RWSB Chapter 92

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Shu Cheng walked up to the third floor with porridge and some side dishes on hand. Before this, Qin Yu Zhuo would never eat salted vegetables but now she has changed a lot, she had become gentle, and calm, and she was still so understanding, diligent, and demure.

Shu Ning learned of Shu Heng’s birth out of accident, and the two of them had a dispute in the snow, and it was actually because of this, but thankfully Shu Heng had always been responsible, taking care of Shu Ning all this while so meticulously, he was not his big brother and yet he was better than one. If not, the second child may be neglected since Shu Cheng had been constantly heartbroken over the death of his father these days.

Shu Cheng who was deep in thought suddenly remembered many things that Shu Gao had told him.

If Qin Yu Zhuo was to find out, if the second house was to find out, how would Shu Heng live on in this family? Would Shu Ning still be able to live his quiet days? Would Shu Yao not have the desire to monopolize things in the future? Qin Yu Zhuo had wanted to make things hard for Shu Heng before she even found out, so if she were to know about it, a big mess will definitely happen, she definitely wouldn’t take this sitting down. It was proper for Shu Cheng to be worried, he had to consider the proposals of his father before his passing. And for the sake of family harmony, the rules of the ancestral hall had to be changed, only the eldest son will be allowed to enter in case Shu Yao would also find out the family tree’s secret after he’s grown up.

But there was another headache cropping up, Shu Heng didn’t want to continue the family business!

At that time, Shu Heng said:”When Ning Ning grows up he can be the chairman, and it’ll be the same if I assist him as the vice chairman.”

“He won’t be able to do it.”

“Dad, he’s your real son, I know you treat me well but there were no heirs left at the capital’s side, I’m afraid they may not just give up, and I can deal with fighting on both lines, but Ning Ning is after all of the Shu clan’s bloodline, he should be the one to inherit the business.”


Thinking about their conversation made Shu Cheng speechless. He sighed, what Shu Heng said was right but Shu Ning didn’t seem to want to. Well what can he do, might as well just see how things go.

Qin Yu Zhuo was waiting in the room, unlike how she was before, she had become slightly more cautious, looking up to Shu Cheng with a loving gaze. Shu Cheng walked over, and put down the porridge:”I saw Heng Heng earlier, Ning Ning was hungry as well.”

“Ning Ning……”Cutting off after only speaking halfway, Qin Yu Zhuo’s special skill, looking pitiful with her eyes tearful.

“Isn’t there still Shu Yao?”

Shu Yao, that’s right, my little Yao Yao. Qin Yu Zhuo patted Shu Yao’s back with loving pity, the little guy was sleeping very soundly in her arms, he had been all sticky with her since he had learned that Qin Yu Zhuo was his mother, he wouldn’t leave her for even a second, even when they needed to use the toilet! And with that, the three man sleeping position was born.

Qin Yu Zhuo was very familiar with turning the sails according to the direction of the wind, she held onto Shu Yao and didn’t let go. Thinking back to it, Shu Cheng’s feelings for me were so deep he probably wouldn’t sent me away, but as for Shu Ning, I haven’t seen him in private since I came back, and when we were in public, even our eyes didn’t meet, what on earth is going on? Qin Yu Zhuo didn’t understand, I’m his mother!

At this crucial moment, she can’t do anything that could arouse suspicion, Qin Yu Zhuo would never leave the house as long as Shu Cheng never said anything.

On the other side, Shu Heng had just returned to the room when Shu Ning turned around immediately to look elsewhere just like before, super cute. But Shu Heng did not dare to tease him any more, the porridge had already cooled down when he brought it over so it was just right to eat now. Shu Heng put the little table on the bed, then put down the porridge and the dishes before sitting on the sofa, reading a magazine.

His brother had always been the one to feed him in the past. Shu Ning stared at the delicious smelling porridge, and pursed his lips, making no movements.

Benefits were benefits, he can’t lose them just because he was angry, didn’t you like me? Come on, feed me? Shu Ning’s cheeks were puffed up and even rolled his eyes.

Shu Heng’s heart was beating like a drum, this is……He put down the magazine tentatively and the little one stiffened up a bit, he was probably observing me from the corner of his eye. Shu Heng had decided and trod over elegantly, sitting down by the side of the bed, he picked up the little spoon and gave it a try before bringing it to his little brother’s mouth. Shu Ning opened his little mouth and ate it, seeming quite pleased, he even licked the corner of his mouth.

