RWSB Chapter 95


So fierce this early in the morning!

Shu Ning blinked his eyes foolishly, it wasn’t until Shu Heng’s big hand covered his eyes before Shu Ning closed them, his mind still muddled and silly, and carefully tastes the perfect feelings given to him by his big brother.

Just like an ember dropping to a pile of dry firewood wasn’t it?

At the very least Shu Heng held him very, very tight. Shu Ning hummed and gasped charmingly, he was very into it.

They’ve only kissed for several minutes, things haven’t even started to heat up and they hadn’t touched each other yet when a knock came on the door! Who the hell is being such a cockblock? Disrupting our merry time, how inhumane /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

The lips parted, both still unsatisfied!

Shu Ning pursed his lips and peeked tactfully at Shu Heng’s unhappy expression, there was no need to wonder who the one knocking on the door was, it was their unreliable father ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Shu Heng was sophisticated after all, he immediately pulled up Shu Ning’s clothes, tidying his appearance, then he put the tray down beside him and pulled up the blanket before getting up. As he walked he settled his own appearance, and by the time he opened the door, Shu Heng was already in perfect condition. Shu Cheng entered, totally ignorant to what his two sons were secretly doing behind his back _(:зゝ∠)_

Shu Ning’s face was red and his eyes damp, appearing slightly hazy, just one look and he could tell that he slept very well, and have yet to wake up completely.

Shu Cheng’s lips curled into a smile:”I’ve come to take a look at the both of you.”

Shu Heng leaned by the doorway, his gaze unhurried:”You can just send me a text message for that sort of thing, dad.”

This little……Shu Cheng gave him a look to express his dissatisfaction, then raised his hand to touch Shu Ning’s soft hair. His second son was a cute and good boy, soft and supple, whereas his eldest son was serious and difficult to engage with. It was Shu Yao instead who was even worse than a monkey, he really was a big headache, hopefully Qin Yu Zhuo will be able to discipline him well.

“Dad~ Morning~”Shu Ning finally managed to smooth out his breath, and dared to talk now. With a smile, even the snow outside started to melt.

Recently, Shu Cheng who had been very tired planned to go outside, but his sons were too cute so his butt sank down to sit by Shu Ning, then he pulled him in for a hug, and a few pats and kneads, treasuring him for quite a long amount of time.

Shu Ning was happy, the only thing lacking was a wagging tail. Dad is the best ^_^ Shu Ning wanted to monopolize his pampering~ Shu Cheng had three kids, I have to be second!

Shu Heng……# ̄へ ̄ Still not leaving? It felt so sour inside, could it be I’m jealous? →_→

Forget it, I can’t get jealous over my stepfather, Shu Heng picked up the tray and left. His stepfather definitely had a lot he wanted to talk about, his body had been in poor condition recently and he had become more emotional, even though several fleas had been using this opportunity to cause trouble, they weren’t punished heavily. Shu Heng’s eyes narrowed to show a very gloomy expression, if he can’t lay down the bar, then I’ll do it.

Shu Cheng would’ve been sad if Shu Gao were to fall to illness before he went, but it wouldn’t be enough to cause him to fall ill from it. Shu Ning could relate to him and felt very sad, so with just he and his father in the room, they spoke for a long time, talking about the sad things, and their tears even started to flow. Shu Cheng was the head of the family so he could not cry, but Shu Ning allowed him to, it would always be better to cry it out than to bottle it up.

When Shu Cheng let himself go, he was willing to share some of the bigger issues with Shu Ning, but as soon as he touched upon the company, Shu Ning would jump left and right around the topic, displaying his skill in changing the topic. Shu Cheng was a wise man, he understood, and so he sighed. Although Shu Gao did not leave any last words, he would talk to him about Shu Ning on a normal day. Shu Yao only had some shares but it was different for Shu Ning, he wasn’t raised in the ancestral home after all, it may not have been Shu Gao’s fault but as a grandfather, the head of the family is duty-bound so it was a matter that brought him guilt. And so, in addition to his part of the shares he should be receiving, he would still inherit the businesses under Shu Gao’s name.

Shu Cheng had heard Shu Gao grumbling about it twice, but as for how much he mentioned, he didn’t count at that time. While he was sorting out the inheritance, he found something within the safe.

