RWSB Chapter 100

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Coaxing little kids? He laughed out loud. Shu Ning was drunk but that didn’t mean he had turned into a fool. Right when he was relaxed and about to tease him, he was invaded.

( ⊙ o ⊙ )

Shu Ning felt all sorts of feelings in his heart, his big brother’s IQ was too high, succeeding in just a few words.

Right now nothing was better than just closing his eyes and feel the feeling of being pampered and cherished by someone. Nobody had ever touched that place in his past life so he had to make good use of it in this one. The careful movements of his big brother that did not mind the trouble caused Shu Ning to feel very happy, the alcohol was getting to his head and his eyelids was starting to feel heavier, this atmosphere was too good and Shu Ning was afraid that he would fall asleep and miss it, so he couldn’t resist saying something.



“I like you so much.”

His body shook and his heart trembled in surprise, Shu Heng quickly expressed his feelings:”I like you a lot too.”

WIth a smile, Shu Ning kissed Shu Heng on his forehead and really couldn’t stand keeping up anymore, thus he slept. For his first time being poked around over there, it felt very strange and had a swelling feeling as the finger moved about. Shu Ning wanted to remember this so he really couldn’t bear to just fall asleep like that but he didn’t have the energy for it, especially with the added alcohol, so he could only regret it later. Shu Heng had done it on purpose, if he drank alcohol his mind would become more muddled, so naturally he would not refuse nor struggle, and when one happened two would come along, he would get used to it. His fingers were opening him up bit by bit, carefully.

Shu Ning had only slept for about two hours, it was only eight o’clock, he rubbed his eyes and with a tight feeling on his waist, his chin was bitten by Shu Heng.

“Brother~”Why is he always like this, so annoying, he’s doing whatever he wants again:”Let me rest for a while.”

“You should be hungry, what do you want to eat?”

Can I eat you? Shu Ning flexed the muscles on his behind, it felt a little numb, rather uncomfortable but not unbearable. Did he play with it with only his fingers? Why not the big sausage? Shu Ning thought that if he didn’t bait him over, that Shu Heng would pounce over by himself, but now it seems that he had been too naive, Shu Heng still would not make his move as long as he had not reached adulthood.

_(:зゝ∠)_ I want to get eaten so badly……

The little one was unhappy again, Shu Heng lowered his head down to nudge affectionately at his face:”Did you not like that? I won’t do it next time.”

“……”Shu Ning pursed his lips and stared at Shu Heng with much grief, staring hard, this is too much, do I have to take the initiative to tell you to fuck me →_→ before you think it’s possible? Shu Ning pondered about it gloomily, if Shu Heng really didn’t jump him, a year or two would still be fine but he would really go mad if it were four years, he may even achieve the amazing feat of forcing the top!

His little brother had the look of a daredevil, Shu Heng picked up the landline phone to make a call because the screen of his mobile phone had gone black and can’t be used. The bodyguard pushed the dining cart in, the food that was brought out earlier had already been eaten up by the bodyguards in the hall. Shu Ning waited to hear the door closing before he came out of the blanket, then sat between Shu Heng’s legs, the two then picked up their chopsticks together and ate. It felt strange and awkward so Shu Ning wanted to sit by himself but Shu Heng wouldn’t allow it, reason being he was afraid that his waist would hurt. At that time Shu Ning’s face was covered with black lines, but for the sake of shutting up Shu Heng, he could only do as he wished.

It’s not like he really entered, annoying. Shu Ning’s stomach wasn’t too big so he was already full:”Are we not going home?”

“Do you want to go home?”

“We can’t!”Shu Ning’s face reddened, they would be done for if they were seen by their dad, useless, gone, done for.

“What are you afraid of?”

“Of course you’re not afraid,”Shu Ning took a sip of water, old man Shu Cheng wouldn’t beat Shu Heng up, he couldn’t even love him enough, so how could he hurt him? He would always see the two of them enjoying themselves together, talking about the company, cooperations, and which person seemed good and could be kept or promoted or whatnot, and Shu Ning never had a part in such warm moments.

