RWSB Chapter 98

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On that afternoon, Gu Ya was able to find Shu Cheng to make her complaints just like the group of old people who were fired, venting the dissatisfaction in their heart. Shu Cheng did not comfort her, and he didn’t need to, he tossed the documents prepared by Shu Heng over to her. Gu Ya’s face turned whiter by the second, she thought that her clean up was very successful but her weakness was still caught.

Gu Ya was, after all, no normal woman, she wasn’t even embarrassed, she just sighed and not another word came of her.

Shu Cheng put down his tea cup, and spoke with an insipid gaze:”Sister.”

Hearing that word made Gu Ya’s heart jump, she had a bad feeling about this, could something else have been exposed?

“Since the day you entered the Shu family doors, we’ve known each other for several decades, Ling Yun……was too free, causing you much exhaustion, busying about at home and at work, and everybody has seen what you’ve done.”

“Why are you suddenly talking about this?”

“The seniors had a soft side for you, and perhaps you may not know, but the old man said before he passed that we are not to touch the second house, because the only one holding up the family is just one woman, and it’s not easy.”

“……”Gu Ya was slightly moved, Shu Cheng had never said such things before this, and especially not Shu Gao, but she was willing to believe it, who hadn’t made mistakes at the start? No matter how many times it happened, it’s already been done, and it will be so even if she ruins one of the bigger projects. Thinking about it really makes one sad, so it turns out uncle had been treating me so sincerely.

“I promised dad I’d take care of you and the second house, so your position won’t be affected if you don’t go overboard behind my back, I’ll just pretend I never saw it, and it won’t matter to me, I would even help you tuck your tail if someone ever investigates the matter.”

Gu Ya was a smart woman, she looked towards Shu Cheng with a steady gaze. What did he mean by all this? Are her benefits gone?

Shu Cheng moved onto the main topic:”I’ve always been healthy so I never expected that I too, would be bed-ridden from sickness, the Shu clan will be under Shu Heng in the future, he’s not your senior nor is he close to you, so even more so he would not be willing to let you out the back door, sister, it’s been many years, I hope you walk a good path ahead of you.”

Give them rice and they owe you, take it from them, and you owe them.

Shu Cheng caught the flash of a grim light flashing past Gu Ya’s eyes, he helped~ And he helped, and now that benefit was gone, what would she think of it? You have the ability to do it, so why don’t you continue doing it? Someone who has already grown dependent on you would not be grateful, but would instead hate you, and you would become their enemy for the rest of their lives.

On that year, Shu Gao told Shu Cheng two stories about their neighbours, one was a poor man and the other a rich man, a natural disaster had broken out and the rich man had a good heart, and helped to relief the poor, while the poor thought, you’re such a rich man, why can’t you give me more? Why can’t you just help me cross through the storm directly? A good man should help to the very end. This rich man is simply too terrible, he’s heartless.

Greedy people will never reflect on their own behaviour, and they would never be grateful. That is why Shu Gao never told them, nor let Shu Cheng tell them, so that the second house would not turn into dependent people who do not put effort in their work. But now having Shu Heng around the company was already a regular thing, sooner or later the position of chairman would also belong to him, even if he wanted to continue on with these unspoken rules, his son will be having none of it.

Gu Ya showed a bitter smile and put down her tea cup:”I understand big brother’s intentions, I will keep my children in check, and thank you big brother for all these years of care, if not for that, I as a single woman……would really have to suffer,”No matter the occasion, a woman could act frail and talk about their difficulties at the appropriate times, and with their teary eyes they could reduce a person’s vigilance.

Shu Cheng was a man, and a powerful man at that, it was nothing even if you praise him to be indomitable. But perhaps his heart would still go soft, Gu Ya used this to her own advantage and reddened her eyes.

Shu Cheng felt very sorry that his little brother did not protect this sister of his well, it really has been hard on her and she even had to raise the child of her husband’s lover, not allowing the state of the second house to decline. Shu Cheng sighed and passed over a piece of tissue paper immediately, giving her a few words of consolation. But speaking back to it, Shu Cheng did not owe her. The tiny bits of benefits she worried so much over were nothing in Shu Cheng’s eyes.

Shu Heng was her junior after all, so he wouldn’t be willing to take care of Gu Ya, continuing what Shu Gao left, Shu Cheng couldn’t help it either. Gu Ya really was pitiful, but could she ever be more important than his sons? After Gu Ya left, Shu Cheng felt very tired. He went upstairs to lay down, the bodyguard walked over to the bedside, and lowered his head to give his report, Qin Yu Zhuo did not make contact with Gu Ya.

Shu Cheng nodded and went to sleep.

