RWSB Chapter 93

slowly getting closer to that 100 chapter mark…


The sun shone brightly that day, Shu Ning dreamt of his grandpa again during his afternoon nap, the saudade feeling had multiplied within him. Strolling through the garden, Shu Gao’s shadow was looming across all the grass and the trees. His grandpa liked pine trees and stayed around the gardens all day, with many poems and art pieces of pine trees displayed within his room. Shu Ning recalled all these thoughts, looking towards the snow hanging above the tree branches, the green blended with the white was an exceptional sight to look at.

“Shu Ning!”

With the sounding of Qin Yu Zhuo’s voice, Shu Ning’s footsteps halted and his eyes shrunk, this voice seems to be quite angry?

Shu Ning turned back to look, Qin Yu Zhuo was walking briskly over with her purse lips, and her hands clenched into fists.

She wants to hit me?

Shu Ning’s mouth curled into a smile and his gaze was wanton:”Go back quickly, dad won’t let us meet.”

“What?”A tummy full of words Qin Yu Zhuo had wanted to say was stuck at her throat, and all her anger was stuffed in her chest. After much surprise, that was the only thing she could ask.

Shu Ning understood her too much so he was slightly upset, and gave her a bad look:”It will be bad if someone sees you here, there is surveillance everywhere.”

“Alright, take care, mom misses you a lot……”

“Cut the nonsense, go.”

Qin Yu Zhuo had to look for him for three whole days before she could get this chance, she wanted to talk about all those years of sadness and pain, the grievances that she could never finish talking about even if she spoke through several days and nights, she even hated the fact that Shu Ning did not plead in her stead, she wanted to give him a few slaps and asked him if he knew what filial piety was. And in the end, for Shu Ning to say such things after seeing her made Qin Yu Zhuo petrified, her complexion was very unnatural and the current situation did not seem very bright, she could not afford to offend her son. She wanted to say a few words before leaving immediately, it was only a few words, it wouldn’t take more than a few seconds, but who knew that Shu Ning was so resolute, reprimanding her in a loud voice.

After approaching truculently, Qin Yu Zhuo shrunk back once more……

Shu Ning continued his jog. It was a cold day so he was dressed pretty heavily, it wasn’t until he heard his phone ring did a sincere smile finally appear on his face.

“I heard the maid say that you were in the grove, you should come home quickly, or you’re going to catch a cold.”

“If I do catch one, will big brother have the time to take care of me?”

He was already sixteen years of age and he was still acting spoiled. Shu Ning’s tone had been playful but his eyes were desolate, Shu Heng should be leaving for M Country soon, Shu Ning cherished very much the last days they had together. Shu Heng had just confessed but Shu Ning had not responded to him yet, so the atmosphere between the two felt a tinge strange.

“You know, Ning Ning.”

That’s right, I do know, you would definitely take care of me! Shu Ning looked up at the sky silently, Shu Heng, oh, my Shu Heng, even if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, shouldn’t you……Adjust your IQ when you’re talking about love? You’ll make it hard for me to continue on the conversation this way!

Shu Heng’s tone was very gentle:”Be good, if you don’t make a fuss I’ll bring home a cake for you tonight. Dad has caught a rather serious cold so I will be helping him out at the office, but actually, I wanted to look after you at every moment, but you wouldn’t come to the office…….”

Interrupting Shu Heng’s long speech, when did aloof male gods get so talkative?:”Alright, it’s my fault again, see you when I get back.”

He hung up the call abruptly, but after hanging up, he regretted it. Heh, Shu Ning felt himself too contentious, he should just forgive him if he can, there was no need for the two of them to torment each other, and sleeping in separate rooms during winter or whatnot, it was cold and lonely, feels a bit like a wife and her husband’s quarrels. Whatever, the deed has been done, he would just accept it if he climbed into his bed again tonight.

THe phone rang and Shu Ning felt giddy immediately. After picking up the call, Shu Heng chose his words carefully, and coaxed Shu Ning so well his heart was blooming with flowers.

