RWSB Chapter 96

This song is back because this is the only yellow(notreally) song that I know


“Daaad~ What are you doing!”Shu Ning was anxious, he wasn’t done thinking yet so he thought of a way to delay Shu Cheng first.

Shu Cheng who was angry at heart, but only revealed a small bit of it on his face turned to look towards Shu Ning:”You’re still young so don’t get in between this, be good!”

Seeing that his dad was going to press on the call button, Shu Ning grabbed his arm:”Daaad~ Brother’s coming home soon, can’t this wait until after dinner! It will affect his appetite!”

“That’s true for you, not him!”

This time Shu Ning simply decided to just press himself over:”Daaad~”

“What? You’re not going to let me nag at him?”

“I know what brother is like, he’s not the type of person to start something out of nowhere, there was definitely something wrong with those people. Dad, the people who brother thought had to be fired, I don’t believe that there was nothing wrong about them with you, look into my eyes and tell it to me straight!”

Shu Cheng was silent for a moment, Shu Ning’s bet was right. After all, the memories of his past life wasn’t all-powerful _(:зゝ∠)_

“Dad~ Don’t be angry, some things will have to be dealt with sooner or later.”

“You don’t understand, those are some of the older folks in the company, and they worked very hard too when they were young, firing them would make me lost the trust of the others, even if they were wrong, I have to be the one to fire them, we have to do it slowly, one by one, before I can hand the renewed company over to the two of you. He’s already snipped off the wings of others as soon as he got promoted, how is he going to keep hold of the company in the future? Ning Ning, it’s very important to take note of the feelings of others.”

So that’s how it is! Dad isn’t blaming big brother, but big brother was just being too cruel ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

An emperor from the ancient times would also kill a lot of people before he died, taking out all the hidden dangers, then the prince will be in a much more comfortable position after he inherits the throne. The words may seem rough but the logic behind it wasn’t, this was what Shu Cheng meant.

“Dad~ It’s not a bad idea to clean them up slowly, then it wouldn’t leave any marks, but the effects of chopping them off in one go is more effective, and you could still use it as a display to frighten those with bad intentions, is that not so?”

“You youngsters only know about doing things the quick and easy way,”Shu Cheng leaned back on the sofa, and held tight the little one who pounced over to him, not allowing him to leave. This was the benefit normally enjoyed by Shu Heng, while this was Shu Cheng’s first time, what a wonderful feeling:”This is warm, don’t move.”

Shu Ning Σ( ° △°|||)︴Dad, I’m already sixteen~ Growing to 170 centimeters soon, is it proper for you to hold me like this?

Shu Cheng still wouldn’t let go even after seeing Shu Ning’s awkward appearance, he was held tightly by an arm even stronger and thicker than Shu Heng’s:”I can see from all the hugging the two of you brothers usually do, that you’ve got a pretty good relationship, and I’m very pleased about that.”

And so Shu Ning went soft, and lowered his head to press down on Shu Cheng’s shoulder:”Dad, you can hold Shu Yao too.”

“Shu Yao is my son, but aren’t you my son as well?”

“But I’m……grown now~”

“You are, and maybe if you grow even more I won’t have the strength to hug you anymore, being able to hold you while I still can is a blessing too.”

“Dad, I was wrong,”Don’t say any more /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

“No you’re not, if I had a daughter she’d definitely enjoy hanging around her dad, just look at your big brother, he doesn’t make much physical contact, he has facial paralysis, aloof, never makes jokes, just like a small little old man. Thankfully he doesn’t walk with his hands behind his back, or he really could’ve travelled to the ancient past.”

“Ha ha ha~”Shu Ning laughed softly, his dad was right, this was how big brother was in the eyes of others too:”Oh that’s right, dad, he wasn’t like this when he was young, right? Can you tell me some funny things about him?”


“Has he……wet the bed before?”Now this is a classic, he’s such a god~ Something special must’ve happened, right?

“He did, how could he not have!”

Fuck me, that’s great. Shu Ning was excited:”Then then then……Does he drool?”

“Of course, how could he not? His mom personally made a bib for him to tie around his neck while eating, ha ha, he had no neck at all when he was young, his head looked as if it were attached directly to his shoulders, he had these big round eyes, long eyelashes, super cute, he’s not long faced like he is now with his cold eyes, not cute at all.”

