RWSB Chapter 94

Y’all already know what’s up but imma say it anyway, the following chapter contains content unsuitable for those under 18 or at work.


Shu Heng was shocked but it did not show on his face, What did Shu Ning mean?

He likes his big brother! That type of like? The same as mine? The last thing Shu Ning said was “Give me some time”, so since he can’t ask, he can only ask with his actions.

Especially when he said “Do you not dare to touch me anymore if I don’t tell you to?”Clearly that meant that he liked physical contact!

Shu Heng first rubbed the top of the little one’s head then tightened his arm around him, and stroked his back with his other hand. Although being between clothes helped to ease their problems of lovesickness, it still didn’t feel as good as if he were to touch inside in the end. Shu Heng narrowed his eyes, the little one was obedient like a little cat with no discomfort around him, he could take a step further now. Shu Heng slid his hands gently into his clothes, and ran his fingers through his skin gently.

Shu Heng was a wise man and good at figuring people out, wasn’t that so……Shu Ning twisted around and started to give his own comments:”Brother, harder, at the top, too.”

With that, the hand climbed upwards!

It had only been a few minutes, Shu Hen’s big hand was stroking along the smooth skin, and scratching, over and over, and even dared to slip towards the front to rub his belly. Shu Ning’s entire body was very soft and he had entrusted all his weight to Shu Heng, moving his little butt every so often but he did not dare to make it too obvious, seducing a top or whatnot, how embarassing~

Shu Heng was starting to reach for extras now, his hand moved upwards, slowly, intentionally crossing over the little beans when he passed his chest. Shu Ning trembled, the feeling was quite strong, but unfortunately his hand had only ventured past and did not linger for more, it was quite a shame. Shu Ning had actually wanted to call out but he was afraid that Shu Heng would think him cheap, ah……

He was only sixteen so he didn’t dare to take the initiative, what could Shu Ning do? Can we do this laying down instead? I want to be pressed down!

With the raise of his finger, Shu Heng brought Shu Ning’s chin up and his eyes met his brother’s. The two were looking at each other with very ambiguous gazes, especially how Shu Heng’s deep and profound eyes seemed to be immersed in the faint light of a flame. If not for the fact that Shu Ning was constantly staring at them, he would definitely have missed it. Is big brother getting an erection? Does he want it? Shu Ning had also decided to tighten his arms, and with the tip of his nose, he rubbed Shu Heng’s throat.

Haha, big brother’s throat was moving up and down, how cute.

Shu Ning who narrowed his eyes went ahead and opened his mouth~ Move closer~ And I bite~ A round little teeth mark, perfect.

Shu Heng’s entire body had gone stiff, Shu Ning could even see him swallowing his saliva, was it effective? Then I’ll bite again, and so not only did he add another third of strength into it, he even ground his teeth on him naughtily!

Shu Heng sucked in a breath, this alluring little devil, he’s really pushing people over to the edge. Shu Heng had already tried his very best to endure, but it was all for nought, he had a reaction below so he couldn’t continue holding the little one anymore, if he gets angry now all his efforts up till now would have been in vain. Shu Heng wanted to leave but Shu Ning didn’t let go of him, but who was Shu Heng? Nothing was impossible to do when it came to him.

And so he moved his hands to his armpits and tickled him. Shu Ning laughed out loud and could only let go in desperation, and protected his armpit subconsciously! But if virtue was a foot tall, the devil would be ten, not even in Shu Heng’s dreams would he have expected that Shu Ning would……He curled his legs to the back, securing tightly to his waist. So how was he going to go now? There was simply no way he could, if he gets up forcefully, the little one would fall.

And right now……Shu Heng was in a pretty tight spot.

The large object was rubbing right against Shu Ning. Because of the position of the two, the lower regions of the two were stuck directly together, and even quite tightly at that, that thing in the center was bouncing up and down in excitement. Shu Heng’s face reddened instantly and his eyes fell on Shu Ning’s face, how would he react? Would he be angry or……Shu Ning’s face was blushed as red as blood, seeing that his brother has stopped trying to tickle him, he hurriedly curled his arms around his neck and even rubbed against his handsome face.


Shu Heng nearly couldn’t resist pushing Shu Ning down! The green veins on his forehead were popping, this won’t do, not yet, he’s still young.

