RWSB Chapter 86

Shu Ning talked about a lot of things with Pang Qian, and after finishing their skewers, they even went to a tea shop for some tea. They properly arranged some details so as to ensure that nothing would be lost.

And as expected, at the start of Monday, Wang Cong’s expression was slightly off, and his eyes were slightly red.

Wang Cong’s father was a top, on that year, his bottom that he had been seeing for nine years couldn’t take the pressure anymore, and returned home to get married and have kids. In a moment of desperation, he sold off all his property to his ex-boyfriend, he jumped off a bridge in the middle of the night, and drifted away, thinking about how good it was to die off just like that, ending it all. But what he did not expect was, he was saved by a girl.

The girl was very sympathetic to his experiences and did not mind his love of men, and the man was very moved. At this time of hardship, there was someone who still treated him sincerely, and so they tied the knot and had Wang Cong.

However, the good times did not last long, and when Wang Cong was ten years old, an Audi was parked at their door. A handsome man dressed in a suit had a pair of reddish eyes that were flowing with tears, and looked grievously at his father……

At that time, Wang Cong thought that the uncle had such pale skin, so tender and supple that you could almost wring water out of them, just like a girl.

Not long after, his mother began to become suspicious, and started to go hysterical. She almost washed her face with tears but his father had still left at the end, leaving together with that beautiful uncle. Since then, they’ve settled down just a short distance away, but they felt so far. It was still the same as usual, his father had come out of their household without taking a single penny, he may have seemed generous but he was incomparably cold.

With an obscured gaze, Wang Cong observed those rich young masters, choosing a good target to make a move on.

He made his order when Zhang Qi was walking towards the teacher’s office. Wang Cong quickened his steps towards him, and whispered something. There were no other people around so the conversation between the two of them were kept very private.

But Zhang Qi widened his eyes and his voice was raised:”What did you say? What happened to your mom?”

“Quiet down, I don’t want the other students to pity me, why bother?”Wang Cong was tall so he had to lower his head slightly to whisper to Zhang Qi. He appeared very anxious, and with an ashen face he told him of the reason, and at the end he spoke a number with a parched mouth:”Two hundred thousand, it’s just two hundred thousand, alright?”

“Are you taking me for a fool?”Zhang Qi pushed Wang Cong away with a smack of his palm, and ridiculed:”Who the hell is your buddy? It’s good enough we let you hang around with us all day, and now you’re asking for two hundred thousand? Why don’t you just rob it from me?”

“Shh, quiet down~”Wang Cong had been very embarrassed by his words, but he was helpless.

Zhang Qi rolled his eyes and walked forward in a big stride, he was done with Wang Cong. Two hundred thousand? Even I don’t have that much, there’s no way my dad would give me that much, I don’t even have enough to spend normally, two hundred thousand? You wish, your mom’s sick but my mom’s sick too, she’s got a headache, why don’t you hand over ten thousand first? Ah no, we’ll be alright with you if you spent at least a thousand when you come out to play with us, we’re already giving you tips when you come out to eat and drink for nothing out our pockets, and you’re still asking for money? Who the hell do you think you are? ╮(╯▽╰)╭ If not for the fact that Wang Cong was tall, burly, and agile, he would’ve been shooed off ages ago. With his head to the side, Zhang Qi felt that he had been too relaxed while making friends.

Wang Cong was so angry that he gritted his teeth. He clearly had money but he still wouldn’t help him out, Zhang Qi’s clothes normally cost no less than four digits, but this two hundred thousand would be used to save lives!

On that afternoon, Wang Cong came to another opportunity in his wait. At that time, Tian Jia Hui’s phone rang and he went out alone to receive the call, it seems to have been some private content that should not be overheard by anyone. Wang Cong said that he was going to the toilet but he was actually passing by to search for him. At that time, Tian Jia Hui was talking to his grandfather, and just as he finished talking, he was faced with Wang Cong coming over.

Tian Jia Hui raised a brow:”Oh, so you didn’t get to borrow the money?”

He found out? Wang Cong had tried to borrow money from several people but he had failed on all accounts. He felt slightly embarrassed but he had to suck up to him with a smile:”My mom was rushed to the emergency room yesterday, if I can’t borrow the money then she won’t be able to have the surgery, then she won’t be able to go on, we’ve known each other for so long so take it as me begging you, and help me out, alright? I’ll definitely pay you back after that.”

