RWSB Chapter 99

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“The ancestral home is dad’s, the company is dad’s everything is dad’s even you belong to him, so what’s the problem with doing this here?”Shu Heng’s gaze was profound, staring straight at him, a powerful deterrence.

The little cutie didn’t dare to speak, trembling slightly, but Shu Ning had to stand up for himself:”You’re being irrational!”

“Reason being?”

“This is dad’s bed, we can’t……”We can’t lay on it.

“So it’s fine anywhere else?”

“……”Huh? Why does it feel like things would get swept into the pouch no matter what he said? And a condom at that, too, does he want to do it? Oh god has my big brother gone crazy? Shu Ning was dumbfounded:”It has to be somewhere else!”

“Alright,”Shu Heng picked Shu Ning up and pressed him against the wall.

Shu Ning ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) What is this, his brain was starting to go weak:”Brother~ What are you trying to do?”

“You said it yourself, as long as it’s not dad’s bed, anywhere else is fine.”

Is that what I said? Shu Ning’s logic was forced offline by Shu Heng. His eyes were opened wide and big, very adorable, with his mouth slightly parted, super cute. Shu Heng pressed against him tightly, because of their heights, Shu Ning had always been tiny and little in front of Shu Heng. For the sake of easy kissing, Shu Heng had raised him up when he pressed him against the wall. When his feet left the ground, his heart felt suspended as well, this was also the reason Shu Ning was afraid.

However, it was natural that Shu Heng would not force Shu Ning to do it, he couldn’t bear to.

Other people would give you a big slap before handing you a sweet jujube, but Shu Heng’s strategy was to scare you a bit then coax you better the rest of the day, Shu Ning had already gradually gotten used to it so he agreed with everything.

His little lips were kissed until they had gone numb, he had clearly come over to send dumplings so why had it become him sending meat over? It was simply unbelievable, he didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. But if you really think about it, kissing in his dad’s break room, and even doing it several times, felt rather exciting. Shu Heng would press him chin down every time, extending in lightly, dancing tongue with tongue, entangling together, bringing about a special feeling, and Shu Ning liked it a lot.

It should be time to go but Shu Heng wouldn’t let Shu Ning go, he kept coaxing him to rest on his dads bed but Shu Ning wouldn’t do it no matter what, but Shu Heng was a wise person so he let him rest in a hotel for now, then Shu Heng would go over to him after work at night. They had a home but they had to go to a hotel to stay, and his big brother said it so seriously so Shu Ning was at a loss, something was definitely going to happen and he looked forward to it, then he left, looking back at his brother every few steps he took.

Shu Heng felt a ticklish feeling in his heart, if not for the fact that he felt that Shu Ning had a knot in his heart, he would definitely try to make him stay.

The problem wasn’t the bed, but rather the person who had rested on that bed before this. Shu Heng deliberately tried to pry deeper, he wanted to know whether Shu Ning was caring more about his dad or was he disgusted by his own mother. Qin Yu Zhuo hadn’t done anything bad even after returning for so long, not even when given the opportunity, with his stepdad’s character she may already have built her trust with him again.

Shu Heng did not mind before this but Shu Ning did, so he had to make preparations before the storm comes, he dialed the internal line and asked his personal assistant to come. Wan Jing had been hanging about the office for a whole half an hour, and this was rare, Shu Heng had always been very efficient so even a meeting would be done and over with very quickly, he always settled it immediately and would never postpone it.

He really was amazing, with clear thinking and a unique vision, he lay down his commands quickly in a big swoop……Some of the older ones simply could not adapt to this rhythm, perhaps they may not be able to do it even after much studying. Shu Cheng was still the chairman, and this was distressing, these older subordinates may possibly become mere figureheads when Shu Heng becomes the chairman and given the same level of treatment as a manager, allowed to receive money even without work so that they could retire. Naturally after working for the Shu clan their entire lives, the benefits they received wouldn’t be little, after all as their age piled on they really wouldn’t be able to catch up, so it wasn’t a bad idea to retire, leaving their position to the youngsters to continue the work.