Sometimes Shu Ning would think, what would his dad do if he found out about the relationship between his two sons? Would he hit me? Kick me out? Or disown me? Anyway whatever happens he would absolutely not hurt Shu Heng. Shu Ning had confidence in the relationship between Shu Cheng and Shu Heng, but he did not have as much confidence towards himself.

Shu Cheng gave Shu Ning his parental love, and even liked him a lot, but not as much as he gave Shu Heng.

“What are you thinking about?”Shu Heng lifted the little one’s desolate face, it won’t do for him to be this afraid, we will have to face this together in the future, he should start to get him used to it now.

“I was just thinking, what would happen if dad saw us doing what we did earlier?”

“It won’t happen.”

“I’m just making an example,”Shu Ning cared a lot about this, he won’t let Shu Heng back off from this.

Shu Heng did not intend to back off at all:”If dad ever catches us doing that, it wouldn’t have been arranged by anyone else, I would’ve been the only one who could arrange it.”


“Ning Ning, you have to believe in me, okay?”

“Okay~”( ⊙ o ⊙ )

“Do you still want to go home?”Shu Heng gave the little meat on Shu Ning’s face a pinch, it was soft and nice to touch:”You’re so cute, let’s not go back.”

This has nothing to do with me being cute, you’re powerful so you’re not afraid but I am:”Yeah, let’s not, I’m covered in strawberries, it’ll be easy to spot.”

“I didn’t do it anywhere obvious, look,”Shu Heng ran his fingers across those marks, and Shu Ning was petrified on the spot. Shu Heng thought he was cold so he stuffed him into the blanket, and focused on his meal.

Shu Ning……My big brother is too shameless, what to do? Requesting live help, this is urgent →_→

The ancestral home on the other side had a strange atmosphere, Shu Heng hung up on me? Shu Cheng’s face had gone blank on the spot. Hie complexion was normal but this is what his heart looked like Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Their children have grown up, they’re adults now and need their own space. Shu Cheng did not feel like this when Shu Heng was overseas, it was fine if his big brother didn’t pick up his call, but he even shut off his phone. Something must have happened, Shu Cheng was a wise man so he immediately contacted Shu Heng’s bodyguards, the few of them would be by Shu Heng’s side no matter what he was doing.

The bodyguard did not pick up the call but they sent him a text message, all is well.

Shu Cheng sighed in relief, that meant that everything was normal, maybe Shu Heng had something to attend to so he had to shut off his phone for now.

“What’s got you so out of sorts?”Qin Yu Zhuo came over scantily clad in a nightdress, and a smile on her face, looking gentle and virtuous:”Are the kids not coming home?”


“The two are together with the bodyguards watching over them, just let them have their fun, you’re still sick from your cold so let’s go to sleep.”

Shu Cheng raised his head to look at the clock, it was only nine, he would sleep at eleven or twelve in the past, there were many things he had to deal with in the study, he really had to give it to Shu Heng, leaving the company at five o’clock everyday, dealing with his own private businesses at night, he was clearly so busy and yet he had a bunch of time to spare for Shu Ning, what a good relationship they have. Shu Cheng stretched his waist, he had never done this outside, only Qin Yu Zhuo had seen him do this. Shu Cheng’s voice was deep:”Shu Heng will be going back to M Country next Monday, I wonder if Ning Ning will hang about for another day or two.”

“Honey, if Heng Heng leaves then Ning Ning would probably feel very lonely, how about you stick with him more? I myself am planning to go over to my hometown to take a look.”

As that topic came up, Shu Cheng’s heart jumped. He had trapped her in the island to punish her but had forgotten that she had no way to sweep the graves, that was too unfilial. Shu Cheng nodded his head and agreed, and returned Qin Yu Zhuo’s old car keys, cards, and whatnot. Shu Cheng liked Qin Yu Zhuo, he hoped that she could change for the better, if not, even if Shu CHeng could choose to forgive her time and time again out of love, Shu Heng would not.

Humans are complicated, they would not give their lover the death sentence because they’ve done wrong once or twice, they may even cover it up and repay their debts.