“It’s not like I don’t want to help you, but whether it’s me or Zhang Qi, none of us are from the capital so we only have our living expenses on hand, unlike you, a local, if you’ve got the time to humble yourself in front of us, then you might as well borrow some money from your neighbour, and if you really can’t do it then you can start a donation, wouldn’t that be great, you wouldn’t have to pay it back! It’s well known that people from the capital are rich, heh heh……”Tian Jia Hui was very clever, he knew that Wang Cong may seem very peaceful but he actually looked down on outsiders. He looked too highly of himself, it wasn’t known where his confidence came from, but he thought himself nobler than others.

Wang Cong stood where he was and lowered his head, his eyes undulating and his fists clenched tightly into fists……

On a Tuesday afternoon, Wang Cong who had no other plans left finally set his sights on Shu Ning. It was because he had a high evaluation of him in school, he came from a good family and he had a complicated history, he was such a small little person and he had skipped two grades, and still he was not inferior meshed in with a group of seniors. He was even tightly surrounded by those high-profile kids, and he was a very caring person, this proved that he was indeed extraordinary.

In fact, Shu Ning was two years younger than his classmates, coupled with his body that looked like a bean that had just begun to sprout, those big brothers would naturally take care of him, they were all people of good characters. Normally Shu Ning wouldn’t show his full deck of cards, but when something happened to those people or their families, Shu Ning would give them some advice based on his memories of his past life, and often he played a key role in helping them.

Nobody here was a fool, Shu Ning had C City as his background, and he had never concealed how good his relationship with Shu Heng was. Meanwhile, Shu Heng appeared very often with the Mou family, and it was no secret that he sat at one of the main seats. There were all sorts of complications that nobody was able to work out, and so they all envied the few rich kids who had a good relationship with Shu Ning since year one.

Zhao Dong was the head of the small group and he was very concerned about Shu Ning, he looked for an opportunity to have a good chat with him, and sitting on a bench under a tree, Shu Ning told him about his idea. Zhao Dong disapproved of it very much, but it was no use even after much persuasion, Shu Ning had already decided. There was nothing wrong with studying at Yuanlin, it was easy and enjoyable.

Zhao Dong was the second son of the Zhao family and he had very strong motivations, he had already planned out his life a long time ago, and wanted to get into M Country’s best school. So seeing Shu Ning leeching off his family and not studying much, he was very worried, and it wasn’t only Zhao Dong, the others from their small group had also noticed this situation. Usually, they would try to hint at it, but Shu Ning still wouldn’t take anything from them.

Class was starting soon, Zhao Dong took a look at his watch and sighed helplessly:”Is it because of your family? YOu’re like me, sandwiched right in the middle, if you’re doing too good it would affect the harmony between your brothers, and if you were takings things too easy you wouldn’t be able to make an example to your younger brother, wasting away yourself, and your life.”

Shu Ning:”……”

Zhao Dong gripped Shu Ning’s thin shoulder and leaning close to his ears, he spoke his heartfelt words:”You don’t have to answer, I understand.”

It was about time for them to go to class. When Zhao Dong stood up, Shu Ning took his hand and had Zhao Dong lean his ear over, and also spoke a bit of his heartfelt words:”my problem’s not on top, but on the bottom, my mom doesn’t love me and she wants me to take the bullet.”

Zhao Dong’s pupils shrank, and he felt a slight pain in his heart for his good friend, and he gave Shu Ning’s shoulder a pat. The two then confided in each other, and Zhao Dong could understand about seventy percent of Shu Ning’s problems, he knew that he never spoke about his problems so what happened today was very rare. They’ve known for three years, so they could be said to have truly bonded. Zhao Dong left, and Shu Ning pondered thoughtfully. In Zhao Dong’s current generation in the Zhao family, he heard that he was the only one left, both his elder and his younger brother had died, that should be due to Zhao Dong’s actions.

It wasn’t as if you couldn’t tolerate it sometimes, but it was others who don’t want to keep you alive, and for such poisonous attributes to form in someone, it would slowly happen if they were forced to their limits.