“Dad, did he play with bugs when he was young?”All boys have probably played with the, right? Heh~ Heh~ Heh~

“He did, boy he had fun with that, he brought a small little bottle out and secretly kept a ton of bugs in it, and he had no place to hide them so he just put them all under his pillow. When the maid came to clean up, she shook the sheets and a pile of bugs came falling out, she was so scared that she screamed and there was even a big green bug hanging from her head, she’s already an old lady who’s been working for us for over twenty years and she was a stead and quiet person, don’t you think Heng Heng was naughty when he was young?”

“Did he play with mud?”This was a good one!

“Does building a house with it count?”

“The son of a mouse knows how to dig a hole, so naturally the son of my dad would know how to build a house~”

“That’s a fun metaphor, I’ll tell Shu Heng about it later!”

“Don’t, dad, I was wrong, tell me more, I can’t really think about much right now but did he fight with others in the past?”

“Yeah, and quite many too, generally with his cousins at home, he fought with Shu Zi Xuan from the second house several times and I’m always the one who had to apologize for him, he beat Shu Zi Xuan till his nose was bruised and his face swollen, he’s too heavy-handed, he’s been that way since he was young, I had quite the headache too when I was raising him, he’s always been wily and righteous and would never apologize no matter what, just like Shu Yao, you’re the only good baby we have at home.”

That’s why I died, and they’re alive and kicking, how silly is that~

“Baby number two, dad is praising you!”

What the hell is baby number two? Shu Ning stopped talking so Shu Cheng was trying to make him laugh, talking about the other embarrassing things Shu Heng did when he was young, especially how he lost his pants during his middle school sports meet, he calmly tied his top around his waist with the hem hanging down, and nobody around him actually noticed, it was too funny! Just thinking about his big brother’s tall appearance standing in the crowd with his dead facial muscles, with a breeze flowing between his legs, he couldn’t resist laughing out loud:”That’s too funny, if someone pulled off his jacket wouldn’t he be so embarrassed he could die? Aren’t there any naughty children around him?”

“Of course.”

“Who, who?”

Shu Cheng pursed his lips, Shu Ning was too excited about this, even his eyes were shining, stretching his neck out and staring at him, so he ignored some little details and only reacted after his body was pulled into the air, out from Shu Cheng’s arms. The only one who could snatch him from his arms was only Shu Heng ( ⊙ o ⊙ )

I’m dead I’m dead, I was caught, this won’t do, I have to pretend to be calm~

“Brother, you’re back~”Shu Ning’s mouth was faintly twitchy at the edges, this was as they say, extreme joy begets sorrow, he wanted to listen to his scandals no matter what and was hard by the owner, would he beat me up? Recalling those slaps on his butt in the past, Shu Ning’s face reddened mysteriously, it was too embarrassing.

“If I don’t come back won’t you be ascending up to heaven by now?”

“He he he he he~ I wet the bed too when I was young actually, I played with mud too and I’ve caught bugs, I’ve climbed the walls, gone into the water to catch fish, drooled……”/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

Did he go silly from shock? He had actually confessed everything just like that, even Shu Cheng wanted to cover up his face~

Shu Heng took him away directly from the living room, returning to the master bedroom on the second floor and throwing the gloomy Shu Ning down on the bed, then pressing himself on top of him:”Did you have fun listening to all that?”

Of course I had fun, he he he~ Would I die if I said that?

Shu Heng squeezed open Shu Ning’s little mouth:”If you don’t want to talk about it then we don’t have to, take a breath.”

“Wu wu~ Mm~ Wu~ Wu~”

This kiss tasted good, spicy, and lingered on for quite a long time. Shu Heng was able to find an opportunity to “bully” Shu Ning as soon as he came back, while Shu Ning was also willing to be played around by him, allowing him to slide his hands around inside of his clothes. Their pants were taken off and the two piles of flesh were formed into thousands of shapes. When he released him, his body was filled with red finger prints, Shu Heng had used a fair bit of force and had been slightly rough.

Shu Ning had quite some reaction from it and liked it a lot, he arched his back and worked hard to stick over to him, holding onto his big brother’s neck with one arm, trying his best to respond to his kiss, and his other hand was circled around his exceptionally firm waist. Learning from him, he also stuck his hand in. The texture of his brother’s skin was great, smooth, supple, delicate, and alluring.

This is really setting the gun off while polishing it wasn’t it?

Shu Heng’s eyes were extremely dark and the angels were fighting in his mind, do it~ Don’t~ Do it~ Don’t, using the legs were fine as well, the look on his brother’s face right now was already intoxicated and he had a reaction down below, it should be fine even if he used his legs. Shu Heng thought things through thoroughly, he didn’t want Shu Ning to regret it afterwards to he simply took off their clothes down below, but kept their top.