Shu Heng was overjoyed, but he didn’t show it on his face. He attended to him with much care, but sadly he had finished it. Shu Ning turned to lie down immediately, not even sparing a glance to Shu Heng.

He had only eased up after looking from a close distance, his brother’s face was fine now. He didn’t hold back when he was angry, and landed a pretty heavy blow on him, and thinking back to it seemed as if the sound of it still rung in his ears, how could I……Although I hit him quite heavily when I was mad with anger, but he still didn’t blame me for it, it had clearly been something they could’ve solved just by speaking about it in private, there was no need to explain after a sad misunderstanding.


Shu Ning knew that it was hard for Shu Heng, what would he have done if he were in his place instead?

Perhaps he would retreat because of the condemnation of his conscience? After all there were so many people he could’ve fallen in love with, why must he have chosen his stepfather’s son, and even a boy at that! Shu Heng had been bearing with all this pressure, taking care of me each day, watching over me, treasuring me, and he had even gotten revenge of those who had wanted to hurt me.

The way he jokingly called me his wife, and the way he told me that I was the only one in his heart, and even said that he liked me……Uh _(:зゝ∠)_ Shu Ning hurriedly retreated into his blanket. I’ve been so stupid, what a fool! There had clearly been so many traces he could follow, but he had missed out on so much. Hold on, did he mention about me turning of age? Oh my god, then wouldn’t I have had to bear with it together with him?

I want to do it!

Shu Heng was worried, watching him with his profound gaze. He wanted to extend his hand over but he couldn’t. Under this dilemma, Shu Ning suddenly sat up and his eyes darted side to side, as if there was something he wanted to say……

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!”And he shrunk back into the blanket~

Gnashing his teeth and didn’t even end up saying anything, nobody would’ve believed that. Shu Heng sighed at his little brother’s anger, then he took up his violin and continued to play it, and the way he played it made his little brother’s heart ache, it was fine to just play it natural. That’s right, Shu Heng did not sleep on purpose, he was playing the pitiful part on purpose and making himself look flustered, and he had done all this to ease up their relationship. Shu Ning was hard-hearted to others, but to him, he had always been easy to compromise.

And with that, things slowly start to look up again.

Shu Ning sat up abruptly again:”I can get my card at sixteen right?”

“……”What card? Hundreds of documents passed through Shu Heng’s mind in that next moment →_→

“My ID card.”

Shu Heng nodded:”That’s right, it was eighteen when I got mine but the national policy has changed, but you still can’t get a driving license yet, that will have to wait till you’re a full eighteen years.”

Who the hell cares about that? In front of this piece of cake Shu Heng, everything else had to make way. Shu Ning leaned over to Shu Heng with a slight gloominess in his countenance, and his little hands gripped the sheets, he looked very gloomy:”Did it have to be eighteen?”

Shu Heng’s head was filled with question marks? To drive a car? The topic had leaned to a different direction. But it was fine as long as his little brother was willing to speak, Shu Heng nodded.

And so Shu Ning misunderstood, I’m already 170 centimeters tall soon, and I can get my ID card in three months, but that bastard Shu Heng wanted to be a gentleman, aahhhh~

But who knew of the inner sufferings of a little bottom? He had never even slept with anyone at the age of thirty in his past life, this won’t do, sixteen was already quite old, it will work.

Shu Ning made up his mind, sixteen at the latest! Shu Heng is mine, don’t take him from me! Thinking of it made him sad and frustrated. Shu Ning raised his hands and slapped Shu Heng a few times then snorted before lying back down. Shu Heng was mystified, he didn’t know what his little brother was throwing a tantrum over. He hesitated for a moment before helping him fix his blanket, then patted his back gently.

He had been sleeping for way too long, Shu Ning couldn’t sleep at all. He would ask Shu Heng to fetch his phone at one moment, then order him to cut fruits for him the next, Shu Ning loved the way Shu Heng handled his knife the most, it was very suave and very alluring, slashing his knife down seriously in a series of swooshes, it was particularly pleasing to look at. After finishing the fruits, Shu Ning wanted to use the bathroom. He had just gotten down from the bed when his legs had gone soft and his body propelled forwards.