Right at this moment, the sound of footsteps came near, they were neither light nor heavy steps without a bit of impulse, it should be Wang Cong. Shu Ning curled his mouth into a smile, the prey had thrown itself into the net or whatnot, this was simply fabulous.

Before this, Wang Cong’s complexion was exceptionally bad, and he was constantly hiding behind some faraway trees, his eyes locked onto the two people who were being rather intimate, could they be a pair? No wonder the boss of the school took care of Shu Ning so well normally, so this was the reason why. That’s bloody disgusting, look at that, they’re even kissing, fuck. Shu Ning really was cheap, he wouldn’t even let him leave and pulled him down for another kiss!

With different angles and different mentalities, what you could see was also different.

Zhao Dong was enigmatic, and his keen senses noticed Wang Cong. When he left, he had taken a look towards the trees far behind, and had already gave him a warning which led Wang Cong’s legs to go soft, and his face to pale, he was very afraid. He noticed me, Wang Cong was unlucky because those eyes were as sharp as a dagger, but he had still come close to Shu Ning, he had some difficulties that he must face.

“Shu Ning~ Can I have a bit of your time?”

That’s a strangely roundabout way?

Shu Ning lowered his head silently as if he were thinking it over, and still sat as straight as ever.

Wang Cong felt extremely humiliated, that he was looked down on and not put into his sights at all……After adjusting his demeanor, Wang Cong came out slowly with the truth, speaking with much stubbornness and arrogance, pressing down his unwillingness as if borrowing money from someone was something to be ashamed of, as if no hardships could beat him to the ground. SUch a type really was rare, and this was the type of person Shu Ning appreciated the most usually.

The meaning of Wang Cong’s words were very simple, if you don’t borrow him money then you would be no better than a dog, because you were a young master and you were so rich, you should have two hundred thousand with you, right?

Ha ha ha ha……Shu Ning really laughed, and he looked calmly towards Wang Cong’s face, it was truly wonderful. He used to think that although he was poor, he at least had a backbone. His mother had gotten ill and he had to let go of his pride to borrow some money. And now looking at it in a different angle, he felt instead in a gloomy way, that he had noticed how much of a fool he was in his past life.

But he couldn’t say it that way either, he had to count his kindness at heart. Not to mention Shu Ning who had been separated with his mother since he was a young age, would resonate with and appreciate such a dutiful son, naturally he couldn’t match those simultaneously.

Wang Cong’s mouth twitched, is it no use after all that? It’s impossible!

Shu Ning didn’t invite him for a seat either, he took out his wallet. Wang Cong’s pupils shrank and he swallowed his saliva faintly.

But what Shu Ning took out was instead a card, no, it was a name card!

Wang Cong’s face turned hideous and his tone of voice became gruff:”What is the meaning of this? If you’re not going to help then forget it, why do you have to insult me?”

“You understand?”Shu Ning’s eyes were clear.

While Wang Cong could not understand what he said anymore, could he have thought wrongly? There would definitely be nothing good from a minor receiving a name card, but the one who took the card out was Shu Ning……

Shu Ning chuckled:”It’s just as you think.”

Wang Cong hated homosexuality the most but he didn’t dare to scold Shu Ning. When he turned to leave, Shu Ning’s voice reached his ear and made it so that he could not take even a single step more.

“You know about the Hongxing prince, don’t you?”

Wang Cong……

“Contact the owner of this card tomorrow morning.”

Shu Ning returned for his classes, he was several minutes late but the teacher did not say anything, and permitted him to enter. Whereas Wang Cong did not return, he wandered about for the rest of the afternoon, and first thing the next morning, he contacted the owner of the card. This person was a subordinate of Pang Qian who was engaged in public relations, he was the only person in the department and his name was Qin Ming, he was a young man but he was already experienced in the world, and he was even more slippery than mud!

Qin Ming attached great importance in picking up Wang Cong personally, and he spent the entire morning wrapping him up, and teaching him things in the afternoon, some things had to be taught, if the service wasn’t good, who would’ve been the unlucky one?

Wang Cong felt very humiliated as he watched some films that could not be described in detail, he wanted to vomit but there was nothing in his stomach at all, because according to Qin Ming, he was worried than he couldn’t take it at night when he had to “suck” on something, so he did not allow him to eat.


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