With that, Shu Ning had a some cover so he probably wouldn’t be too embarrassed about it.

And sure enough Shu Ning’s face was flushed red, but he did not reject him. His entire body shook pitifully, and Shu Heng caressed, touched, and kissed him lovingly, clasping Shu Ning’s legs tight together with his own, then the big object was forcefully pushed between the little one’s legs. Shu Ning was completely stunned on the spot, is he……going to do it?

Oh heavens! ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) I I I……What am I going to do? His mind turned blank, that thing was bouncing, flesh touched upon flesh, rattling the earth it was too shocking! He decided it best to just shut his eyes. Oh no, his heart was beating like a drum and his blood was boiling, his body was shaking so much that it was about to fall apart. This was the first time in his life, this had never happened even in his past life, too nervous, truly too nervous, he was sweating.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s me!”



“Heng~ Do it softer, I’m scared~”

“Even if it hurts, I’ll be the only one who can give you that feeling, got that?”


Ning Ning seemed to have understood only half of it, but that does not matter, it will be fine once he grows up. To be able to do this together, Shu Heng was very satisfied, he spoke to Shu Ning to pull his attention away, then feeling that he was accepting it well, he began to move immediately.

“Wu~”Shu Ning sucked in a breath as soon as it brushed past, and immediately covered his mouth!

Shu Heng’s pupils shrank, it felt too good. He pressed down hard on Shu Ning, and both his hands worked to loosen his collar, then lowered his head to bite into his skin.

Shu Ning was shaking madly, his brother was just like a beast, his aggressiveness was too strong, so strong that he didn’t even dare to open his eyes nor move, enduring it silently with his mouth pursed tightly together, he was afraid that if he made a sound……He would make a fool of himself.

Shu Heng still had some logic left in him, so he pulled Shu Ning’s hand away and kissed that charming little face.

“You’re great, and beautiful, have some more confidence will you? Call out, I like hearing it~”

Oh heavens, Shu Ning swallowed his saliva. If he hadn’t seen it he wouldn’t have known but after seeing it, he couldn’t move his eyes away, his brother’s enamoured face was too sexy, especially his gaze, as if Shu Ning was the only one in the world to him, that feeling was too great and wonderful. The object between my legs proved his love for me, Shu Ning hugged Shu Heng’s neck and nudged him affectionately:”Brother~”

As if something had blown up in Shu Heng’s mind, he could not speak, and he sped up abruptly. That thing had grown even bigger now as it pounded heavily downwards, pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa……The sound very extremely loud, mixing into the sounds of Shu Ning’s gasps and pleading. Did it hurt? It hurt Shu Heng’s heart very much but he immediately moved downwards, continuing.

Ah~ Ah……”Shu Ning didn’t want to make any sound because it felt cheap of him, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t endure it, his waist was held tight and he couldn’t move at all, his big brother was so strong, so fierce, and so alluring, Shu Ning was completely intoxicated. His heart trembled, touching the sweat on his brother’s back, Shu Ning felt very happy.

After ten minutes, Shu Heng moved downwards once more, the area between Shu Ning’s legs were red and it was slightly startling. He was pale and not hurt, just that his skin would turn red for a moment when touched. This was a special characteristic of Shu Ning’s body, Shu Heng knew, but he still felt distress and pity in his heart.


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  1. well…please ignore the streams of blood flowing from my nose. It’s….uh….allergies…lol

    Poor Ning Ning isn’t allowed to know the uncool side of Heng Heng without consequences. I think it’s safe to say that this was more of a reward than a punishment.

    Thank you very much for the, ahem, satisfying chapter.

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    Shit! This is really hot
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    “That’s why I died, and they’re alive and kicking, how silly is that~”

    Wah, poor baby. This sums up his previous life’s situation, doesn’t it? He wasn’t domineering because he wasn’t born into the family, and he was used because he grew up too gullible and starved of parental affection- he didn’t have much to his name, unlike Shu Heng or Shu Yao.

    *Sniff* At least baby has a big, golden thigh this time around… who will literally do anything for him *wink*

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    Thanks for the chapter btw

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    2. Fellow fan, it wasn’t anal >0< it was as we call it, intercrural sex, non penetrative where the penis is stimulated by the 2nd person's thighs pressed together to mimic intercourse. Still pretty satisfying lol Ning Ning thought they were going all the way too jdudud hes so thirsty (wait a bit more young man!). Shu Heng at least retains some decency ff good bc Ning Ning is shamelessly thirsty!

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