RWSB Chapter 106

But how would Qin Yu Zhuo leave?

She grabbed on tightly at Shu Cheng’s clothes, but the bodyguards grabbed her by the shoulder with great force to the point where even her clothes had been ripped, but she still held onto Shu Cheng’s legs, begging loudly, crying until she was running out of breath. When she was pulled away, her entire person fell into a kneeling position on the ground, clutching at the carpet until her nails started bleeding, she was dragged away by the legs and yelling Shu Cheng’s name the whole way out, tearing his heart apart……

Shu Cheng’s vision darkened, and he fainted.

There were no winners in this affair, and the matter had been patched up. But no matter how Shu Cheng tried to patch it up, Shu Heng still found out and flew back immediately. By the time Shu Cheng woke up, the next day had already come. Shu Heng handled all the company business at home while taking care of his dad, it was thanks to how frail and soft Shu Ning was when he was young that Shu Heng now had the experience busying about. It was easy taking care of Shu Cheng, Shu Heng had just been very worried and sympathetic to his stepfather’s encounter. Not only were they ill-matched in marriage, she even bore two children for him, the bond had been so strong that he could only hope that he did not hurt himself.

“Heng Heng?”Shu Cheng sat up immediately after he had a clear look of the person in front of him. Shu Heng took a few steps forward to help prop his stepfather up with a pillow on his back. Shu Cheng didn’t dare to meet his eyes and he sighed:”I’m sorry, I’ve worried you.”

“Don’t move, lay back first, I”ll have the servants bring some porridge over.”

“This won’t affect anything with you running back like that, would it?”

“No, not at all, it was the end of the sweeping period anyway,”Who was Shu Heng? If he said things were fine then they were fine. Shu Cheng could relax now, relaxing again and leaning against the pillow, his face was ashen pale with no rosiness at all. Shu Cheng didn’t know that he had went to the hospital and had a big check, and sent home after no issues were found, it was initiated by Shu Heng as he was afraid of any accidents. After Shu Heng returned home, he looked throughΒ all the inspection reports:”How do you feel, dad?”

“I’m feeling great, just a bit weak right now.”

Shu Heng had just sent out the message when the porridge was brought over immediately from downstairs. Shu Heng tried his hardest to help Shu Cheng, working very thoughtfully, neither of the father and son pair said anything, but the atmosphere was very good.

After eating only half, Shu Cheng couldn’t stomach any more:”I just woke up so I don’t have much appetite, and oh, that’s right, has she……left?”

“She left.”

“I’ve kept it from Ning Ning so let’s not worry him.”

“Don’t worry, dad, I’ve arranged everything.”

Putting the word ‘arranged’ in his heart hurt a little, Shu Heng was too cold and ruthless, he couldn’t have done anything to Qin Yu Zhuo could he? Shu Cheng’s mouth moved but he still said nothing in the end. It’s good to cut her off too, she kept learning bad things, perhaps the coffin had to be nailed before she could finally look back. I love her, and couldn’t bear to do anything to her, so I should just leave this to Shu Heng, he cares so much for the siblinghood between him and Shu Ning, naturally he wouldn’t make things hard for Qin Yu Zhuo, he’ll definitely go easy on her.

Shu Cheng thought wrongly, Shu Heng had already tried to test Shu Ning several times and knew that Shu Ning tends to speak differently from what he means, it was an understatement to say that he hated Qin Yu Zhuo a lot, how could he go easy on her? He had also cleaned up all the other businesses she had outside of the family.

Qin Yu Zhuo was still shameless, loitering around the entrance of the ancestral home, she had been photographed by the media attracted over by the gossip. Shu Heng came out to settle it, and he was quite fierce with her, he sent someone out to tell Qin Yu Zhuo that if she doesn’t leave they’ll throw Shu Yao down the stairs!

She was so shocked that the colour drained from her face, she was so angry that she left with bloodshot eyes, she had gained nothing from this at all.

After his meal, Shu Cheng felt tired because he had taken his medicine and fell asleep a little after laying down in bed. Shu Heng helped Shu Cheng pull up his blanket and walked to the sofa to sit down, then took out his notebook to begin his work. On the other side, Shu Ning who was at the capital received the news, who didn’t have a few friends in their lives, right? His brows knitted into a slight frown and he had a driver send a message over to ask, but the reply he got was that it was false.

This proved that something really did happen to his dad, and the one who was blocking the news was Shu Heng!

Was the fuse Qin Yu Zhuo? At first Shu Ning didn’t notice that someone had modified his phone, so to confirm his suspicions, Shu Ning brought out the phonebook and found Qin Yu Zhuo’s number, looking at it, it had in fact been blocked. For the sake of avoiding suspicion, Qin Yu Zhuo had never contacted Shu Ning all this while, it had always been Zhang Feng who secretly contacted him. Right now he wasn’t able to contact him either, destiny makes fools of people.