In front of Shu Ning, Shu Cheng magically pulled out a small book, it had a simple appearance in a dark gray, and what was written inside were the items to be given to Shu Ning.

At first Shu Ning did not take it, but Shu Cheng stuffed it into his arms. This book looked to have quite some background to it, it had an air about it that almost seemed to imply the old era it came from. Shu Ning picked it up seriously and flipped to the first page of it, looking through it seriously, these were all things to be given to him by Shu Gao, one in each page, and there were even comments written below.

This was Shu Gao’s gift to him, it was something even more touching to receive than some property.

Shu Cheng’s eyes were filled with the reflection of Shu Ning, he knew that this was a good child who had no greedy desires, he was pure and honest, even caring much for his family. Was that why he would not forgive his mother?

Suddenly, the things he could never figure out finally connected in his head. Shu Cheng sighed, and circled around Shu Ning to hug him from behind, looking at the words his father had written with him. Shu Ning’s fingers caressed the word with nostalgia, he pondered over the feelings his grandpa felt when he wrote these words, while Shu Cheng had also touched those noble words that had much character as dragons dancing in the wind, as if he could see that unfathomable look of his father’s face.

Shu Heng had already arrived at the company, and three of the personal assistants were waiting for him below. These were all Shu Cheng’s men and would also take orders from Shu Heng normally. The four of them rode the elevator up to the top floor, then in big strides they entered the chairman’s office. Shu Zi Xuan had a start when he received the news, why had he come?

What right did he have!!

Damn it, I thought Shu Cheng was sick and things were looking bright for me, Shu Zi Xuan rubbed his chin and his eyes were exceptionally sharp.

When he received the verbal notice from Shu Heng asking him to study overseas, Shu Zi Xuan had played a small trick and refused it, but he would’ve never thought that he would use the company’s power to send him directly out for a business trip. Shu Zi Xuan knew that this was no simple matter, and sure enough, a new company had many needles that needed to be threaded, would you still want to move if you were seated on the position of the vice general manager?

Shu Zi Xuan had been trapped in F City, if he were to have gone overseas obediently at the start, he could still have chosen where he wanted to do, but right now, the power in F Country all belonged to Shu Heng, while Shu Zi Xuan became something neither fish nor fowl, and ended up as his lackey. If he did his work well, naturally there would be a chance for him to return to transfer back to his country, but if he didn’t, he would not receive a good position even if he managed to return.

But of course, he could feign illness or run back to the country all of a sudden, then he could avoid the necessary requirements for him to get on the plane. If he really came back to the country that way, Shu Zi Xuan would probably never be able to work for the Shu clan ever again. And so, he worked ten times harder than everyone else, while attending the best school he displayed his outstanding performance at work, then when he received his degree, he successfully returned to the country and entered the company as a senior executive.

He was clearly two years older than Shu Heng but they got their degrees at the same time, this really made Shu Zi Xuan so angry he could spit blood, and the degree of C Country wasn’t as valuable as a degree from M Country. Shu Heng, this made Shu Zi Xuan’s eyes dyed red with blood, Shu Heng had pressed him down with just his fundamentals alone, he would always be one head lower than him, losing all his rights to compete with him.

Picking up his documents, Shu Zi Xuan had to visit the chairman’s office.

Because a simple meeting was taking place inside, Shu Zi Xuan had to sit out for nearly an hour, and drank two cups of coffee. The personal assistants from within came out in a stream before they informed Shu Zi Xuan to enter. Shu Heng sat at Shu Cheng’s seat, showing no hint of disposure, and he didn’t raise his head to look at Shu Zi Xuan either.

No matter how much he hated him at heart, he still kept a normal face. Shu Zi Xuan with a bright smile on his face came to him, appearing extremely nice:”Brother Heng, this is the latest contract for the cooperation case with the Shen clan, have a look.”

“Call me acting chairman in the office, Manager Gu is the one responsible for this cooperation case, why is it with you?”

“My sister’s running a high fever and Manager Gu had already contacted Chairman Shu about it, so I’m now responsible for following-up on this case. After all, Chairman Shen is a crafty old fox, not an easy guy to deal with.”