Shu Ning didn’t care about all that, my top, my big lollipop, where are you going?

Thinking of Shu Heng’s indecisiveness, Shu Ning was very helpless on it too so simply giving him a hint should be good for now:”Brother, sixteen is already mature by today’s standards, I’m an adult now, and the house grandpa gave me can also be transferred to my name now.”

When Shu Gao was still around, he had once given him a rather large seaside villa, and both Shu Ning and Shu Heng had gone over during the holidays to enjoy themselves once. The scenery was beautiful, poetic, and picturesque. Thinking to when they took walks on the beach at night, that free and relaxed feeling, just thinking about it made him want more of it, it was wonderful, especially the eyes his big brother would look at him with, they satisfied him very much.


That’s it? He wouldn’t be thinking that I was really talking about the house would he? Bro, the key point was “adult”.

“Brother! Do you think that I have to reach eighteen before I’m considered an adult?”


“……”Shu Ning rolled his eyes. He moved his little butt and that thing grew bigger again, and it was very stiff. Shu Ning was only wearing his pajama pants on the bottom, and it was made of a very thin material, it couldn’t obstruct the valiant heat of that thing. Shu Ning took a breath and his gaze was slightly hazy:”Brother, your logic is too old-fashioned, the country already recognizes sixteen year olds to be adults, if not, why would they allow them to get their ID cards? If I start to miss you in the future, I can just settle all the procedures by myself so that I can visit you in M Country, I heard that M Country was very open, people there have already gone through quite a few partners at my age!”

“Do you want to be in a relationship?”Shu Heng closed his eyes, this was simply too awkward. Bearing with this was quite difficult so being able to give a calm but hoarse answer was already his limit.

“Doesn’t big brother like me? Why don’t we try it first?”

Sigh, he really was still a child after all, there were different degrees to liking someone, it doesn’t run as deep as love, or as fascinating, like to the point where a moth wouldn’t retreat even if it were about to be burned by a fire. Shu Heng nodded, he was very willing:”Let go, I have to go to the bathroom.”

“Are you going to rub it?”

“……”The red glow of Shu Heng’s face reached down to his neck.

“Can I watch?”




Shu Ning dragged his words, he could feel that Shu Heng was struggling and his whole body was trembling. He tightened the grip of his arm subconsciously so that Shu Ning could stick to him without any gap in between. Shu Ning’s gaze was wanton as he mustered up the courage to give his big brother a kiss right on the lips. Look, his sexy throat was bobbing again. Shu Ning was a little angry, what he said just now was all for nothing, his big brother didn’t catch onto the main parts at all!

Sixteen is the age of adulthood bro! I understand that you respect my thoughts by not laying a hand on me before I was of age, it was very touching, and I’m not someone with no self-respect either, but an adult is an adult, I would never be able to wait till I’m eighteen, Shu Heng was such a wise person, he definitely knew that undue delay would lead to trouble.

“I’m not a kid anymore if I’m an adult! Actually, I don’t even pay much attention to birthdays, how about we have ours together? We’ll do it on the seventeenth, we’ll have our birthday together on the seventeenth, okay? The seventeenth of March of every year will be my birthday!”As a wedding anniversary, right? Shu Ning twisted in excitement, and the rod was bouncing impressively, wetting Shu Ning’s pajama pants. The flow of heat made Shu Ning’s heart rate speed up and his breath hurried, his body felt extremely hot.


“Brother~ I feel bad below!”Shu Ning had also gotten a reaction. He had given up on all his restraints, and all the face and dignity of a bottom had already been pulled down by Shu Ning himself:”It hurts down there~”

Shu Heng swallowed his saliva, and didn’t even ask before his big hands gave Shu Ning’s little sprout a touch through his pants, it wasn’t small anymore and has already learned of desires. It wasn’t as if Shu Heng didn’t understand what he meant by being an adult, but he just wanted to confirm whether Shu Ning was really coming on to him or not. Shu Heng had to be cautious in answering if he were just tempting him, if he doesn’t pass this level now, there may be no next time.

If they do it, it would hurt a lot the first time, and the first few times wouldn’t go too easily either.

He couldn’t bear to see him bleed, or injured.