Since they don’t want me to know, it will be the 17th of March in several days, I can just go back then, ahh.

Shu Ning sent Shu Cheng a text message to ask how he was doing, and he replied after a moment. With that, Shu Ning could relax. No matter how smart Shu Ning was, he could never beat Shu Heng. Shu Ning hadn’t the slightest idea that his brother was in the company pretending to be Shu Cheng, dealing with official duties, the Shu clan was in no mess, everything was fine. And it was obvious who sent that message, Shu Heng understood Shu Cheng too well so he imitated the tone and style of his text messaging. Little brother is so cute, what a sensitive nose he has, he had already guessed it, he was sensible and didn’t ask more, what a good boy.

On that night, Zhao Dong invited Shu Ning out to play. The sound was deafening at the disco, and the crowd was dancing wildly, cheering and having fun.

Because it was a collective gathering, Zhang Qi and the gang wanted to tag along as well, jumping on their feets with restlessly. Shu Ning gave them a light smile, and nodded. At that time, even Tian Jia Hui who was of the calm and noble handsome rich guy type had gotten excited, and waves were flowing past his eyes. Wang Cong was even more up in the clouds, this was a chance, a chance to get close to Shu Ning.

Zhao Dong poured Shu Ning a glass of juice and took two bites out of a piece of watermelon:”Everyone had their own ambitions so I’m not going to try talking you out of it anymore, I’ll be going to Y Country to study after the college entrance examinations, and I’m afraid I wont’ be able to return for at least three years. Ah Ning, you’ve never had a birthday celebration before and I won’t ask you for the reason, but how about this, how about you let us big brothers set up a party for you in celebration of reaching adulthood? We’ll take this opportunity to get lively, the college entrance examinations are soon so everybody’s busy, we probably won’t have the chance to meet up in the next few months.”

“Sure, let’s do it on the 15th,”He had to return on the 16th of March to return to C City for preparations, then on the 17th he would have his two-man birthday together with his big brother, then pa pa pa, for real, the type where you really have to go in. Shu Ning wanted to become Shu Heng’s, really, and not the awkward type where his big brother had to use his legs to resolve his problems, how pitiful.

Wang Cong returned from the washroom and noticed Zhao Dong whispering with Shu Ning happily. A plan of luring him away popped up in his head and he gave Tian Jia Hui a jab:”Wanna go dance?”

Tian Jia Hui leaned to Wang Cong’s ear and spoke:”Are you stupid? leaving this group of young maters behind and not making friends.”

Wang Cong lowered his head and picked up a grape to eat, secretly complaining at heart. Tian Jia Hui was too proud so he wouldn’t prostrate himself to kiss up to them, the only one Wang Cong could use was Zhang Qi, but the Zhang Qi who had a poor IQ was already chatting with Guo Zhi and the others. Who was Guo Zhi? He even dared to provoke a fool like Zhang Qi, he was famous for looking nice outwardly but mean inside, he was handsome and had a nice smile, but……He was an extremely shady person with the danger bar up at ten, normally he took care of Shu Ning quite well.

Many people were puzzled by that point, it seems that the two were only such close friends because Shu Ning had pointed something out about him.

While they were playing games, Zhang Qi fell into misfortune. He had gotten nauseous from Guo Zhi’s torment and was about to hurl, holding his mouth and running to the washroom, it was too embarrassing. But Tian Jia Hui didn’t fall to any misfortune, he was very responsible. He was neither humble nor pert when trying to please them, this gave others a good impression of him. In his past life, Tian Jia Hui had taken quite a lot of advantage from Shu Ning and broke off with him after something happened, he really was as low as a dog.

Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze over to Tian Jia Hui. Guo Zhi’s mouth curled up into a smile and he changed to a different game.

It was Wang Cong who had been constantly left out and couldn’t join in. It wasn’t as if he didn’t want to talk, but nobody would give him the time of day. Naturally Shu Ning noticed this most handsome scumbag, regardless of whether it was his appearance or his body, Wang Cong was top grade in all regards, the older he got the more handsome and alluring he became, he had a unique aura that was hard to describe, truly out of the norm.

Wang Cong did not fall to any of Qin Ming’s many temptations, this made Shu Ning feel a bit gloomy, he was just a small character so he shouldn’t worry him so much. That is why Shu Ning had brought this rabble of scumbags who were desperately trying to climb their way to wealth out to play today. First off, it was so that he could enjoy a good show, and secondly, it was also to let Wang Cong have a taste of things.