After Wan Jing left the office, she started to investigate those under Qin Yu Zhuo, if she found any of them with issues they would see each other in court. If there were those who weren’t able to cause a mess yet, they would take all the evidence relating to Qin Yu Zhuo and force them to resign themselves, and if they won’t admit it? Won’t leave? If you’ve been given the easy way out but won’t take it, they would just cause them to make a mistake during work, and fire them immediately.

And those with relationships unclear with Qin Yu Zhuo would be sent to sub companies.

Shu Heng was too uncompromising, he didn’t leave anyone any space to breathe at all! Showing no kindness at all, they all thought that Shu Heng would be reprimanded. There were no fools in the board of directors, the ones who were made to leave were all Shu Heng’s “family”, they were too lazy to care about that, so the groundless gossips stopped at those who knew, the leeches were gone so who wouldn’t be happy about receiving more bonuses?

In the evening, Shu Heng came to the presidential suite and even had a beautifully wrapped box in hand, Shu Ning was very curious and got up to receive it:”For me?”

“Is there someone else in here?”

Shu Ning swept a glance over to Shu Heng and sat pleasantly back on the sofa, unwrapping it happily, this was……With his face covered in black lines, he lifted up the translucent black silk leotard!

“Do you like it? It’s the newest model, try it on~”Shu Heng was taking his clothes off, but in truth his body was starting to feel hot.

“……”My ass I’m trying it, Shu Ning’s mouth twitched:”Brother, why don’t you wear it?”

“I’ll wear a cuddly bear pajama set later, okay?”

He said it as if Shu Ning was just making a fuss for nothing, can I wear the bear outfit instead and you can have this silk one? _(:зゝ∠)_

Shu Ning refused him but Shu Heng prepared the bath water and hauled Shu Ning off into the bath. Shu Ning wanted to cry but no tears came out, he didn’t even know if he would be let off. He held his face, he didn’t want to let off Shu Heng either!

Sitting naked in the bathroom, you’ll scrub my back and I’ll wash your body, it was quite the pleasure. Especially for Shu Heng, he was so serious in washing him, washing back and forth, rubbing the two little beans so much they started to harden. Several sounds would occasionally leak out from Shu Ning, Shu Heng really has gone overboard.

Shu Ning accepted that there was nothing he could do, all he wanted to do was roll around in bed, doing it anywhere else was too embarrassing. Every time Shu Heng seemed as if he had an inkling to do something, Shu Ning would put out the fire~

Shu Heng had already tried but his little brother wouldn’t have any of it, so he could only take the initiative.

He carried him out and wiped him dry, then poured two glasses of wine, swirling them as he walked. Watching the red colour swirl, Shu Ning’s eyes brightened up. Great, he never drank any all this while so he will enjoy himself tonight. Shu Heng passed a glass over to Shu Ning with an unhurried gaze, and Shu Ning drank it without any suspicions, he was very satisfied.

The two lay in bed, chatting naked, and Shu Heng’s hand had not been idle through the whole thing, Shu Ning was also a bit bolder, clinging to the muscles he had been peeping at for a long time now, they were smooth, wonderful, with a pleasant feeling, his legs were extremely praiseworthy as well with a thin layer of muscles, so good. Shu Ning was getting tipsy, and his entire body reddened, he didn’t even know whether he was feeling hot or embarrassed.

Shu Heng gave Shu Ning a bit more to drink when room service came. Shu Heng’s men entered, not looking at anything, then left after pushing in the dining cart.

His brother was a calm person and the Shu Ning hiding in the blanket wasn’t afraid of being exposed, so naughtily he opened his mouth, and chomped down on the little bean. He could feel Shu Heng’s body trembling, even his muscles had gone stiff. Ha ha ha, Shu Ning couldn’t resist feeling pleased about himself, he was almost tearing up in laughter, so he leaned over mischievously and played tricks on Shu Heng’s firm abs.

Is he having too much fun?

Shu Heng endured it and beads of sweat could be seen forming on his head, and his hand……Could finally hold on no longer, gripping tight on the blanket.

“Eat your food first!”


“I’ll eat you up if you don’t.”

“……”Shu Ning was a bottom after all and he still needed to save some face, so he came out unhappily from the blanket. Shu Heng quickly put the little leotard on him with a small pair of black silk undies underneath, attached with a bunny tail behind. They’ve done it big this time, Shu Ning couldn’t resist looking up, why do I have to wear bunny ears? This is unscientific.

