RWSB Chapter 87

On several occasions, Wang Cong had wanted to escape. He was done, it was too humiliating, it was simply not something a person should be doing.

But his mother was still lying on the hospital bed, he couldn’t tell his neighbours that he couldn’t even muster up two hundred thousand. How would he be able to live if he were to be pointed at and mocked in the future for being so poor? He wanted to borrow money from his relatives, but if his relatives were to know of it, how could he peel himself away from them when he gets makes it big in the future?

They would peck at him with harsh words, who do you think helped you out so you could be who you were today?

For the rest of his life he would not be able to get rid of his shame, why did his mother have to get sick? Why……

Qin Ming had been staying in his room the whole time and never left, he watched him very strictly. Because the “boss” had only ever passed work over to Chief Pang, this was his first ever time receiving an order from him, his chance had come! He can’t disappoint him now!

At 6:45PM on Wednesday, within a VIP private room in a five-star hotel, Shu Ning had arrived with Pang Qian and several bodyguards. After a minute, the Hongxing prince had also arrived. Both parties had come ten minutes earlier than their time of meeting, showing how much they have attached importance to each other. After all, with the status of him as a rich young master, other people only had to wait for him, he would not be the one to wait for anyone else.

Shu Ning was only fifteen whereas the prince was already thirty, so he was very curious. He felt this quite interesting and looked up to him very much, he as such a young boy and yet his eyes were set on sights so far away, his designs for the shopping plaza was absolutely wonderful. With a circle of storied buildings surrounding it as well as offices, the layout was perfect and traffic was abundant, and they had all also been sold a step early, even the prince was a step too late in buying a lot, if you said it was just a coincidence, how could there be such coincidences in this world?

If possible he would like to take it under his wing and use it for himself in the future. The Shu family was not bad, they were the head in C City. If he were to help him with the property, then he reckoned that even if he were not hell-bent on it, it was very close.

The two parties talked very happily. Hong Rui supported his head with one hand, appearing chic and uninhibited. He was slightly out of it as he watched Shu Ning, he felt that Shu Ning truly was quite interesting, he was such a little thing but he spoke without flaws, he had courtesy and he was thoughtful, calling uncle as soon as he opened his mouth, Hong Rui was very satisfied at this point. He did not do any tricks either, they ate when they ate, and they chatted when they chatted.

There were no conflicts between the interests of both sides and they did not have any ongoing cooperations either. Being neither too humble nor pushy, Shu Ning spoke with no restraints, asking whatever he wanted to ask and he would say it was confidential if he did not wish to answer something. He was so honest, Hong Rui had been used to seeing people’s flattery since he was young, and he felt that Shu Ning was a pretty great guy. Even if nothing was going on, he could invite him out for a chat, and just take it as a way to relax.

In his joy, the prince had a few glasses more to drink. He peered over to Shu Ning as he drank juice, he really was a child.

“You’re about to take your college entrance exams, right? Do you have any goals?”

“Mm, Yuanlin is pretty good, but my family doesn’t know about it yet, you have to keep it secret!”Everyone always liked getting worried over next year’s business~

Hong Rui laughed heartily:”Oh you, you’ll actually have me keep a secret for you, but alright, if I let it slip then I’ll be a dog, come, let’s drink to it!”

The little wine glass and the drinking cup were knocked together, and both Shu Ning and Hong Rui laughed and chugged it all down. Hong Rui was giddy, after all, the drinking cup was quite large!

After eating and drinking for two hours, Pang Qian virtually did not speak and several bodyguards were standing in the corner like statues, not moving even a single inch, they were very professional.

It’s about time to leave, Hong Rui put his hand on Shu Ning’s small little shoulder, then lowered his head to whisper:”Since you’ll call me big brother, then let big brother send you a gift, you have to accept it!”

“Why does it feel like this isn’t anything good?”

He laughed out loud, Hong Rui was high from the alcohol. Feeling quite unfortunate that Shu Ning was still young, he gave him a few light pats:”It’s something good, definitely.”

Then he left. Pang Qian had the bodyguards escort Shu Ning out first, then he followed Hong Rui. It was not convenient for Shu Ning to start off the entertainment program, so naturally as the president he should be the one handling it. Hong Rui was very pleased and did not think much of it, after all the more capable a person was, the higher their charisma, talented people would naturally converge towards them.

