rest of her confidants too had he? There would be no chance for Qin Yu Zhuo to return to the company anymore, but naturally, Shu Ning would give her that opportunity. Only with that would she suffer, and feel despair, ha ha ha, too great. Shu Ning cocked his head to the side and stole a glance at Shu Heng’s handsome profile with bright eyes. There were no bad angles in all three hundred and sixty degrees, and his feature profound, perfect like God’s work. His height made him stood out even more, making him look overbearing, deterring all that came close, his aloof and arrogant air really was unbeatable, killing all around him.

It wasn’t until they entered the elevator when Shu Ning felt a little surprised:”Brother, why aren’t the bodyguards coming with us?”

“They’re using a separate elevator.”

Shu Ning had a sudden realization, he let go of his hand and stood by the corner, trembling slightly:”No…… Brother~”

“Seeing you peeking at me earlier, I’ve already wanted to kiss you.”

“Huh?”Does he have eyes behind his head? This is unscientific. Shu Heng’s long legs walked fast, so even if he had slowed his steps down, Shu Ning was still lagging a half step behind, how did he know I was peeping? Shu Ning who was caught was a little skittish and his ears were red, elevators……Definitely not, A proper little bottom will only engage in relationships in the room!

Shu Heng took a step over and pressed an arm against the wall, staring down at Shu Ning, lifting up his chin:”It’s our own small little world here, there’s nowhere you can run.”

“Brother~ Can we bring this to the car? It’ll just be a minute, there are surveillance cameras here, we’ll be seen!”

“You silly little fool!”

“A wu wu~”Shu Ning widened his eyes, his big brother was too wild, rutting everywhere, this can’t do, it’ll be big trouble if they were seen by anyone. He himself wasn’t afraid since he didn’t want to work in the Shu clan anyway, Shu Ning knew now that Shu Heng wasn’t his real brother any more so if any rumours get out, what would he do if his dad hands the company to Shu Yao due to his disappointment of him?

Shu Ning would transform into a demon and take out Shu Yao!

Even if he had to sacrifice everything!

His little brother didn’t concentrate and the elevator had just reached the parking lot. Shu Heng let go of Shu Ning and went out with him hand in hand, the other bodyguards were waiting by the door and got on the car with Shu Heng, then the three cars left the company. As for the bodyguards upstairs from before, they’ve already went collectively over to their own special canteen.

They reached Mirage, and within the center of the hall was a large ship made of sea shells, a surprising and extraordinary sight. The interior layout was of high quality and the sounds of water could be heard everywhere, giving one the feeling of being in the ocean. Not only that, there was even water flowing at the walls, simulating ocean life. Beneath their feet is a floor of glass with all sorts of rare species of fishes swimming freely beneath of all different sizes, they felt even more at home than in the ocean park.

“Brother……This……”Shu Ning was dumbfounded, shocked, and in a daze, the ideas he had mentioned a long time back had actually became real, this couldn’t be one of Shu Heng’s businesses could it? Impossible, right? Shu Ning felt it a bit too much, the idea he mentioned at that time had been rather rough and he had just brought it up as a slight hint, nobody put it to heart so naturally Shu Ning had also forgotten about it:”Is the owner surnamed Shu?”



“I planned to give this to you as a present when you reached adulthood, but I thought of something better so I’m giving this to you in advance, how is it, happy?”

Shu Ning was shocked, the feeling of happiness filled his heart so much that it was overflowing. It wasn’t because he liked Mirage, and not because he was greedy for this luxury, but rather for Shu Heng’s sincerity. Shu Ning felt desolate when they were in the chairman’s office, he thought that his ideas weren’t worth mentioning, and that Shu Heng never put them to heart at all because he was too powerful, too elite, too strong, while he himself……He was weak and a loser, so he ran himself into a dead end.

Right now his big brother had handed over the Mirage he had brought to life to Shu Ning, this proved how much he cared about Shu Ning, how much he cared about this person.

His tears came out, they were going past so many guests that it really felt quite embarrassing.

Shu Heng took his jacket off and covered it over Shu Ning’s head so that only his teary little face was exposed, only from Shu Heng’s angle could anyone see the changes on Shu Ning’s face:”Just this is enough to make you so touched you can’t control your emotions anymore? It’s a bit early for that yet.”

With a laugh, he spoke:”Alright, I’ll be waiting.”