Shu Heng and Shu Cheng returned together at night, Qin Yu Zhuo was in the living room and she immediately stood up to receive them with a smile. Shu Heng released Shu Cheng’s arm and went upstairs. They’ve been eating separately this entire time, Shu Heng was with Shu Ning and Shu Cheng with Qin Yu Zhuo. Qin Yu Zhuo was anxious about how things would turn out, but she had decided to give up on this relationship, all she wanted was her bread, when it came to this, her heart was still assaulted with the hot sting of anxiety.

Because……This was the date they agreed on, the day they divorced.

The two went upstairs to eat, drank wine, and turned on some music for a dance. When she was pulled into Shu Cheng’s arms, and watched with his gentle gaze, Qin Yu Zhuo had nearly fallen to him. If piercing love did not exist, then the same would not exist of hate, good times always lasted only short whiles. During their sleep, Shu Cheng had still taken out the document paper bag. He did not say a single word, but truthfully, he did not need to.

Qin Yu Zhuo ignored the bag on the table, painting her skin with beauty products, she smelled fragrant, and her appearance was beautiful and decorous, she still helped her husband into bed as she would before. Qin Yu Zhuo waited for Shu Cheng to fall deeply asleep before she took the paper bag and left for the room on the first floor. It had been unoccupied for a long time so the room looked quite gloomy. When she opened the windows, a gust of bone chilling wind blew in, causing her to shudder, she really wanted to hug herself at this moment.

Qin Yu Zhuo sat on the sofa for a long time before she opened the bag calmly, and looked through the documents carefully before signing her name.

Shu Cheng was no ordinary man, if they were to go through the divorce procedures as they were done, it wouldn’t even take an hour before the media throughout the city would find out. Shu Gao means to give her the cold treatment, and keep the grandchildren in the dark about this. Shu Cheng couldn’t bear to see Qin Yu Zhuo’s reputation ruined either, so they could only do this by special means. The corner of Qin Yu Zhuo’s eyes were wet, she had been crying for a good few years, but she actually still had more tears to cry, ah.

No matter, my husband still loves me, Shu Ning was cold on the surface, but warm beneath, if not why would he have said such harsh words to her if he did not care?

Shu Yao was too young so she could only count on Shu Ning, not to mention that Shu Heng’s show of brotherly affection was so deep. Thinking back to it, if Shu Ning wanted to harm him, he would’ve definitely had quite a few chances to do so. Qin Yu Zhuo felt terrible, she was in so much pain that she had curled up into a ball. The white nightgown fluttered in the wind, making her figure look even more pitiful and helpless.

In the master bedroom on the second floor, Shu Ning heard the car when Shu Heng returned, and an idea struck his mind, he would play hide and seek with him.

Although it was very dark in the wardrobe, Shu Ning had his phone. He wouldn’t know if he didn’t look inside, but seeing it now was quite a shock, really. Who would’ve thought that there was a secret compartment within the wardrobe, and there were some unspeakable items inside. But that was not a proper way to describe it, these were all things Shu Ning had worn. Giving it a tug, several pants with tails attached came out, and Shu Ning’s mouth twitched with much embarrassment, this couldn’t possibly be……Big brother’s collection, right?

Shu Ning had been too focused on what was in front of him and had forgotten to regard the outside, so when Shu Heng opened the big wardrobe, both their faces were flushed red.

Especially Shu Ning, on his left hand was a pair of cat ears as if he had wanted to give them a try, and on his right were a bunch of erotic underwear. His gaze was clear and the words ‘I am innocent’ were written across his big eyes, this gave Shu Heng a tingle in his heart, and sat into the wardrobe directly, but how big could a wardrobe be? Shu Heng was only sitting by the edge and the two were leaning very closely to each other, bringing about an ambiguous feeling.

Shu Ning swallowed his saliva:”You’re back.”

Shu Heng’s gaze darkened, it was you, and not big brother, something seems to have changed. Shu Heng did not think too deeply into it, he took his little brother’s left hand and put the cat ears on his head:”How cute, it fits you well.”

“Brother, nobody would hide their company’s products in their wardrobes would they?”

“I would.”


“Are there any latest models you wanted to wear?”

Um, Shu Ning rolled his eyes and moved his legs, showing his unease:”Move away, it’s hot~”

“Where is it hot? I’ll blow on it for you~”

Shu Heng suddenly approached, and his lung capacity was quite large. There was no place for Shu Ning to hide, being teased by his big brother like this was very embarrassing but he did not get angry:”Brother, you’re becoming more and more annoying.”