Shu Heng knew how sizeable his girth was, if he were to be reckless, Shu Ning might even split apart, he had to make preparations! Only then could it be foolproof. Shu Heng was a man, he was a man with a very strong desire to monopolize, men would care about seeing the blood from popping a cherry but he didn’t want to see that. Shu Heng’s gaze was very dark as he pondered over this matter, and the squirming of his hands started to speed up slowly, he was being ten times more careful than usual.

Shu Ning was twisting his waist, unconsciously holding Shu Heng tight, shivering like a pitiful little animal, teasing people to love and pity him. Shu Heng landed kiss after kiss down on him and stopped thinking, because the sounds made by his little brother were too tempting and wonderful, he even refused to miss the sound of Shu Ning’s breaths. The pink little mouth was slightly parted so that he could breathe, and the flames of desire within Shu Heng’s eyes could no longer be concealed. He couldn’t help lowering his head and possess Shu Ning’s mouth ravenously, seizing it entirely with no corners left untouched.

Shu Ning was so into it that he didn’t even realize it when his pants were pulled down, the two things were stuck together and Shu Heng worked them together. But it was too unfortunate that Shu Ning came too fast, he couldn’t continue so he could only stuff up Shu Ning’s little mouth, not allowing him any chance to think or to be sober at all, then naturally he wouldn’t resist when he does things that were increasingly over the top.

As time went by, Shu Ning was starting to get short on air. As his vision darkened, he fainted in Shu Heng’s embrace. Shu Heng did not let him off this time, with a tug of his hand, he pulled off Shu Ning’s top domineeringly and sprayed his thing on the little one’s chest, then he wiped it off again with his hand just like a beast marking its territory. Shu Heng panted and pulled Shu Ning into a hug, then kissed him lightly.

“I love you~”

When Shu Ning woke up, Shu Heng was not present anymore. His little hand swept and clawed everywhere, he had no recollection of what happened after that at all but he felt slightly uncomfortable below, could it be? Shocked, Shu Ning hurriedly moved his hand over to touch his behind, and sat up in disappointment. He had actually been kissed on his chest as well, Shu Heng was just wise and did not leave any marks. Looking for the evidence of their night of passion now, Shu Ning could only be disappointed.

Shu Heng came upstairs with a bowl of porridge in hand and the two both had their hearts racing, and their faces red, Shu Ning was even more ashamed as he lowered his head, grasping onto his blanket.

Did he regret it? Shu Heng walked to the side of the bed and sat down, then he put down the tray:”Are you hungry? Should I……feed you?”

He nodded. Shu Ning felt himself quite successful, just wait, he’ll definitely find a way to turn Shu Heng into a wolf, but he can’t be too rushed about it.

Since they’ve already developed a sexual relationship, Shu Heng had slightly less concerns as he held Shu Ning with one hand, his finger smoothing past his face every so often, touching his chin, and rubbing his ear, his movements were very natural. With his other hand, he fed him skillfully. When his little brother’s mouth would be stained every so often by porridge or salted vegetable juice or whatnot, Shu Heng would immediately lower his head to lick it clean.

Shu Ning……How embarrassing how embarassing how embarassing, progress is good, this is a joyous thing.

Shu Heng was even happier, not only had their original relationship been restored, there was even a great improvement. Although Ning only knew that they’d rubbed one out last night, Shu Heng had done even more after he fell unconscious, he even touched his small little hole, this is the place he will be using in the future so he paid much attention to it. He had already decided that he will come back immediately after he receives his degree in M Country, then he would loosen the opening every day, then things can progress when it’s just about right.

No matter whether Shu Ning knew about relationships or not, things have already reached this stage, there was no chance for him to regret about it now. Shu Heng’s love for him was too deep, and there was no way for him to turn back, since the little one thinks that sixteen is alright then he will wait for the day of their birthday, the night of the seventeenth! Then I will turn this little guy completely mine.

Shu Ning was full and he licked the corners of his mouth subconsciously. Shu Heng’s eyes were extremely profound as he put down the spoon, and lifted up the little one’s chin gently, then kissed him without any hesitation.

Lollipop – it’s big rod mentioned in a cute way, but lollipop is called “rod-y candy” sort of… Idk what to put and lollipop was the first thing that popped into my head

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