Pang Qian had already arranged for everything. Within the presidential suite, Hong Rui was very curious as to what kind of person would be sent over by Shu Ning’s top men.

When the door was opened, Wang Cong stood up immediately with an ashen face and a sharp gaze, he pursed his lips and displayed an appearance of stubbornness and pride.

Hong Rui has read countless people, and he could tell at a glance that he was a virgin. He wiped his lip with a finger and went over in a big stride, approaching quickly in an imposing manner.

Wang Cong has never seen such an outstanding man before, he had no words to describe the type of impact he supplied him and he didn’t dare to fight against or yell at him. He retreated slowly up until his head was caught by the prince’s grasp, then locked their lips.

At that moment, it felt as if something of his was broken, it felt extremely humiliating and it was a sorry sight.

After suffering for an entire night, the process had been extremely difficult and humiliating. At first, Wang Cong gave a shrill shriek, then he clenched his teeth after that. This annoyed Hong Rui who enjoyed listening to such sounds, he pried his mouth open and really let him suck on it. Didn’t you not want to make any noise? Now you don’t have to.

Hong Rui was great at having fun, Wang Cong’s type pleased him very much. Won’t open your legs? Won’t make any sound? Won’t kneel? He had countless tricks that Wang Cong had no way of fighting back to, he was exhausted both physically and mentally, even the difficult poses were coming out. No matter whether it was the bed, the sofa, the coffee table, or even the glass window, the energetic and skillful Hong Rui made Wang Cong despair.

And what did Wang Cong get after that?

He got a high fever that took three days to ease. He rested at home while the two hundred thousand was already sent to the hospital. His mother’s operation went smoothly, and she was fine now.

Two hundred thousand, and it wasn’t given to him directly by Hong Rui, but rather he was able to get it due to Shu Ning’s plan for a cooperation with him that brought them much benefits, then Shu Ning sent Qin Ming to take care of Wang Cong’s mother’s surgery, he didn’t want to let that poor woman die. Wang Cong grew to be less and less filial, being able to plead to others was already his last shred of filial piety.

Hong Rui did not know of Wang Cong’s difficulties at all, that night of passion was no different from his usual one-night stand.

Wang Cong had suffered, so naturally he wanted to get more benefits. And so he waited at home, waiting for Hong Rui who’s had a taste to come knocking. But day after day passed, even his teacher had come to ask about him, that overbearing and maniacal man had still yet to come. Wang Cong did not think that he had done anything wrong, but possibly……

Whatever, he was not gay anyway, he’ll just pretend he got bitten by a dog!

The teacher thought that Wang Cong had become so dispirited because of his mother, so he gave him a good talking to, then she went to the hospital for several visits. Only at Monday morning did Wang Cong return to school. His whole person had become considerably haggard as if he were covered in the dusts of battle. During the afternoon at the canteen, Zhang Qi waited for someone to buy all the food, then seeing Shu Ning’s appearance, he went over immediately.

If you compare yourself to others, you’re just making yourself depressed. Wang Cong had to follow Zhang Qi around to mooch food and drinks off of him, whereas Zhang Qi would plead and beg Shu Ning to eat.

During the big October holidays, Zhang Qi and Tian Jia Hui were discussing about inviting Shu Ning out to play. It wasn’t too ideal even after choosing several scenic spots for a resort holiday, so in the end they set their hearts on a picturesque mountainous area. It was a good place, located far away from the capital, it required several days of travelling to return so they could get closer, and hopefully they could become as close as brothers! The most important thing was that there were often film crews appearing there, wouldn’t it be great to stare at some celebrities!

Super great, it passed through the collective agreements of everybody, but a problem arose, Shu Ning wasn’t going ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Right when Zhang Qi was scratching his head from the predicament, Wang Cong volunteered and pinned the matter on himself. Wang Cong was no fool, Shu Ning offered him up so he’s definitely received quite a fair bit of goodies didn’t he? They were just going out to play together, this small bit of face must be given! After the two met up, Shu Ning agreed as soon as Wang Cong mentioned it. Firstly, it was because Shu Yao had a high fever that wouldn’t ease so grandpa would definitely be watching after him, Shu Ning didn’t want to have any regrets before his grandfather passed away so he kept away from there.