With a quick reaction, Shu Heng received him, bringing him into his arms like usual. For a moment, the atmosphere between the two had gone very strange, Shu Heng was testing the waters so he was only holding him and didn’t carry him up sideways, he wanted to see what reaction Shu Ning would have. Shu Ning looked at him with his head cocked to the side, then hooked his arms around his brother’s neck, his intentions obvious.

Shu Heng carried the little one up immediately and walked towards the bathroom.

Cripple mode begins. He had only struggled for an hour, and Shu Ning’s anger did not subside, but he had forgotten it completely. It’s not easy being alive, so why bother torturing each other? Especially towards the one you love. He patted to the space beside him, but Shu Ning did not look at Shu Heng. The bed sunk down a little, Shu Heng had gotten in, and laid down by Shu Heng’s side without taking his clothes off.

Normally the two would be facing each other in a mutual embrace, but Shu Heng didn’t dare to venture in today, and slept in a very well-behaved manner. This was way out of Shu Ning’s expectations, but when he had determined that Shu Heng had fallen asleep, Shu Ning propped his head up with one hand, and kept on staring at his features, that was handsome to a godly degree, feeling slightly out of it. Was this real? He loves me…… was that real?

If I wake up from this dream, would he still be there?

Early the next morning, Shu Heng was still in the room when Shu Ning woke up, and he immediately brought a warm towel over to help Shu Ning wipe down his face and neck:”Are you hungry?”

“……”Shu Ning felt vexed, and he sat up:”I’m fine now”

“You’re still a little weak so you should lie down for another half day, I’ll stay with you.”

Oh……how intoxicating, Hearing that his brother would stay with him, he immediately dropped down as if he were boneless. The corner of Shu Heng’s mouth curled up, if my little brother likes it when I smile, then I’ll smile more. As he expected, the results were not bad, Shu Ning had also raised the corners of his mouth. The two had their breakfast together. Shu Ning was having his porridge, and Shu Heng his rice, just like when they’ve just met.

After they finished their meal, Shu Heng picked up Shu Cheng’s call. Qin Yu Zhuo yelled out Shu Ning’s name during her dream yesterday night, so she wanted to come see him together. Shu Ning hadn’t been well and Qin Yu Zhuo was quite worried. Shu Heng rejected him outright, Ning Ning needed to recuperate in peace, so this will have to wait. As for how long in the future they had to wait, this would depend on Shu Ning’s mood.

Shu Heng was too cool, he didn’t think that he would reject him immediately. With starry eyes, Shu Ning opened his mouth to eat his porridge and ah~ He bit on the spoon.

“Dad, it’s all your fault, Ning Ning chipped his tooth.”

Shu Ning:”……”

Shu Cheng:”……”

Qin Yu Zhuo was right next to Shu Cheng, and she was slightly anxious:”Then have a dentist look at it!”

Shu Cheng immediately made the suggestion, and Shu Heng rejected him once again, whether he would find a dentist or not was up to him to do. And then……he hung up. Hearing the beeping noise, Shu Cheng’s face was like this ( ⊙ o ⊙ ) And Qin Yu Zhuo’s face was like this  ̄へ ̄ You uneducated little shits, just you wait.

Shu Gao had already died, as long as I can stay here successfully, there’s a lot I can do in this household. Before waiting long for Qin Yu Zhuo to feel good about herself, Shu Cheng took her hands and looked at her seriously:”Before dad died, he left a message……”

DOn’t lie to me, Shu Cheng, Shu Gao left sleeping, he didn’t leave any last words at all, and he had already separated all the inheritance when he was still alive, there was no further legacy. But Qin Yu Zhuo was still sitting straight, waiting for him to speak with a good attitude:”Tell me, I’m listening.”

“Dad told us to get divorced……to protect the interests of the children.”

What? Qin Yu Zhuo was stunned as if she was struck by lightning, but her expression did not change. She had been living like a corpse all this while in the island, so this was nothing. It had only been several minutes when Qin Yu Zhuo’s gaze had turned exceptionally sad:”Why? Can you tell me the reason?”

“We won’t make the divorce public, this is what dad wants, and I don’t want to talk too much about what you yourself have done, and I can see that you’ve changed, just that we have to respect dad’s last words so don’t worry, I won’t treat you badly!”

Qin Yu Zhuo who had given up on love had a very clear look in her eyes:”Alright, I agree.”

“Yu Zhuo, I love you~”

“I love you too~”

After three entire days, Qin Yu Zhuo had finally found the Shu Ning she ordered……


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