RWSB Chapter 85

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed and Shu Ning had already been going back to school for many days.

His eyes were looking to the front but his mind was filled with thoughts of their kiss at the square. It was very light, and he had just given him a little peck but the feeling was wonderful, enough to whisk him away into the realm of dreams, unable to drag himself out of it. Fireworks burst into the sky right behind them, but as for what festival it was that day, that was not important anymore. Shu Ning closed his eyes, only his brother was left in his heart.

When they separated, Shu Ning got to see a good show.

The He clan really was unlucky, even drinking water made them choke. First it was He Chang who got investigated on the reason of tax evasions, that was a no-brainer, everybody hated black-hearted businessmen, he’ll be treated like a rat on the streets. Then there was an insider who spilled the beans and said that Han Yu had been meeting with a certain head of his state privately, and stuffed him up in tens of millions worth of writes.

ANd so the second one to be taken away was Han Yu, shouting in tears that she had been wronged, unwilling to admit to it no matter how she was questioned, but the head of state still couldn’t stand the condemnation of the public and his conscience, and surrendered himself. It wasn’t just ten thousand, it was a million. At that time, the apprehensive head of state’s daughter had gotten leukemia and Han Yu came to them offering money, telling them to just take this as meeting a new friend. The head of state spoke honestly and Han Yu had no way of arguing further, then she was sent by the police to prison.

Then, He Ran went to a labour camp.

The He family’s old head used connections and backroutes to secretly go over to the capital, hoping to find the Wen clan for help. Unexpectedly, he was sent by his own grandson into prison.

For the sake of protecting himself, He Jiong had also gone all out! Thus it made everyone feel less shameful, and he would stay in the Wen clan’s villa everyday with his fool of a wife.

The situation was changing like the clouds in the wind, people’s hearts were unpredictable. The He family which had been doing well was done for just like that and it was out of everyone’s expectations. When they wanted a share of the dumplings they suddenly found themselves left with only soup! The Shu family truly had big hearts, they would at least leave a bit of benefits for everyone, if you didn’t take it, it would’ve just been a waste, but if you did, you had to recognize the status of the Shu family.

Right now in C City, the Shu family had become the head.

During lunchtime, a few young boys had gathered over Shu Ning right as he sat down in the canteen, and brought him some delicacies, this was how it’s been every single day nowadays.

He had jumped grades in this lifetime so he was a senior, they were classmates in his past life as well and they were also friends, then they would come to be best buddies after they were to graduate, everyone would share all their difficulties, and naturally the good as well. But after something happened to Shu Ning……They’ve all banded together to turn against him, craving to drink his blood and gnaw on his bones.

Just like right now, they would say that peers of about the same age should play together.

Wow, you’re so amazing, you actually managed to skip grades, and two at that! It’s simply incredible.

There were even those who were envious but did not say anything.

There was a young boy who would sit at the corner all the time, he was the most quiet. He was big, tall, with bronzed skin and a bright gaze, he was slightly arrogant with quite a bit of skill, born with a set of beautiful eyes he was very handsome, like a ray of sunshine, filled also with a nice and clean air. In his past life, Shu Ning had been attracted to him, he felt that he was great at everything save for his family background, and so after having his money, time, and love taken from him, his boyfriend had a change of heart in the end, and went off with his good friend, the Zhang Qi who liked to run to Shu Ning’s class to visit him.

To be able to make friends with a senior was something to take pride in, and besides, Shu Ning was one of the big boss’s in school so nobody dared to offend him, it was easy to see how amazing a person could be to be able to become good buddies with those few amazing ones from big families. Those seniors were too hard to make friends with, but Shu Ning was different. They were all similar in age and they were almost of identical heights, so they had common things to talk about.

“How about we go for basketball after school? Autumn’s here so it’s not that hot, what are you doing going home so early for?”Zhang Qi smiled brightly, admiring Shu Ning very much, his eyes shining with sincerity. This was the person who snatched Shu Ning’s partner for him, then went to the prison to ridicule him and chuck stones down the well. He may look like a sincere guy on his front, but he had been bearing a deep grudge against Shu Ning for quite a long time.