Secondly, his big brother would be returning a few days late, then he could stay with Shu Ning for half a month. Shu Ning’s mood had perked up, so naturally he was willing to go out for some fun.

Wang Cong……His face was filled with gloom, what the hell was this?

On that night, Wang Cong had just returned to the entrance of his house when he was stopped by Qin Ming who had come out of his car:”Hello, do you still remember me?”

Wang Cong retreated backwards and his face had turned ashen, but his neighbours were all around so he wasn’t afraid, and he couldn’t make a scene either:”What……What do you want?”

“Let’s have a chat in the car.”

“Waste of time.”

Wang Cong walked forward but Qin Ming blocked him from the front:”You know, I just ended up thinking about you because I had nobody I could use for the job, there’s no need to act like that, I’m not forcing you, I’m just giving you an opportunity, you can do it if you want to, and if you do I have fifty thousand to offer, hmph.”

Then Qin Ming left just like that. Wang Cong’s complexion was extremely gloomy as he walked up the stairs, and idled about his room. This time, he refused decisively.

On the first day of their long holiday, everybody got on the plane merrily. This was because Shu Ning mentioned that the area wasn’t great, so they had to have a lackey, and that was the only reason why Zhang Qi and Tian Jia Hui would bring Wang Cong along, and then begun this group tour of eight. As expected this was one of the most famous protected areas, the scenery was beautiful and fish were swimming in the waters, it was great, just looking at it could make one feel refreshed, even the air was fresh and intoxicating.

There were no luxury hotels here, only ordinary hotels that were too dirty with shared public toilets and bathrooms, this was way out of Zhang Qi and Tian Jia Hui’s expectations! Shu Ning proposed that they live in a residential area, it was comfortable and convenient, and the homeowners could cook for everyone, wash their clothes, fold their blankets, show them good hospitality, and when night came, hot water would be sent to your hands, everybody would be treated just like their grandsons, even the young masters would feel embarrassed to start a fight so they were all obedient and in harmony of each other.

Shu Ning saw the scenes and was slightly out of it, so it turns out they had a conscience too……

Wang Cong passed a bottle of water over:”Shu……Shu Ning, have a drink.”

He was starting to step past his boundaries, Shu Ning shook his head:”No thanks, you should drink.”

A glint lit up in Wang Cong’s eyes, and he drank it, then he would follow Shu Ning around occasionally, secretly taking care of him thoughtfully, because he didn’t dare to be brazen. After all, Zhang Qi had shown a good share of his sincerity as well, so what if Shu Ning didn’t want a lackey? Wang Cong’s mind was heavy with thoughts, most people simply wouldn’t be able to see it.

It’s great to swim and play around at a waterfall, but an unexpected situation sprouted up on the third day, the boat ridden by Shu Ning and the others were docked without anyone’s permission, what’s going on? It turns out that some person was waving a flag around. The area wasn’t developed so you had to get down to the lower parts of the town to seek medical treatment. You could get there by car if you weren’t busy, but you had to take a boat if it was an emergency! Zhang Qi had turned upset on the spot, what the hell, it’s money we spent but you’re ending up benefitting instead.

The boatman was also angry and his tone was unkind, saving someone was a big deal!

A few strong men carried the wounded men and a group of cheerleaders followed behind, taking a closer look there seemed to be several big celebrities.

It turns out that they had an accident when they were filming some stunts, the male lead had fallen off his horse when he was galloping wildly, he had to be sent to the hospital immediately! And he was knocked unconscious as well, then a boat happened to pass by so the male lead’s assistant raised up the ancient flag prop immediately, and rushed to the shore to wave it, even his hands had gone numb.

The director roamed all over and his eyes were sinister, he immediately lifted his hand to stop everyone from carrying him to the boat. Above were eight young men, and seven of them had good status. The tallest one was holding a bag, he was a lackey. Loosely they were surrounded around a teen. The person had clear eyes and a delicate set of brows, he should be someone worth knowing, the director smiled to Shu Ning:”Hey buddy, do you have a bit of time?”

Shang Zhou?

He would become a big internationally renowned director in the future! Shu Ning smiled in his heart, I’ve found the god of wealth ╮(╯▽╰)╭


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    1. Yeah I know how you feel
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