“You’ll be the only one I’m like this to, alright?”


Shu Heng had his fill and stopped, his little brother was still young, if he were mature at this time he would’ve done him right now, how great would that be, with a pile of clothes hung above them and his precious shrinking back inside, this cute little ball holding onto such erotic things. Shu Heng felt a heat rise up in his chest, he was about to get a reaction from this. He immediately turned around and left, taking his suit off as his went, he was getting ready for a bath.

While Shu Ning……His heart was beating rapidly and he had already closed his eyes, his little mouth pouting bashfully.



Where’s the hot kiss I expected?

Where’s my dominating top husband? Shu Ning opened his eyes just in time to see the exceptionally glamorous undressing actions of his brother, it was too manly, too handsome, oh my fucking god, too bad Shu Heng was a gentleman /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

After preparing the water, Shu Heng looked towards Shu Ning, standing by the door to the bathroom, the meaning was obvious. Shu Ning sighed in his heart, he had already bathed on his own.

Shu Ning’s face was covered in black lines, you blockhead, can’t you ask? I refuse, can’t you say just one sentence extra?

He would fiddle all around with him in the past, where has his overbearing courage gone? Shu Ning cried without tears, looking up at the roof wordlessly, told you to do it, regretting it now are you?

Shu Ning rolled around on the bed, flipping around back and forth depressingly……

Not only that, when Shu Heng came out, the service he was provided before was gone too, because he was wearing a bathrobe and not a towel as he would before, giving him a bird’s eye view of his good body, his clavicle, chest, two little dots, pecs, his long legs, and the majestic silhouette of that area could also be seen when he was walking……

Unhappy  ̄へ ̄ I want to take off his bathrobe!

Shu Ning had really done so, he immediately jumped down to the ground when Shu Heng came to the bed, and pretended to fall. When Shu Heng held onto him with his quick reflexes, Shu Ning had already succeeded. The bathrobe’s belt was pulled loose, and everything was exposed, everything was actually exposed! He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and this made Shu Ning so embarrassed that he turned away immediately, big brother was so big there, why am I only looking there! Were your desires not satisfied /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~

A glint flashed past Shu Heng’s eyes and they became even darker, they were profound but did not have any leaks. He carried him and put him on the bed, then fixed his belt:”Hungry? I’ll get you something to eat.”

“Don’t go!”


Shu Ning shouted out in a hurry, he wanted to say ‘put on some underwear before you go! You’re my man! What if you flashed someone?’ He was going mad! But when Shu Heng turned his head back with eyes full of expectation, Shu Ning couldn’t say it anymore.

His little brother was still angry inside, Shu Heng walked forward with his head drooping down but Shu Ning coughed twice:”Big brother should be exhausted after a day’s work, so just stay here, we can get someone to send it over, and I’m not very hungry either so there’s no rush.”

Shu Heng looked over immediately, and this made Shu Ning bashful once more. Shu Heng strode over in big steps to the side of the bed but he did not sit down, he was very cautious:”Can I hold you? Only that, don’t misunderstand.”

It’s been a long time since they’ve stuck to each other, Shu Ning bit his lower lip, not speaking. Shu Heng was waiting, but Shu Ning shot him a gloomy glare before Shu Heng sat down and pulled him into his arms gently. If this were before, Shu Heng would’ve put Shu Ning directly on his lap with his bare butt pressing down on his rod, it felt very good.

Shu Ning hesitated for a moment before getting up to sit on his brother’s thighs, then curled his arms around his neck, and rubbed on him.

Shu Heng’s entire body was petrified and his eyes were widened into circles. Shu Ning snorted:”I’ve already forgiven you, do you not dare to touch me anymore if I don’t tell you to?”

“Ning Ning!”

“It’s not like I dislike big brother, I do like big brother, give me some time.”This was the last restraint of a bottom, if his big brother dared to pounce on him, he would dare to give in, but Shu Heng cared too much about Shu Ning, this made him very touched, but at the same time it tormented him as well, he really wanted to kiss his big brother on the lips, he missed his soft tongue that dominated him, and his hot body……

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