The only reason Qin Yu Zhuo would fail was completely because she trusted Shu Ning. If not for Shu Ning selling her out, Qin Yu Zhuo would’ve become a celebrity in C City.

After a night’s of romance, Qin Yu Zhuo spent a lot of effort and finally did it with Shu Cheng again, the two reconciled and were close as ever.

In the hotel, the atmosphere between Shu Heng and Shu Ning was even better, they were even sharing food mouth to mouth.

Their breakfast had been so sweet, with sparks flying everywhere. The two were leaning next to each other, chatting naked under a big blanket, and would kiss and touch each other every so often, then when they had a feeling they would go for another round. The parts that were red from the friction had been restored to normal, into the alluring snowy white it once was. Shu Heng gave it ago, and Shu Ning was wriggling around, not very resistant, so he immediately pressed him down and pa pa pa pa pa pa.

After that, Shu Ning lay on Shu Heng’s chest panting, his fingers drawing circles lazily. Because of their strenuous exercise, his chest was heaving up and down as well;”Brother~ Don’t you have to go to the office?”

The voice of his little brother was quite hoarse from calling out, Shu Heng understood, and so came another romantic and intense kiss, wet and sloppy. Shu Ning moaned subconsciously, luring Shu Heng so much that he heated up and wanted to have another go again. Shu Heng had been enduring for so long, you could say he had his fill of meat now, so could he not be in a rush and not excited? If he could he would want to stick to Shu Ning all the time.

Shu Ning had gotten his chance to breathe, and he immediately reached out to his brother’s chest, he couldn’t resist groping them a little:”No, don’t, I can’t anymore, brother, don’t you have to go to work?”

“I do, let’s go together!”

“No no no no~ You go, I have to go home!”

“Didn’t you say you were afraid of dad seeing the marks? I accidentally bit your neck earlier, Ning Ning, it’s your brother’s fault.”

Now how was it your fault? I wonder who said yesterday with full confidence that “If we were found out then I would’ve been the only one who could arrange it” Um, it can’t be~~ (╯﹏╰) It felt a little as if he had fallen into his big brother’s plans! Shu Ning liked being together with him, really, but allowing their private feelings to outweigh their public duty was bad. Facing his big brother’s deep and dark eyes, Shu Ning had no way of refusing him, even his words had been swallowed back into his mouth.

I’ll just stick around till the afternoon, then I will return home after lunch so that I can have my rest, I trust my big brother won’t try to keep him any longer. His ideas were great, but reality was cruel, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning to work and rode the elevator up to the top floor, all his secretaries and special assistants lowered his head to greet him, and Shu Heng replied with an “mm”, Shu Ning had also been greeted as young master.

A large sofa was placed right next to the chairman’s table, with one look you could tell that it was put there for Shu Ning to sit, and there was even a small table. It was too amazing, with this speed, it must’ve been planned in advance. Doesn’t matter, the real chairman wasn’t here anyway, and the acting chairman was the king. Shu Ning also wanted to look at Shu Heng’s serious working face, then secretly take a photo of it with his phone, I’ll be able to look at it when he’s not around, easing the pain of lovesickness a little.

When Shu Ning sat down, Shu Heng personally adjusted the little table and put his laptop on top of it:”There is information and reports in here, you can look at whatever you want, there are games too, just tell me when you’re thirsty or bored.”

“Mm,”Shu Ning was obedient, he won’t touch the company’s business, but he was very keen on the games:”Brother, the net is being developed more and more, and I think that large-scale online games are doing quite well overseas, they’re starting to get popular in our country too, don’t you have any interest in this slice of cake?”

Shu Ning who had his experience from his past life would naturally know what made money. His brain cells tingled, he wanted to bring Shu Heng up high, the great god had wings and I’m just shining more light onto them, he he. It felt as if he were drawing legs on a snake, Shu Heng was already so powerful, did he really need my help?

Shu Heng raised an eyebrow, the little one drooped his head down as soon as he gave his suggestion, it wasn’t good to have low self-esteem.

Shu Ning’s body stiffened up, because Shu Heng had suddenly come over, and shrouded over him……


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