Shu Ning stood by the window, watching Gu Ya walking on her high heels, leaving with her figure covered in gloom. His mouth curled into a smile, his efforts hadn’t been wasted, if not how would an aloof god like Shu Heng who only roamed the skies be able to notice this little toad in this stinking ditch? Shu Zi Xuan was made to leave the country on that year and his faults would last his entire life, if Shu Zi Xuan knew that this all happened because he had intentions to get close to Shu Ning, and even fed him, would he vomit blood?

As for Gu Ya, her daughter had already come repeatedly to look for Shu Ning, making Shu Ning troubled, Shu Heng had been unhappy about that since a long time ago.

Now with the conspiracy with Shen Xiang Dong crashing head on, Shu Heng swung his knife and cut off both Gu Ya and Shu Zi Xuan’s power, warning them of their misdeeds.

In Shu Cheng’s eyes, Gu Ya and her family were pitiable, but this was a radiant existence in the outsider’s eyes, they were like a delicious leg of a chicken. Shu Ning was secretly pleased with the situation.

Shu Zi Xuan became the laughing stock of the entire company, they told him to calm down, but why the hell the logistics department? Managing materials and the like, they were simply wasting his talents. But Shu Zi Xuan still kept the bright smile on his face, and his attitude proper, handling all his work be it big or small in a straightforward manner, showing kindness and good hospitality to everybody, making everyone feel as if a spring breeze was blowing by, such a character was really worth admiring. And so they all gossiped that Shu Zi Xuan was too outstanding, was the acting chairman unable to take him?

Gu Ya had already reached the company and found her son who had found his spot in the logistics department, and he was still in the deputy position, this was simply bullying.

Shu Zi Xuan chatted with Gu Ya in the tea room and swallowed down his anger for now, Shu Heng will be leaving for M Country soon, as soon as he leaves, Shu Cheng will return and everything will return to normal. Naturally Gu Ya understood, as soon as her phone lit up, a light flashed by Gu Ya’s eyes as she turned it on to see.

“What’s the matter, mom?”Shu Zi Xuan asked, could it be they still had a chance?

“Shu Ning is here at the company, and he’s holding a thermos!”

“I understand now,”Shu Zi Xuan put down his cup and went out. Gu Ya secretly quipped, dark willows and flowers in bloom lay in another village, why didn’t Shu Cheng make Shu Ning smarter when he made him? Humph.

Shu Ning had just reached the company when he was stopped for not having an appointment. Shu Ning frowned and explained but the two beauties didn’t have it easy, they wanted to help him call the chairman’s office to ask. Coincidentally, Shu Zi Xuan came out and exclaimed to him in surprise:”Ning Ning?”

“Fourth brother?”

Shu Zi Xuan who was fourth in the seniority laughed, he was old now and sensible:”Why are you here? Not to see me, are you?”

Shu Ning felt slightly awkward:”Heh heh~”

“Long time no see, come, have a cup of coffee with me before you go up, you’ll have less problems getting up there too if I’m the one bringing you over, they’re all good workers so they can’t go easy on you~”

The two beauties were already sweating, this boy was the second young master! Thankfully someone came over to help put in a good word for them, if not they would’ve been in big trouble.

Shu Ning knew how powerful word games could be, so he played the fool in trouble, and was brought away with Shu Zi Xuan’s strong grip on his shoulders. Shu Heng was in the office upstairs, and was very happy to receive his father’s text message, but……Where is he? And so he took out his phone to look for news. Damn it, he was cut off! His gaze darkened extremely.

The coffee shop was one of Shu Heng’s businesses, and neither Shu Zi Xuan nor Shu Ning knew. The surveillance cameras nearby moved, pointing straight towards the two, if any danger were to come to him, the workers would make their move immediately. Shu Zi Xuan was ecstatic, ordering ice cream for Shu Ning. The three flavoured one looks good, there were tons of toppings on top, it should be delicious.

Shu Ning picked up the small spoon and took a bite, and when he lowered his head, Shu Zi Xuan waited for a good opportunity, and wanted to rub Shu Ning’s hair. Shu Ning who was constantly on his guard retreated backwards, and was not touched by him. The two mentioned Shu Zi Hui, she had gone somewhere else to study, but Shu Ning was apathetic. When his phone rang, Shu Zi Xuan wanted to pat his hand.


His hand was slapped away and Shu Zi Xuan was slightly surprised, then immediately he gave him an amiable smile. But Shu Heng did not even look at him, he took Shu Ning with one hand and the thermos with the other, and left.