With that, the other protagonist of today had arrived, the Hongxing Prince!

The rich prince who was walking up the stairs bumped into the manager with a face full of smiles:”Oh my oh my~ You’ve arrived! Quick, come upstairs! Please!”

“Who came today? Let me hear it.”

The manager blabbed on and only at the end did he mention Zhao Dong and the others, this caused the prince to raise an eyebrow:”Is there someone called Shu Ning?”

“That……”When the manager was halfway through speaking, a waiter stuck to his ear and said something before the manager continued:”Oh yes, yes there is, he’s right downstairs playing, don’t worry this is your territory, I won’t let any mess come to this place so you can rest assured.”

Hong Rui turned to head downstairs immediately, and because the manager didn’t understand, he hurried to keep up, watching over him all the way, making way through the crowd for the young master.

At that time, Shu Ning was sitting at the innermost seat and there was a large coffee table in the center made of crystal with a variety of food an alcohol placed on top. Hong Rui’s appearance gave Zhao Dong and the others a fright but they just didn’t show it on their faces. What was such a big shot doing here? But of course, no matter how badass Hong Rui tried to be, he couldn’t be compared to those from families with generations of political and military power. Even so, it would be easy for him to crush Zhao Dong and his group.

Zhao Dong stood up:”Why have Brother Hong come over?”

“I came to see whether my little friend has been drinking,”Hong Rui had a wicked and arrogant tone, and put on a slight smile after making eye contact with Shu Ning, he was even more arrogant now:”How’s the car?”

“Are you here to joke with me?”

The conversation between the two was a mystery, none of Zhang Dong and the others understood. It was instead Wang Cong whose face turned white as a sheet, but fortunately the lights were so bright that nobody could tell.

Hong Rui laughed out loud happily, and at the same time everyone broke out into cold sweat for Shu Ning. Zhao Dong was right by Shu Ning’s side, tugging at the hem of his clothes, reminding Shu Ning to be careful. And with a sweep of Hong Rui’s eyes, he suddenly noticed Wang Cong. The taste of this strong bottom was pretty good, he hadn’t had enough last time but he didn’t expect to bump into him again.

Hong Rui’s gaze was unfiltered, he was infamous for being a pervert:”How about we go up for a drink? Let’s reminisce about the past.”

The word “reminisce” made the expression on Wang Cong’s face look terrible:”You’ve got the wrong guy,”Under everyone’s gazes, Zhang Dong and the rest wouldn’t let Hong Rui be arrogant.

But unfortunately, he thought wrongly. There was no way Zhao Dong would seek trouble, unless Shu Ning wanted to help Wang Cong. In the “eyes of the public”, Hong Rui had his bodyguard invite Wang Cong upstairs. Wang Cong didn’t dare to run, he felt so humiliated that he pursed his lips and glanced over to Shu Ning, SHu Ning had also been watching him with a peaceful gaze, what did that mean?

Wang Cong couldn’t be sure, should he make some noise? And right at this time, Hong Rui’s bodyguard stepped forward to grab Wang Cong, and poked something at his waist:”Don’t be so uptight, let’s go.”

And with that, Wang Cong had been brought away. Zhao Dong And the others continued to eat and drink, they had not been affected at all. Shu Ning’s mood was great, as long as Wang Cong was having a bad time I can rest easy.

After a night of enduring, Wang Cong had fallen unconscious, there were even a few drops of blood on the sheets. Hong Rui licked the corners of his lips, the taste was not bad, he was very stubborn and even dared to resist:”Zhu Nian, take him back.”

After several days, Shu Ning attended the party and got on the plane first thing the next morning, his heart set on going home.

When SH was like “bro imma throw ur baby down the stairs lmfao” the word used was “trip him to death” but that doesn’t sound wild enough so we gotta put him up there lmfao

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  1. Somehow I think the wildest here is NN at least in his thoughts, I hope that now if you give him the birthday gift he wants (ღˇᴗˇ)qoβ™‘
    I’m glad that SC will leave everything from QYZ to SH, but I still hope he has greater retribution for all the suffering that happened to NN ( γ€€’-‘ )γƒŽ)`-‘ )
    Thanks for the chapter! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  2. Ning Ning has talent as a pimp. πŸ˜€
    Will Ning Ning’s wish come true and nobody will disturb their first time?
    I hope Father Shu gets better. He’s such a nice character!
    Thank you!

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    1. He was SNs lover in the past live – he used poor Ning too gain wealth and then abandoned him when SN needed him most. He was the one that came to the prison to laugh at SN with his new boyfriend. So for me, he is getting what he deserves. I mean, even now after being (literally) screwed with the first time, he still had plans to make SN fall in love with him to use him. What a douche.