“Is he going too?”Shu Ning pointed towards the tall teenager on the side.

Wang Cong had a start, his family was too poor so getting some food and drinks off these young masters was pretty good. Right now, being called out by the person they wanted to kiss up to, he felt slightly unhappy, do you think you’re some big shot because you’ve got money? What a group of scum, if you have the ability then get full marks in your exams like me! But Wang Cong still gave Shu Ning a smile to express his friendship.

WHen I climb up the social ladder in the future, I’ll let you all beg me on your knees!

A touch of unwillingness flashed past Wang Cong’s eyes, and Shu Ning had caught it. He was too much of a fool during his youth in his past life, but it was different now:”Zhang Qi, let him follow, there’s gotta be someone to fetch the water if we get thirsty, right?”

Zhang Qi laughed:”That’s right, that’s right, I think so too.”

Wang Cong……He dropped his head and his hand underneath the table had clenched into a fist, this was too humiliating.

A touch of a smile was present in Shu Ning’s eyes as he ate fish balls, how weak! Just that and you can’t take any more? I really am a fool in the past, I actually thought that he was a cool person who couldn’t be swayed by both honour and riches, thinking he had a cold and arrogant personality, ambitious, that was all nonsense. However, Shu Ning really couldn’t deny that Wang Cong was indeed talented. He had once started a business with the money given to him by Shu Ning, and by the time he was in university, he was already successful.

Life was just like a play, he had been spun in circles by him in his past life, and right now he would make up for it. If you don’t want to be human, I will fulfill your wishes.

After school in the afternoon, a group of young boys went to the gym to play basketball. Shu Ning was not the shortest one anymore, he jumped up and shot the ball, landing straight through the net. Several girls were cheering outside, Shu Ning had quite a lot of fans, he had received a lot of love letters in the past but he secretly destroyed him, and didn’t let his big brother know lest he ends up thinking about stuff.

Shu Ning’s basketball skills wer quite average, Zhang Qi and the others had cut him some slack.

Drenched in sweat after the game, he went for a shower. On the way he screwed with Wang Cong three times, Shu Ning’s life was very fulfilling. He had just come out of the changing room when he saw Wang Cong’s tall body leaning against the wall, he had a pretty good look, he was the strong type of top. Shu Ning did not pay attention to him but Wang Cong walked backwards facing him, trying to coax up to him:”Do you need me to teach you how to play basketball?”

Under normal circumstances, wouldn’t he ask ‘You think you’re good?’ but Shu Ning didn’t even look at him and walked off directly.

A glint flashed past Wang Cong’s eyes and he chased him, and when he passed by, he quietly whispered for him to be careful of them.

Was he……the scheming bitch type? He had only started this during the second year of high school in his past life, but it had begun so soon this time. Shu Ning touched his nose, hm, has he already started to take note of me? Interesting! It was hot that day so Shu Ning didn’t bring his bike on purpose, he called his driver to come and pick him up then walked forth step by step, and met up with Zhang Qi and the gang at the school gate.

“It’s Senior Shu!”

Zhang Qi gave his buddy a smack and rolled his eyes:”What are you calling him Senior for, he’s the same age as us.”

Oh~ Not happy about me now are you ╮(╯▽╰)╭ It was no secret to everyone that Shu Ning was an aloof person, but he actually smiled to Zhang Qi:”That’s wrong, the following crime has to be corrected.”The edge of Zhang Qi’s mouth twitched, and before he could say anything, a Rolls-Royce pulled up. A bodyguard opened the car door and reported something to him in a whisper, Shu Ning responded with an “mm” and left in the car. It seems that this was when Zhang Qi had started to compare himself to him, he had only hidden it behind his smiles, remaining hard to detect. Everybody wouldn’t mind too much, if you really did mind, then you would just be too petty, not giving him face.

Between teen boys, they liked to make noise, poking at each other with insults and whatnot were very normal.

Shu Ning pondered thoughtfully as he went to the park for a stroll. He let his driver take the car back first, and he walked a few rounds slowly around the park. A car stopped outside of the door to the right, Pang Qian had come over personally to pick him up:”Young master, what do you want to eat tonight?”