Shu Cheng still showed some consideration to Gu Ya, but Shu Heng was cold and pitiless. Shu Zi Xuan complained in his heart, Shu Heng wouldn’t make things hard for a woman would he? A lot of CEOs had this problem, they don’t feel that a woman is up for the bigger tasks, but Gu Ya was actually in one of the top positions within the Shu clan, and she was one of the stronger women outside, who dared to look down on her? Thinking about this, Shu Zi Xuan felt some slight indignation, Shu Heng was clearly two years younger that him but he had to show him respect and call him big brother, really makes one mad.

Shu Heng was actually just looking at the cooperation case, he had never ever looked down on any women, among his confidants alone were quite a lot of women. There two aunties who took care of Shu Ning did not did not have any special skills, but they did their jobs properly, they may make some small mistakes but they would never make a big one! They had a strict mouth, no matter how much the neighbours tried to ask about Shu Ning’s identity and background, they would never get what they want, and for that they had Shu Heng’s trust.

Ten minutes had passed before Shu Heng opened his mouth to speak:”The price is too low, bring it up to the average.”


Shu Zi Xuan had spent a lot of effort to lower the price and suppress the Shen clan’s company, but Shu Heng actually asked him to raise it? Huh, what is he thinking, has he gone mad?

Shu Heng was farsighted:”You don’t understand?”

“Please……enlighten me.”

“The Shu clan had just swallowed up the He clan, a tall tree catches the wind, it’s not appropriate for us to try to suppress another company, especially not a big group like the Shen clan’s.”

His trick had been seen through!

There was no change in Shu Zi Xuan’s demeanor, he was quickly able to find the steps off the stage:”We’ve already discussed about the contract, it will damage the company’s image if we change it anymore, so how about this, we’ll find a replacement for them elsewhere, do you think that will work?”

“It will do.”

Shu Zi Xuan left to do his work. When he returned to his office, his face was covered in gloom. The Shen clan had just suffered a big loss in the He clan’s development project a few years back so they’ve been going downhill, so what if they were a big group? Just looking at how the He clan was brought down, you would know. If we get to the end of it, Shu Heng just liked to suppress me.

For the sake of the bigger picture, Shu Zi Xuan could only follow suit and rang Gu Ya’s phone.

“Mom? Shu Heng found out.”

“What?”Gu Ya’s face changed immediately, she was very nervous:”How could that happen? I made sure that there were no holes in the plan.”

“No holes? The boat’s sinking down into the Pacific Ocean.”

Her son could still make a joke so it seems this situation may not be all that serious. Gu Ya sighed a breath of relief:”If that’s the case, we’ll pull back for now, then we can look for another opportunity in the future.”

“Mom, take good care of little sis, I can deal with this.”

“Alright,”Gu Ya hung up, what a headache, she could only give up a rook to save the king now.

Speaking of Shu Zi Hui, Gu Ya was extremely depressed. Seeing that Shu Gao died, it took her much effort and hard work to bring her back from overseas to participate in his funeral, but in the end, she ran over to mock He Ran and was strictly disciplined by the Wen family after they found out. After all, He Ran’s brother He Jiong was still around, how could she be this stupid!

Gu Ya sent another few messages out to tell her subordinates to withdraw cleanly, it will be bad if Shu Heng were to catch onto their weaknesses. Knowing is one thing, but having no evidence was still useless. Gu Ya put down many mazes so that the Shen clan would suffer a loss, now nobody dared to work with them, lowering the prices now forced the Shen clan to cooperate with her, and she promised them a lot of rebates, then she will start to pick up on the price again. But Shu Heng suddenly stepped his foot in this, now all of Gu Ya’s efforts had been done in vain.

That old thief in the Shen clan was no ordinary man, he had set up the stage for Gu Ya to dance on, but Shu Heng was the one who realized and put a stop to it, if not, the one to suffer in the end would not only be Gu Ya, it would be the company as well, she just hasn’t realized it. Shu Heng set up a meeting immediately and not only did he clean up some of the executives who participated in this matter, he even fired several relatives who took this opportunity to start a mess.

All of a sudden, everyone was at risk. At this crucial moment, Shu Heng promoted several people as well, so that those who work hard could see hope, and the company was in good shape again.

After a day’s work, Shu Heng cut down a lot of people. After knowing about it, Shu Cheng frowned deeply, those relatives had all been old people, why couldn’t they just come to a compromise?

Shu Ning sat by Shu Cheng’s side, after seeing that he hung up, he saw his father press on Shu Heng’s name again, so he immediately went up to butter up to him!


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