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  3. Bruuuh! SH said he gone throw the baby down the stairs! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I laughed at that more than I probably should have. Man, I can not! These boys are too much. πŸ˜‚

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  4. SC really overestimated SN love for his mother…Why would SH go easy on her?? LOL
    Thank you love the chapter. Love it. SN is planning ahead for lovey-dovey time with SH..

    In the β€œeyes of the public”, Wang Cong had his bodyguard invite Wang Cong upstairs.
    It should be:: , (Hong Rui) had his bodyguard invite Wang Cong upstairs.


  5. Hmm in both lifetimes, Wang Cong has set on ‘seducing’ Shu Ning as his objective even though he was very against the idea of homosexuals due to his dad and his male lover. Also, in this lifetime, Shu Ning is no easy target that fell for him easily- in fact, Shu Ning is completely indifferent to Wang Cong and shows zero interest; not to mention that Wang Cong is aware of Shu Ning pimping him out to the prince. So my question is, why is he so ‘confident’ that he can seduce Shu Ning?

    It’s obviously not important to the plot anymore, but it makes me wonder if.. Wang Cong is actually subconsciously attracted to SN but is just too power-hungry and clouded by his views of the world to have realised it in both lifetimes? I mean, he did stay with SN for a loooooong time in the previous life but without needing to do anything sexually, maybe due to how easy to manipulate SN was and thus he never had to cross that emotional bridge of homosexuality (versus this lifetime where he didn’t really have any other option and was forced into homosexual intercouse with the prince guy). Therefore, after many years of using SN (they did date from high school to when Shu Ning was 30 or something), he probs got used to it and whatever original and subconscious attraction he held for Shu Ning would have become dulled –> hence the whole ditching him and laughing at him at a higher pedestal with a replacement BF while SN was in jail thing. Which I think makes sense as WC may have really disliked the fact that he always felt ‘inferior’ to this weak and infatuated person that he may have held an attraction for but heavily suppressed/denied by hurting the other due to his resentment of rich people?

    Like this is all a theory but I feel that this is kind of nuanced- if expanded by the author of this sort of background info, instead of just focusing on revenge and plundering, it would have made the story more relatable and humane I guess. I often feel like the people in this story, SN and SH included, have all done some very bad things and it’d be hypocritical to denounce the ones who have acted against our MCs without considering the messed up things they plot for others.

    Fluffiness and BL awesomeness aside, I think this book is definitely the textbook example for the ruthless Chinese value across these sort of rebirth/transmigration novels of ‘no forgiveness’, like “that’s it- you wronged me so it’s total annihilation”. I mean, I still greatly enjoy this story but it does raise a point how a different cultural value can be so prominent in literature, especially when ruining other people is used as a point to demonstrate how powerful our MCs are.

    Btw thanks so much Helli for translating this always on such a close schedule- I know you don’t particularly love this story so it’s awesome to see that you’re so dedicated to finishing it. Awesome work as usual! ^^

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  6. Thanks for the chapter! One thing about Ning Ning, he cherishes those he cares about, and ruthlessly stomps on those who did him wrong. Shu Heng was rather sweet in the way he takes care of his dad. Shu Cheng never realized how difficult YZQ made life for Ning Ning, or how vile she really was, but Shu Heng was always pretty clear on that. Now he can take steps to protect the 2 most important people in his life.

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  7. Is it really like that when you love someone? Seeing how they plot their own children and plant to destroy your precious son and your position, also bully her sisters and undirectly kill her mother, and you still love her shu cheng? Fuck love. I find this part of the plot very unrealistic and i HATE it so much. Author is such a fuckng dummy. Really. Sigh. Sorry for the offense but i really need to share my thought.


    1. She always took good care of Shu Cheng, was faithful to him and gave him strong sons, took all the abuse from his father without complaint, kept herself pretty and sweet and humble for public viewing, while working hard for his company. It is easy for Shu Cheng to love her because in front of his eyes, she has always behaved perfectly. It’s only her treatment of OTHERS that is so despicable that he had to get rid of her, but it’d definitely realistic that he’d feel grief over turning his back on someone that has always treated him wonderfully.


  8. I really agree, but Wang Co in his past life was his lover, SN was the asset, when he empies the novel he says that he is always bottom but since he was the rich man he was the one above, the boy did him bad in his past life but they were only mockery and the ahira is letting the prince an adult person violating rape since the other is only 17 years old, and others humiliating the mandala women violate every time, for me this novel is very sad, since none of the women supposedly they are good, the only mother of the seme who is, but she marries pregnant with others but since she is rich, is everything all right?


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