Getting into the car, Shu Ning’s mouth curved into a smile:”Let’s go for skewers!”


Pang Qian was experienced and turned left and right to the restaurant. Shu Ning already figured out what he wanted to say, his uncle had been complaining that the villa was too luxurious since he had arrived, and bearing with a body full of discomfort he wanted to return to F City, but the foreman who had come with him wasn’t up for it. Since you’ve come to the big city why don’t you try to work hard? Isn’t it great to go home rich and honourably?

Qin Yu Fu did not have such ambitions, and the rent in the capital was very expensive. Even if Shu Ning wanted to arrange it for him, his uncle wasn’t down for it, and in the end there was nothing the foreman could do either so he looked for Pang Qian. Naturally, Pang Qian was jumping with joy since his brother was here to help, so he could go out for business trips with an easy heart. The construction of Shu Ning’s shopping plaza was nearly done, and the two universities were just about ready as well. As if they were a cat who had caught sight of a fish, businessmen had snatched dry all the shop lots.

His capital was back! Naturally Shu Ning started to buy land again!

While eating, Pang Qian listed out all the problems to him because his boss was called “Qin Yu Fu”, and the real Qin Yu Fu had just appeared. The young prince of Hongxing Company noticed and associated it with Shu Ning, it was self-evident to him now who the boss was. The other party had set a time to meet with Shu Ning so he had to go.

Hongxing……it was the capital’s, as well as the country’s number one real estate company.

Is my luck that good, or that bad? Shu Ning shrugged and continued to eat skewers. Pang Qian had originally been quite worried, but he eased up after seeing how relaxed Shu Ning was:”The prawn is done.”

“How’s my uncle doing?”

“He’s doing great, he’s got a few men working under him so everyday’s been very busy for him, he’s already taken the construction site as his own home.”

Pang Qian had Qin Yu Fu sit in an office, Qin Yu Fu said he had no ability and wanted to leave, but Shu Ning told him what would happen if he did. Qin Yu Fu had a start, and immediately he stopped trying to leave and put his heart into the construction site. This was Ning Ning’s business, so there can’t be any losses. Uncle loves me after all, he didn’t blame me for it. But of course, Shu Ning wouldn’t have used Qin Yu Fu’s credentials to go through the formalities if this was a loss-making business. This was love, he must never be let down!

“Oh yeah, young master, when we go over next Wednesday, do you want to bring some~one?”

“Sure, the people you have your eye on aren’t half bad, I’m very satisfied,”Shu Ning already had his own bodyguards and talented men, the elite workers in his office were all top of the rank, they were all famous talents in the future. For the sake of keeping them there, Shu Ning offered them high salaries and rewards, and even promised them houses for their marriage.

They were houses in the capital! Oh heavens, such benefits were hard to find even in the entire country!

Pang Qian’s face reddened slightly, and he coughed twice. After all, Shu Ning was only sixteen this year, some things were still hard to talk about:”It’s……that type of person, I heard that the young prince of Hongxing had some bad habits, we’d have an easier time if there were someone to satisfy him, right?”

Shu Ning chuckled and spared a glance to the careful little Pang Qian who was blushing to his ears:”Just tell me straight if there’s anything you want to say, it’s not like I’m a little child who doesn’t know the ways of the world.”

“Heh heh heh, come, eat some prawn!”

Shu Ning had an unpredictable gaze in his eyes and he curled up the corners of his mouth into a smile, the young Hongxing prince was a gallant man who stood like a jade tree against the wind, he was a very proud person and he changed partners like he changed clothes. He did not like delicate beauties, but only hardy men, not Shu Ning’s natural bottom type, but rather a stronger man with stubborn personalities, tall, and they had to be straight young men with bronzed skin!

Soon after school started in his past life, Wang Cong and his mother had been admitted to the hospital but they didn’t have any money to cure her illness. He was like an ant walking across a burning pot, he had run in circles trying to borrow money but didn’t even manage to do that, it still ended up coming out of Shu Ning’s pockets. I treated him so well, laying down my life for him, and yet he was so brutal, and ruthless! The opportunities had been set right in front of him now, how would he choose?

That Hongxing prince was the young master that stood right at the top……


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