There were many customers in the coffee shop, they were all white collar workers from the office buildings nearby, with just one look they could tell Shu Zi Xuan was no simple character, much less the more outstanding Shu Heng. All the gazes flowed towards them curiously. The employees under the Shu clan knew who Shu Zi Xuan was, and they knew Shu Heng as well, nobody was a fool, Shu Zi Xuan must have done something, if not why would the young master treat him that way? Not showing him even the tiniest hint of face?

Shu Ning……Naturally he did it on purpose! He gave him these opportunities on purpose then moved according to the flow, he didn’t expect that his brother would come this soon, spoiling Shu Ning’s plans. But if his big brother had gotten angry, the outcomes of those people would be even worse, but the result was the same. Shu Ning didn’t care how those people fell into misfortune, his big brother’s face was dark, his own end may probably be quite miserable as well!

There was a break room in the chairman’s office, and Shu Ning was thrown into it by Shu Heng. They sat face to face and the high pressure was squeezing down on Shu Ning’s head, it was very fierce.

“Brother~ I didn’t eat what he fed me.”

“I know, you understand that he has no good intentions don’t you?”

“I know, that’s why I went over to see if he came in contact with my mother,”When Shu Ning stuck his head to the door to eavesdrop, he was noticed by Qin Yu Zhuo. The two were separated by a distance of a few meters and spoke a few words in front of the bodyguards, but in fact she was hinting to Shu Ning, hoping that he could help her. Naturally Shu Ning agreed, it was a dream of his to be able to dig a pit for his mother.


“Brother, if you’re worried about my safety, I wont’ do it anymore, here~ Eat some dumplings!”

Shu Cheng found out that Shu Heng missed his lunch because of a meeting, so he had Shu Ning come over specially to deliver some food. Naturally Shu Heng was willing, the little one was becoming more thoughtful as he grew up, he liked him so much:”Was it hard on you on the road?”

“Brother~”Shu Ning was gloomy, and slightly helpless:”I came with the car, how could it have been hard? If you keep taking me as a flower vase you better watch out or I’ll bite you at night!”

“Got it,”While eating his dumplings, Shu Heng fed two to Shu Ning, but he wasn’t willing to take the third one. A glint flashed by Shu Heng’s gaze, and he put the dumpling into his mouth, then passed it over to Shu Ning’s little mouth.

The dumbfounded Shu Ning ( βŠ™ o βŠ™ ) The feeling of being forced to enjoy with Shu Heng, mixed with each other’s saliva……It simply can’t be described with words.

They held each other and kissed for a long, long time. When it ended, be it Shu Ning or Shu Heng, both their face were red and they were panting.

“Brother, finish up the rest of the dumplings, it won’t be good for your stomach if they go cold.”

I’m not you, don’t even talk about cool dumplings, I can eat them frozen. Shu Heng was obedient to Shu Ning, he could eat all the dumplings even if he had brought many. He was tall with a good body so naturally he could eat a lot, his stomach was countless times larger than Shu Ning’s. The way his big brother ate was so handsome and elegant, Shu Ning liked Shu Heng so he was perfect no matter how he looked at him, “in good virtue” he thought to pour some soup for his brother, but he didn’t think that his big brother would be so naughty, they shared another dumpling and the delicious taste lingered in their mouths, quickening their heart beats.

You look at me with eyes full of affection, and I the same, it wasn’t until Shu Heng leaned in close again did Shu Ning sober up in a start:”This……This is dad’s place!”


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    1. Fixed, autocorrect screws me over sometimes, typos happen so I don’t think it’s all that much confusing, not like it’s going to affect the plot in any way anyway


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    1. i don’t feel bad for the second house – they got supported and fed by the main house in the first place, why compete and snatch the rice pot? If you are so capable, stand on the benefits you are already receiving and go out and make a world of it. Ungrateful wolves bite back the hand that feeds you, pei!

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  3. Couple of feverish brothers, can not keep their hands quiet and away from the other, but I love that they express their love (///Ο‰///)πŸ’•
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  4. I’m super excited for the downfall of Qin Yu Zhou. I might go out to eat to celebrate the day that she is utterly destroyed. Honestly speaking, it could have been happened if Ning Ning didn’t like to play with good pretty first. She can’t defend against an enemy she didn’t even know about and that’s both pitiful and funny. It’s pitiful because she doesn’t realize she never had a chance, and it’s funny for the same reason.

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  5. They’re having a lovey-dovey lunch!

    Ah, I just had a thought that like father, like son. Shu Heng and Shu Cheng are both so indulgent of the evil the one they love does. But whereas Shu Ning does bad things for revenge and protection of his big bro & papa, that bitch is just being ambitious for herself, even willing to poison and injure an innocent (as far as she knows) child. Shu Ning must get his bottom line from his papa too…

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