“Brother, you have to wear one too!”

And who was Shu Heng? He had already prepared everything before this so he magically pulled out a round pair of ears, putting them on his head. He was only wearing a thong on him so it looked sexy and wild, the sight made Shu Ning stunned and swallowed his saliva unconsciously, please god never let anyone see his big brother this way, that would be a sin~

But actually that was also what Shu Heng thought, the room was air-conditioned and the temperature was set pretty high so they didn’t have to worry about the cold. After their meal, they had a little more to drink. When Shu Ning was pushed down dizzily onto the sofa by Shu Heng, he even smiled like a fool, stretching his little claws over to Shu Heng’s armpits and giving them a tickle, then moving down to touch his waist.

Shu Heng’s mouth curled into a smile:”Are you done messing about?”

Big brother is nagging me? The drunk Shu Ning was different from the usual him, he was a dynamic go-getter. He pouted his little lips and was unhappy:”What will you do if I’m not?”

“Then it’s my turn!”

“Huh?”Shu Ning was dumbfounded, and immediately shook his head after:”No no no, I can’t compete with you, it’s too unfair I’m not playing anymore.”

“What kind of reasoning is that? You can’t expect not to receive what you give!”

And so Shu Heng began to fight back. He was very powerful, there was no way Shu Ning could hold him off at all, he had so much fun that his little face was flushed red, pleading constantly, his body wiggling about, the gun had already gone off. Shu Heng sucked in a breath and looked at him with a deep and dark gaze, filled with a light tinge of a flame. At the opportune moment, he lowered his head fiercely, kissing down on those small lips, and deepening their kiss. Shu Ning had felt it too, he held onto Shu Heng’s neck and responded to his kiss, wrapping himself around him and even raised his leg to curl around him. He wouldn’t be so coquettish usually, it had a bit to do with the alcohol.

Shu Heng had succeeded and sieged the city even more unscrupulously, the sparks they rubbed out today were too big, Shu Heng didn’t even care that his phone was ringing and didn’t even spare it a glance, he threw it out directly to be done with it! Shu Ning was panting, he couldn’t keep up with Shu Heng’s rhythm, he didn’t even realize the tiny bit of cover on him had been taken off, he only felt that the place that was being used felt slightly painful so he hammered at his big brother’s chest, giving off a wanton feeling that was filled with complaint, it was fascinating, and his fluttering eyes looked soft like silk……Shu Heng felt his heart tingle just watching him, and changed to a different area to make his attack, not even letting go of his calves.

Oh god, it’s too exciting, shaking and swaying, they were almost even falling down to the ground. Shu Ning panted and moaned, then a light covered his eyes, it came out. He was slightly out of it but Shu Heng was extremely gentle with him, he rested a short while for Shu Ning to come back to his senses before continuing his ride.

“Brother~ Ah, brother……Ah……”

“Heng, call me Heng.”

“Heng, slower…….slow down……”

If Shu Heng could slow down right now he would’ve been possessed, the sounds of pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa sounded out, and it wasn’t until he came out that it stopped. Shu Heng looked at the time, it was still alright, not too long, probably wouldn’t be too hard on Shu Ning. Shu Heng was too thoughtful, not forgetting to kiss the little one after the deed and comfort him properly. Shu Ning had no energy left in his body and his eyes were hazy, as if he were up in the clouds, unsure of where he was.

How pitiful……

Shu Heng kissed him and licked him, then Shu Ning was rubbed around in a daze, his body resting on its side, and his thighs resting across Shu Heng’s body. Shu Heng looked at the soft little Shu Ning and his hand had already started roaming around his entrance. Shu Ning was drunk right now so he was tired and didn’t want to move, Shu Heng had started to prepare for his future happiness, slowly, bit by bit, he couldn’t rush things forward.

First his middle finger, slathered with a lubricant prepared from their own bodies, there was no need for special preparation.

Shu Ning’s body had gone stiff, something that didn’t belong to him entered ( ⊙ o ⊙ ), could he rest peacefully that way? God:”Brother! What are you doing?”

“Be good, relax, big brother is catching worms for you……”


“It’ll be fine, relax, it will hurt if you don’t~”

Pouch = 套 tao, condom = 保险套 bao xian tao (safety pouch)

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