Shu Heng wasn’t afraid of embarrassing himself either, he actually picked Shu Ning up and this shocked Shu Ning so much he took many steps back and ran forward. Oh no, oh no, it’s over, I’m in deep this time, down deep by my own will, unable to pull myself out. Shu Ning’s face was flushed red as he stood inside the elevator, he didn’t even know which floor the room his big brother booked was at, it was quite embarassing.

Actually, the bodyguards had already pressed on the fifteenth floor, just that Shu Ning’s heart was all over Shu Heng, he kept looking back so naturally he wouldn’t notice.

Shu Heng walked to Shu Ning’s side and extended his hand to grab his shoulder. Shu Heng still had the appearance of that of a gentleman, who would’ve thought that he would try to force a kiss on a certain little person in the elevator →_→

They reached room 1505. The room was very bright, decorated with a variety of shells and corals with fishes swimming beneath their feet, they were sea fish! He could imagine that the business here was definitely doing well, he saw a lot of guests when they were still on the first floor earlier. His big brother was so amazing, Shu Ning had heartfelt admiration for him.

“Go ahead and order.”

“Let’s try a little of everything,”Shu Ning wasn’t a foodie but he had quite the appetite when he was with his brother, but Shu Heng really did have quite the appetite.

The two sat right next to each other, whispering. The bodyguards called the waiters over and they’ve arrived. Shu Heng nodded his head before allowing the waiters to flow in like a sea of fish, naturally they served their bosses food with much motivation and eagerness, plate after plate of beautifully dishes seafood was placed on the table, not as crude as one would normally see in a seafood restaurant, they were all thrown onto a big plate, nothing new at all.

The manager came. Shu Heng introduced him to Shu Ning and he had also received his card, but he did not give his own. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have one, but it wasn’t too convenient for him to do so with his brother around. Shu Heng watched their interaction and did not get angry, he had respect for Shu Ning’s little thoughts, while he himself did not keep any secrets:”You’re sill the same as before when you’re out doing work.”

The manager nodded with a chuckle, then said a few complemental words before leaving. The bodyguard closed the door, and only then did Shu Heng give Shu Ning’s little nose a tap:”You have to manage the accounts in the future.”

“No no, I believe in big brother’s men, let’s start!”

Shu Heng poured Shu Ning a glass of water before wiping his hands, and picking up a big conch……This meal had been very sweet, Shu Heng was already used to feeding him but Shu Ning just wasn’t willing to sit on his lap, it was quite regrettable. Actually, it was quite regrettable for Shu Ning too because it was time to go home, he had to go even if he didn’t want to, it’ll be bad if it affected his big brother’s work, not to mention he didn’t know how long his afternoon meeting would take.

Downstairs, Shu Ning released his big brother’s hand and wanted to get on another Mercedes-Benz, but his brother didn’t allow it, he grabbed the little one’s paw and returned to the Rolls-Royce.

“I can go back by myself, you don’t have to send me, go back to work, brother!”

“No hurry,”A flash of light flickered past Shu Heng’s unpredictable gaze:”Let’s return to the company first, there’s something I’d like to give you.”


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  1. Ajo happiness, sweetness, this fans small little heart is overflowing with sweetness~
    Heng and Ning Ning, bless you, my children to forever stay sweet and fluffy and naughty and happy~!!

    This little fan says hell you to helli and your hard work~! ❤

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  2. SH is so loving and at the same time shameless, but as everything is level it is a perfect combination ….. so much love and I only have one cat
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  3. Thanks for the chapter! Just showing the proof the his words matter! Big Bro is not only being shameless & spoiling his kitten blind, he is showing that he cares, in so many big or small gestures. Devotion & caring get me more than anything else.
    I wonder, does he still need to keep his mother around to toy with her? Loving parent, devoted lover, He is Happy, clean up the useless people & live a good life. No need to lose time on some vengeance.


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  5. I know I will get hate for this but I don’t like shu ning.
    Really I tried liking him, I really did I hoped that his character would develop through the story but it didn’t.
    I don’t remember how old he was when he transmigrated but even at the beginning of the story I thought that his whole behaviour was off. And now with 16ys. I still think he is kinda retarded and acts as if he is 5ys. No normal person that age would act like Ning does. Heck if I acted like he does when I was 16 my parents would have send me to a therapist to check my mental age. And by the way isn’t he supposed to be like 10. How come I haven’t seen any characteristics of a 30y old at all. And making business and investing doesn’t count since that is one of the things that anyone would do if he traveled back in time.

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  6. It’s too sticky and sweet!
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